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Coworker was a sexual suprise

Unfortunate for me, my first wife was a bit monogamously challenged. I knew she was a DTF girl before we married, in fact, that was some of the attraction, but after finding evidence of infidelity a few times, I drew a line in the sand that unfortunately she crossed.

The thing with her, is that alcohol always lowered her inhibitions quickly and made her extremely horny. She told me stories about being d***k and fucking multiple guys after a party, multiple one night stands, sucking off two guys, etc., and hearing those always made me horny and the real fucking would begin.

Fast forward a few years into our marriage. We were living in a college town she grew up in and I had completed my degree at the university. I worked as a clerk in a grocery store through out college and a while after while looking for a job. I long term coworker of mine who started shortly after I did became a good friend of mine over the years. She was quite good looking, a little BBW with amazing huge tits. She had dark brown hair that she used to color different shades and I am such a sucker for brunettes and big titties.

She was a single Mom and my heart went out to her as I grew up in a single parent household. Over the years I did her taxes for her, fixed her car multiple times, and helped her move on occasion. I remember times studying in the break room and she would come in and totally distract me. I thought a lot about what it would be like to play with and suck those enormous titties, and masturbated several times thinking about her. We used to lightly flirt with each other. It was a dance we did when others were not around. Come to find out, she assumed I was happily married and never took it further.

One night my coworker pulled me aside in the back room and had a serious look on her face and said she had something to tell me. She was having dinner with her twin s****r at a Mexican restaurant and saw her acting in a very inappropriate way for a married woman. I tried to get the details out of her, but she said I would have to talk to my wife about those. I was kind of shocked at first but went about my day and decided to talk to my wife about it when I got home. I knew she had went to a friend’s husband’s birthday party there and her friend was someone she could get in trouble with. Heck, we almost had a threesome with her after after coming to our place after getting d***k at a bar. My wife wanted to bring a guy she met there, but I ultimately said no. We were all naked in bed, me fingering her friend and my wife sucking my dick when my wife said I can’t do this and got dressed and ran out the door driving off in a hurry. Her friend wanted me to fuck her, but I apologized and declined. She went to sl**p in our spare bedroom and after my wife returned, we talked and I fucked the hell out of her.

Anyway, this friend was always fucking other guys and I guess she had permission from her husband. In talking with my wife that night, I got her to admit, sense I told her a friend of mine witnessed it, that she was making out with both of them through out the night and confessed that she went into the guys bathroom with both of them but didn’t fuck her friends husband; just mostly watched and fingered her friend and did some making out. I really didn’t believe that there wasn’t more to the story and a year later when we were separated I got the truth, which was a story I suspected happened already. The night she told me the truth we were d***k and waiting for a fuck buddy of hers to come over so she could fulfill her DP fantasy.

Anyway, what she originally told me was enough for me to want a divorce. It was a hard decision, but enough already. We stayed together for a few months trying to work things out but to no avail. I came to the silly conclusion that I wanted revenge. Maybe that would make things better. Yeah right. I told my coworker what happened and that we were probably going to split over it. She was apologetic and regretted telling me. Over a short course of time I started chatting with her and took flirting to a whole new level. We talked a lot about sex and finally I told her I wanted to have sex with her since the first day we met. I always thought she was reserved and she said the same about me, but boy were we both wrong.

I made a work excuse to get out of the house one night and went to Jan’s house to take her flowers as it was a couple of days before Valentines day. She was pretty surprised and let me in. We talked for a while and then she leaned over to kiss me saying “I guess I’m going to have to make the first move.” We made out for a long while and I finally got up the nerve to move my hand up to her breast and fondle one of them. They were amazingly dense and firm for there size’ I could feel her nipple was hard as a pencil eraser and she let out the sexiest moan I ever heard.

“Oh god I love that,” she said in my ear with heavy breath and I could feel just how much she liked it and was starting to loose control. I worked her blouse unbuttoned and reached behind her to pop the latch of her bra. Her bra slide down and I took both of her tits in my hands and started squeezing and brushing her nipples, massaging her breasts and lightly swirling her nipples between my fingers. She was out of control squeezed her legs tightly together as she had an orgasm. I love that I could make her cum by playing with her tits. I took one of the nipples into my mouth and sucked, swirled, and licked her into several small orgasms. She could come over and over and I was taken by her sexual prowess.

I slipped my hand down her pants and her panties were soaked. Her pussy was flowing like a river and she said she always got extremely wet which over time I learned was definitely true. I rubbed her clit in a circular light motion while I continued to suck on her huge tits. She always loved having them sucked and I loved tits! After another orgasm, I slid two fingers in and started to massage her G-spot which was very swollen and easy to find. She asked “Oh my god, what are you doing?” She had never had anyone massage her G-spot before. She asked me to go slow as she hadn’t had sex with anyone for almost a year. In less than a minute she grabbed my arm tightly and raised her butt off the couch, stiffened up and let out a long crying moan. It was amazing as I could feel her walls pulsating around my fingers.

I kept lightly brushing her spot and she shook back and forth on the couch panting, biting her lip, and tugging at her hair while she was shaking her head no. Her eyes got really wide as she came violently legs shaking and moaning like I never heard before. Being with someone you would call a screamer does great things to a mans ego! I never made my wife cum this easily or this good. After things settled down a bit and we were laying in each others arms, she said she didn’t want to have sex with me yet, but wanted to give me a blowjob. I almost jumped for joy because I never could get my wife to do then and she rather sucked at then for how much sex she had in her life. Anyway, I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

She pushed me back on the couch and pulled off my clothes below the waist. My dick was rock hard and she let out this evil little laugh as she felt my thick rock hard cock in her hands. “you are thick,” she said. “All this time… what a surprise.” She grinned as she stuck out her wide flattened out tongue and slowly lowered her mouth over my dick. She didn’t start sucking it right away like I thought she was. No, she was really into cock worshiping and took things slow. licking up and down the shaft, sucking it and swirling her tongue around the head, twisting her head slowly as she sucked, flicking the bottom my my head with her tongue, wrapping her fingers around it and brushing the bottom rim of me head, deep throating it holding it down her throat and then slowly pulling it all the way out. I was going out of my mind as she edged me for almost an hour! I finally told her she was either going to have to let me fuck her or let me cum or my balls were going to explode. She giggled and said okay and started sucking it rhythmically all the way to the back of her throat while massaging my balls. Her tongue was swirling the underneath of my dick and her bottom lip was extended and relaxed. She swirl her head around as she pumped it in and out of her mouth, saliva dripping down my dick drenching my crotch and couch. She never stopped or broke rhythm once and after about 10 solid minutes a told her I was going to cum! She just kept sucking and I came right in her mouth grabbing her head as my pelvis shook. She kept softly sucking and stroking my shaft and swallowed all of my cum. She said, “Oh my god that was a lot!” “Mmmmmmmmm.”

It was the most incredible experience I had ever had in my life. After a few hours of talking and making out. I had to leave, but gave her several more orgasms. I could have stayed there all night. On the drive home I could smell her pussy on my hands. It was the sweetest smell I ever smelled and smelled them all the way home. I washed up quickly in the kitchen and crawled into bed. Just thinking about what had happened made my dick hard and I reached over to my wife. She felt my rock hard dick up against her ass and rolled over and kissed me. I was nervous as hell, but in a few minutes, I was balls deep in my wife fucking her furiously until I felt myself unload deep inside her. She asked, “What was that all about,” and I said I dunno, I just got really horny and we both fell asl**p.

Over the course of a few months, Jan and I met as much as we could and had as much sex as we could. The first night we had sex, we fucked for four hours solid. I could never last this long with anyone before. It was very strange. It seemed her sucking my dick like that, enabled me to fuck for hours. Hard and fast, slow and deep, missionary, pile driver doggy, it didn’t matter. I had total control. She told me I was a god in bed and couldn’t understand how I lasted that long… me either I thought to myself. I never lasted more than ten or 15 minutes with my wife, and if I fucked her hard and fast, I would pop in under two minutes. Sex with Jam was very addicting. It was like I was under a spell.

My wife and I soon split up and Jan and I quickly started dating. After a few months I was practically living there. We fucked all the time and never used a condom. She hated them and always wanted to swallow my cum. She used to randomly come up to me and give me blowjobs. I got at least one a day. She really loved having that control over me. To be honest, I didn’t care! She had no inhibitions about sex and was open to anything, watching porn with me, letting me watch porn while she sucked my dick, anal, titty fucking those sweet juggs. She was good was good with anything and I was open as she was, always willing to do anything to please her. Our sex lives were perfect!

One night we talked about dildos and she told me about her fantasies of being stretched my a guy with a monster cock and getting fucked by two guys. Just fantasies with her mind you and was always willing to tell me stories about her sexual past if I asked during foreplay while she was giving me a blowjob. She was amazing. One night I surprised her with a clear rubber dildo the had a suction end and was easily 9 inches long and two maybe two and a half inches thick. She was like um you are going to have to be careful with that thing! I fucked her with it that first night on just about every piece of furniture she owned and she came so many times we both lost count and was even louder than usual. The next day, her neighbors, who happened to be guys, said to her, “Someone had fun last night!” She told me over the phone how embarrassed she was that they could hear it so clearly, but was turned on that they could hear us. Another all night fuck session.

We never ended up lasting in a relationship that led to marriage, but we were both addicted sexually to each other. She has had boy friends and I even got remarried, but over the years we still remain fuck buddies to this day.

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