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Colorado Theater Fun

The story is true to the best that I recall but I’ll take the liberty to fill in some blanks with how I think things happened. It was about five years ago, so the details aren’t too far out of my memory. Sorry if it’s a bit long.

We lived in Colorado, just a little outside of Denver. There was an adult theater in town that I visited alone maybe a dozen times and where my wife Jan and I went together a few times. She doesn’t like me going to those places alone. On this particular Friday night I went to a welcome home party for a friend that had recently come back from Iraq. We had a few beers in a loud bar in Denver but didn’t get completely d***k and disorderly. Just had a good time. I had maybe three or four or five Guinesses over about two hours. Enough to feel good but not be d***k. The party ended a little earlier than I thought and it was still a few hours before I was expected home. I don’t know if it was the beer or what, but I was definitely in the mood for a little trip over to the theater. It wasn’t that far out of the way, maybe 15 minutes through downtown, so I decided to take a brief detour to the theater.

This theater was sort of attached to an adult bookstore with all the usual stuff as well as about eight or so little video booths. To get to the theater you had to leave the bookstore, walk about 30 or 40 feet and go back in through a separate entrance. You paid at a little window just inside the door to visit the theater(s). There were actually three theaters. The first one was a gay theater. Next to that was a relatively large theater (150 seats) that played good quality straight films. This was the cleanest and brightest theater. Next to that was another straight theater that was much smaller (maybe 60 seats) and darker. There was a short dividing wall when you first went in that made for an extra dark and private area just inside. One seat in each of the back two rows had been removed which made it easier to move around the back. When you came in you bought a ticket based on which theaters you wanted access to. I never went to the gay theater but I always bought the “double ticket” for the other two rooms.

When I got there I noticed the parking lot was almost completely full – it was Friday night, and that’s one of the busiest nights of the week there. I went in and paid for the usual two room ticket and went into the middle theater. There were about 20 people inside and you could see just about everyone. The many men in there were well behaved. There were a couple of guys with their cocks exposed and one or two more touching themselves on the outside a little. It takes me a while to get warmed up so I just sat about 1/2 way down by myself and watched the movie. After about 10 minutes one of the “trolls” (not so good looking or polite guys who hung out near the back door) came and sat down next to me. He almost immediately slid his hand down the right leg of my blue jeans and then back up to my groin. I didn’t want any of that so I shoo’d him away. Another 10 minutes of watching the movie and I was getting pretty hot and bothered and interested in seeing what was happening at the theater on the end.

I got up, didn’t bother to straighten up much which meant the bulge in my pants was probably visible to anyone paying attention. I walked on down to the dark room. When I opened the door I was confronted by a mass of guys standing just inside the door close to each other. A lot of guys would typically stay in the back and play with each other. This is where a lot of the action at these types of theaters takes place. I pushed my way through them, getting several touches on my way in. It was kind of fun I have to admit. Once I was past the group I made a quick turn to the left and went about 1/2 way down the short aisle and took my seat. There were about 20 or 30 guys in this theater which really filled it up pretty good. A lot of guys were sitting next to each other and there was a lot of activity going on. It took a little bit for my eyes to adjust but even before I could see, I could hear slurping and the well known sounds of sex in various corners of the theater.

It was a good movie and the room was really dark (and I was really horny) so I went ahead and unzipped and let it all hang out. I stroked a little just for the fun of it and wasn’t interested in anyone else and no one else seemed too interested in me. After about 20 or 30 minutes there was a little bit of a disturbance as a group of about five or six people came into the room pushing, like I did, past the guys at the door and settling into the first two rows of the theater. It was obvious even through the heavy coats that there was a couple accompanied by several other guys who were just trying to get close to the woman. (Typical for a porn theater like this, and about what my wife and I had experienced a couple of times.) I kind of figured the guys would get too pushy and the woman would ask her boyfriend/husband to leave. It was just a matter of time.

For about the next 10 minutes (maybe longer) not much happened. Some of the men got bored, walked to the back of the theater or to the other theater, other men walked up around the couple, and lots of people just wandered around. The man and woman were each wearing long black coats unbuttoned in front and it looked like the woman had a conservative black dress on underneath. Eventually I got a little restless and decided to walk a little closer and take a look. I actually walked along the front row as if I were looking for a free seat. I went about four seats past the woman and then turned around and started back for the side aisle and the way out. When I was in front of the woman I looked right at her (hoping to catch a glimpse of a little skin, maybe a bare leg or something). I saw that she was talking to a guy standing right behind her who had his hands down the front of her dress. He was fondling her pretty good and I just decided to stay there and watch. (She was watching him so I wasn’t blocking her view of the screen.) This all was happening really fast. Her husband unbuttoned the front of her dress exposing her naked body all the way even as the guy behind continued to knead her tits like balls of dough. I had the best view in the place and was loving it. Eventually the guy behind her and one guy on his left were exposing themselves and stroking really hard within inches of her face and side of her head. I was so hard I couldn’t hardly stand it. Maybe it was the beer but I just did what I felt and unbuttoned myself as I stood there in front of her and her husband/boyfriend. My cock was out and hard and I was rubbing just a little when the woman turned to face me. (I hadn’t really gotten a good view of her face up to this point but now I could clearly see. She was about 30 years old with dark hair. She was short, maybe 5 feet even, with a nice little body. She was thin with firm looking B cups and very pretty. I couldn’t see her pussy but I believed she was shaved as I could see up to the top of her slightly spread legs and I could not see any obvious hair.)

She looked at my cock and then at my face and then motioned me closer to her. I looked at her husband and he nodded to me. I moved right up to her seat, my shins touching the front of the seat while her legs were spread wide (I still couldn’t see her pussy because my body was creating a shadow against the light of the movie screen at my back.) She said, “Do you want to fuck.” I was speechless but shook my head no. She gave me a long, “Ohhhhh” and moved forward. It’s hard to explain the move. Did she move to me or did I move to her? Did she open her mouth or did I part her lips with my cock? In any case she took me into her mouth very deeply. I made a conscious effort to remain standing still and let her do the work, but it didn’t work so good. She kept her mouth on my dick and slowly eased back in the seat causing me to lean over her with my hands on the seat near her shoulders. Apparently I received a little assist from someone else in the room and my pants were pulled down to my ankles exposing my white and hairy ass to the movie screen. By this time she was slurping on me and working it fast and furiously. I have a lot of pre-cum and there was slime on her chin dripping onto her dress and chest. The discomfort of the position I was in (leaning forward like that) acted as a distraction and allowed me to last longer than I ordinarly would have been able to. Eventually I came with a little gasp and grunt on my side and a little gag/choke on her side. She drank me dry and actually gave me a good suck before I pulled out of her hot mouth. It was amazing getting a suck like that. The juices just felt pulled out of me. She swallowed and gave me a disappointed look saying, “You ruined my dress”. Not sure if she was k**ding or really mad. A fair amount of pre-cum and saliva were shining in little blotches on the front of her dress. I just smiled and backed away as about three sets of male hands rubbed my ass and reached between my legs from behind to cup my balls.

I was so shocked by the whole thing that I pretty much went straight out of the theater from there. I could hear the husband say something to me as I was walking out of the way. I think it was, “thanks” but I’m not sure. Maybe wishful thinking on my part.

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