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Cucking Andy – Episode 1

This is the first in a series of stories about Andy and Amanda. Most cucking stories are told by the cuck but this one is different, it’s told by the Hotwife. But if you want to here it all from the Cuck’s perspective then read Awaking Amanda – Episode 1

One warm Saturday afternoon in late summer my husband Andy and I were having friends over for a garden party to celebrate the completion of our house makeover. Both the k**s were on sl**povers so we’d made it an all adult affair and despite my initial protests Andy had hired a jacuzzi for the day which was positioned ‘centre stage’ in our new summer house. Everyone was milling around our secluded lawn drinking and chatting. Everyone except Andy that is. He and a group of guys were being anti-social, sitting on the deck, listening to some sports show on the radio. As the evening wore on into night, couples left one at a time and I started to clear up the inevitable mess that remains after such a get-together. I was a bit pissed off that Andy hadn’t mingled more but was even more miffed that he’d spent most of the evening with Jerry, the hunk of a golf pro from my club, who I’d spent the last few weeks persuading to come along. I was just about to go and ask Andy for some help with the clearing up when he disappeared into the house only to return a few minutes later with some shorts and swimming trunks in hand which he and Jerry quickly changed into. I watched as the two of them walked down to the summer house and couldn’t help but compare their two physiques. Although my husband keeps himself in shape I was drawn to the sight of Jerry’s young, firm, muscular body and started to feel a tingling between my legs. I didn’t need to be asked twice when Andy suggested I join them and quickly changed into my bikini and grabbed my vodka and tonic before easing myself into the warm bubbly waters between Jerry and my husband.

It was a nice night with just enough chill in the air to make the surface of the hot tub swirl with a light misty steam and the three of us were quickly relaxed and chatting contently. The beer and the hot water soon took effect and Jerry stood up and announced he needed to go to the bathroom. The light coloured running shorts Andy had loaned him had become translucent and his equipment was clearly visible and it was awe inspiring to say the least. I found myself staring at his cock as he got out of the tub and watched him walk away until his muscular form disapeared across our glass bridge and into the house. By now I was becoming very aroused and wondered if Andy had noticed my hard nipples through my bikini top.

I dont know why but Andy asked in a whisper, “Wow, did you see that?” I felt myself blush but whispered back “oh my god, I did, he was huge.” We laughed and Andy said something about horses and then suggested that I was getting horny, I slapped him and told him not to be stupid whilst deep down being truly envious of Jerry’s girlfriend.

Jerry returned to join us and Andy went to take his turn in the bathroom; promising to mix me a fresh vodka and tonic while he was inside. As Andy walked towards the house I asked Jerry if he had a good time. He said it had been a nice evening although, if he was honest, he was a little disappointed that there were no women he could hit on. Maybe it was the drink, maybe the jacuzzi or maybe it was Jerry’s fit body but I couldn’t stop myself saying “well, there’s always me” Jerry looked surprised and said” But what about your husband?” “Well” I whispered “Andy’s always saying that I can sl**p with another man if he can watch, so maybe now’s the time to call his bluff. He’ll be back any minute so we could tease him about it when he catches us and it might stop him going on about it.” With that Jerry stood up and I giggled and told him that his shorts were see through when wet. “No point keeping them on then” he said and began to peel them off as he move towards me. Soon I was faced with Jerry’s young naked body glistening from the hot tub and his huge cock just inches from my face. I took it in my hand and felt his hardness. My pussy responded and I could feel myself getting wetter as each moment passed. Then I felt his balls, full and firm and leant forward to take him in my mouth, but he was so big I had to be content with teasing him with my lips and tongue. Jerry then gently helped me to my feet and I felt his lips pressed against mine and his tongue gently probing my mouth. Then he turned me around and eased my bikini bottoms down before pressing on my back to encourage me to bend over in front of him. As I did, I saw Andy in the snug watching us and suddenly realised that he wasn’t going to stop what was happening. For a moment I hesitated but, by now, I was desperate to know how it felt to have this young man inside me and decided that if my husband wasn’t going to deny me that pleasure, then I wasn’t going to deny myself it either.

As Jerry slowly pushed against my slit from behind I gasped and my legs trembled with anticipation. I thought I was going to collapse until I felt Jerry’s reassuring hand on my back and relaxed allowing him to ease himself into me. For a moment we were still, getting used to each other before starting to move together rhythmically. As our passion built Jerry held my hips and I felt his thrusts become deeper and more urgent. He was huge inside me and my pussy was convulsing on his cock as a massive orgasm built from deep inside me. But, just as I was about to explode Jerry beat me to it and I felt him pumping me full of his warm cum. He held me there for a few seconds as his passion slowly subsided and I couldn’t help but let out a low moan of satisfaction as I enjoyed being full of this young man. As I looked up I saw Andy moving through the shadows and was sure that he had watched the whole thing.

Jerry slowly slipped himself out of me and as I stood up he turned me around and kissed me once more. As our lips parted he told me he wanted to revise the assessment of the evening from good to absolutely amazing. He also told me to let him know next time I was short of a playing partner at the club as he’d love to ‘play a round’ with me again some time. I smiled and was just about to suggest that I came down the next morning (thinking he could finish what he started) when I heard the clink of ice in a glass and realised Andy was heading back with my drink. Wishing to avoid and awkwardness, I grabbed a towell and headed for the house, grabbing my drink from Andy on the way. When I got to the bedroom I stood at the window and watched Jerry dress before he left. He was joking with Andy and I was a little relieved that there wasn’t going to be any unpleasantness.

I stood looking out of the window at the summer house and relived the last 20 minutes as I sipped my vodka and tonic. Andy interrupted my daydream as he came into the room and I realised my hair was dripping so I used the towell to dry it off and went to put on a dressing gown. Suddenly I felt Andy’s arms around me and I stiffened, still a little nervous as to how he was going to react to witnessing my infidelity. But I relaxed as I felt his gentle kisses on my neck and as I turned around and fell back onto the bed Andy devoured my nipples. I soon felt my arousal building again and was desperate to feel my husbands lips on my clit. Instead Andy started to enter me but I’d had my fill of cock and pushed his head back down towards my pussy. Andy needed little encouragement but as he started to kiss my sex I was suddenly concerned that he might be able to taste Jerry’s cum in my pussy. As I looked down it occurred to me that Andy had watched the whole thing and so was sure he knew exactly what to expect. In fact I found his enthusiasm for eating out my pussy, knowing it had just been full of another man’s cock, incredibly horny and it wasn’t long before my orgasm convulsed through my body.

As I lay there contented Andy continued to kiss and lick my pussy but eventually he moved up between my legs and tried to enter me again. I told him that all the time in the hot tub had made me kind of sore, and thought briefly about insisting that he stayed a frustrated little cuckold for the night. But, thinking that that might be a step too far for ‘the first time’ I offered him a blow job and it wasn’t long before I was milking my husbands jism from his cock. I even let a little of it into my mouth and kissed him so he could share the taste with me. I wondered if it would taste different to Jerry’s.

As we lay there, both spent I suggested that Andy had cum real quick and wondered if he would own up to having watched me with Jerry. But he didn’t, preferring instead to keep up the pretence of ignorance. I was thinking of challenging him over it but wasn’t sure how to raise the subject. In any case sl**p soon overcame me and I nestled into my husbands arms with my satisfied pussy full of Jerry’s cum.

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