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Company Picnic

My name is Jessica, just to give you a little idea of who I am, I love sex, I love to flirt and tease but most of all love a good fucking. I guess I’ve always been a bit of a slut but last summer I really embraced the idea of just enjoying it as much as I could. I’m 5’5 116lbs sandy brown hair, my breasts are a perky 34b, I have a flat abs and keep my pussy neatly trimmed and every one says I have a great ass and I tan really nice.

Last summer I had just turned 18 and my birthday was about the same time as my dad’s company picnic at a local park. He employs about 75 people so it’s usually a pretty good party with every one and their f****y’s playing games and drinking. I wore a floral sundress over a skimpy green bikini. A lot of the guys that work for my dad were constantly flirting and wishing me a happy birthday letting me know they were glad I was “legal”. Even a few of the married ones made a point to wish me happy birthday and I have to say I didn’t mind the attention at all.

It wasn’t long before my dad got busy and started to organizing groups of people for volleyball and other games, leaving me to chat with too seriously good looking guys, Alex and Pete. They are both in they’re 30’s but single. We flirted openly while we had a few drinks. Several times when no one was paying attention their hands found my legs, rubbing them gently, playfully. I had to tell them to behave them selves as they got a little bolder.

The park had a beautiful beach nearby and Alex kept saying he wanted to see me in my little bikini, they eventually they talked me into going swimming. There were plenty of other people out in the water so I agreed fearing no harm. Pete and Alex’s eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw me in my bikini, they made a few comments that made me both embarrassed and excited at the same time.

As we played in the water with every one else, I felt their hands on me more and more under the water. We swam further out in the lake, looking back to see if my dad noticed. I could see him back at the picnic area chatting with a couple of other people in attendance, so I figured he probably couldn’t see me among all the other swimmers.

The water was about 5 feet deep and nearly at my shoulders as I was talking to Pete. Alex swam up behind me underwater and pulled on my bikini bottoms. I yelled at him as we splashed around and laughing as I pulled them back up. I have to admit I was getting a little turned on and kept flirting with these two gorgeous guys, but I kept reminding myself, these guys worked for my dad.

We splashed around and played in the water for another 10 minutes, when again I felt my bottoms being pulled down. I fought playfully but this time I lost my balance and fell underwater. While I was underwater Pete managed to get my bottoms off completely. As every one was playing I was pretty sure they couldn’t tell what was happening.

Pete held the bottoms underwater so no one could see, and said if I wanted them back I had to earn it. I felt a wave of excitement rush through me at the thought of what might happen next.
“no way” I said playfully
“okay” Pete said as he turned to swim back the the shore.
“Wait” I said “How do I earn them back”
“How about an underwater hand job” He asked.
“Are you serious?” I said
Pete just smiled, holding my bikini bottoms. To tell the truth, I had been thinking about Pete’s hefty cock, which looked awfully tempting outlined in his tight trunks. I tried hard not to seem to eager when I reached for it. I reached into his shorts and pulled out his cock, looking around to see if any one was watching us. After a few strokes I couldn’t believe how big and hard his cock had gotten. It had to be 8 inches and very thick.

Meanwhile Alex was talking to us very casually, just playing along. Finally he reached over and started to stroke my pussy underwater. I was so turned on, I could hardly stand it. After a few more minutes of me stroking his dick Pete turned me around and pressed his cock against me. I made a show of resisting just to heighten the level of sexual tension, but I have to admit it felt good pressed against my ass.

I thought I would die when I felt Pete’s cock penetrate me. No doubt any one that looked our way just thought we were playing, but I was so hot for Pete I just let him fuck me right there in the water. Alex was next to us and had taken his cock out and started stroking himself.
Pete fucked me slowly as to not draw attention. It felt me amazing to feel him inside me! All to soon I felt him tense up, gasp, and explode. I could feel the warmth of his cum filling me, and I wanted more.
Alex said it was his turn, and I eagerly fucked him too, letting him fill my cunt with his warm seed. I had to bite my lip in order not to yell out during my orgasm.

Pete gave me back my bikini bottoms and we began to swim back to shore, but we were intercepted by Hank and Vince, two other of my dads employees. They said they knew what we had been doing and wanted in on it. I was still horny, so I reached for their cocks, both were already hard, and I stroked their dicks until they were about to explode. I let Hank fuck me first and then Vince moved in behind me easily sliding his cock in to me. I never felt so satisfied.

Finally I made it back to shore and into one of the changing rooms. I had just stripped off my bathing suit when my dads partner walked in. Although Jack is nearly 50, he’s very good looking and in great shape. With out saying a word, he bent me over one of the sinks, sliding his cock into me, the fifth guy to have a turn with my pussy. I never felt so slutty in my life but I was loving it.

By now word had gotten around, and over the next hour, one guy after the other came in and fucked me. I took about a dozen of my dad’s workers, plus a couple of total strangers. I was in a state of ecstasy and my pussy was filled with cum. The last guy to come into the changing room was a guy named Rick, he’s just a friend of my dad’s and doesn’t work for him, but I didn’t care all I could think about was sucking his cock and eagerly went to work on him right away. It was so good to have him cum in my mouth, I swallowed every drop.

As he pulled up his shorts, he said my dad had sent him in to tell me to come join him at the picnic table and have some food as he wanted to make sure I got something to eat. I couldn’t believe it, my dad knew everything, he had seen me in the water and saw me go into the changing room and watched as guy after guy went in and fucked me.

As I walked out of the changing room my dad waved me over to his table, it was filled with most of the guys that had just fucked me, Alex and Pete, Vince and Hank, his partner and even his wife was there. As I sat down my dad put a plate in front of me, It had a foot long hot dog on it, and every one just laughed as my dad asked if I was still hungry. The whole time I could feel their cum in my cunt, which was still throbbing.

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