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college afternoon

By your boy DARABHA

I wanted to share with you one of my fuck memories back in college i’m not a good writer so i wrote it how i twas any way hope you like it. ENJOY 😉

It was at my softmore year in college back in 2009, i remeber it was a spring afternoon beautiful day i was already done with my classes by 14:30, was with my freind in one of the empty classrooms just chilling listening to music smoking some hachich basicly a good time . then his girl caled him she was waiting for him at their usual spot they had a date , he told me he has to go i said it’s cool he left me some hachich i told him i’m gonna hang around for a little smoke some then bounce. He left me roling that joint , by the way i twas Thursday in algeria that’s the week-end so the building was almost empty . any way i was just smoking that phat joint listning to billie holiday on my mp3 player. Then i heared a laughing voice accros the hall it was a girl in one of the classrooms talking on the phone . i didn’t pay it any attention till i started to hear mouning voices i went that classroom to sneak a peak what’s going on she was this beautiful brunette spreading her legs and playing with her pussi and having phone sex with who seemed like her boyfreind and since i didn’t had any sex for a while that’s closest thing i had to it so i stayed sneaking behind the classroom door and she was so good at it that my cock started getting harder and harder hearing her sexy vice talking dirty and watching her finger playing in er clit and she had beautiful long dark hair and was wearing a white tight shirt a black skirt and a beautiful black shiny shoes with really high heeels her pnaties were red and her pussi was shaved clean . i couldn’t help it my cock was already in my hand i was slowly stroking it i started slowly creaping from behind i’ve put my hand an her breast she was shocked at first but was too horny to make me stop she kept talking on the phone while i was rubbing her tits she started stoking my cock and telling her boyfreind what we were doing like it was him till he came, she hung up and started sucking on my cock she was a pro sucked it really good then my balls while i was pinching her tits then she asked me to lick her pussi i took her panties off and started licking on that sweet pussi with my finger on her ass and my tongue doing work on her clit she was awfull wet and her sexy vice mounig and her hands grabing my head playing in my hair made me aven more hornier she told me that she is a virgin from front and want to stay that way but she would like to get it from the back i said ok she sucked my cock a little more then i bent her on one of the tables by that time i was completly naked wearing only socks and all she was wearing was her bra with her juicy tits hanging out and her shoes i started getting my cock in and out slowly till i stretched her asshole real good then i started fucking her just wildly she was telling me that she like it and trying to not make much niose any case any one was walking by because we could get in trouble if the adminstration board heared of that and that even make me more hot the idea of having sex in campus was forbiden we changed positions i sat on a chair and she started bouncing on my cock with her arms arms around my neck and me sucking on her tits and then all of a sudden she stopped i told her what’s wrong and she told me just listen don’t you hear any thing a sound of someone walikng in the halls we just froze if i twas a security guy we’re scrued i twas not ennough time to get dressed we just waited that sound was getting closer and closer and we’re just freezing me on the chair and her on my lap looking at the door till it opened …. To heads popped out from behind the door a guy and him girlfreind they were looking for an empty classrooms to have sex we were releived then just started laughing the four of us the couple appologised then closed the door and left she turned to me and started kissing me then sucking my tongue she was biting a little on my lip she was good that momment i realised that she’s the hottest girl i’ve ever been with and on a normal circonstance she wouldn’t go out with me any way we stood up she was facing the wall and i started fucking her again till i was close to cumming she didn’t want me to cum in her ass she turned and got on her knees and was jerking me till i came in her mouth shed swallowed all the sperm and ddin’t miss a drop she sucked clean we got dressed and we finished the rest of that joint we didn’t talk that much she asked if i had any music i said yes i puuled out my mp3 player she started going through it till she picked a massari song and stated singing along she asked for a cigarett and i gave her and lighted her’s and mine. when she finished her smoke she was about to leave she said she has some where to be i twas almost 16 :00 i asked for her number she gave it to me i sid that i’m gonna call her in the week-end she said ok kissed me on the lips she said my name is nadia by the way smiling at me and left .i roled another joint smoked it and left . Saturday afternoon i tryed to call her i twas a fake number i wasn’t mad i knew i twas too good to be true and never met her aver again till i finished college . but i twas one of my best fucks ever.

The end

for any comments or suggestions visit my profile on x hamster , or e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] . thank you for commenting and rating love to you all my horny freinds 😀 . PEACE LOVE SEX AND MARIJAUNA

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