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Cream Shake

True story, circa 1997, I achieved what alot of guys fantasize about, having two hot sexy ladies get freaky, then invite me to join in. Now this just didn’t happen overnight, but it been about two years in the making ,on the ends of a long and debauched sexual affair. I met my hottie( right away she admitted to me that she was married) at a club, she has horrible breath was all that I could remember, I never seen her before and she also told me she was new in town. To me she was just another d***k Barfly, I definitely had my share of lying back in those days and I tried to steer clear of women that already had others but sometimes that just won’t take no for an answer.

So about 2 weeks past, didn’t think much of it friend and I were drinking all day ,doing some blow ,decided to head out to the bar, you will never guess who I ran into, yep ,we’ll just call her Maria. No Maria is looking a lot better than she was the first night I met her practically a whole different person about five-three 36 Double D’s perfect waist , tight little ass. My cock started to harden, as I matched her pheromones, continuing to drink until it was line time, I had about six left. I invited maria to my car to partake , but when I reached my car in the bar parking lot my, window was smashed out and just so happens the stuff was gone. Now only one person knew where the stuff was and he was nowhere to be seen practically left me at the bar by myself, I was pretty upset. I was really pissed but stayed cool and calm in front of maria. It’s not every day I chase after a married woman but you know I’m on the hunt at this age!! quick f*** whatever I can find. It didn’t happen that night or that month, it did happen tho, and alot, everywhere. Some of my favorite spots or on the hood of the car or in the woods, getting blown in the middle of the road driving down the street having to pull over when I orgasm, on her period in the woods behind the waterfall, swimsuit changing areas at a County Park. Underneath the bush in my front yard at like 3 in the morning after a wedding you name it we f***** there, her own bed on top of her husband’s clothes ,even got a cum stain his shirt.

So I know what you’re thinking ,how long can this really last ?well after many tries breakups and close calls, she finally got her hot neighbor who was a stripper ,to go along with her master plan. Master plan: score nose candy, cue 311 transistor album, meet at my high school crushes house who happens to be a stripper as well, try not to bust a load in my pants as I watch these two girls eating each other out and love it!! Neighbor sat on my face, a nice tight cunt, little blond landing strip, dripping wet from Maria’s tongue, while maria mounted my now throbbing cock, they faced one another and kissed as my face and cock were buried in wet, creamy pussy. Oohhhhh oooh oohhh what else can I do, played as I blew load after load inside and out both their ass pussy and mouths. I have to admit, two ladies is amazing, but def more exhausting. At the end of the night the neighbor went about her business and I went to get some more stuff went back to the strippers house and beat the lining out of Maria’s pussy for another 2 hours, what a night, definitely a day where I could say I had more pussy than I could handle.
The end.

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