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daddy’s girl

my step dad had a habit of walking in on me when i took showers, he’d wash his hands or shave sometimes as i soaped myself up, washed my hair, scrubbed my pretty legs, my lovely shaved pussy so wet and plump as i rubbed it with soap, the lips looking like a mouth waiting to be kissed and enjoyed. he and mom married when i was ten so he had seen me naked lots of times, though i knew things were different now that i was older. i liked the way he’d watch me, so attentive, i’d smile and rub soap on my small tits making my pink nipples so perky, he’d stare at them and say stuff like, did you do your homework baby girl? i’d nod and say yep, good girl he’d reply, then he’d look me up and down as he dried his hands for way longer than it took to dry them. then he’d come up to me put his hands on me and say, ok, gotta go to work baby girl, give daddy a kiss, so i’d say, ok daddy, have a good day at work and give him a big kiss on the lips and giggle as he squeezed my tight butt cheeks, my hard nipples pointing straight at him. you really are turning into a beautiful woman baby girl, aww thank you daddy, i love you! i’d say and kiss him again, sometimes he also used his tongue in my mouth and I’d suck it with lots of love and giggle as he’d lightly tap my cute ass and say i love you too baby girl, see you tonight. mmmm daddy! he’d leave, and i’d rub my pussy and fantasize i was mommy.

most of the time the door to my room was wide open, he’d walk by a lot, checking in on me as i’d lay on my bed, usually dressed comfy, tight little shorts, tank tops, no bra, short dresses, most of the time my cute panties showing, sometimes I’d have no panties on, he’d stand at the door and just stare at me, i’d rub my long silky legs real slow and smile and blush, sometimes i’d be sucking a lollipop or a pencil. he was a very handsome man, always dressed really well, wore slacks, he wore thin boxers so i could see how i made his cock grow, mmmmmm daddy! i’d stare at it so wanting to touch it, to play with it, rub it and kiss it. he’d shake his head when i’d spread my legs, shift my position and curl up like a sweet baby, we wouldn’t say anything, it was very very hot! the older i got, the prettier i got, and the hotter i got the more he’d pay attention to me. i loved it.

one sunday afternoon i got home from the mall, came home with a bunch of new cute, sexy clothes (i was getting very boy/sex crazy like every normal teenager!), mom and my b*o were out, it was just daddy and me. i came in said hi, he was on the couch, i went up to him, gave him a kiss on the lips, bumping him with all my boxes of stuff, i giggled, he said wo baby girl! did you buy the whole store?! just about i laughed, wanna see?! i was so excited to try on my new clothes, i laughed and said, i’ll give you a fashion show ok? mmmmm sounds good he said. he turned off the tv and gave me his full attention, i put my boxes on the floor and knelt down to open them, which one which one, hey, i know! and i started opening the box with a cute mini red dress i got to wear to the dance the coming month. it was very cute and short, tight around the waist and sexy, it had cups for the breasts, you weren’t supposed to wear a bra with it. i pulled it out all excited, stood up d****d it over me and smiled real pretty at him, i’ll try this one on first ok? sure he said, that’s a great color on you. i kicked off my sandals, pulled down my little shorts, kicked them off to the side and giggled, you are not supposed to wear a bra with it i said, as i pulled my tight little t-shirt off me, good thing i don’t have one on huh, i laughed as i picked up the red dress off the floor. i was about to put it on when he said, wait, put the dress down and just stand there, let me look at you baby girl. Huh? oh, ok, i said as i threw the dress back in the box and stood there with my nipples so hard. i was wearing cute red, skimpy, see-through panties, my pussy and legs were freshly shaved, i knew i looked incredibly hot, i knew he was checking me out like a guy checks out a girl they want to fuck, mmmmmmmmm.

i blushed and smiled, he didn’t try to hide his bulge, he said, you are so beautiful baby girl! yeah? i asked him as i got on tip toes, pretending i was wearing high heels, i bunched up my long pretty hair and put it up, clasping my hands on my head and puckered my lips real sexy, enjoying how much i turned him on, wanting daddy’s love. i felt like a woman. absolutely gorgeous he said. aww thank you daddy, i beamed as i let my hair fall on my shoulders, all messy curling around my sweet face, i wanna make you happy, i told him as i slowly moved my hands over my breasts, to my belly. do you want me to dance for you daddy? i asked him, yeah! that’d be great he said, mmm ok! i’d seen how strippers dance in movies and on the web so i started moving like them, slowly, curvy, pretty, i’d turn around, bend over and laugh keeping my long legs straight, my cute butt looking so lovely through the see-through red fabric, then i’d spin really slowly like a ballerina, i giggled, covered my tits with my hands and asked, you like how i move daddy? he didn’t answer, instead he unzipped his pants, took out his very hard cock and started rubbing it real slow as i kept dancing for him. mmmm his cock looked soooooo fucking good to me!

i love it baby girl! you are a great dancer. yay! thank you daddy, i said with a big pretty smile on my face, looking at his hard cock as he rubbed it slowly. then he asked, baby girl, have you ever sucked a boy’s penis? oh my! i stopped dancing, looked at him a little sheepish, then bit my lip, looked at the floor and quietly said, yes. then i quickly went up to him, got on my knees between his legs, put my hands on his thighs, his hard cock was right by my mouth, i looked at him and said, i’m sorry daddy, please don’t tell mom, ok? i don’t want her to be mad at me, i pouted, my lips about an inch away from his hard cock, i pretended not to notice it. i softly rubbed his thighs and looked into his eyes as i could feel him tense up, his cock super hard now, he looked a little dizzy with lust and i loved it! don’t worry baby girl, i won’t tell mom. but tell me, did you like it? mmmmmm, i put a strand of my long pretty hair behind my ear as his cock brushed lightly on my cheek, it was so wet and wanting me. i looked at him, blushed a little, rolled my eyes then closed them, big smile on my pretty face remembering all the cocks i’d already sucked and said, mmmmm, yes very much, so yummy! i giggled. wanna show daddy how you sucked it baby girl? he asked me, his cock throbbing as i breathed on it, my lips barely touching it, i looked at it, then at his eyes and said, yes daddy, i love you so much, i wanna make you happy! good girl he said. i gave it a sweet kiss then slowly wrapped my red lips around just the head and started licking it super slow, lapping all the precum off, he moaned so hard! that’s it baby girl, he said, that feels sooooooo good! mmmmmmmm daddy you taste so yummy!

i so loved being almost totally naked, on my knees, between daddy’s legs sucking his big cock, mmmmm. i put my hand around it and started rubbing it as i kept giving him head. you are so good at that baby girl, he said as he brushed my hair off my face so he could look at my mouth sucking him. awww thank you daddy, i beamed at him, then i said, i love you so much again as i rubbed his cock and put it back in my mouth a little deeper this time, mmmmmm. i love you too baby girl, you are the best! mmmm i started bobbing my head up and down, making love to his cock, i wanted to give him the best blowjob i could, wanted to taste his cum in my mouth. i licked the shaft, then licked the head, then sucked it some more. i rubbed it and smiled at him, he leaned down and kissed me like a lover, i sucked his tongue, we made out real sweetly as i kept rubbing his cock. he sat back on the couch, and i moaned and kept saying, i love you daddy as i sucked his cock like a good girl. i was so turned on, i could feel my panties were soaked so i pulled them down as i kept bobbing my head up and down on daddy’s cock, so hot and yummy. i squeezed his hard cock with my left hand and started rubbing my pussy with my right, i don’t know how long we stayed like that but it must’ve been at least 20 minutes! i loved how he stayed hard and didn’t cum like the boys i’d sucked before, who, after a few minutes of me sucking them would explode wildly in my mouth, mmm, not him, i was sucking a grown man, making him moan and feel soooooo good. i had my eyes closed lost in his cock when i heard a sort of knocking sound coming from the kitchen area, i stopped for a bit and looked in that direction but didn’t see anything and thought it was probably the kitty knocking something over. i paid it no mind and went back to loving daddy’s yummy cock….

my sweet pussy was sooooo wet, i was rubbing it harder and faster as i deep throated daddy, mmmm i’d so often masturbated thinking about his big cock in my mouth, he was moaning and had both his hands on the back of my head, stroking my hair, gently pushing my head fucking my mouth, saying stuff like, i’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long baby girl, fuck, you give the best head, you are the most beautiful girl in the world, i looked up at him with big puppy eyes, loving his cock so much, mmmm daddy! i kept rubbing my kitty faster and harder, moaning and moving my body as if i were being fucked from behind, he reached down and rubbed my tits and when he started pinching my nipples i came so hard! i took all of his cock in my throat, and i dripped my sweet juices all over my hand, down my lovely thighs and onto the floor mmmm! he felt me cumming and said, that’s it baby girl, cum sweetie, you are such a good girl!

mmmmmmm, i’d never cum like that, so fucking hot! i was shaking, that’s when he picked me up by the arms, lifted me and said, come sit on daddy’s lap baby. mmmm, i stood up and took off my drenched panties and sat on daddy’s lap, facing him, my knees shaky and on either side of him, i grabbed his cock and slid it in my sweet pussy all the way in, mmmmm fuck! he grabbed me by my ass cheeks and started fucking me as i put my arms around him and kissed him passionately, i love you so much daddy, fuck me please! i was moaning so hard and the way he kissed me and squeezed my ass as he fucked me made me cum again! fuck me daddy i whispered in his ear as i licked him, you have the best cock in the world daddy, fuck your baby girl please. your pussy feels so good baby girl he said, then he started sucking my nipples and i started riding him harder, grinding my sweet pussy on him, mmmmmmmmm, he bit my nipple and sucked it, put a finger up my wet ass and i came again!

he kissed me again, i sucked his tongue and moaned, so fucking hot! then as i was feeling his cock throb so hard, feeling him about to cum in me he slowed down a bit, so i slowed down as well and we kissed so sweetly, mmmm, i love this daddy, i said, pulling my long pretty hair back, clasping my hands behind my head, catching my breath, huge pretty smile on my face as i kept moving my hips real slowly, his big cock buried in my pussy. i looked at him and smiled, reached around and rubbed his balls, they were so wet with my pussy juice, he was so hard still! i asked him, did you like how i sucked your cock daddy? so much baby girl, so much! you have a very talented mouth sweetie! he said, looking a little dizzy as i fucked him and rubbed his balls and cock, i smiled so pretty, you like fucking me daddy? he had that pained look of a good fuck in his face so i smiled and said i think you do and giggled. i love it baby girl, you are so hot! i bet all the boys want you huh? oh you know, i’m a very, very popular girl, i laughed. i bet he said. then i caressed his face and hair, sweetly licked his lips and softly said, but none of them can fuck like daddy can, mmmm, i felt his finger go deeper in my ass, as he gave my pussy a good hard thrust with his cock just to show me he was boss, mmm daddy! i leaned into his ear and whispered, you know i’m on the pill right? you can cum inside me. when i said this he moaned real loudly and started fucking me harder, mmmm i so want your hot cum in me daddy! he turned into a wild man, picked me off him and put me on the couch, knees down, my lovely ass sticking out, he stood behind me and slid his hard cock in my pussy, all the way in, mmmm! i spread my pretty legs real wide and put my head down, fuck me daddy i said. he put his strong hands on my hips and started ramming it in my pussy, hard and fast, mmmmm, my mouth was open, i held on to the couch as he fucked me sooooo hard, i loved it! then i heard a sound coming from the kitchen, a sort of gasping sound, i knew it wasn’t the kitty, i wanted to lift my head up to look, or ask him if he’d heard that too but we were both so far gone, i didn’t care if mommy came in and caught us, i wanted daddy to keep fucking me, to fill me up with his cum!

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