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Cuckolding Andy – Episode 2 – Told by Amanda

When I woke the next morning Andy was already downstairs and I could hear the sounds of him clearing away. My head was sore and for the first few moments it was just like any other hangover. Then what had happened the previous night came flooding back to me and I felt a little tense wondering what the consequences might be. I decided to take the bull by the horns and headed downstairs fully expecting some sort of confrontation, but there was none. In fact Andy was really pleasant all day and didn’t mention the jacuzzi or Jerry once. Even when I turned him down for sex that night claiming to be too tired he was sweetness and light and as we settled into each other’s arms I quickly drifted into a deep, post hangover, sl**p.

The following week was really busy which kept my mind occupied although I did bump into Jerry at the golf club once and we exchanged pleasantries. He held eye contact with me and smiled as he caressed my hand whilst giving me change in the pro-shop but we were never alone and so didn’t have the chance to talk about the events of Saturday night. Andy and I got to bed late all week so sex was never on the agenda although he begged me to ‘help him out’ one night and I caressed his balls whilst he tossed himself off. All the time though I felt a little guilty as I couldn’t help thinking about Jerry’s huge cock and wondering when I might get the chance to feel it in my hand again.

By Friday I was feeling pretty horny and with my feelings for Jerry subsiding I decided that I should reward Andy for his loving behaviour all week and give him a Friday night to remember. We had been invited to some friends for a party but Andy was working late in London so would be following on after me. I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to remind him of how lucky he was to have me so I had my hair and make up done professionally and bought a new little black number and some sexy stilettos. Of course, Andy normally watches me getting ready but this time he was going to see the finished article without witnessing the preparation so I was keen to look my best and I have to say that when I checked myself out in the mirror shortly before the taxi picked me up I was looking about as good as I’d ever done.

When I got to the party it had only just started and there weren’t many people there but Wendy was talking to a hunky guy in his early thirties called Vince who it turned out was recently divorced and had come alone. Vince and I hit it off straight away and we were soon chatting about pretty much anything and everything as I got stuck into a bottle of Prosecco. Vince kept my glass topped up and I soon lost track of how much I was drinking. However, it must have been a lot because when I got a text from Andy and asked Vince to excuse me whilst I answered it he held up the wine bottle and shook it to indicate it was empty. By the time I’d read and answered Andy’s text Vince was back with a fresh bottle and my glass was full once again.

Unfortunately, Andy was stuck in London with train problems and so wasn’t going to make the party. I was disappointed because of all the effort I’d gone to but tried not to blame him as he wasn’t responsible for the railways. When I explained what was happening to Vince he was sympathetic and said not to worry as he felt sure I could still have a great time. As he topped up my glass once again he came a little closer than he had before and I could smell his aftershave. I’d started the night feeling quite horny and now the drink and proximity of Vince’s body were adding to those feelings so when Wendy came by I decided to get myself out at harms way and asked her if she fancied a dance. I asked Vince to excuse me and Wendy and I headed for the dance floor.

I’d boogied with Wendy a few times on girls nights out and we were soon having fun on the dance floor. Her husband, Richard, had rigged up some disco lights that followed the beat of each song, most of which were 80’s classics. I felt like a teenager again and by now the drink was taking effect so I was thoroughly enjoying myself although I still felt a little resentment at not having Andy to share it with. The party was in full flow and the dance floor was packed so I paid little attention to who was around us and focussed on my dancing. After a few tracks I was feeling pretty hot and was already sweating, so when a slow track came on it seemed like a great opportunity for a breather and a drink. However as I turned round to head for the kitchen I found Vince in front of me standing there with his arms open. It seemed rude to decline his obvious invitation to a slow dance given all the time he had spent chatting to me and so I let him put his arms around me and we started to move together to the beat. Vince had great rhythm and I was soon enjoying his embrace, so I didn’t resist when he pulled me closer and edged his leg between my thighs. When he moved his hand down below my waist I thought about moving it back up again but the track was close to the end so I didn’t object as he gently stroked my bottom.

The next track had a fast beat but Vince didn’t let go immediately. I wouldn’t say that I had to wrestle myself away from him but he was definitely enjoying having his hands on me as I could tell from the firm bulge pressing into my thigh. As we finally parted Vince started to move his body to the rhythm of the new track and I saw over his shoulder that Wendy was disappearing into the kitchen so I just sort of fell in with my new dance partner. Vince was a great dancer and moved effortlessly with the music. It was easy to follow his moves and we carried on dancing track after track. There were a few more slow tracks interspersed with the usual dance floor fillers and each time we came together Vince held me closer and and the bulge between his thighs got bigger. The disco lights were turned off for our final smoochie and by now the Prosecco had taken full effect so when Vince moved his right hand between us and started to stroke my left breast I didn’t object. In fact I felt myself responding to his advances and slipped my own hand between us so that I could stroke and squeeze his cock through his trousers and as I did so he kissed me on the lips for the first time.

Vince ended the kiss before the track finished and whispered to me that I was the by far and away the sexiest woman at the party. He then went on to tell me that I’d made him really horny and he was desperate to have me. With a devilish giggle I told him that I fully intended that someone was going to get lucky tonight and as my husband had failed to show who knew what might happen. At that point the fast music kicked off again along with the flashing lights so we broke off and starting gyrating to the beat.

Suddenly R Kelly’s bump and grind started booming out and Vince quickly moved in and placed his arms onto my waist so I threw my head back laughing and placed my arms around his neck. We danced like that for a minute or so and then Vince turned me around and as he did so I backed towards him and bent forwards so that he could rub himself against me, which seemed entirely in keeping with words of the song. Vince’s hands were still on my waist but they soon started moving up the sides of my body. Soon Vince was cupping my breasts through my dress which was simply adding to my horny state.

If you’d asked me a week earlier how I would react if I found myself in this situation, like most women, I’d say I’m going to slap him. But I didn’t. Instead I let him fondle me as I found myself becoming aroused at a man other than my husband enjoying my body for the second time in less than 7 days.

I loved the way Vince was squeezing my breasts and was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t resist as he very seductively began pulling my dress up my legs. But when the song ended I suddenly remembered where I was and became worried that someone might realise what we were doing, so I pushed his hands away. We carried on dancing to the next song until Vince pulled out a packet of cigarettes and signalled that he was going outside. I hadn’t smoked in years but was feeling really hot so thought it might be a good opportunity to cool down.

As I followed Vince out he mentioned that he knew somewhere where we could sit down and lead me down some steps to a secluded part of the garden where a table and chairs sat on an enclosed patio. I settled myself against the table and waited for Vince to offer me a cigarette, rather unsure as to whether I could resist the temptation. However Vince soon made it clear that smoking wasn’t what he had in mind after all. Within seconds he was all over me, pulling down my dress and removing my bra so that my hard nipples were exposed to the evening air. He kissed me and I felt his tongue in my mouth as his hands stroking my body. Soon he was encouraging me to open my legs and as I did so I felt his fingers moving aside my sopping wet knickers so that he could probe my sex. As I leant back further to allow Vince easier access to my body I felt his mouth around my nipple and two fingers slowly fucking and stretching my sopping wet vagina.

By now I was desperate to feel Vince’s manhood inside me and offered no resistance as he skilfully removed my knickers. Within seconds he was plunging his hard cock inside me. He wasn’t at all gentle but I was so horny he didn’t need to be. As he pushed himself further between my swollen lips I told him I wanted him to take me. I told him to fuck me hard and deep and not to stop fucking me until I begged him too. Vince needed no further encouragement and started to relentlessly plunge himself into me.

It was only a minute or two before my orgasm threatened to overwhelm me. I put my arms around Vince’s neck and came hard as his swollen cock rubbed back and forth over my cervix. As the spasms started to subside I opened my eyes and realised that someone was watching us from the bushes. I couldn’t make out who it was as the garden was too dark but the effect of being spied on was incredible and I very quickly came again. My second orgasm seemed to excite Vince still further and he quickly pressed me back down onto the table and grabbed my ankles so that he could push my legs back and open up my pussy even wider. Vince held me down and pounded himself into me so that every thrust felt deeper than the last. I could feel his heavy balls slapping against my arse and wondered if our peeping tom could hear the sounds of our coupling. Vince told me he wanted to cum and as I looked deep into his eyes I said ‘do it’. I felt him quicken his pace and deepen his thrusts even further and as his cock began to pulse inside me a third, huge orgasm, convulsed out from my pussy so that I was in ecstasy as he flooded me with his hot jism.

After we came together we stayed entwined for a few minutes and as we lay there panting I wondered if the voyeur was still watching and if he’d been turned on by the show we’d given him. Vince eventually slipped out of me and we enjoyed a post coitial cigarette before re-dressing and heading back to the party.

As we got back to the house I told Vince I needed to pop to the ladies and he said he’d get us a drink and meet me in the kitchen. On the way to the loo I bumped into Richard and was shocked when he asked me if Andy had found me. I explained that he couldn’t make the party but Richard insisted that he had seem him half an hour before and that he was looking for me. Thankfully the loo was free so I dived straight in and tried to work out what to do. I thought the best thing thing would be to find Andy, feign illness and get him to take me home. But when I scoured the house I couldn’t find him anywhere. I was a little apprehensive when entering the kitchen, and was worried that I might find him standing in there talking to Vince. But I needn’t have worried as Vince was on his own with a couple of glasses of fizz and there was no sign of Andy so I concluded that Richard must have had a few too many and was mistaken about my husband being at the party.

Vince and I had a few more drinks and another dance or two but the party started to break up so he said he’d get us a cab. For the entire journey to my house Vince had his hand up my skirt and was caressing my pussy through my sopping wet knickers so that by the time we pulled up outside my front door I was desperate to come again. Vince told the cabby to wait and we made our way to the back of the house. Once through my back gate Vince turned me around and pulled up my skirt. As I bent over I steadied myself on the wall of our pond and soon felt Vince sliding his manhood between my legs. There was little finesse this time but I enjoyed being taken once more and the feeling of Vince pumping his seed deep inside my pussy however I didn’t cum this time and was left feeling horny and a little frustrated.

We didn’t say much to each other on the way back around to the front where the taxi was still waiting. Vince kissed me briefly and said he’d like to see me again and then headed for the cab. As I entered the house I thought to myself that I’d had fun and certainly wouldn’t mind spending a bit more time with Vince and as I climbed the stairs I was pretty sure that Andy would have no idea what had happened that evening. Little did I know how wrong I could be!

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