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College Visit with Not My Niece Pt1

College Visit with Not My Niece Pt1

This is a series inspired by a conversation with a very nice and very sexy woman here. If she wants you to know who she is, she will tell you in the comments…


Sitting in the pickup queue at the airport I check my phone. The text says, “Sry I’m late. Just came out. Red top, big sunglasses.” I see her immediately. She is more petite than I had imagined. She has her carryon and another large bag over her shoulder. She looks like she just returned from Florida. I know she parked her car for the weekend so I won’t know where she lives or car she drives. I pull up in front of her and she smiles. “Hi Ellie”

She climbs in as I put her things in the car. She is nervous. Hell, so am I! We have barely talked over the internet! There are 34 years separating our ages! What if this all went sideways?

I get in the car and head west toward Indianapolis. The talk is generic. She told her parents she was on a road trip with girlfriends. They were out getting d***k. They would cover for her. I was in Texas on work as far as my wife knew.

Ellie turns and gets her bag out of the back seat. I get a look at her bubble butt. Damn it is nice! Blonde, defined abs, brown eyes, small tits… maybe 115 pounds if she went into a pool with a winter coat on! Only about 5’4” That put me 11 inches taller and way more than two of her in weight. Not for the first time did I remind myself I would have to be gentle.

Turning back around, bag on the floor between her feet, she smiles up at me. “I always wanted to flash guys on the road.” Her shirt comes up and over, and then she reaches behind her and unsnaps the white bra. When she shrugs the straps off of her shoulders, it falls away easily. She has what I used to call bee stings. Nice, firm swells. They were beautiful with tight, nipples with a smaller darker ring for an areola. They are sexier in person than on line and I wish I could just pull over and fuck her hard!

A tractor trailer blows its horn and she turns from me to show him her chest. From behind I see her waist is tiny and flares out into the most sexy bottom ever hidden in a pair of shorts! She laughs, flashes a few more vehicles, then pulls out the red halter and fastens it in place.

Ellie peels off her shorts and is sitting there in a sexy, plunging halter and nearly non-existent underwear. I put my hand on her silky warm thigh. She smiles and tells me to pay attention to driving. I tell her she is the one driving…. Driving me crazy! She takes my hand in both of hers. I assume she is going to put it on the wheel. Instead she slides it inside her panty and rubs it over her smooth as a baby’s butt pubic mound and pussy slit! She is very wet! She runs several of my fingers along her soft wet cleft. I try to hook my fingers into her, but she pulls my hand out. “Not yet! For now you only get to taste and sniff.” She then holds my fingers under my nose. I breathe in her arousal! She is clean, sexy and oh so very wet!

She pulls up the large hole fish net stockings over her thin legs. A garter belt is pulled up to hold them in place. Then the small skirt was pulled up those tanned and toned legs. My mind wonders if it will even cover the bottom of her round ass cheeks! Finally the “whore heels” as she called them when I bought and sent them to a drop box. They have about an inch and a half platform and four inch heel that then have a leather “sleeve” that rises about eight inches up her calf.

My cock was dripping cum onto my nuts and thigh in my pants

She was putting on a much less clean makeup as we entered the outskirts of the city. I drove the sedan to an upper scale hotel, not too many rooms, and pulled into the parking lot. There were only two guys in the lobby when we walked in. They were watching golf. They barely looked at me with two carryon bags, dress slacks, starched white shirt; light blue and white tie. They could not ignore her walking behind me! She looked like a walking advertisement for “Sluts are us!” The two behind the desk did not approve. I wondered if they might not allow us to stay. I introduced my “niece” who I was taking on a tour of Butler. She was deciding on colleges. Still a great look of disdain, but I was given a room card after verifying that the room was for two nights and paying in cash.

30 minutes later, having changed into some more relaxed clothes myself, we cruised the city, using the GPS in the car and the list of bars and clubs she had written out.
We finally went into a bar that advertised “great apps and hot women!” The food was fast and hot. Every man there stared at Ellie as if she were too. There were a couple of women my age at the bar who looked me over as I went to the men’s room. As I turned to wash my hands, the taller redhead stepped into the restroom looked at me with a smile and said, “Obviously you can keep a girl happy, but what about a woman?” she asked.

I tipped the trash can to block the door, lifted her up onto the sink counter. She had her tits out the top and I had my fingers going around her panties in record time! “Give me your cock!” she whispered in my ear as I greedily sucked on her big full boobs! Her nipples stuck out more than Ellie’s tits! “Sorry, but I don’t think I have a condom with me.” I whispered back as I finger fucked her hard and fast. It took less than five minutes to have her tits marked with my love bites, her pussy running wet and her staring at the bulge of my cock as I washed my hands, gave her a kiss, and removed the barricade to the door.

Ellie was not at our table. She was over in a corner near the juke box and she was giving a guy a helluva a blow job. Another guy was unsteadily tucking his junk into his pants. Another guy was being jerked off. The brunette counterpart to my new redheaded friend was blowing the bartender! I picked up the plate with the quesadilla and walked over to watch.

Ellie had always bragged about her skills and I have to admit, I was skeptical. But she had the second guy blowing his load before I ate the first quarter of my quesadilla. She smiled at me as the second guy fell back into a chair. I thought he might have a heart attack! “You are one damn lucky son of a bitch!” he said to me

“I know.” I set the plate down on a nearby table. The third guy had his fat cock in Ellie’s mouth, but he had hold of her head and was brutally face fucking her. When I saw her ball up her fists and hit his hips I knew it was time to step in. Reaching around, I put a thumb into each of his ceratoid arteries and pushed firmly back toward me. His hands went for mine and I thought for a second he might break the hold. Then his hands fell limp and he sagged. “Sorry, no one treats a woman like that while I am near.” I said as I dropped his u*********s body into a chair.

Ellie jumped up into my arms and looked wildly around the room. The other men in the room had already been satisfied or were with women that were not going to free them up to join her. She was scared. “I think we will take a couple of Buds to go for the road.” I said to the bartender that was just getting his apron back into place.
“Put it on my tab. The redhead said as she sat down and smiled at me. I nodded, thanked her, grabbed the two beers and walked Ellie outside. Just around the corner of the building, she stopped and puked. I held her upright. When she was done, she was shaky. I handed her a beer and said, “Gargle with this. It will help. Don’t drink any until you have spit three times.” She smiled up at me weakly. She swirled a mouthful of beer and spit. After her third she smiled at me and said she was hungry.
So we went to a slightly finer establishment.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. There are a couple of other parts to this shared fantasy of ours…. Hopefully they will be ready soon too!
In the mean time, show me some love! Tell me what you thought of the story!
Show “Ellie” some love and tell her what you would like for her to do for me.
Tell all of us if you would like to switch places with Ellie!

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