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Dad laid Brittany across his lap. She knew her punishment was going to hurt so she braced herself by closing her eyes. Dad undid Brittany’s belt buckle and pulled her dungarees down to her ankles.

I told you I didn’t want you hanging out without my permission and you didn’t listen to what I told you. That’s why this is happening. And you’d better not do it again. YOU UNDERSTAND ME???

Yes daddy – I’m sorry, please don’t…

NO – I don’t wanna hear it. I warned you twice, now you are getting whipped.

Brittany was wearing her white cotton panties. Dad pulled them off and down and Brittany started crying. Her panties landed in her dungarees next to her ankles. Brittany’s plump, juicy ass was open to the air now. Dad lifted his heavy hand and prepared for the first slap. Brittany braced herself…

*WHAP* – Dad’s heavy hand came down on Brittany’s ass and Brittany screamed out.

*WHAP* – a second hit within half a second of the first – Brittany attempted to jump off Dad’s lap.


Brittany inched back up and clenched her buttcheeks together in anticipation for the next hit. *WHAP* -she lifted her legs in pain *WHAP*, *WHAP*, *WHAP*… Brittany’s entire body weight was now on Dad’s legs.

It wasn’t enough for her to be punished for her insolence – Dad angrily berated her as he slapped her bare bottom.

*WHAP* Don’t you…
*WHAP* ever…
*WHAP* ever…
*WHAP* do…
*WHAP* something…
*WHAP* I tell you…
*WHAP* Not…
*WHAP*…to do…
*WHAP*… again…

Brittany continued to cry and scream as Dad laid down the spanking. He buttcheeks turned crimson red very quickly and Dad could see his palm print all over her tight little ass. As his hand came down one last time – he rested it. DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW??? His pinky could feel the wetness of her hairy cunt.
Brittany – with tears in her eyes and still crying from her lesson said she was sorry once again.

You know I don’t wanna hurt you and I love you, but if you do things like this, you make me very disappointed and upset. In the real world, you get punished for misbehaving.

I’m sorry daddy, please don’t spank me anymore.

Dad’s pinky was now soaked with vaginal fluids and it had involuntarily begun stimulating Brittany’s G-spot.

“Ooooooh Daddy” – Brittany tilted her head forward and let Dad have his way.

You like that Brittany? You like when you get spanked?

Dad’s penis became erect in his pants almost instantly upon feeling Brittany’s wetness. Brittany could feel it – prodding her belly button.

Dad let his pinky continue to stimulate Brittany. “Daddy’s sorry – I’ll make you feel better – OK?”

Yes daddy…

Dad rubbed Brittany’s inner thigh and the wetness continued to leak out. In the back of Dad’s mind he thought to himself: “I’m gonna shove my dick in this little bitch”.

Dad had Brittany stand up and then sit back in the sofaseat. He got down in front of her: “I’ll KISS IT AND MAKE IT ALL BETTER”.

Dad beg and to kiss and lick Brittany’s pussy. She had some hair on it, but the smell was perfectly alluring to dad. As he licked and kissed, Brittany tilted her head, arched her back, closed her eyes and moaned. As Brittany felt the impending orgasm well up in her body she reached to the back of Dad’s head – forcing his tongue deeper inside her body so it could stimulate the inner muscle rings of her secret place. Brittany began to cum in daddy’s mouth and some of her juices squirted on his tongue and nose. By now, Dad’s penis was so hard, it made its way out of his boxer shorts.

Dad stood up and reclined the chair back. He spread Brittany’s legs to the sides of the chair and pulled her body slightly down to make her vagina easier to access. Though Brittany had never been penetrated before, and Dad didn’t want it to hurt, he couldn’t simply wait for his erection to soften.

The tip of his cock had a bead of pre-cum on it. He should have used a condom, but he couldn’t be bothered to go get one.

DADDY’S going to put it in, nice and slow so it won’t hurt.

Dad put the head of his stiff cock into Brittany’s tight pussy and as soon as he got just a bit of it in, he pushed the rest in with a single motion. Brittany -eyes still closed- let out a primordial moan that started low and ended with a groan. “ooooooOOOOOOOOUUUUGH”.

The sound of his most special lady being stretched by his penis caused him to become even more aggressive and his erection to stiffen even more. Brittany slathered saliva on her hand and reached down to add some lubrication to dad’s thick penis. She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to take it all so she added yet even more saliva to her hand.

Dad began pumping Brittany in short, controlled thrusts. He wouldn’t last more than a minute he though. “SHE’S SO FUCKING TIGHT”. Brittany’s pubic hairs tickled dad’s cock as he pulled out and then pushed back in. Dad kissed Brittany. “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABY”. “YOU’RE MINE FOREVER”. Dad licked the inside of Brittany’s mouth and fiddled her tongue as he continued his short thrusting. Brittany continued to groan – the massive cock penetrating her was just too much to handle. She had yet another orgasm. Dad switched places. He sat in the chair and had Brittany ride atop his lap.

Dad felt Brittany’s vaginal muscles tighten around the shaft of his penis. It literally milked him due to its incredible tightness – squeezing like a rubber band around a crab’s claw. It took no more than 30 short thrusts into Brittany for Dad to reach the edge of his orgasm. Brittany could feel daddy’s hands clamp securely around her thigh and waist. Dad threw his head back in the seat and groaned aloud. He wanted to pull his penis out of Brittany, but she was so tight that he simply couldn’t do it. Brittany grinded Dad and could feel hot globs of semen spurting out of his penis and coating the inner walls of her vagina.

Ooooooooo DADDY please give me all of it.


Dad pulled out of Brittany as his heart pounded at twice his normal pulse. He couldn’t speak because he was breathing heavily. He used his manly hands to direct Brittany’s body and mouth down to his crotch. He cupped his hand around her mouth and opened it up so she could swallow what little was left of the evidence. The rest of his DNA was dripping from her crotch and creating a spot on the wood floor.



Dad handed Brittany her panties back.

Put your clothes back on. I’m gonna take you out for ice cream and then we’ll swing by the pharmacy for the morning after pill…

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