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Me my sist and her husband whent to Croatia for holidays. When we got to the resort we went straight to the beach and for the first time we were sunbathing without any tops…
Already in the plane I have seen him looking at my tities an ass when I was going to the toilet.
So now her husband could not stop looking at my titites when they were fully exposed.

My s*s Anna is older and more chubby than me so I think Robert appreciated the difference.
I went for a swim. First it was just me in the water and after 20 min he came to cool himself down.
I swimmed on my back with my legs spread so he could have a good look of my young body.
Few times we were swimming closed together and I know he was hard when he touched me in the water. I know he was swimming close to me in purpose. Anna was sl**ping on the shore and Robert was getting more curious and brave. He grabbed me by my ankles and pulled towards his cock. From the beach it looked like we just having fun in water but after he pulled me closer he grabbed my foot and touched his Speedos. I could feel his hard cock with farnished toes. He liked that I think. I was bit shocked but he complained to me that his wife does not like sucking his cock and all the journey in the plane when he was sitting between me and her he compared our lips and bodies and was fantasizing about me blowing him.

We all went back to our rooms it was before I had a partner so I slept in the lounge when my s*s and hub had a bedroom for themself. That was sthe deal we got from travel agent. We had few drinks and all went to our beds. Few hours later I’ve heard a noise and seen Robert with a stiff cock in his boxers sneaking to the kitchen. I’ve always compete with my s*s and this time was no different… I wanted him to remember that holidays so I got up and went behind him. He was reaching to fridge for cold juice. I have slowly touched his bum and slided my hands towards his penis. He was hard..maybe he had an erotic dream about me … I have slowly started to massage him… His breathing was getting faster and faster… I could not wait any longer…my nipples where getting hard from excitement and massive fridge blowing cold air. I am sure he could feel thr touch of them on his back… I have turned him round and went on my knees to please him.. Show him I am better than my older s****r. I sucked him hard..started with the tip of his cock and finished on his heavy balls… I think he liked it as his penis was pulsating from urge… I could see he is close so I have holded his head in my mouth and use my fingers to jerk him and other hand to pull down his balls…I knew he want to come but he wasnt sure if I will let him to do finish in my mouth… I solved his problem by sucking him even faster and harder… Within seconds
he came so strong I could not belive… I’ve struggled to swallow all his thick load at time and some of it went down my chin.
I’ve clean up and quickly went back under my blanket. He went to the toilet than he came back to look at me but I pretended that I am sl**ping. He went back to sl**p with wife. Later on that night I have heard them making love few times.

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