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Cruise Fun Part II

Passed out on the bed. High heels still on. Satin dress clinging to her curves like a race car on a track. Completely oblivious, just the way I like her.

My wife had consumed a lot of rum punch, so much so that I had to almost carry her, giggling, back to our cabin. As soon as I laid her on the bed, she was out cold. Time for a visitor.

Drew, her teen admirer, had gotten a look at her sl**ping the night before, and it was his idea to feed her rum all night. I wasn’t objecting to his plan, after all, I had enjoyed showing her off and I wanted to see what other mischief Drew and I could get up to.

I turned the cabin lights on full, turned the TV up loud, and she slept on. Excellent. Now for step two.

I went to the cabin door, opened it, and there he was.

“Man, I’m so excited!, he exclaimed.

“Shhh!”, I said, “Come in before someone sees you.”

When I closed the door and turned around, Drew was already at the end of the bed, smiling.

“Wow”, he said, letting out a low whistle. ”She’s gorgeous!”

She was. He big DDD tits were straining at the buttons on her top. You could tell there was no bra, her nipples apparent under the smooth, sheer material.

“Well, Drew”, I said. “How shall we begin?” I looked down and saw the bulge in his shorts. Ah, to be young again. Already hard, and she wasn’t even naked.

“I can wait to see those big tits again!” he said, and moved to the side of the bed. He slowly reached out and gave the right globe a caress. The nipple hardened immediately, and now I was beginning to get hard. I was watching a young stranger touch my wife while she slept. I couldn’t believe how horny it made me to watch.

His fingers traced around the shape of her nipple, then moved to the buttons holding her tits in. He worked slowly, undoing each one. The weight of her big tits gapped open the buttons as he worked his way down. Soon, the dress was open all the way to her waist. He pulled the soft fabric back, her pale breasts a shocking white against the red of the fabric. He leaned over and took a nipple in his mouth, soon sucking greedily on it. We both knew she wouldn’t wake up, in fact, her soft snores never changed tempo. I moved to the other side of the bed and joined him in suckling on those giant jugs.
I looked over, and his shorts were off. His surprisingly large cock was out and hard, and he was stroking it slowly while her worked her tit with his mouth.

I stood, reached down, and pulled the rest of her dress out from underneath her. She was now naked, save for a tiny red lace thong, and 4 inch red stiletto heels.

Drew stood too, but never stopped stoking his meat.

“What next?”, he groaned. “I want to see her pussy again!”

He finally let go of his cock, and slipped a finger inside her thong. I could see he was thinking about pulling them off.

“Not so fast!”, I said.” Let’s try this first!”

I grabbed a couple of pillows and put them on the bed, slowly lifting her leg under the knee and supporting first her left leg, then her right on the pillows. She was now spread wide open, and her pussy lips escaped from her thong, freshly shaved at my insistence.

I slid them to one side, and Drew reached up and slid his finger into her wet slit. He pulled it out, glistening with pussy juice. He grinned and sniffed it, the slowly sucked the juice from his digit.

“Taste good?, I asked.

He nodded.

“Have at her!”

He knelt between her legs, and I slipped her thong down, first over one leg then the other. She never resisted, and soon he was munching on her soft shaved box and stroking his big dick at the same time.

I stood back, dropped my own pants and stoked my cock as well, watching the young, well hung stranger eating my sl**ping wife.

After a minute or two, he looked back at me and grinned, his face a glaze of pussy and saliva.

“I’ve never eaten a woman out before”, he said. “But man, it’s awesome! The taste, the smell, the texture….I could do this all night!”

I was sure he could, I know I had spent hours at my wife’s sweet pussy trough, licking and sucking her hard clit and soft labia. He wasn’t wrong, worshipping her pussy orally was quite a treat.

“Are you done for the night?”, I asked. “Or do want to put that erection to good use?”

“You mean I can fuck her?!?”, he asked, his eyes as big as saucers.

“Well, what else are you going to do with that big dick?”

He knelt closer to her, and took his prick in his right hand, pointing it like an arrow at her dripping snatch.

“Slowly, big fella”, I advised. “Ease it in slowly.”

I watched as her pushed the throbbing purple head of his cock against her slippery lips. He slid forward, and immediately plunged the entire length deep inside her. So much for going slowly, I thought.

Eager as he was young, he assumed the push up position and rapidly plunged his cock in and out of her inert form, her big tits swaying with each thrust. I thought for sure she would wake up, he was fucking her so hard, but she slept on, eyes closed, lips parted slightly, as his fat cock slid in and out of her wet pussy.

I stood and stroked, watching as the first strange cock in years penetrated my wife’s vagina. I knew she had several lovers before I met her, but we’d been married twenty years, and mine was the only cock that has been inside that whole time.

Drew sped up the pace, and I knew what that meant.

“Can I come inside her?, he asked, looking like he was ready to explode.

“Of course!”, I exclaimed, “It’s what she wants!”

He grunted and blew what seemed to be a huge load deep into her sl**ping cunt. He slowed his pace, then pulled his cock out. I watched as it slowly slipped out, wet and glistening with their combined juices.

Well?” I asked, as he stood at the end of the bed, drinking in his handiwork.

“That was incredible!” he said. “I guess that means I’m not a virgin anymore!”

“I guess not!”, I said. “But wait until you try it with a woman who’s awake!”

He laughed and got dressed.

“I better go”, he said, heading to the cabin door. “How am I going to stop getting a hard on when I see her on the pool deck tomorrow?”

“You won’t. That’s the fun of it. You fucked her and she will never know. It’s our little secret.” I closed the door behind him and walked back to the bed.

His cum was just starting to drip out of her cunt. Not wanting her to wake up with that inside her, I knelt between her spread legs and licked her clean.

Hard from tasting their mixed juices, I flipped her onto her back and spread her ass cheeks. A little leftover teen cum was all the lubricant I needed as I slipped my rock hard cock into her tight little ass. I came in threes strokes and rolled off. I didn’t even take her heels off, just covered her up and fell asl**p. I wonder what she’ll say in the morning?

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