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Crusin the strip!

In our town there is a road where all the k**s cruise on. All the hot guys are there with their hot cars. When I was about 17 me and my friend Debbie started cruising out there. We met alot of guys. Some cute, most horny. None that really caught my eye. One night as we were about to leave, I noticed this guy in an older antique Trans Am. He pulled up beside us at a light and he was on my side. Debbie, starts to drool so I know there is going to be an issue with her hot for him too. We make a couple more runs up and down the road and stop at an all night restaurant so Debbie could pee. While I waited on her, the hunk pulled in. He pulled in and parked next to my side of the car. He gets out and tells me that his name is Randy and that he thinks I am cute. Wanting to know if I want to cruise with him, I say no and explain that Debbie would be really pissed.. So we quickly exchanged phone numbers and he drove off. I was already wet on the ride home thinking about him.
Several nights went by before i could get a night off to call him. He had moved back to our town and until his apartment was ready in about 2 weeks, he was living with his Mom. We agreed to meet at a local burger joint that was out of the way of my friends so Debbie would not find out. We ate and sat and talked for a good 2 hours. I was so in heat.. i wanted him so bad by this point. I knew that Debbie had relatives in town and most likely she would be home, so we rode out to the cruise strip. Up and down several times with no excitement, he turned off the road. Telling me that he was going to take me and show me his “spot”. We drove about 2 miles off the road and up a dirt road and parked beside some abandoned railroad tracks… at least that is what we thought. We started kissing and rubbing. Not easy to do in a car with bucket seats. So we get out of the car. I am leaning on the front of the car as he is kissing my neck and starting to rub my tits from on top of my shirt. It is June and really warm so I had on shorts and a tank top.
We continue this petting and kissing until I was about to blow. He slid hie hands under my shirt and rubbed my tits. pulling up on the shirt, he pulled it off, over my head and tossed it on the hood.. I loved him sucking and biting on my nipples. I reached down and rubbed his hard cock thru his jeans. It felt bigger than the other 2 that I had at that age. I loosen his belt and unbuttoned his pants, letting my hand run down the front of them. He was so hard and was enjoying the rubbing he was getting. He unbuttoned my shorts and let them fall to the ground. He knelt down and had his face at my wet pussy. I spread my legs open so it was easy for him. He slid in a finger and teased my clit.. OMG.. he was wonderful. I had leaned back on the hood to give him better access.. He rubbed it and teased me by sliding 1-2 fingers in my wet pussy. He was moaning and saying how wet I was and he wanted to know if I was ready for a hot fuck. Oh Hell Yes.. that was all i could say. He picked me up by my waist and slid me up on the hood of the car.Laying back, I braced myself. He went down on me and ate me out for about 10 minutes. He was amazing at this. He pulls back and pulls me nearer the front of the hood. Pulling my legs up in the air so that the back of them are laying on his chest, he slid his hard cock in me.. He felt amazing. He was at least 9 inches hard. He started pumping slow while I rubbed my clit. He was a wonderful lover. As we picked up the rythm.. we rocked together perfect. He was slamming in me so hard that I thought his cock was going into my stomach. After a few minutes of this.. we hear.. of all things.. a train whistle. Come to find out that the tracks were not abandoned. We decided.. what the hell. When the train came around the curve, all they could see ws his naked ass pumping my wet pussy and my legs up in the air. We kept on at the same rate and as the train got near, we could hear guys on the train hooping and yelling at us. I have to admit.. it did make it more fun.
The train left and we stayed there and fucked in 2-3 postitions for another hour. The next day, I went to meet another friend for lunch. The Mom & Pop restaurant was not far from his “spot”. As we sat there eating, in come some men that had on railroad uniforms. They sat in the booth behind us. One man proceeded to tell his friend about the story his b*****r told him about the night before.. It was about the hot chick that was getting her brains fucked out on the side of the tracks… I about spit out my food!!!
Randy and I went back there several times, but we were never lucky enough to get caught again. We are still “friends with benefits” to this day!!

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