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Cunt For Use, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Daddy finishes wiping my face then touches my cheek and simply says, “Puppy.” I know it is a reminder that he is watching out for me, but also that I should remember who is in charge.
Dean has once again picked up the end of my leash, jerking it and telling me to get in the car which I’ve been d****d over for most of the abuse. Leading me to the backseat, he has me get in then shoves at me to scoot in behind the driver so he can sit next to me. Daddy follows him so that we are squished into the back seat while Mark drives and his other friend takes the passenger seat.

Where we are headed, I’ve no idea but I know better than to ask. Instead, I sit quietly and let Dean fondle me while Daddy and he engage in idle chatter. My mind is too busy still whirling with the events of the day and wondering about more is to come to be able to focus on the discussion. My legs spread wantonly as Dean’s fingers seek my swollen cunt in need of release. I’ve been close several times throughout the afternoon but I knew Daddy wouldn’t approve of me cumming without his permission.

My hips rise to his touch and my head falls back involuntarily as I moan deeply when his first two fingers enter me. The conversation continues as if nothing is happening but all eyes are on me and I suddenly feel shy again. I want to cover myself but I’ve learned that lesson already today so I just sit with my hands under my ass as I push myself up and more available to the invading digits. They laugh and comment on my shameless need to be filled. I wish I could prove them wrong but all I want right now is to get fucked, even when I know I’ll regret being so lascivious later when they use it against me. And I know they will.

“Hey, Steve! Wanna take a crack at her?”

The man in the passenger seat, who seemed to have been enjoying the show, enthusiastically responded, “You know I do. Make her sit forward on the seat so I can reach.”

He twists in his seat and immediately slaps my right tit, then left. I squeal and instinctively try to back away but Dean has his hand on the middle of my back and pushes me right back into more slaps. I count ten per breast before Mark speaks up, “Don’t bruise her up too much. Leave a little something for me, wouldja? Besides, we are almost there.”

Both Dean and Steve withdraw and fall right back into normal conversation. Peeking out the window, I can see that we are in a residential area with modest houses. In a matter of minutes, we pull into the driveway of one and I’m being led inside and to the basement by Daddy and Dean.

“This is my house,” Dean tells me, “and I’ve fixed up this basement room especially for something like this.”

He opens a rather solid door to a closet-sized room. There is nothing in the room but the walls are lined with an assortment of hooks, eyebolts, and various striking implements. I hesitate and look to Daddy for encouragement. He gives it by looking me in the eye then shoving me inside in such a way that I fall to the ground just inside the door. Dean nudges me with his boot toward one end of the narrow space, running my leash though one of the eyebolts on the floor then attaching the end to one on the wall. The chain pulled taut like this, had no option but to keep my face close to the floor, forcing me to either lie down on the cold, hard cement or get on knees and elbows with my ass in the air. I choose the latter.

Daddy slaps my ass as Dean offers him a beer and they wander back upstairs for refreshment. Alone now, I have a chance to look over my surroundings. The room is narrow like a hallway, probably just 6 or 7 feet deep and maybe 12 feet long. The walls appear to be cement on all sides and it dawns on me that the door is probably as heavy as it is to make the room soundproof.

Before I can give this more thought, Steve steps into the doorway. “I heard your Daddy likes to call you his puppy. I love a cute little puppy, especially when she wags her sweet tail.”

It is then that I notice he has something in his hand. As he moves closer, I see it is rubber and conical like a butt plug but that it seems to have something long and furry attached. Holding it out, he shows me it is a tail. A puppy tail. It wags at me as if to say hello as he shakes it in my direction.

I whimper and he looks pleased. “Already sounding like a little puppygirl. Now be a good girl and STAY.”

Steve steps forward and caresses my ass cheeks. I blush and move away for which he instantly reprimands me with a slap on the ass and a sharp, “Bad puppy! I told you to stay.”

I hear him doing something with the plug but I don’t even want to know. I put my head down in my arms as if I could shut it out, but once I felt him spreading my ass cheeks, I know it isn’t likely I can ignore this. A gasp escapes my lips as the cold tip of the plug comes in contact with my asshole. I realize then that he had been lubing it up and I was grateful for this, especially once he began pressing it deeper. It doesn’t feel bad. In fact, I enjoy the way it stretches my asshole and find myself pushing back against it to get it deeper. I can tell Steve finds this amusing by the way he chuckles to himself as he pulls it back out and watches my ass follow it longingly. He teases me with it a bit before again pressing it in little by little. Suddenly, POP!

Steve wiggles it about, testing how firmly it holds and is apparently pleased with the result. He unhooks my leash from the wall so that I have a bit more slack, then stands back to admire his handiwork with a bit of a smirk on his face. “Now that is a good puppy. For the rest of the night, you are not allowed to communicate like a human being. You are a bitch and you will speak like a bitch. I don’t care if you whimper, whine, or bark; there simply won’t be any speaking. Do you understand?”

My head once again in my arms, humiliated by this turn of events, I nod. Steve abruptly grabs my new tail and twists it painfully. “Puppies do not nod. Puppies wag their tails. Shall we try it again? Do you understand?”

I sway my hips in the slightest motion, but even that sets my new tail wagging enthusiastically.

“That’s a good girl! You deserve a treat,” Steve praises me as he gently scratches behind my ear with one hand, undoing his pants with the other.

His scritching becomes guiding as he pulls my face toward his cock then, grabbing a handful of my hair, he holds me back so that my lips are just shy of their target. “Lick it, puppygirl.”

I look up into his eyes and he smiles and nods encouragement when I reach out my tongue, but keeping me just far enough away that I can’t quite. “Go on, doggie. You can do it.”

My tongue stretching its full-length, trying so desperately to get a taste, partially from a fear of consequence but there is something else; a sense of obedience, a need to please. I instantly blush and pull away, embarrassed to find myself playing the part of a pet, an a****l, so easily.

“Bad doggie!” says Steve sternly, then flicks my nose sharply.

A gasp and an utterly surprised squeal leap from my throat. I glare up at him but he seems to ignore it, grabbing the spare links on the chain around my throat so that it pulls uncomfortably tight yet leaving me room to breathe. I lift my head high in an effort to try to take some of the pressure off my throat, but he just grips tighter.

Once again, he brings my lips just inches from his now visibly pulsating cock and instructs me to lick. This time, he does not hold me away and I slide my tongue up the underside of his cock from base to tip and open my mouth to take it in. I barely get the head in, swirling my tongue in a circle around it, when he jerks me back by the chain, causing me to gag.

The sadistic chuckle Steve emits while watching me cough sends a chill up my spine. He hangs the end of my lead back on the hook so that once again I have little range of motion and I flop to my side, my tail bumping against the floor, reminding me of its existence.

“Don’t worry, puppy. We will get to have more fun later at the party. We’ll all have a good time at the party.”

The room becomes pitch black as he closes the door before the word and its meaning become clear in my head which then only begins to spin again. Party?

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