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Dad Stays With Amanda While On Business

The mixed race female offspring of a man welcomes him to stay with her on his business trip. Maybe there was a little too much alcohol… or maybe it was just the right thing to have happen. Either way, this is a story of sexual love that even the ladies will enjoy and men…. Well a man wrote it!!!

Get ready and enjoy!!!


I was in Dallas two weeks ago for business so instead of staying in a hotel, I stayed with our daughter who is a Physician’s Assistant down there and doing very well for herself! After having a taxi drop me off at her apartment and catching up a bit she invited me out for dinner and I was more than glad to go with her.

Now Amanda’s Mom is from Kenya and we met in college. She called me the whitest man she had ever met. I used to joke that if she had kept her eyes and mouth shut that first night I would never have found her! Our daughter is a beautiful soft caramel brown that causes some people to ask if she in from India. She has deep blue eyes and because she is a distance runner, she has a slim graceful build that allows her to wear even a burlap bag and still look incredible!

So walking into an upscale restaurant in my best suit and with her on my arm drew the glance of many a man who would have liked to change me places! At the high side of 50 I work out daily, but she has the type of beauty that small boys stare at and older men dream about… not to mention most women envy!

We laughed and drank a little much and somewhere just before dessert got there I started to realize that not only was she beautiful, there was a definite sexiness about my daughter that I could neither deny nor ignore! Her lips were painted red and the flash of her snow white teeth and pink tongue awakened a primal desire in me. Her eyes were clear and she smiled as much with them as she did her lips. She has a long thin graceful neck and she showed it to its fullest by wearing a plunging neckline that made waiters and others take their time and admire! My own eyes were lingering there more and more as we shared a wonderful evening together.

When we got into the cab, it was drizzling, so she dove in first and then slid across before I jumped in behind her. In the process, her skirt came undone and twisted and I when I glanced down to find the seatbelt I saw first the top of a lot of thigh and then I realized the black fabric beneath the dove gray skirt was a small triangle of flimsy cloth covering her well-trimmed and very visible sex!

I immediately looked up and stared at her like a deer in the headlights. She looked at me and said, “What? I glanced down a couple of times very quickly and she looked down as we pulled away from the curb and laughed. “Oops!” She undid her belt and had just raised her butt up off of the seat as I was studying the back of the driver’s head, when he whipped the taxi out into traffic and Amanda lost her balance and landed a now nearly bare ass on the back of my thigh and hand!

I was mortified and she burst out laughing. Within seconds she was back in her seat, with her skirt arranged in place. But she was still giggling as she said, “For God’s sake Dad! I know you are not a virgin! It’s okay! You did not do anything weird now loosen up!” With that, she turned to me, loosened my tie, undid my top button and then kissed me on my cheek. I was damn glad for the shadows so she could not see how aroused I was from just those few seconds of innocent tenderness!

When we got back to her place I went and put on some shorts and just the wife beater I had been wearing under my dress shirt. She came out in baggy sweats and a tee shirt and it was immediately obvious that she had removed her bra as well. She really did not need much of one, because her tits are smallish B cups and really firm. The only reason I could tell she was braless was her nipples stuck out like heat seeking missiles as she came into the living room and plopped down next to me on the couch.

“Can I ask what really happened between you and Mom?” She asked.

I stared at the wall for a minute before I finally said, “Your Mom never liked me looking at any other women. I never liked having to wait for her to be in the mood. She told me if she was not enough then I could leave. I did.” After a moment of silence I turned and looked at Amanda. “I never cheated on your Mom. She filed for a divorce the next day and I told her I would pay for it if I got to keep my retirement. She agreed and …. I figured that she would have told you.”

“She just said that she was tired of some things and gave you an ultimatum and you walked out.”

“Close enough, I guess. Anyhow, the court declared it final on Monday. And despite what she thinks or says, I still have not been with any other woman. I guess that is the irony of it all. I leave her because I am not having sex often enough with her and now it has been 9 months since I touched anyone.”

We both just sat there a moment more and then Amanda got up and walked over to a small cabinet and opened the door. “I don’t know about you, but I could do with another drink. What do you want?”


“Coming right up.”

“Well, misery loves company. I had a roommate named Brad for about 8 months. He moved in the week that you and Mom split. I asked him to move out two weeks ago. He was a lazy bum and I was doing all of the work and then he was doing all of the complaining. I finally told him I had had enough.” She walked back to me and handed me my drink but remained standing, staring off into space. “I had thought that if I tried harder so would he, but… it did not work that way. I also thought that once he was gone, my life would immediately get better. I’m still waiting for it to get better.”

She took a sip of her liquor then turned on the television. It was a travel show and we both laughed. When she was growing up, we had spent many evenings watching shows like that curled up on our couch at home talking about where we would go someday… She curled up next to me and we chatted quietly about hopes and dreams of some day for the next three hours as we watched the exotic places come and go on TV. It was without a doubt the most relaxed and honest a time I had had in months if not years!

“…and when we both get to the top of the Eiffel Tower I will give you a big old kiss!” Amanda said somewhere close to 2:00 a.m. I smiled. I kissed her on the top of the head. She looked up into my smiling face and kissed me softly on the lips. It was a tender kiss of love, pure and simple. It also left us both lingering close and having to remind ourselves to breathe!!!!

She got up and collected our glasses and I found my eyes roaming her body without reservation. Her hips were wide and mature… with a beautiful thigh gap! Her tiny waist caused even her small tits to look proportional if not big. And her face with those eyes … I felt my bulge twitch and grow. She came back around the corner and gave me a quick kiss goodnight and went off to bed as I flipped the TV over to catch up on the evening’s sports news.

When I got back to the bathroom about 20 minutes later (she only has one) I looked for something for a headache that I felt coming on, but did not see anything in her medicine cabinet. “She is probably just like her Mom, keeping all of that type of stuff next to her bed.” I thought. I brushed my teeth and headed for bed but within minutes of lying down I knew I had to take something or I was getting no sl**p.

I went to her door and knocked quietly and then opened the door a crack. The room was dark except for the computer glowing on the far side of her bed. She had headphones on and I smiled to myself. She had always liked her music loud! Then I saw her hand moving and she pushed off the sheet and she was naked from the waist down and a dark colored vibrator was sticking out from between her legs!! My eyes went to the computer and there was an older white man and a dark skinned young woman having sex, her lying on her back on a desk or table!

I should have backed up quietly and closed the door. Hell, I should not have opened her door to begin with! But instead I stood there staring with my alcohol clouded brain just refusing to work!

I do not know what it was that made her look toward the door, but she did. She smiled at me for a moment and then realized how she was and that I was staring at her and she did not quite scream but said in shock, “Dad!!!” That was enough! I covered my eyes and backed out apologizing as she was making to shut her computer, cover herself and turn off the vibrator!

Back in my room I was quietly berating myself when I heard the knock at the door. “Dad, are you okay?”

“Yeah, Amanda. Sorry about that. I needed…” what the hell was it I had needed? For a moment all I could think was what I needed was a good fucking, but I could not say that!! “I needed something for a headache.” I finally managed.

“Oh. I have some in my room if you still need some.”

I turned and followed the retreating steps trying my damndest to come up with an apology. She was standing next to her bed in a night shirt that barely covered her beautiful round ass. The dim light from the bedside lamp made the shirt almost translucent and I found myself staring at her from the door. She cursed and then bent over to pick up a different bottle and in so doing mooned me and I felt my prick hardening all over again! I stepped toward her to see if I could help with the bottle just as she got the top open and poured out a couple pills and closed up the bottle. When she turned around I startled her that I was that close. I accepted the pills and watched her nipples drill holes in the front of her shirt. “I’m sorry I walked in on you Amanda. I thought you heard me.”

She lowered her eyes and then looked up at me and smiled. “It’s okay. And I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Enjoyed it?”

She glanced down and put a finger on my nearly rigid cock and said, “Yeah, it is kind of hard to deny it, don’t you think? How long were you watching?” She laughed a quiet seductive laugh at the question.

I gave a guilty smirk and said, “Just long enough and not nearly long enough.”

“Well if it was not long enough… I could use some company.”

“Amanda, that’s not even funny. I am your Dad.”

“And you are a man with … needs as you said earlier. I am a woman with needs too! Hell, I am 27 years of age and near the very top of my sexual game! There are no other men in my life right now and I need someone who loves me and I can trust.” She then stepped up to me looking up into my face as she put her hands on my hips. “Not to mention, I need to fulfill my dream of over a decade ago and I need to be fucked by you, Dad.”

With her hand in my hair she pulled my face closer to hers as my mind tried to comprehend what she had just said! My Amanda had had dirty thoughts of me when she was living at home growing up? When she was swimming nearly naked in the pool with all of her friends or barging into the bath when I was showering or when I would go into her room late at night to pull the sheet over her nearly naked form…. She had wanted me?!?!?!?

There was no doubt by the way that she kissed me that she wanted me now! I may have resisted a few seconds, but after all of the alcohol, having her curled up beside me all evening, seeing her… and now this… I pulled her to my body, my hand on the small of her back… then sliding lower as the other hand cradled the back of her neck. She fit perfectly against me and with neither of us wearing much it all escalated quickly.

Each time our lips parted and came together again it was like a million explosions going off throughout my mind and body! Her fingernails raking my shoulders… her other hand slipping inside the waistband of my boxers… my hand cupping and weighing her firm round ass… it was a dream come to life!

When her hand wrapped around my cock and gave it a squeeze I moaned and she broke our kiss and leaned back a little. Our eyes met and she was smiling a wicked grin. “I have wanted to do this ever since Jenny Pierce told me what a blow job was!” I looked at her questioningly and she just smiled and sank to her knees before me! She pulled my boxers down and my cock was pulled down for a moment before escaping the waistband and slapping up against my abs. She giggled and helped me step out of my underwear. Then she took the root of my cock in both of her hands and looked up at me.

I swear I will never forget that look of pure lust and desire that shone out of her eyes up at me as her lips parted and her pink tongue tip appeared. She leaned up to the tip and slid the very end of her tongue through the length of my slit and then rocked back a little. The silver liquid strand stretched from my tip to hers and grew until it finally broke, leaving a shiny strand trailing down over her chin! Then she looked at my cock and pulled it down, aiming my stiff and thick cock at her lips.

The only thing I can liken it to is, she treated my stiffness like a pool stick and her lips were a chalk block. Pursing those big red lips of hers in a loose kiss, she rolled just the tip of my dick against that wet sexy portal as her fists opened and closed, pumping my base into making my dick swell bigger than I have ever felt it grow before!

When she finally relaxed her lips pushed my mushroom head into her mouth the pleasure spread through me like the radiating shockwave of huge explosion! Her lips wrapped around the pronounced edge of my head and as her tongue wrapped around and washed over the shining top of my cock, her lips moved silkily over the most sensitive ridge on the body of any man sending shivers of pleasure racing through me. She made little humming sounds and slid her bottom jaw forward just a touch and just when I thought that such sensations could never be improved upon, her tongue began stroking the cleft at the bottom of my head and over that delicate transition point from shaft to head!!! “My God,” I groaned and was certain if I could just die right then my life would have been complete!

As her fingers delicately caressed and stroked my balls, Amanda began to slowly push and pull my cock in and out of her silken mouth. I was so close to cumming that I knew I could not hold off much longer when I took a stumbling step back. She looked up at me almost as if I had struck her. “Not this way, Amanda. If I am going to make love to you, then I want to do it right!” Her face lit up and she took my hand as extended it to her.

We kissed and her body felt incredible as she trapped my aching prick between us. For a moment I feared I might yet lose control and in a very real way I almost hoped that I did! But I finally broke our embrace and led her over to her bed and had her lie down on her back with her legs hanging over the side. Stepping between her knees I looked down at her very wet sex. She had trimmed her muff into a wedge shape, small at its start just above the top of her cleft and growing to maybe and inch wide an inch higher. The silky black hair made me almost wish she had left more! Below a glimmer of moist pink inside peeked out from where her thin velvety soft labia parted as if to summon my aching cock to come inside and find a home within.

I knelt down with my hands on the inside of her thighs near their apex so that by the time I was fully down my thumbs were caressing the underside of her ass. With my index fingers I pulled gently the tender petals covering her inner beauty and I inhaled the scent of her true arousal!

In my younger days I would have just stuck my tongue out and tried to tongue fuck her, but a couple of years into our marriage, her mother had taught me to slow down and allow her lusts and her desires to build to that same heightened escarpment from which we could both leap into an ocean of bliss. I smiled as I thought of the twisted way things worked out. Then I began nibbling and tugging on her labia lips by sucking them between my lips and latching on firmly with lip covered teeth and pulling back and gently shaking my head. I heard her moan, felt her fingers in my hair as I watched her hips rotate and move in a vain effort to make me touch her directly. It made me smile and I began probing with my tongue, searching the folds and hidden crevices… and nerves of her erogenous region! She was moaning and I could see her cupping, squeezing and twisting her breasts and abusing her own nipples as savored my tasting!

Then I moved up and wrapped my lips around all of her soft pliable flesh above her pee hole and I sucked and made small munching motions. Her thighs clamped to either side of my face, allowing my hands to move to cupping and squeezing those smooth perfectly muscled globes! Hardening the tip of my tongue I began making circles around her bud, only nudging it a bit here and there as I sucked and relaxed, sucked and relaxed!

She was bucking into my face, seeking any contact she could get and nearly busting my nose in the process on her pubic bone! I could feel streams of her lust and my spit having run over the basin of her sex and the furrows of her sex to spill out and run across her smooth ass and into the depressions where my fingers massaged and teased her bottom. She was ready if not beyond ready for the moment when I flicked back the hood of flesh and laid the flat of my tongue firmly against her clit and slid it back and forth!

She howled like a demon banshee summoned from the bowels of hell itself by the Creator to face its final torment! I could feel the muscles in her hips tremble and rumble and then like the ground heaving before the eruption of a geyser, she exploded, sending forth a steaming bath of thick pussy juice shooting out of her into my chin, neck and chest and running down my body.

Immediately I jumped to my feet and pointed my pulsing cock at the wound from which liquids were still flowing and I attempted to stem the flow, by pushing myself into it! My God, she was so tight as the walls of her pussy clenched and trembled, shaking before my invasion and yielding to my advance only to collapse upon it from every side as if to squeeze the life from me! I did not push myself in rapidly, wanting to savor every cell that slipped inside of her furnace. Her body shook as if connected to an electrical main as my erection sought the deepest portion of the source of her flow. In response she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my hips as if to draw me into melting within her forge!

Leaning over her panting form, I bend down and sucked one dark and straining nipple into my mouth and she drew in her breath sharply; eyes flying open staring beyond the ceiling into the sky at the planet Venus! Then she pulled me up and we kissed. I say it was a kiss, but as I finally buried the entirety of my cock deep inside of my girl, we exchanged souls and shared one with another a kiss of giving and taking the very breath of life from the lungs of the other! I swear I do not know whether we held that embrace for seconds, minutes hours, days or centuries, but all of eternity ceased to exist except for the essence of us. It was not her. There was no longer a “me”. It was us. Our breathes an inferno drawing the very deepest of who we were out with all of its fears, hopes, inhibitions dreams and lusts and in that raging torment of the heat of passion, in the crucible of our love “we” were forged into one!

It is the only time in all of my existence that I have been with a woman and not realized I was pumping my semen deep inside of her. So powerful was that moment of us being together that the intense pleasure of my cum surging through my balls and boiling up my swollen dick to be blasted deep into the dark depths and against the furthest walls of her womb were only a vague realization in comparison to the sensation of vulnerability, love, desire, surrender and fulfillment I felt as her nipples pressed into me, her tongue and mine danced and I melted my core within hers, spilling every drop of need and want into Amanda.

I was covered in sweat and panting when reality zoomed into focus around me. My body and Amanda’s were thrashing against each other with near violent need as my slightly softened cock slid in and out a flooded slippery passageway of love. I watched as the beautiful dark eyes beneath me came from that stratosphere focus beyond reality and looked up into my face! For only a moment, there was a fleeting look of horror, fear and trepidation, then the smile of trust chased all doubt from her features and she pulled me to her once more.

Moments later, she had me lie on her bed as she mounted me and rode my adequate secondary erection to yet another mind numbing explosion of pleasure. We showered together, never wanting to part again. She even held my cock as I stood to pee before going to bed, confessing that as a little girl she had always wanted to help “Daddy go pee!”

We slept in her bed that night and the next and the next. We also did many other things in her bed… in her kitchen… at her gym… in the park… before I had to fly home. Before leaving her at the airport I let her know that I had already put in an application to transfer to Dallas from our Ohio office. She cried. “No one need ever to know our true relationship. I want to be your lover, your wife, your whore and your mistress,” she whispered in my ear as we embraced.

I want that too.

I can’t wait to move next month!


I hope that you enjoyed this fantasy. A beautiful young woman who sat down next to me at lunch inspired me. She was young enough to be my offspring and beautiful enough to be a lover… and thus.

Please take a moment and let me know with a vote or a comment if this is a direction I should continue to consider writing about! THANKS AND PLEASURABLE READING!!!

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