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Crossing over to a cuckold

Second time being a cuckold
Let me start off by saying. My stories are all true events that took place with me and my ex gf … My first adventure as a cuckold was amazing. To be there and watch another man fuck your gf harder and better then you ever have. It’s a mind blowing experience. How she was in another world. Taking this guys huge cock. Which is at least 5 inches bigger then mine and twice as thick. I knew that sex between us would never be the same.
After that great night. Things went back to normal, so I thought. It had been 3 weeks since I seen her. When we did hook up she wasn’t in the mood. That was not like her. It’s funny the less we had sex the more I thought about that night. I so wanted to see Lee’s huge cock fucking her silly again. I wasn’t sure how to go about it since we weren’t even having sex. It was driving me crazy. I had to think of a way. So during the next week I told Lee to come over Friday after work. I told Mary that Lee had called and all he talked about was how great that night was. She act like it was nothing. But started asking me what he said. I knew it was something she would do again. Not to mention. It was going on a month. I knew her pussy had to be ready for some dick. and I knew the dick she wanted. I told her lets get a room this time and have some fun. She said what ever you want. I got so hard of the thought I jerked off good thinking about it. I told Lee and it was set. .

Friday came and I picked Mary up. She had a sexy mini on with some knee high boots. She looked like a sexy call girl. She had died her hair red and had some red lip stick on. I have to admit. I’ve never seen her as sexy. We got the drinks and picked up some snacks. Lee arrived after we had a few drinks. Mary took her bag and went in the bath room. Lee turned up the music and sparked up the weed. As he did that Mary stepped out of the bath rm with only a towel on. There was no talking this time. Lee told her to come her. He pulled on the weed and blew it in her mouth. She coughed at first. Then he did it again. But this time he stuck his tongue deep down her mouth. They kissed for what seem like 10 minutes. He threw the towel off and grabbed her huge ass. I was rock hard and was loving every minute off it. They completely was acting like I wasn’t there. As they kissed. Lee dropped the weed and began squeezing her ass more. Mary reached down to rub Lee’s huge cock. She played with his dick as they kissed. He pulled her hair away from him and asked do you miss daddy. She said yes as her eyes were close and she was in another world. He kissed her then said suck on daddy’s dick. She got down on her knee’s and started sucking it nice and slow. As she picked up the pace. The more spit and saliva she used to service him. He had saliva drooling off his huge mushroom head cock and giant balls. He told Mary to lick and slurp it all up. It was to much for me I came from all of it. I wanted to join but was loving the view. So I decided to go under Mary and lick her soaking wet pussy. She loved it. because I was getting he ready to get fucked real good. She rocked as I ate her out. Lee kept talking dirty to her as she kept sucking and licked his huge cock. Lee grabbed her head and told her to get on all fours on the bed for daddy. She got up. But told me to lay feet first on the bed. She came over top of me and started jerking me off. I began eating her out in 69 position. She loves when I do that because I would suck her clit and pussy at the same time. I could feel Lee’s weight come onto the bed. I looked back and saw his huge wet cock that was rock hard. He was jerking it watching me eat her pussy. Mary told me to suck her clit. As I did she went wild. She called Lee daddy and said fuck this pussy while he sucks my clit. He got closer and smacked her ass. She jumped and bent her head down by my legs. She wanted her pussy sticking straight out. As he began to thrust into her. I can hear her saying oh my fucking god. This dick feel so fucking good. She said daddy give me that big black dick. She said I want it all. Fuck me until I pass out. After that It was just deep hard fucking. She jumped away because he was going so deep. He grabbed her waist and pulled her back. As I tried to suck her clit she would jump. So his huge balls was brushing against my lips. So I started licking her clit and his balls one them the other. I wasn’t sure what Lee would think. Neither one of us had done any bi or thought about it. But he must of liked it because I began licking then sucking on is huge balls. Mary was cumming and loving his dick so much. I don’t think she had a clue. He then pulled out his huge cock stuck it in my mouth then back in her pussy. He kept doing it going back and forth. He told Mary he was ready to cum. She said daddy i want all of it. I thought he was ready. But what he did was fuck her long and hard for at least 10 minutes straight. I sucked on her clit as she screamed over and over as she cam on his dick. When he cam I licked his balls and he exploded in her, She had so much cum in her it looked like she had 5 guys in her. When he pulled out. You herd a loud pop. From how tight she was and big he is. She turned around and sucked what little cum he had left out in her mouth. She grabbed him by the dick and walked him into the bath room. I wiped myself off then herd the shower cut on. I walked over and saw Mary pouring body wash on his dick as they kissed. I thought to myself wow. This is going to be some night:}

To be continued……….

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