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It had been over two months since I last seen Holly. The memories of fucking her until that big swollen belly bounced echoed in my mind. I jerked off at least twice a day to the photos of her sprawled out a her bed, legs wide open, revealing that thick mass of pubic hair.
Our last time together involved me trimming her pussy. She was real self conscious about going to the hospital and having the doctor’s and nurse’s see this wild unkempt pussy. Knelt down between her legs and snipped away those black curls, savoroing the task for as long as possible. I did not shave her bald but at least her cunt was more visible and presentable. As I finished I bestowed it with a loving kiss. I inhaled her sweet scent knowing that this whole affair was soon too be over. I actually saved some of the trimmed pubes as a keepsake of our romance.
As she reached her eighth month sex became tricky and frequently did it doggie stlye, which I never cared for. I like seeing the expressions on a woman’s face while I am fucking her. Sometimes we were standing up in the shower, Holly leaning forward against the wall for support. The weight of the baby was becoming discomforting and made sex more and more one sided. I never failed to have an orgasm, but I am not sure Holly came during those last few meetings.
We mutually agreed to end the relationship. She threw her arms around me and kissed me, her tongue thrust deep into my mouth.
Two weeks later she gave birth. It was a girl whom she and her husband named Annaballa. I saw her briefly during a f****y party to welcome the baby home ,but we had to remain detached from one another. She hugged me and I kissed her on the cheek.
Two months later the phone in my living room rings.
“I miss you, ” said the soft and familiar voice on the other end. I feel my cock twitch inside my jeans.
“Holly,” I repond with a gentle ache in my voice.
“Are you playing with your cock?” she asks.
“Not yet. It’s getting hard though,” I tell her.
I hear a little chuckle on the other end.
“I’m fingering my pussy,” she says. “I’m already so wet.”
I open my jeans and extract my cock. Afew firm tugs and I was completely hard. In my mind’s eye she is sitting back on her bed, phone in one hand, the other massaging her fleshy cunt, rubbing her swollen clit. I hear the deep breaths on the other end of the line.
“I’m holding my cock,” I tell her.
“I wish I was there. You have one of the nicest cocks. Has anyone ever told you that?”
“Not until this moment.”
“Hmmm. You’ve been dating the wrong women, my love.”
“I think I have. I’ve thought about you a lot.”
“Have you fucked many women since we last saw each other?”
There was a brief silence and I thought about how to respond to the question.
“It’s all right,” Holly said, “I never expected you to be clebate for me.”
A heaved a little sigh of relief.
“Only a couple,” I said.
“Any big preggos like me?”
“No. You are my first preggo.”
My breaths were coming more ragged as I imagined her fingers moving more rapidly over her pussy, making a soft sucking sound each time she withdrew her finger.
“I am so fucking horny. My husband still cannot get a get a sufficient hard on to fuck me. Can you believe that? Masturbation just is no substitute for sex.”
“I know. I miss sticking my cock into you.”
I suddenly felt my balls tighten and a thick stream of come jet from my cock and splatter on the wall. I could still hear in my mind the fleshy smack of our bodies slamming into one another. I wrung off the final few trickles and cleans up as I continued to talk to Holly. She had stopped masturbating and was sobbing softly.
We arranged to for me to visit her during the day when her husband was at work. When the day finally arrived I was at her doorstep promptly at the appointed time.
She was dressed in a long t shirt to camouflage the baby weight she had aquired, but I could tell that she wore no bra by the way her tits shifted beneath the cotton material. Both heavy with milk, the nipples jutting appealing out. She wore shorts under the shirt and left her thick legs bare.
She beckoned me inside and it was only until after the door was shut that she finally embraced me a kissed me. It was right were we had left off, with her tongue thrust down my throat and her tits flattening against my chest. I already had an erection by the time I had reached her house.
“My baby….my baby'” she siad, looking up at me with red teary eyes.
She took me by the hand and led me into the nursey. Annabella was just fussing bit, but Holly soothed her until she was asl**p. We tip toed out of the room and headed for the bedroom. As she walked she was peeling off article of clothing. I reached out and slipped my hand between her buttock cheeks and gently probed her asshole.
She looked over her shoulder and smiled.
“My husband thinks sex in the ass is unsanitery,” she said.
I just smiled and inserted one finger into her asshole.
“He doesn’t know what he’s missing, does he?” I finally responded.
Once I started fingering both her pussy and asshole simultaneously Holly was getting a little weak in the knees. I notice her start to wobble sllightly, but I did not stop until we had at last reached the bed.
Up until now Holly was just rubbing the bulge in my jeans , but now seated on the edge of the bed, she quickly opened the zipper and liberated my cock. Her eyes glittered like a k** on Christmas. The sexual deprivation must have been excrusiating. She tugged my jeans down around my knees and took my cock into her warm loving mouth. I dug my fingers into her thick dark hair and urged my cock deeper into her throat. She took more than three quarters of my cock into her throat but began to gag, saliva poured down her chin and onto her tits.
I pushed her back onto the bed and fell onto my knees, buring my face into her cunt. Although not as dense as the day I trimmed them, her pubes were still pretty thick. I loved that wild and natural look. Some like bald pussies, but I never saw the erotic appeal myself.
I ate her out for several long minutes before standing up and poising my eager cock toward her saturated cunt. I lingering lovingly over each thrust, savoring those renewed sensations. I watched inch after inch sink into her. Her body slowly rose and settled back onto the bed. Her eyes had a dreamy faraway glaze to them.
My thrusts increased and my balls bounced off her soft fleshy ass. There was a very nice wet sound issuing from her pussy. It all made my head spin wildly and I fucked her even harder. Her moans increased in volume as her body thrashed about to the point where I had to alomost subdue her. Her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled me down on top of her.
My stamina was rapidly diminishing as the minutes ticked on and we were soaked in one another sweat. The scent of sex choked the tiny bedroom. Holly clutched hold of my ass and assisted my flagging energy and urged me onward. Her body continued to writhe beneath mine and I felt as if I was fucking a woman possessed by some demon.
A few more thrusts and I dislodged myself from her cunt and discharged a long thick stream of come over her belly. My body shook violently for several seconds afterward.
Holly grabbed my slippery cock and attempted to wring out a few more droplets, but I was empty. My balls ached as if I had just been kicked between my legs. I had never exerted myself to such a degree with any other woman before. Holly continued to tug on my cock for a few minutes even as it was visibly shrinking in her hand. It was becoming painful now. I stood on shakey legs and fell down on the bed beside beside her, kissing her lips and fonding her swollen tits until milk exuding from the nipples.
We both headed into the bathroom and took a long relaxing shower. She attempted to resurrect my cock, but it was in vain. Whatever meager erection she did manage was not enough for actual penetration. I finger fucked her to an orgasm. She trambled and held onto my shoulders when she did at last come.
We both redressed. Holly checked in on little Annabella who was still sl**ping soundly and walked me to the front door. All that she actually had on was the oversized t-shirt. I ran my fingers through the dense wet hair between her legs as we kissed goodbye. In a matter of hours her husband would be home and she will back to her domestic life.
I drove home in that wonderful fog one sinks into after having a thoroughly enjoyable lay. But I had no real hope that this would go on for much longer. If we saw each other a couple more times I would be surprised. It will always to be fond memory that will be recalled many times througout my life even as we slowly drift apart.
She had her life to live and I had my own. There was way any real relationship could grow. We’d always have that brief time to reflect back upon.

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