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It was late on a Saturday morning when Kevin awoke from his slumber, he made his way to the bathroom to have a piss before heading downstairs. Kevin passed his mother in the hallway as she was rushing out. “Want anything from the supermarket, baby?” “I’m ok mum” he responded. She lent in for a kiss, their tongues entwined. “Ok see you later” she said. Kevin made his way through the living room and into the kitchen, as he crossed the room, his fathers eyes followed him. This marked the 1st time since his father was tied up that were alone in the house together. Kevin put the Keyes on and went to the fridge to remove the butter, ready to make some toast. A couple of minutes had passed and the bread finally popped. As he stood buttering the toast he was gripped round the throat and pulled backwards hard. He now stood leaning back, held by his angry looking father. “I suppose you thought you were clever the other week, you’re a coward, you’ve been hiding behind you mother since.” “I haven’t been hiding” “going shopping with her to stay out of my way”. His father is still unaware that the reason for that is that has been having an affair with his mother for a couple months. “Plan busted young man, I convinced her to go early this morning, so we could go out for lunch together, so now it’s just me and you” Kevin had this coming, his father had repeatedly pleaded for him to be left alone and Kevin took advantage. “Ok dad, can you release the grip on my neck a little” “”not Daddy today?, I’m disappointed” he pulled harder. Kevin now felt a hand on his crotch. “Let’s see how you like it?” His father tugged at his shorts until his cock was exposed, his fathered wrapped his big hand around his cock and begun to tug it hard. There was something about one man tugging another, when women do it, it’s like they are trying to detach it from the body, but a man can do it hard but so it still fills good. Kevin got hard very quickly. “Liking that you little bitch”. His father release his cock and Kevin felt his fathers hand enter the back of his shorts. His father probed around and finally found it target, Kevin fathers finger entered his arse. It hurt, there was no lubrication. “This is no good, bend over”. Kevin was released from his fathers grip. He bent over as requested. His father knelt behind him and spat into Kevin hole. “That’s better” his father said as a finger poked his son arse with more ease. He felt more spit hit his arse and a second finger enter him. His father was stretching his arsehole. “I think you’re ready” another spitball hit Kevin arse and then he felt his fathers hard cock at the entrance to his back doors, his father pushed, it wasn’t going in easy and his father was getting frustrated, Kevin turned round to see his father dip his fingers in the butter and rub that around to head of his cock. Then he felt the greasy cock start to enter his hole, his father was pounding his arse hard in the kitchen. His fathers balls were slapping against his. He father pulled Kevin up again his chest pressed against Kevin’s back. His father reached round and begun to again tug on his cock. Last time he had cock in his arse, Kevin was the one wanking his cock. This felt so much hornier. Kevin balls tightened as thick globs of spunk dropped on the floor or the cabinet doors where they were flung from the movements of being fucked. Again the squeeze of his arse as he came must have pushed his father to far and he felt the old man thrust harder and then withdraw his cock. Kevin felt three or four warm splats on his back and arse. He then felt his father rub the spunk with his cock. “Kevin, turn round and clean me up”. Kevin dropped to his knees and eagerly took the semi hard cock into his mouth. It was his first taste of someone else’s spunk. “Thats it bitch, clean daddy’s cock.” His father withdrew his cock from Kevin mouth and pulled up his jogging bottoms. “Clean this fucking mess up” his father barked. “Just so you’re aware, as you said you are now my fuck toy, when your mothers not putting out!” His father left the kitchen. The whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes. In the days that followed, things seemed to return to how they were before, his father was no longer cold with him. Maybe the events in the kitchen allowed him to feel like the man of the house again, after being helpless when tied up.

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