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Crazy College Days And The World Theater

I have been thinking back to my care free college days and all of the time I spent at the local Adult Theater. I moved into my dorm at OSU less than two weeks after my eighteenth birthday. Alone for the first time in my life and intoxicated by the freedom of youth, I set out exploring almost as soon as my parent’s tail lights disappeared in the distance. The “World Theater” was just North of the OSU campus in Columbus OH was my very first stop. I was young and horny and I had only heard about places like this that showed hard core fuck films. The “World” soon became my favorite hang out! As a poor student with no AC in my dorm, I would often spend hot afternoons at the “World” keeping cool while watching all of the classic movies, and more than a few that were totally classless! The place was always filled with at least a few dozen OSU students and the usual old men wearing trench coats and slouch hats. It was uncommon for there to be any women in the audience, so anyone hanging out near the ladies’ restroom was looking to suck cock or get their cock sucked. Management looked the other way as long as nobody made a mess or caused trouble. Finding a nice cock to suck was never a problem. Sometimes I would head back to the ladies’ room two or three times during a double feature and usually ended up sucking at least one cock each time. I began to notice that all of the Black guys were usually packing a lot of meat! I spent four years at OSU, and countless hours sucking cocks at the “World”. During that time I swallowed hundreds of loads from cocks of every shape, size, and color. As I set in the rear of the theater with a clear view of the lady’s room door, I would always keep my eyes open for any Black guys that were lurking near there. Right before graduation the “World” had an all weekend 24 hour movie marathon featuring many of the first big blockbuster releases that rocked the porn world. I remember “Deep Throat”, “Behind the Green Door”, “The Devil in Miss Jones”, and the original (soon to be heavily edited) cut of “Baby Face” topped the bill. Many guys came and went that day and into the evening. Early on that day I had decided to suck as many cocks as I could, at least until I was too tired to continue. I do not believe that I was ever any hornier in my life. I staked out the area near the lady’s room and made sure that I was first to approach the cutest lingerers, especially the Black guys! College guys are so horny that some of them only lasted a few minutes before busting their nut in my mouth. Some other guys really made me work at extracting their cum. I was in that theater for over ten hours that day and sucked off twenty three horny college men and swallowed every one of their loads. It would be the last time that I visited the “World”. I think that this day was, in a way, a different kind of graduation. Now I’m sure that sucking off twenty three guys in one day is nowhere near a world record, but I still smile when I close my eyes think back to the day that established my own personal record that was never to be eclipsed.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:29 pm

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