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Cross country with my aunt

So this summer im taking a break from college and my aunt jo has invited me to come on the road with her for the summer. An opportunity to travel across the country and see new places. I just couldnt turn her down.

Were about to set out for a fun summer. I hand up her suitcase and as shes putting it in the back i cant help but notice shes wearing some nice running shorts. As shes bending over the bed fitting our suitcases in i catch a little slip and notice her black thong barely covering her pussy.

We finally head out onto the road. After awhile im sitting there bores evetually all roads looks the same. So i glance over and become memorize with my aunts tits bouncing from every bump in tne road. We have a long way before our first drop. So she was wearing comfortable clothes. Short shorts and black tank top. Shes has some nice C tits and a great big pawg ass.

She looks over and notice me checking her out and smiles at me. I stick my tongue out her and ask whats she smiling at. ” Im just glad we can spend this time together.” ” Its going to be a great summer”. Weve been on the road now for about 8 hours and we stop for the night at a gas station. I go to use the bathroom and hopefully jerk a quick one but people keep using the stall next to me so i decide not tonight.

I get back in the truck and lock the doors. She has now changed into her PJs and wants to wind down with a movie. So i sit down and get relaxed. She leans forward and pushes play. Her ass looking so good as she leans forward nice and thick. She comes and sits down next to me. After about an hour she has fallen asl**p. And has slowly started to brush up against me.

She starts to move around in her sl**p and her hand ends up almost in my lap. Slowly i shift my lap towards her hand and i get so hard as it gently brushes my throbbing cock. She then suddenly turns over. At this point turough all her movement her pjs have slid down her and i get a great view off her ass crack.

I bite my lip and decide to test my luck. I slowly slide my left hand down and begin to rub my cock. And with my other hand i gently caress her ass. The harder i get the more daring i become. I slowly go down her ass and can now feel the warmth coming off her wonderful pussy. And gently bengin rubbing it.

I pull my cock out and want to rub it against her ass so bad. She then starts to shuffle again so i hurry and tuck my cock away. That was close, too close. I decide to turn off the movie and hop into the top bunk. And go to bed for the night.

I layed there with my perveted thoughts and i had a very devious idea. I turn off my light and go to bed. The next morning comes i decide to go take a shower but first i set my phone up with the sound off with it recording down off the bunk. I come back out after my shower and sneakingly grab my phone.

All day i spend thinking about the possible win i caught. Covering up the half a chub ive had all day. After about four hours i Ask if we can stop for lunch and to go to bathroom. I jump on out of the cab and head straight to the bathroom. I turn on my phone and open up the video. I can see her laying in bed. She sits up and takes off her top and bra. I can see her nice tits and i begin to get so hard.
And then she drops her pants and i get a great view of her ass. She bends over to pick them up and i almost faint.

She looks out the window and lays down on the bed and franticly slides her hand in her panties and starts to masturbate. Omg i am about to explode by now. She then slides her pantys off and is knuckles deep. Her body begins to shake and i hear her moan loudly. I finish up my business and walk out to her waiting for me. We eat lunch and we go on our way.

That night we stop again and watch a movie this time shes in her shorts. She falls asl**p and rolls over. Im laying there rubbing my cock through my pants as im checking out her ass. Fuck i want to cum so bad its been three days. I get up to get a drink and i look down and notice her shorts have shifted. I now have a perfect view of her pussy. She isnt wearing underwear and i can see her wonderful fat lips and hairy bush. I quickly pull out my phone and take a few shots.

As im slowly getting back into bed to watch the movie i get as close to her ass as possible and take a big whiff of her pussy. God she smells so good i decide just to go to bed before i get myself in trouble. As im lying there in bed im looking on my phone. Rubbing my cock balls aching to cum so full it hurts. Dripping with precum. Tomorrow is drop off and tomorrow night we get to have some drinks. My mind racing with perveted ideas. I decide to go to bed and save this huge load possibly for my aunt.

The next day arrives and my balls are hurting so bad. Today she puts on her tight jeans. Good gob my dick is dripping with anticipation. We make the drop off, unfortunately theres no where around to go out and drink. So we park up at a truck stop and have a few drinks at the bar with dinner. We finish up dinner and few more shots. I tell her i have to go pee. She says hold on. And we pay the bill and has to go the restroom too.

I walk into the stall and i pull my cock out god my balls are so full and my cock stuck in a state of half chub. Suddenly i hear a whisper from the next stall.I look over and see no one in there. I open the door and i see a finger sticking through a hole in the wall. I slowly move towards the wall and i hear a slight. “Hurry” so i move forward and pull my cock out and stick it in. I feel these lips come over my head and begin to suck on it so good and then a tongue wrap my head and twirling on it. By now im fully hard throbbing cock balls pressed against the wall.

Now she is sucking my cock so hard. I hear this unbelievable slurping as she is bobbing up and down on my dick so good. I begin to moan and my ass clinches as i shoot my huge load into her mouth. She begins to suck on my head and twirl her tongue against it so hard and empty my ball sack in her mouth. And sigh in relief. I slowly pull my cock out the whole. I hear a whistle and i look through the whole and see this great ass bent over with a dripping wet pussy.

Oh god its my aunt. I stick my dick back in the whole and she grabs it and slwoly sticks it in her pussy.She slowly pushes her ass back against the wall taking my entire dick with eaSe. Her pussy pulsatingly wet dripping down my cock dripping off my balls. Shes now smacking her ass hard against the wall i can her screaming “Fuck me! Fuck me! Cum in me!”

I can now feel her pussy tightening and can hear her moaning louder and louder as she cums on my dick i begin to shoot my cum deep in her pussy and then pulls it out and pops my cock back in her mouth and sucks off all the juices. I slowly pull my cock back out. I hear her whisper “Thank you nephew”

That night we fucked again before bed. Let me fuck her asshole too. Needless to say the rest of the summer was great. 🙂

Let me know what you all think…add me and send me suggestions im taking requests also wouldnt mind some gf/wife pics 😉

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