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Chris cums home last week – 1-8-2016

Hello everyone – a mostly true story that just happened!!!

Today my Bi- friend Chris arrived back from a few months in Malaysia. He said he had been reading my stories and wanted to be part of them. So we decided to act one out and he would a Sissy (well I always thought he was one anyway!!)

Firstly I fitted him with a pair of Niplettes which he wore all day. He loved the way his nipples doubled in size. When I took them off and rubbed oil on them he started fondling mine through my silky blouse. I was wearing one of my bras with nipple holes. We almost climbed into bed there and then but I was strong and resisted. Next I undressed him and covered him with Veet hair removing cream – I rubbed it in every crevice except his head of course – this was quite erotic especially fondling his cock. While waiting for it to work I ran the bath and poured in loads of baby oil and perfume. Chris climbed in and I washed him off – he stepped out like a newborn baby without a hair anywhere. His arms and legs were smooth as well as his cock and balls. When he was dry I poured a whole bottle of baby oil all over him letting it run down his breasts and over his cock which had strangely gone all hard!! I rubbed his nipples and his cock which were all slippery with the oil. While I was rubbing oil into his boy hole Chris said “Sally I’m coming” so I reached round and grabbed his foreskin clamping it closed while he pumped it full of cum. The end of his cock bulged full of cum. I then held the bathroom glass to catch all his cum as I let the skin loosen. “I’ll save this for later” I said.

When all the oil had soaked into his skin I got out my trusty double side carpet tape and cut two 4” lengths with a hole in the middle and stuck it inside one of my bras lining up the holes with its nipples holes. I the put the bra on Chris and when I was happy that his nipples lined up with the holes I pulled off the backing paper and stuck them down. His nipples now stuck out proudly. I got out some lovely shiny Le Bourget tights which had a strong panty part – I pulled them up his legs and determined where his cock would be and used a cigarette to make a hole there before pulling the panty part down again. Then with 4 more pieces of tape I cut a little circular bit out of each one. Then pulled his foreskin back tight I placed a piece of the tape between his cock and his sac – another piece on top and one on each side making sure the skin was pulled back each time with the circular bits lying around his cock. I took off the backing paper and pulled the tights up pushing his cock through the hole I had made.

I then had him stand up while I dressed him in a pair of silky panties and a silky lacy slip with a sheer blouse and a nice pleated skirt. “You are now a Sissy” I said as I casually brushed my hand over the silky skirt where his cock was sticking straight out. “You are to wear those tights all week” I commanded as I fingered his nipples. Chris was gasping with pleasure “I want to be your Sissy always” he said. “You always have been” I said “ you just didn’t know it”.

We spent the rest of the day stroking and cuddling each other. Like a good Sissy he went down and sucked me off. I had him dribble it into the glass with the other cum. I got out a large freezer bag and placed it over his cock under his panties and we went to bed. I stroked his cock which rustled from the plastic bag – he stroked my vagina until I squirted again and then Chris moaned as he pumped loads of cum into the bag.

I told Chris to sit up as I pulled the cum filled bag out from his panties and poured in the cum from the glass I had saved. Then I pulled the bag over his head and tied it around his neck whilst the cum dripped over his face. When he breathed in the bag went tight over his whole face and when he breathed out it expanded but sometimes the cum would make it stick. I lifted up his skirt and slip and rubbed his soft cock which got hard and longer but was restrained by the tape so that the remaining skin was really tight. His whole cock was shining with the thin stretched skin. His breathing got faster and faster as I rubbed his bell with the palm of my hand and stroked his nipples. Suddenly he erupted spewing his cum everywhere. I pulled the bag off his head and scooped some of the cum into it.

“Wow that was glorious” Chris said. “Now it’s your turn” as he pulled the bag over my head. I loved the feeling of the bag sticking to my face, the taste of the cum when I breathed in while Chris pushed a dildo into my boy hole and stroked my vagina. My breathing became fast and erratic from too much CO2 as I slowly entered a beautiful dream world and then I squirted my cum just as I passed out – it was an erotic dream in a place filled with cum. I woke up a few seconds later as Chris pulled the bag off my head I was soaking wet with cum and pee which Chris said had gushed out of my vagina as I passed out.

I put on a clean nightie and refitted Chris’s niplettes. “You are my Sissy now” I said. Chris kept on his bra and tights while we went to sl**p. He managed to cum in all my orifices during the night as I sucked and swallowed his cum.

In the morning Chris woke up with a hard on which I sucked and licked until he pumped cum in my mouth which I didn’t swallow. I kissed each of his nipples giving them a coating of cum then we kissed smearing cum all over our faces.

“Time to get up” I said. Chris cleaned himself as best he could keeping on his bra and tights. These Le Bourget Tummy Control tights were ideal for his training as the panty was very strong and could cope with the tape without running. Also the stocking part was lush – a very fine knit with a shiny look and slippery feel – the reinf***ed toe stopped his untrimmed nails doing any damage. Personally I prefer the Woolford sheer to waist shiny tights. I told him to lean forward as I cut a slit in the panty part along his crack and used a needle and thread at each end to stop the slit spreading. With some more carpet tape I stuck the panties to his butt each side of his crack to keep the slit in place.
I held a pair of pink organza panties which had ribbons and bows all over for him to step into and gave him a silky blouse to wear also because he was not wearing socks a pair of soft ladies flat shoes which exposed much of his feet and made it pretty clear he was wearing stockings. Also a pair of my slacks with a side zip. His nipples gently rubbing on his blouse and the head of his cock protruding from the tights rubbing on the shiny organza material. At first there was only a slight bump on the flat front of my ladies slacks but as he moved around it became a flagpole!! “You are going to have to control that” I said. He went off to work with trepidation but also exhilaration.

When Chris returned that evening he was on cloud nine. He looked very pretty as I realised he was wearing full makeup. “One of the girls adopted me after she saw my cock erect poking out of my slacks” he said “and took me into the ladies rest room. She unzipped me and stroked my cock until I ejaculated into a glass. She made up my face – I love the pink shiny lipstick do you?” “Yes it suits my Sissy” I said. “Then we went out at lunch time and I bought this wig” he continued “this is my life from now on”.

“Right” I said “ you are now Christine my Sissy”

“I love the feel of my nipples rubbing on the silky blouse” SHE said “but I want breasts like yours”.

“OK then you will need hormones or silicone implants” I said “but what about your friend from work”

“That’s alright” she said “Amelie wants me to be a girl – she is a lesbian”

So just like me years ago we started Christine on a feminisation programme. I gave her an injection from my stock.
“So I suggest for now you always wear dresses or skirts to hide your cock” I said “and then no one at work will recognise you. Just tell your boss of your change and tell the rest you are a new girl. Later when you have had enough of feeling silky material gently sliding across your cock we will be able to tuck it out of sight”

As we sat down for our evening meal Christine produced a packet of Strawberries she had bought and her saved bottle of cum. So we both enjoyed some Strawberries and Cum which she said she had dreamed about since reading my stories.

Well a lot has happened in 2 days!!! I wonder what the future will hold?

PS Most of this really happened a week ago. Slight poetic licence regarding Christine’s trip to work. She really did wear a blouse and side zipping slacks but no one noticed!!

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:29 pm

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