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Crush on Lizzy… again?

I hope you remember my last story. This is a sequel to Me, My Girlfriend and a Friend Please read it before this. Again, fake story.

The summer ended quickly. It seemed like any other summer, except for the house guest, Lizzy. It was a very quiet summer still. Lizzy, Katherine and I were all having a great time. Work never got bad, other than the hot summer days. I never really had a bad day at work. Everyone was nice and laid back.
Even with just three of us, fun had its way of getting to us. We played cards, went to a few baseball games, few concerts etc. Katherine and I did get alone time with each other. Without even hesitating, we trusted the house to Lizzy when we went to our little house on the lake. We went there a lot too. Lizzy came the majority of the time we went. We always invited her to come. I actually got the idea of letting Lizzy stay there a few times, but it gets really cold and uninhabited in the winter. And winter there started in September, and ended in May. Plus, I didn’t want Lizzy to think she was a burden to us.
To my surprise, Lizzy still didn’t have a job, or boyfriend. She was really good looking and was really smart. I knew she made the effort to find jobs, but just couldn’t find one. So one day, I said to her “you are a smart person. Do you need help finding a job?”
“I don’t want you to go searching for me. I can find one myself. Thanks though,” she said.
“Well no offense, but you haven’t found one,” I said.
She just smiled and said sarcastically “Thanks.”
I was about to leave the room, but the second I touched the doorknob, I got an idea.
“You want some kind of office job for my construction company,” I asked.
“Its no trouble. I can talk to my boss. I guarantee he will give you a job,? I said.
“Really? You could do that?”
“Of course.”
So the next day, I went to work and told my boss about Lizzy. He said she sounds amazing, but wants to interview her face to face. After that, I got a little happy for some reason. Why was I excited? I know I did something nice for a friend, but there was some other untapped reason buried in my head. I just shook it off, and went to we were working.
When I got home, I ran inside the house as fast as I could to tell Lizzy. I ran upstairs to Lizzy’s room. I barged inside without even knocking to tell her the great news. She jumped and screamed the second I got inside the room. I found it to be a little funny and giggled a little. I calmed down and told her the news about the job. She was really happy. Instead of her hugging me this time, I hugged her. I grabbed in a wrestling like bear hug and picked her up off her feet. I thought the second I put her down, she would give me a weird look because of that outbreak of excitement. But when I did put her down, she looked at me with a big, beautiful smile on her face.
I got that feeling of excitement again when I left the room. I was happy for her, and for me doing something nice, but I was extremely happy.
I actually thought about it for days why I was so excited. I couldn’t have had a crush on her. No way. I had Katherine. I loved Katherine. I loved Lizzy, but not in the same way.
Lizzy and I decided to carpool to work because we worked together. I always drove to and from work. Since the day of a construction worker was over sooner than an office worker, I simply went to her and waited. Everything seemed fine with this for a while. I would just wait for her. It wasn’t that long of a wait. We were always the last ones to leave.
One day, a lady waited a little longer before leaving. I didn’t think anything of it. I justed waited near Lizzy, looking over her shoulder and in to the computer, like I did with her when we were younger. She seemed less annoyed with it now then she did then. Anyways, the lady asked if I was picking up my “girlfriend, Lizzy.” I told her she was not my girlfriend. The lady gave me a somewhat weird look before she left for the day. Lizzy just laughed at the whole situation. I just told myself to forget what just happened.
After waiting a little longer than usual, I told Lizzy just that. “I’ve been waiting a while,” I said. I didn’t say it in anger, just in like a just-to-let-you-know kinda voice.
“I know. Sorry,” Lizzy said in a sorrow voice that I thought was kind of cute. “Why on earth did I find it cute,” I asked myself in my head.
Lizzy began to say “let me just finish th-” Her sentence broke in to a scream as the power just went out. It was very dark. There was absolutely no light. I searched for Lizzy by waving my arms slowly. I found her almost instantly.
“It’s okay, power can’t stay off forever,” I said. I saw a light appear right in front of me. I was about to piss myself thinking it was like a ghost or something till I realized it was Lizzy with her cell phone.
“Oh its you,” I said. “I was about to piss myself.”
“Sorry,” Lizzy said with a giggle. I loved her laugh like I never did before for some reason. I couldn’t believe it. Was I seriously having feelings for her. Again?
I then realized I could use my iPod for light.
“Since I nearly pissed myself, wheres the bathroom,” I asked Lizzy. I followed Lizzy closely.
It was a long, scary walk. I watch a lot of ghost stuff on T.V so I was afraid of shit popping out of no where.
We made ourselves to the bathrooms. Apparently, we both had to go. I walked inside and saw a urinal right there.
When I was done, I made myself to the door and waited outside of the women’s bathroom. I waited a while till I got the idea to look at my iPod and checked for radios saying anything about power loss. I found that a small part of downtown was out of power. That would be our part. Since I was parked in a parking garage, I wondered how it would work. We would have to make our way through the dark building and through the dark, underground garage to get to my car. Lizzy finally got out of the bathroom, and I told her about our situation.
After talking briefly about it, we decided to just see if we can’t wait through the power outage. Normally, I would be curious about why the power was out, but I wasn’t this time. All I cared about was, well, nothing.
“I’m gonna call Katherine. Tell her whats going on,” I said to Lizzy.
I picked up my cell phone to call Katherine, only to see I had no bars. Neither did Lizzy.
“Fuck my life,” I said.
“Oh wait, I can use my iPod to go on Facebook and tell Katherine through Facebook.
“You can’t. It-” Lizzy started to say. before she could finish, I got a blue screen saying “restricted by filter.”
“Great, now what,” I said.
“I don’t know,” Lizzy said.
I just laughed a little, not evil like or anything. I just laughed at our situation.
“Man, I wish we were k**s again. I can’t imagine what we would do if we got caught in a situation like this then,” I said.
“Well you would tell scary stories, and I would tell you to stop,” Lizzy responded. She was right.
I never told her about my crush on her in the past, so I decided that this alone time would be a nice time.
“I never told you this, nor anyone else, but when we were young, I had a huge crush on you,” I said. Being dark, I couldn’t really see her facial expression, not even with the light of a cell phone.
“Really,” she said. Her voice sounded like she also had a crush on me. I wanted to ask if she did, but didn’t. Luckily for me she just said so. She had a crush on me. I was feeling the same kind of excitement as I’ve been feeling for a while. I finally got that off my chest, though.
“Man, I really liked you. You were so cool to me. So nice, so funny, so innocent, and so nice to be around. You still are,” She seemed very cool with it.
“I’m glad you said that,” she said. I never knew you were in to me.”
“Honestly, I liked you all the way through high school. Even when I first started dating Katherine, I still had some feelings for you,” I said.
By the tone of her voice, I knew she was blushing.
“I really liked that threesome we had. I was honestly hoping I would get that close with you. You were also my first man. I never had sex before,” she said. I was flabbergasted by all this.
“I liked it a lot,” I said. I thought for a minute that was said too soon.
“I kinda want you again,” I said. I felt like I was barely in control of my words. They all just came out of my mouth.
“I want to do it too,” Lizzy said.
“I don’t want to betray Katherine though. She’s been there for me, and she never did anything to deserve betrayal,” I said.
“Well, lets do it for old time sake. We finish where we left off,” Lizzy said.
“Tell you what, next week, you and me have off. We go to the lake, and we finish where we left off. Katherine said that she had to work a lot next week, so we can go alone. She won’t think anything of it,” Lizzy said. I said sure right away, but didn’t feel all for it.
Finally the power went on, we went home, and told Katherine about our plan to the lake. As expected, she didn’t think anything of it, and we went on with our lives.


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