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Cultural Barriers

Story by Alhena

Mala is a 21 year old Jordanian Muslim woman that moved to the United states a year ago. She moved to a place that was generally quite suspicious of Muslims. Her f****y decided to move to the mountains of West Virginia; where she attended college while her father worked as a paralegal and her mother worked as a housewife.

Mala believed that the true reason people anywhere were suspicious of outsiders was because they refused to assimilate into the culture. Something that she felt was true everywhere. And much like anywhere else, she expected to meet a few assholes, but she was sure that she would be accepted. Instead of wearing traditional Muslim garb like her mother, she bought plenty of country girl clothes to become a part of the culture. She had some camo jackets and plenty of denim jeans that mixed with cowgirl boots, skirts and yoga pants. To remain individualistic, she decided to wear hijabs, the only difference being that she got them in hunter camo colors. Maybe she could nab a cute country boy for herself. A big problem she would face, since she found them so attractive and her parents were devout Muslims. Even though her mother encouraged her to do it while her father was adamantly against it and wanted Mala to find a Muslim guy instead.

To Mala, she never understood why people would want to move into a different place and refuse to adapt or change. A problem that she knew was huge in Europe, where the government was weak boned and let many radical Islamists flourish by not making people adapt to the culture; making others understandably look bad by simple association.. She wanted to be the face of Muslim integration.

So here she was walking with her new male friend Kyle. They had both just left class and looked like a cute couple as they walked side by side with their matching clothing. Mala wearing her camo hijab and Kyle with his camo fishing logo hat. He had shaggy dirty blond hair and a scruffy beard. The two were on college campus and had been getting along quite well previously. They were planning on going to the Barbeque restaurant after class.

“I’m sooo hungry.” Kyle said jokingly.

“Me too.” Mala responded smiling.

Kyle smiled back and extended his hand in front of them. Mala looked at him thought of the possible looks they would get and she cusped her hand in his.

As they walked hand in hand Mala felt a very warm feeling. She never really had a boyfriend before.

“I can’t believe you never had BBQ.” Kyle said as he rubbed his thumb on her hand.

“It is somewhat looked down upon in my religion, but it looks so good though, I can’t wait!”

They ended up getting no strange looks from the community as they spent the day together. Something that somewhat surprised her, proving her theory that it was more about adapting than actual looks.

As the day ended , The couple headed to the park and caught a movie as well. Mala still lived with her f****y, so they were both very worried about Kyle making a move on her. She was secretly hoping he would. But she would not encourage or discourage any advances.

As they got out of the movie theater, Kyle wrapped his arm around her shoulders as they walked out to the car. She in turn rested her head on his big chest.

“It’s been a wonderful night.” Mala said as they stood outside of his truck

”It has.” he said as he smiled and rubbed her waist. “It’s cold out here, lets get in the truck.”

They both got in and as Kyle turned on the heater; Mala couldn’t fight her desire anymore. She quickly grabbed his head and pulled him over to hers; planting a huge kiss on his lips. Kyle certainly didn’t expect such aggressive sexual action from her, since he was obviously aware that she was Muslim; so he was previously trying to take it slow with her. But not tonight!

He grabbed her shoulders as the continued their wet kissing. She quickly got up and climbed to the back seat of the truck with him behind her. He slapped her ass as she climbed to the back, making her squeal.

As they both got to the back they continued kissing as Mala pulled off Kyle’s shirt. Kyle in turn pulled off her’s to reveal her perky tits in a black bra. He then started to kiss them as she started to massage his penis from the outside of his pants.

When the kissing continued he exposed her full breasts and she pulled his hardening cock out of his pants. It was huge! She then bent over and started to slowly lick it. This was her first time ever; but she didn’t want to make Kyle feel weird; so she decided not to tell him.

She slowly started to suck on the tip of his penis as he let out a grand moan of pleasure. He then dug his hand deep into her denim jeans and started to finger her, almost immediately making her squirt in her pants. She had fingered herself before; but she never had someone else do it; making it feel 10 x better.

She got up and slowly pulled down her pants as he played with her hijab. He layed on the seat as she crawled on top of him, slowly inserting his cock into her untouched pussy. His big dick struggled to fit inside her all the way, making her yelp in pleasure. As they slowly started to copulate, he continued playing with her hijab.

After 20 minutes of fucking Kyle asked “Isn’t your hair reserved for your lover?” with a slight smile as she rode him.

She stopped and slowly began to unwrap her hijab as she looked him deeply in the eyes. After slowly removing it; her long black hair fell out in the most beautiful way halfway down her back.

Kyle had the stamina to go for hours. But seeing this beautiful Muslim woman taking off her sacred hijab to reveal her true stellar beauty as she rode naked atop him was just too much for Kyle to take.

“Oh-oh my god” He started to convulse in his lower waist area. He couldn’t keep it in after seeing such a site.

“I’m yours for the taking…. Let us become one.” she said as she held his cock in her vagina as he convulsed; shooting load after load of high powered blasts of hot white cum deep into her womb. Making them both scream in pleasure as if no other human had experienced before.

They spent the night in eachothers arms in the back seat.

Over the next few weeks; Mala and Kyle decided to move in together. Making her father furious; and her mother very pleased. So much so that he decided to forsake them both and returned to Jordan. While it saddened Mala and her mother; Mala had much more going on for her. For one she found out that she was pregnant with Kyle’s baby; and they planned on starting a f****y in a quaint country home. Mala also helped her mother find a nice older local man by having her follow the mantra that led to Mala’s adaptation; one that she was very happy with.

After giving birth; Mala decided to stop wearing her hijab to fit in without ever worrying about any problems that it might bring her; and to not impose her religion on their baby. The f****y quickly grew as she had three more over the next five years. Mala was proud of what she accomplished and was proud to be a success story in female Muslim integration


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