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…continued to part 3?

Chuck brought the enxstetion cord over and pulled out a large buck knife. He cut the cord into lengths and the said to the horse cocked man” help me flip her over.” At that i felt slight less anxious and worried, he said “her”. I almost helped them roll me over, my legs in the air, swollen cunt ready and waiting. I had little to nothing worth stealing anyways as Roman soon realized, walking around looking at what I had. “This little cum dump hasn’t got anything worth takin'”. And continued “except that throat and ass!” We walked back over his juicy sweaty balls and thick long shaft swaying as he stepped.
At this point my hands and ankles were tied together and my hands, being behind my head left my gaping oring stretched open. Chuck waned a turn with my face so he undressed while Roman went around back his thick throbbing cock anxious to smash my anus. Chuck undressed and said he needed a bath. He started by sitting on my face his sweaty asshole on my mouth and big floppy balls boobing up and down on mynose as he tugged on his fleshy cucumber. It was soft but as big as my six inches. That when Roman decided it was rime to shove his juicy cock all the way in, no hesitation or warning. He began slamming my juiced up toilet when the other man, Mr. Huge cock, said “what about me?” Ramon replied; ” there’s lots of room for you in here if don’t mind tops!?” The other man shrugged and got infront of Ramon. Pointing his massive ass plunger down and pushing against the top of Ramon’s mighty shaft at the entrance of my fully stetched starfish. He pushed as hard as he could but barely got the tip in before standing up and saying i needed to be wetter. The whole time i was groaning into a strangers asshole. Ramon pulled out ,without a word and began to piss into my ass. Piss gushing out of my leaking ass. At that Roman counted down from 3, on 1 they simultaneously shoved their raging boners at my ass, their heads popped in and i screamed into chuck’s well licked anus. He got up saying something about “good vibrations” and sunk his cock 4 inches into my throat. I clenched my already aching asshole onto the heads of their massive poles just as the were pushing themselves in. They took no time ramming my now loosened nasty whore hole. It still hurt but i was leaking heavy out of my cock so it wasn’t all bad. Plus i figured this is what i was asking for, with that thought i f***ed another inch of chucks cock in my throat. He looked down, then back and said ” i think this cock slut likes it” I tried to shake my head and moan yes through the meatcicle in my throat. At that they sped up and sunk those juicy cocks malls deep making me gag out a scream. If i thought they were fucking me hard before i was wrong the were smashing my ass and throat with their huge dicks, running a train up my front. They must have been getting close or tired because Ramon then Mr. Big dick pulled out and admired how ruined my nasty hole was. Ramon strated working his fist up there saying somthing about needing it tighter. He was straing but managed to fit his huge fist in my burning hole. That wasn’t it though and i soon knew what he meant. He began rubbing his cock in there too. Forcing his shaft along side his hand in my ass. Once it was mosrly in he began stroking it, jerking himself off inside my ass. Chuck took a break from ramming my throat and stood up to watch the show. I was wimpering like a dog heavy amounts of cum leaking from my sissy clit. Chuck moved around so Mr big dick could have a turn with my throat. I didn’t think my cum guzzler could feel any more stretched, i was wrong.
Ramon finished off in my ass groaning and shooting copious amounts of cum deep in my destroyed shit pipe.

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