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Control of your brain

I will tell you a story.
The story about how I ended up in absolute control over any person I desired, and how I used them for my pleasure.

But before we start on the actual story, let me tell you a bit about my f****y.

First of all my name is Jacob, and I am 18 years old.

My mother and father got sexually interested in each other at young ages.
My mother got pregnant at 16 years old, and gave birth to my s****r Mary a couple of months after turning 17.
At 18 years old she gave birth to me.

After a couple of years in idyllic happiness, my father and mother started to grow apart from each other, and when I was 5 years old, he left us and soon moved in with another woman named Sharon.

Mother was unhappy for a while, but eventually she married a very nice guy named Steve, who was actually pretty wealthy (he owned a couple of clothing stores, and had a couple of million dollars in the bank).
I had been very sad when my parents left each other, but eventually I accepted the situation, and my mother and father remained friends, which I was very happy about.

After about 3 years of marriage, my mother caught Steve with another woman.
Months of fighting and yelling followed, and eventually Steve divorced my mother and moved out, leaving her alone again, with me and Mary.
He did give her about half a million dollars in settlement after the divorce though, so at least we were pretty well covered on the financial part.

My mother, Mary and myself, eventually fell into a steady routine, and we started to feel like a normal f****y at last.

That is, until the day where a strange chemicals transport truck crashed near my house.
Which leads us to the real story:

Part 01: Power to control

It was a hot summer day, and I was sitting in my room playing on my computer.
I knew, I should probably spend some time out in the sun, but I had a new fun computer game and a bottle of ice-cold lemonade, so I had a bit of trouble convincing myself to leave my room.

Suddenly a lot of black hair covered my eyes, and a voice asking teasingly “Guess who?”
I knew who it was, at the instant I smelled her perfume, and answered in a lightly irritated voice;
“Mary, what do you want? I told you to not go inside my room without knocking first.”
“But you always tell me to go away when I knock, what’s the point then?”
I turned around on my chair, and looked her in the eyes.
“The point is that this is MY room, and in here you obey MY rules, got it?”

Mary looked at me with a teasing look in her eyes.
“Your almighty rules, which every man, woman and mentally retarded person in the world has to follow right? You always were a bit full of yourself little b*****r.” She finished with smile.
I knew she was right, but I wasn’t going to admit that.
“I am not full of myself, but this is my room, and you do what you are told in here.”

I could clearly see that she was not impressed by my orders.
“I don’t care, I am not doing something just because you say it.”
This was the annoying thing about 17 year old girls, they were hard to control, and even though I tried, I could not control what Mary did, and I often wished that I could control minds.

“Whatever Mary, just get out of my room, I am playing a video game here.”
She looked at me with a very annoying look on her face.
“I will, but YOU have to leave your room too, mom says we have to go outside today, because the weather is so nice.”
I sighed, knowing that she was going to keep bugging me if I refused to leave my room, so I just went downstairs and picked up a bottle of water, my shoes and went outside.

The sun was burning, and I didn’t feel like getting roasted, so I went inside the forest that was located a couple of hundred yards from our house.
I went into the middle of the forest, and sat down near a road that went straight through the forest.
The road was not used very often, and it suited me fine.
I wanted to be a bit alone this day anyway.
After falling asl**p under a big oak tree, I was suddenly awoken by a lot of noises at once:
A truck horn, screeching of brakes and then the sound of metal against wood.

A deer came running 10 yards to my left, and obviously spooked by the accident.
I turned around, and started to crawl a bit closer to the road.
A white truck had smashed into a tree, and I could see 2 men stumbling onto the road.
They were about 20 yards away from me, and I heard them talk.

“Shit, cursed be all those fucking deer, now we are not going to make the schedule”
The other man mumbled something I could not hear.
“I don’t care if its our fault or not, we have to get hold of the department, and have them send someone out here to help us”
The man pulled out his cell phone.
“Fuck that, no signal.”
He turned towards the other man.
“Can you get a signal Bryan?
The other man took out his phone too, and quickly shook his head.
“Damn it, the bl**dy trees are blocking the signal, we have to get out of the forest to get a signal. Come on lets get moving.”
The man called Bryan said something, but I could not hear what it was.
“That does not matter Bryan, the truck is locked and we will be back quickly.”

They both started to walk away, and a couple of minutes later they turned at a corner, and was hidden behind the trees.

I went out from my hiding place, and quickly went over to the truck.
It was totally unmarked, which could mean that it was either a regular truck, or someone didn’t want people to know what was in their trucks.
The way the men had talked made me curious, and I went towards the back of the truck.
The doors were locked like they said, and I instead went to drivers seat.

Nothing in there seemed weird, it looked like any other truck I had seen.
Then my eyes saw something on the floor under the seat.
A key.
I picked it up and tried it in the ignition, but nothing happened.
I then went to the back, and tried it on the door there and the lock clicked.
My heart was beating faster as I opened the door.
Boxes. Lots of them.
The car had about 30 boxes inside, and they all looked pretty strange.

Some were marked with fire hazard, or other danger signs, and some even had the text “Secret” on them as well.

I went over to check one out.
The label read: Anti-radiation pills. Send to Virginia dpt.

I checked the next one.
Here the label read: Eye improvement pills. Send to storage.

I wandered around in the truck for a few minutes, and read about all sorts of pills.
This truck had to be the courier of chemicals that was being developed by a company of some sort.

I had just decided it was time to leave before the men came back, when a label caught my eye.
The label read: Hypnocil, experimental stage. Failure to yield results. Send to destruction.
I wondered what hypnocil could be, and opened the box. Inside was about 100 bottles of pills, with a note on top of them.
I took the note which read the following:

“Hypnocil. Experimental mind control d**g. Designed to take control of the brains subconscious parts, forcing it to follow any command given.
Failure to yield results in tests. d**g seems to be missing a signal to start the reaction.
Destroy as soon as possible.”

I became quite interested.
A d**g designed to take control over the brain, and making people having to do as they were told.
The though was so exiting, that I decided to take a bottle of pills, and make some tests on them myself.
I closed the box again, and locked the truck door securely.
Quickly throwing the key under the seat of the truck I ran home, with the bottle of mysterious pills in my pocket.

My mom was making dinner when I entered the house.
“Hi Jacob, perfect timing we eat in 20 minutes.”
Without bothering to answer her, I ran up to my room and locked the door.
I opened the bottle and looked inside. There were a lot of small pills inside, probably about 100 or so.
I took one out, and wondered how I was going to test it.

At this moment my mother called from downstairs.
“Jacob, come down here please”
I put the pill in my pocket, and went downstairs.
My mother was standing with a bottle of water in her hand.
“Jacob, would you mind giving this to Mary, she has been swimming for an hour now, and I bet she has forgotten to drink enough in this heat”

I looked at my mother and smiled.
“Of course mom, I don’t mind at all.”
And really I didn’t, this was the perfect opportunity to test the pills.
I went outside, and quickly popped the pill into the water-bottle.
I waited for a few minutes to be sure the pill had dissolved, and then went to the pool.

Sure enough, Mary was swimming like there was no tomorrow.
I always enjoyed watching Mary swimming.
In every aspect my s****r was a stunning girl.
About 5.5 ft and long black hair that reached down almost to her waist.
She was about 120 lbs, and had a pair of nice 36B tits.
And her ass…. I had dreamt about pounding that ass ever since I started to take an interest in girls, and with growing excitement I knew, that I might just get to do that if the pill would work.

I snapped out of my day-dream.
“Mary, mom says you need to drink something.”
She swam over to me, and climbed out of the pool.
Her body was in perfect physical condition, due to all the time she spent working out, and today she was wearing a little black bikini, which showed it off nicely.
As hard as it was to believe Mary was still a virgin, as she did not feel that she had met the right guy for her first time yet.
As she was standing there, dripping wet, I just wanted to rip of her bikini, and fuck her silly.

Mary sighed.
“Mom always worries too much, but yeah I am kinda thirsty.”
I handed her the bottle, and she took some deep gulps.
“Thanks Jacob, do you know when we are going to eat by the way?”

Just as I opened my mouth I heard my mother call.
“Jacob, Mary, dinner time.”
I looked at my s****r with a grin.
“I would guess about now.”
Mary smiled and then looked at herself.
“Damn I have to change clothes before eating, or else mom will kill me.

I decided to test the d**g a bit.
“You could also just eat like you are now and stop caring about such a silly thing.” I said with a voice I hoped sounded causal.
Mary looked at me with interest.
“I like the idea Jacob, but I really don’t feel arguing with mom about it.
I will go change, see you at dinner.”
And then she went inside the house, leaving me depressed that the d**g had not worked.

I knew that the note had stated, that the pills had not worked as intended, and that’s why they had been marked for destruction, but still I had hoped that they would somehow have worked.
On the other hand, it had been more of a suggestion than an actual order I had given to Mary, so I decided to give it another shot.

At dinner, I observed Mary’s behavior for any oddities, anything that could show me that the d**g was working.
But no matter how you looked at it, my s****r was seemingly acting like always.
I decided it was time to give her a direct order, and then see how she would react.
I looked at my glass of lemonade, and got an idea for a way to give her an order without looking suspicious.

I looked at my glass, and with a voice I tried hard to make sound normal I said:
“Man I am thirsty, and this lemonade is a bit too sweet for my taste.”
I turned towards Mary.
“Mary go and get me a bottle of water.”
She looked at me with a half-smile/half smug expression.
“I think not Jacob, I am eating, besides seeing that you are the only one here that don’t like the lemonade, its only fitting you get your own water I think.”
I got up, and went to the kitchen.

I had given Mary a direct order and she had refused.
In anger I kicked the counter next to the refrigerator, resulting only in a hurting toe, and more frustration.
I got the water bottle, and rejoined the others at the table, trying to act like normal.

After finishing dinner I went to my room.
I was determined to get the pills to work, but I needed to keep order in my experiments.
I had to keep a journal or something, but I also had to make sure that no-one found it.
I could of course just make a text file on my computer, and hide it in a folder somewhere, but I really wasn’t feeling comfortable with that.
The file would still show up if people used the search function, and the proper search criteria.
And then I suddenly remembered something that would be perfect.

Last year on my birthday, my uncle had given me a special pen. A pen that made sure whatever it wrote only could be seen under UV light.
I had actually purchased a UV lamp a few days after getting it, just for this purpose, but I had not used it for over a year.

I went over to my closet, and found the lamp and pen.
Quickly, I plugged in the lamp, and it lit up with a blue/violet light.
As I was looking for some paper to write on, I heard a knock on my door, and remembered that I had not locked it.
The door opened, and Mary came in.

After the swimming she had changed into a pair of jeans, that she had cut off halfway up her thighs.
She was barefooted, and had on a black tank top that ended just above her abdomen, leaving a nice piece a bare flesh.
She looked fucking stunning.

“Hey Jacob, mom asked me get you, it is our turn to do the dishes.”
I looked at her with a grumpy look.
“Great… I always love doing the dishes.”
“Come on b*o, its not that bad, besides it will be over quickly with the 2 of us.”
The UV light caught her eye.
“Uhh the super-secret pen is being used I see, are you keeping secrets from the rest of us?
“Yeah, I am writing my secret girlfriend a letter, do you mind?” I asked in a sarcastic tone.

She looked at the lamp.
“No, I don’t mind, I will just never understand how you can stand looking into that light, it gives me a headache every time I look at it for more than……”
Her voice faded.
I turned to see what was keeping her, but she was just standing there with a blank look in her eyes.
I wasn’t sure if she was playing a trick on me or something.

No response.
“Mary say something will you?”
She blinked and then turned towards me.
“Hey Jacob, what’s up?”
I started to get a bit irritated with her games.
“I thought we were going to do the dishes Mary, but if you going to act weird then you can do it yourself.”

She answered with a happy voice.
“Alright, I will.”
I didn’t really believe her, and just responded “Great whatever, and get me a coke while you are at it.”
And with that she left the room.
I was a bit surprised, she usually never did any house chores alone if she could avoid it, because it meant added work for her.
Anyway, if she wanted to do the dishes alone, then I was certainly not complaining

I locked my door, and turned my attention towards my new journal.

I found some paper, and wrote:


Test one: Mary. Given in bottle of water. Failure.
Test two:

I was wandering how to do the next test.
Dissolving the pills in water had seemingly not worked, but perhaps if I got someone to eat them whole?
As I was wondering how to make someone swallow one of the pills whole, I heard another knock on the door, followed by Mary’s voice.
“Jacob, I got your coke.”

I quickly turned towards the door.
Now I was starting to get suspicious.
Doing the dishes alone was one thing, but now she claimed to have brought me a coke at my request as well.
Mary was a nice s****r, but this was a bit beyond her normal generosity.

I turned off the lamp, and opened the door.
Mary was standing outside, and true enough she had a coke in her hand.
I looked her in the eyes.
“Okay, what’s up with all this being-nice-to-Jacob thing Mary?”
She looked confused.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, first you offer to do the dishes alone, and then you even bring me a coke. Something is feeling fishy here. Is your bike broken again and you want me to fix it or something?”

Mary looked puzzled.
“I… I don’t know why actually, I just suddenly felt like doing it when you suggested it to me.”
This made me look at her with even more interest.
Could it have worked anyway?

I didn’t see how it could have worked.
The pills certainly had no effect at the pool, or during dinner.
Even when she came to ask me to help do the dishes she seemed normal.
It was not until she had talked about the UV lamp, that she had started acting weird.
The UV lamp…… could that be it?
The note had stated, that a trigger was needed to get the d**g to work.
Ultra-Violet light. Perhaps that was the trigger.

Eating the pills alone was not enough, you had to expose the person to Ultra-Violet light to start the effect.

I decided to test my theory.

“Mary come in for a moment will you?”
She came inside, and I locked the door after her.
“Hey why did you lock the door?”
I didn’t answer, and just looked at her with a curious look.
“Mary, there is something I want to ask you, and I want your honest answer.”
“Sure what is it?”
“Are you the one using all the hot water every weekend?”

I asked her this question on a monthly basis, and she always refused to be guilty.
This made a nice little innocent test.
If she answered that it was not her, then she would not get suspicious, and if she admitted it…. then I was actually going to be a bit shocked.
She just shrugged and said:
“Yes. I can’t help it. I just love long baths. I love the water. It feels so relaxing, and it’s just hard for me to stop.”
There was the answer I had been wanting for so long, and she had given it to me without hesitation.

Now I was almost certain that Mary was under my control.
Just one final test had to be made, it was time to sink or swim.
My heart was pounding when I asked her my next question.
“Mary, would you take off your top please?”

And to my amazement, she stood up, and pulled her top over her head, and was a bit amazed that she was not wearing a bra.
I looked in awe at my s****rs nice tits.
“Wow Mary, those look amazing.”
She looked at herself, seeming a bit uncomfortable at the situation.
“I don’t really know what made me do that, this is wrong. I think I should put on my top again and leave.”

She was leaving over my dead body, I had her now, and she was not going anywhere.
“Mary, look at me.”
She looked at me, with eyes full of confusion.

“From now on, you will obey my every order. No one else can give you orders. If mom gives you a chore or something like that then its fine, but only I can make you do things against your will understood?”
“I understand.”
“When I give you an order, you will not hesitate, and you will not ask questions. When I give an order, you obey. Got it?”

I leaned back in my bed, and then said.
“Strip for me s*s.”

Mary started to unbutton her jeans, and then slid them down her perfectly shaped legs.
She was wearing a thong underneath.
My jaw dropped as that joined her jeans on the floor, revealing a perfectly shaven pussy.
Mary was now standing naked before me.

My cock throbbed at the sight.
“Mary, come over here, and take of my pants.”
I took in every detail of my s****r’s beautiful naked body, as she approached me.
My body trembled as I felt her hands undo my pants.
My cock sprung into view, all 7 inches standing out like a spear.

“Alright Mary, suck my cock. And make sure to do a good job.”
Mary dropped to her knees, and grabbed my cock with her hand.
She leaned forward, and closed her lips around the tip.
“I said suck it, not kiss it.”
She took in half my cock, and I felt a sucking motion begin.

This had to be a dream.
Nothing could possibly make me lucky enough to have this situation be real.
But as I felt Mary’s tongue swirling around my cock, and saw her head bobbing up and down, I started to accept that this was not a dream.
This was better than any dream.

I started to thrust in and out of Mary’s mouth at a steady pace, and every thrust back inside felt like heaven.

I looked down at her, and saw that about 3 inches of my cock was not going inside her mouth.
“s*s, you are missing something, I think you will have to deep-throat me to get it all inside.”
And with that, she changed her position, and after a few attempts she took my entire cock inside.
I could see the bulge in her throat.
“That looks so nice Mary, who ever knew you were such a good cock sucker.”
She continued to take my cock deep into her throat at every thrust, and her eyes started to water.

After a few minutes I felt my cum building in my balls, and pulled her nose into my crotch.
A few seconds later, my cum was shooting down her throat, and directly down into her stomach.
She started to struggle, and I released her.
Mary was gasping for air.
I took in the sight of my beautiful 17 year old s****r, on her knees gasping for air, with her own b*****rs cum running down her cheek.

“That was great Mary, you are a nice little whore aren’t you?”
Mary turned towards me.
“I… I didn’t want to do any of that. You made me do it. How, Why?”

A smile formed on my face.
“Its a little secret of mine s*s, and you can be sure that I am not done with you yet.”
A look of fear was staring to form on her face.

“Alright, here is how things will be Mary. First of all, you will not tell anybody of this incident, or let anybody know that I have control over you. Secondly, when we eat dinner in the future, you will wear a bikini. And thirdly, you will return to my room tomorrow after mom have gone to bed, and beg me to fuck you. Understood?”

She looked at me, tears in her eyes.
I smiled at her.
“Great Mary, now you can get dressed and go do whatever you want, as long as that does not break any of the rules I made.”

She quickly got dressed, and left my room.

I locked the door after her, and went over to my journal.

I edited the first part.


Test one: Mary. Given in bottle of water. 1 hour later responding to commands. UV light might be a cause of the reaction.

I had no doubt the pills were working, but I still had to make sure, that it was really caused by the UV light.

Perhaps the pills had just taken a long while to start working.
I needed another person to test this on, but I decided that was a problem for the next morning.

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