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I learned pretty early in life how I could use my body to obtain things.
Before he went off to join the Marines my big b*****r Gene and I went for a long walk deep into the forest. Our destination was a little swimming hole that only a few people knew about. It was a nice summer’s day and we quickly stripped off our clothes and waded into the pond. It was reather shallow and not particularly good for swimming but on a hot day it provided a nice place to cool off. After a while we got out and laid out on the grassy slope and let the sun dry our bodies. Gene’s body was lean and athletic and his cock dangled between his legs like an elephant’s trunk.
At twelve I was not exactly a sexual innocent. Whenever I needed money for the movies or something I’d locate some of the older boys in the neighborhood and sucked their cock for a buck or two. This is going back a while when the neighborhood had more forest area, which disappeared over the subsequent years and replaced by ugly repititious houses. Back then a good thick was all that was needed for us to conduct our business. I actually started to enjoy sucking a boy off and the power I held over him within that brief period of time.
I made it no secret that I had a little crush on him. Gene knew it and seemed to enjoy strutting around with his enormous cock swinging around. He lay there with his eyes shut and pretening to sl**p. I didn’t care if he was or wasn’t actually sl**ping–I seized the opportunity to just sit there a gawk at his cock as it slowly became erect. He opened his eyes and we wrestled arounf for few minutes. I was on my back looking up into the clear cloudless blue sky when Gene started kissing me over my body. I just laid still and let him do what he wanted. The pain od that first time was intense but I did not want him to stop. He pulled out and ejaculated onto my belly and my tits. Several thick white streams jetted from the tip of his cock. He made these deep grunting sounds. I have been told that I make a yipping sound when I am being fucked. I am so lost in the moment that I guess I don’t notice this.
I was sad when Gene did finally leave for the Marines. We had fucked quite a few times before he actually left. When a person has a limb amutated they might still the sensation of its existence–I swear I could feel the phantom of Gene’s cock in me for over a week after he left. I eagerly awaited each time he got leave.
One afternoon I feigned an illness and stayed home from school. I was about f******n by this time. Our next door neighbors the Gibbons had a pool so I decided to make use of it after I waited and watched Mr. Gibbons as he left for work that morning. I wasted more more time and climbed the fence. I figured that everyone in the neighborhood was away at work I had no real worries as I stripped off my clothes and plunged naked into the cool water. I swam for a while and floated on an inflatible raft they had drifting in the pool. I must have dozed off for a brief tiome because I was startled awake by something crashing. I saw Mr. Gibbons standing on the deck staring at me. My intial shock had passed and I found the situation more like something out on of those Penthouse letters. “Dear Penthouse, I came home from work and found my neighbor’s daughter floating nsked in my pool….”
Mr Gibbons was a handsome man in his early forties. He had close cropped dark hair that was appealingly frosted with grey, but had a very youthful face. It was plain and clean shaven. He was about five feet seven or so with a trim body that did not have any traces of that sububan decay.
He got me a towel from out of the house and I saw him steal a glimpse at me as I was getting out of the pool and slowly wrapped the towel around my body. He didn’t particularly mad that I was swimming naked in his swimming pool. He asked if I would like some iced tea. I accepted. I guess I was supposed to wait outside while he got the iced tea but I followed him into the house. When he turned from getting the pitcher from the refrigerator I was standing there. I let the towel just slip away from my body and watched his reaction. I could tell that he was nervous so I stepped forward and kissed him. I noticed the prominant bulge in his pants. I opened his zipper and extracted his swollen cock. Something in me told me that Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons did not fuck on too frequent a schedule. I told him that I sixteen. I am tall for my age so he bought it or perhaps just didn’t care. His cock was of a modest length, rather short and thick like a fire hydrant. His balls were heavy and hairless. I sank to my knees and start to suck the tip of cock, drawing back the thick foreskin. I sucked him for a few minutes before he lifted me to my feet. He wanted me to confirm that I was really sixteen. I swore to him. He swept me into his arms and carried me upstairs into his bedroom. We fucked enthusiatically while a gallery of f****y photographs looked on with blank expressions frozen on their faces.
Mr. Gibbons and I fucked for most of the day. Fucking and resting, fucking and resting. I was correct in my assumption thaat sex was an endangered practice in the Gibbons bedroom. He confessed to having couple minor affairs and picked up a couple hookers. He was deeply guilty about all the incidents as he will be about this encounter. I felt sorry for him and asked what was something his wife would never do sexually with him. I thought about it for a few moments and tols me on numerous occasions he wanted to try anal sex but his wife flatly refused, claiming that it was unsanitary and unnatural. Without further ado I told him to get some vaseline and told him to apply it to his cock and then my asshole. He worked his fingers tentatively up my rectum until the muscles adjusted and relaxed. He mounted me and slowly pushed his cock into me. Anal sex was not a usual act for me either so the muscles were somewhat virginal. He was very gentle and attentive to any pain or discomfort I was experiencing. Once he was in and my rectal muscles had sufficiently opened he start to fuck me. I was on my back and my legs pulled up to my shoulders. I could see all the emotions playing on his face. I relaxed and started my soft yelping cry. I ran my fingers through the soft hairs matting his chest, wandering down and started fingering my swollen clitoris. I am not sure who came first. It was very close. When he pulled out I could feel his come dribbling out of my asshole and onto the bedsheets. The pleasure on his face radiated. I wasn’t feeling too bad either. But it was getting late and his k**s would be coming home from school soon. I took and quick shower as he went down to the pool to collect my clothes. We shared a quick kiss and I drifted back up into my bedroom. Later that evening I peeked out the window at the entire Gibbons f****y out by the pool. Mr. Gibbons whose real name is Mark sat off on deck chair looking rather sad. He occassionally glanced over at my house but then quickly looked away.
I decided not to go out that evening. I stayed home and masturbated when that sexual impulse flared up. I have a vibrator stashed away under my panties. It is eight inches in length and is sculpted to look like an actual cock, replete with veins traversing its shaft. Whenever I used it I had to muffle the buzzing sound with a pillow. It was awkward at first but I eventually got used to it. I lay back and thought of my day with Mr. Gibbons. I prefered to call him by this very formal title because it felt more forbidden. I worked myself to a steady orgasm , cleaned off the vibrator and turned in for the night.

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