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Daddys Girl Chapters 1-4

This is a story of how my daughter and I began and carry on our beautiful love affair. Names have been changed to protect the guilty lol. My name is Blake and i was in bed had fallen asl**p when i heard a noise in the house. I got up and started down the hall and it was coming from my fifteen year old daughters room. I slowly opened the door and room was dark except for light from the street light outside that was shining in on my daughter as she was in bed. She was naked i was shocked, but what shocked me more was that she was masturbating. I stood the in a daze and watched as she fingered and moaned. I dont know what came over me but next thing I knew I was moving towards the bed. When i got to the side of the bed i saw her eyes were closed and she was fingering with 2 fingers. Her moans were so loud and so rough. Then it was like someone took over my body and I reached Down and touched her thigh. She immediately opened her eyes as she was shocked and her fingers came free from her pussy. As the came out my hand caught her hand and slid her hand to my mouth where i began to sniff and then lick and suck her fingers. Not a word was spoken but i licked and sucked on her wet juicy fingers. Then it happened she began to moan. I was amazed and then again not really knowing it i slid my hand off her thigh and onto her pussy. My finger parted her juicy swollen lips and she was so wet that it was incredible. My finger slipped inside and began to work in and out of her pussy. I was thrilled and just looked into her eyes as she began to moan harder. Which made me finger harder. Pretty soon my finger was working her pussy so hard and fast she was moaning and squirming. My daughter was liking me fingering her i thought to myself. I couldnt resist it my other hand wen to her breasts and began fondling and squeezing her nipples. My mouth leaned down and i was kissing her. My tongue running in her mouth. She was gasping and moaning and her breathing became difficult and shallow. Then she grunting yes oh yes as she came real hard on my hand.i leaned down kissed her lips and whispered in her ear “can daddy come back another night?” I was really shocked when she said “yes please.”
As I left off I had just fingered my 15 year old daughter to her best orgasm yet. Had kissed her and asked her if I could come back another night. She openly said yes daddy and i walked out the door returning to my bedroom. As i sat on my bed remembering how sweet my daughter tasted off her fingers i stroked my 9″ hard cock. OMG i thought how sweet she was. How wet she was. How had she had cum on my fingers yes my fingers as i stroked my cock i brought my fingers to my mouth. They were starting to dry but still could taste the sweetness of her pussy. How tight her pussy was. OMG i felt a boiling in my balls as I stroked harder yes shelley omg yes. My hand working so hard on my cock. I layed back and watched and moaned as stream after stream of hot white gooey cum shot from the end of my cock and me moaning for shelley. After cumming completely all over my chest thinking of my fifteen year old daughter i cleaned my chest my pubic region and my cock that for some reason still wanted more. I layed in bed thinking of returning to her. When? Did she really want me to ? Should I after all I was her Dad and she my sweet young beautiful Shelley. I finally fell asl**p.

The next morning i was in the kitchen having coffee I knew my daughter would be running down late as usual trying to grab something to eat on the way to the bus stop. Maybe passing her mom as she came home from work. I was right a moment later Shelley appeared her dress partially open on top revealing her cleavage. It is really hard not to as she is very big breasted and has been the fantasy of mine for a couple of years. She ran over i held up a bagel and a bottle of juice she grabbed it kissed my cheeck and said thanks dad i knew i could always count on you as she kissed me her tits were all over my shoulders and could plainly see down the top of her dress which made me very hard instantly especially after last night.

My wife strolls in and i asked if she talked to our daughter and she said yes for a brief moment. i asked her how the night was at the hospital and she replied busy and hectic as usual. I walked over and kissed her lips slowly inserting my tongue into her mouth. I whisper in her ear how i can massage her and relax her as i dont have to leave for an hour for work. She knows when i say relax her it usually ends in her screaming in orgasm. Not today sweetie she says. I am just gonna take one of my sl**ping pills and get some rest because i have to work again tonight. Ok i respond. She sees the disappointment and says maybe tomorrow morning when i have the day off you can call and say you’ll be a couple hours late winking at me. I accept her offer and watch her walk to bedroom. I leave for work.

At work all i can think of is last night. Swirling around in my head. As its time to leave i tell my secretary i will be a couple hours late tomorrow so plz clear my morning and if its important fit them in afternoon. I drive home wondering what will be waiting there for me. I pull into my driveway and along side my wifes vehicle knowing she will be leaving in 30 mins for work. I walk in and am Greeted by my daughter hi daddy jumping up and running over to hug and kiss me. Something she always does but this time is different. For me at least. I feel her breasts pressed against me omg how nice they feel. The kiss on my cheeck. I look down at her tank top exposing the top half of her breasts as he bra pushes them out and up. Her sorts so tight on her ass it makes me cringe as i hold her. What seems like forever holding her is only mere seconds of pleasure. My wife steps out and says dinner is ready i have to take mine but you guys enjoy yours. I thank her and kiss her goodbye. As we sit and eat dinner conversation goes as usual my work, her moms work, and her day at school. After dinner and dishes we go into the living room to relax. I tell her to find a good comedy as i need to change and get comfortable. As i turn to go and change she says
“Daddy I love you”
“I love you to baby girl I will be right back” I said.
For some reason I didnt quite understand that I mean we always tell each other we love them but that seemed different and also brought a rise in my slacks. I changed into some shorts and a tshirt and when i got to the living room she had lit some candles and had a beer waiting for me by her pepsi can.
“Daddy will you sit by me instead of in your chair. Please.” she said.
“Sure sweetie its always nice to sit with you. Whats with all the candles” I asked
“I didnt want any glare on the screen and you know how mom and i love the smell of candles burning”. she said.
“Yes you and your mom are very much alike”. As i said that i started to grow again my thoughts popping back to last night. How i made her cum. How many times i have made her mom cum the very same way when she insists she doesnt really wanna have sex and after that she cant be stopped. My heart starts to beat faster as i see her on the couch waiting for me.I sit down next to her and say “what movie did you pick?”
“Its a real funny one and you loved them so I picked it just for you.”
“Ok but what?” I asked.
She points the remote and the movie starts. Omg its American Reunion. Sweetie you shouldnt watch this yes daddy loves it and its very funny but it has alot of scenes you shouldnt see.
“Daddy am i not your princess?”
Yes Baby but this…. The movie starts with Jim talking to his wife Michelle they have put their son to bed she is going to take a bath he brings out laptop and a sock watching porn and yes masturbating.
My daughter is laughing so hard because his son interrupts and he closes it on his cock. I am just watching her as she laughs her tits omg they bounce uncontrollable and she asks if guys really use a sock.
Some do i have heard i never …. I stop n she looks at me i just say nevermind watch the movie. Next scene Michelle in tub with shower head helping herself along when husband and son bust in water begins to spray every where as she is suprised and son says mommy daddy has an owie will you kiss it and she sees bl**d stains on his tightie whities . Again she is hysterical and all i can do is drool over how much her breasts move as she laughs so hard. Speaking of hard. I am so hard from looking at her i try to adjust. We continue to watch the movie laughing me drinking my beer her now cuddling up to my side with my arm around her and her head on my chest.
between her and the movie i stay rock hard laughing and holding her. She put her hand on my thigh to lean forward and get her pepsi and i felt the tips of her fingers touch my cock. I thought i was going to explose right then. As we cuddle more and the movie ends she tells me she understands why its a favorite of mine. Again when she goes to sit up more of her finger touch my rock hard cock with less hand on my thigh.
“Baby i know you dont have school tomorrow but its late and daddy does have to work. I lean down towards her and go to kiss her cheeck when she turns and i plant my kiss right on her lips we stay like that for what seems again eternity but is only seconds when she says “ok daddy i love you”. I watch as she walks to her room and i pick up the things in the living room and head towards my room. In just my boxer briefs i lay there wondering if i am gonna hear anything tonight. Should i go if i don’t i wonder. My question is answered in 5 minutes when i hear the low moans again. My cock instantly springs up as if it had ears and heard it to. I slowly get out of bed my cock leading the way i ask myself should i really go. She did brush her fingers on my cock tonight. Is that what she wanted? Is that what she is thinking of now? what we did last night n how she touched me tonight? I rationalize to myself saying she did say you could come back.

I walk the hallway to her room and still hear the moans. I slowly open her door the rest of the way as she didnt close it all the way. Was this her way of telling me to come in? As i walk in I hear her moan Oh daddy … yes …. oh yes daddy…. All my questions were answered. I walk to the bed and again touch the thigh of her right and and this time instead of jumping from Shock and fear she lifts her hand from her pussy straight up along side the bed where i was standing and says “Is daddy gonna taste me again to night”? I take her hand and begin to lick and suck the sweet juice from her fingers to her moaning omg yes i knew you would come back.

My hand slowly slides up her thigh to her mound where i begin to rub it pressing in hard as i rub. Her moans increase in loudness and breathing becomes more shallow. I begin to rub concentrating on her mound just above her pussy. She begins moving as i rub with me pressing in harder knowing i am hitting her g-spot from the outside.

“oh yes daddy that feels so good. OMG I have never felt like this before. Yes daddy yes. Please rub my pussy she says almost begging me. I really need to feel your fingers in side again just like last night.” As she is naked on the bed my fingers begin to run up and down on top of her pussy as i lean down and kiss her lips soft and tenderly. She grabs my head no daddy like this pulling my head down so our faces mash together kissing shoving her tongue in my mouth. My other hand begins to rub her tits. As big as they are i am just grabbing and massaging. I reach over her to her left tit and begin to rub and squeeze it. Pinching and pulling her nipple as my mouth finds her right tit and nipple.Licking sucking and nibbling on it as i pinch and pull her other. Her hand suddenly reaches over and grabs my cock on top of my briefs and says” Oh daddy i didnt realize you were so big as she rubs up and down on it. Pulling my briefs down and circling her hand on my cock jerking and squeezing it. my mouth kisses down her stomach to her navel and lick in circles around her navel then inside it hearing her gasp as i do. My tongue runs down to her mound licking where i was rubbing earlier. her moans increase her breathing becomes faster and more shallow. I slide to position myself between her legs. I begin to lick down the left side of her pussy between her pussy and her thigh down to the bottom licking under and then up the right side. I slowly continue to lick around her pussy with her squirming and bucking her hips. I lick her like this for awhile with her moans getting deeper asking wanting and begging for more. I begin to lick up and down on top of her pussy lips licking and tasting all of her sweet juices seaping from her very small pussy. I wonder will i fit in there? will it be to much? would i hurt this beautiful girl i love so much? Many questions as i keep licking spreading her lips and letting the tip of my tongue touch the tip of her clit. she jumps and screams “OH DADDY” my tongue making small circles on her clit.

“Daddy please please I need it please”.
“You need what baby” I reply.
“That cock that massive huge hard cock that i felt during the movie and that i grabbed when you stood next to me” she says.
“Baby daddy doesn’t know if he can do that” I said.
“oh daddy please please I beg you” “I have to have it” “Daddy please I sorry I am not a virgin I have been with two boys and it was aweful please i need to know the love that you have that you share with mommy I need to feel that so bad” she says.
“Baby even if i do as i slide my body up hers covering her with me my cock hard as a rock. It pressing against her love spot as i kiss her deeply. Our tongues playing catch me if you can. I look her in her eyes and say if we do this there is no going back no one can ever know and last but not least it wont be the love that i share with your mother. I t will be a totally different love for you, but also different than the love i have for you as my daughter.
“Yes daddy I love you I need you please right now”.begging with tears in her eyes.

I wipe her tears kiss her shifting up and spreading her lips my cock needs no guidence as it pushes against her lips. I cant believe i am going to penetrate my beautiful little girl. I cant stop how i am feeling let alone how she feels. Slowly the head of my cock slides past her lips and into her slippery, wet love canal. Her moans turn to screams,screams of pure satisfing enjoyment as my long hard member slides deeper inside her. As it bottoms at her cervix i kiss her and ask if she is ok and she kisses all over my face saying oh daddy i way way more than ok this is incredible i have never felt like this or felt so full.I smile and then get mad that i am smiling even though it brings her the happiness she was begging for. I slowly start to slide out and back in. Increasing the motionof our bodies and she slowly starts to thrust her body up to match mine. OMG I am fucking my daughter this is so wrong but feels so right.Hearing her moan as our bodies became one now seems like an eternity. Now i am making love to this beautiful young girl who lays beneath me asking no begging for even more. I do give her more though passionately pounding my hard cock deep in her pussy. Her screaming yes me telling her how beautiful she is. Our bodies glistening with sweat as we have the best sex either has had.

“Daddy oh my godddddd i’mmmmmmm Cummmiiiinnngggggggggggggggg” she screams
“Yes baby come for your daddy cuz daddy is gonnaaaa ccuummmmmmm tttttoooooooooooooooo.” I say as i shoot 5 ropes of my hot white gooey cum shooting deep inside her.
Both us us just having cum we late next to each other my cock still inside her. Her eyes again have tears i wipe and kiss them “Baby did I hurt you” i ask with compassion and concern.
“Oh no daddy I am so happy and please i need this alot more promise me we can do this more please.” she says.
“Baby I really dont think we should it was wrong from the start” I reply.
“No daddy something so good and so great is never wrong. Please promise me”.
“ok baby let me say we will se what happens ok?”
“Yes daddy I LOVE YOU and I will do anything for you and for this!”

Daddy mind begins to run wild with all the different fantasies to play out from this as he kisses her and say Goodnight I love you my darling little girl

Chapter 2

Daddy laying in bed thinking of fantasies running wild through his mind after what just happened. Oh my god i really cant believe that happened but i am very glad it did he thinks. Right at that moment Shelley walks in.
“Daddy can i sl**p with you” as she appears still naked.
“Shelley you really should have something on and no you can not sl**p with daddy because… ” my sentence is interrupted with her pouting her lip out far enough you could trip over it and her saying.
“But daady i was laying in bed holding my arms around me and really wanting you to sl**p and hold me.” she says.
“Michelle Miranda Greene if you had let me finish i was going to tell you” she heard him use her full name and knew she was in trouble and bows her head submissively to him. As he continues to say ” What we did was not socially acceptable even though we are two people who love each other in the most amazing way we can its still not right and we can not get caught. Daddy would go to jail because you are u******e is that what you want?” I ask her.
“No Daddy i am so sorry tears begin to come down her cheecks. I …. I just wanted you to hold me all night and continue to love me.” she says almost crying.
Daddy get up and pulls her to him its ok baby but we have to make sure no one finds out. What if mommy gets sick or the hospital lets her come home early for some reason she would not do well seeing her husband and fifteen year old daughter naked and sl**ping together do you understand.” I ask.
“Yes daddy I am sorry I will go back to my room” she says with disappointment.
“Baby there is something we can do though” I start and she stops and turns.
“What daddy” excitement now replaces disappointment. “daddy before you tell me can i ask you something”
“Yes baby anything” I say.
“Even though i wasnt a virgin and i know that probably upset you alot. You just made me a woman so from now on can you please call me Michelle instead of Shelley thats so c***dish” she says.
I kinda chuckle and say “yes She…Michelle you are right a woman should be called by her proper name. Now can i finish what i was gonna say LOL.” I ask?
“Sorry yes daddy please anything you want” she replies.
“Ok as i was saying heres what we can do. Go out and put on “Remember the Titans” and will will lay on the couch and daddy will hold you and we can sl**p like that. If mommy were to come home then just looks like we watching a movie and fell asl**p but you have to have clothes on understand” I say.
Jumping back in my arms to hold and kiss my lips she says yes daddy i do thank you daddy I love you” she says.
“I love you to baby… Hey wait I still can call you baby right?” I ask
“Yes daddy just not that c***dish nickname”. she runs to her room.

She is in the living room with nightshirt and panties before i can get in my dresser and put shorts and tshirt on. She is putting in the movie as i walk in. Standing there i look at her. Oh my she has grown so much and is very sexy standing there in her night shirt with her legs oh my her legs look so damn sexy. I cant believe the difference in days that is running through my mind of how my daughter looks to me. She puts the movie in and turns around “Oh daddy your here what took you so long”. She runs to the couch and sits down and pats the couch. I kind of chuckle in my mind and say “hey I get the back so stand up young lady”. She stands and says “yes sir”. I stop and think yes i like the sound of that. That will have to be said a whole lot more. I walk over and as I sit on couch I reach up and grab her pulling her to me. Her and I laughing as we roll around on the couch tickling and playing. Then our eyes meet and we slowly lean in and kiss. Our mouths open and a new wrestle begins. The warmth of her mouth and her tongue running in my mouth. I really can’t believe how nice it feels but also how wrong. She rolls over and her back to me preesing her ass to my cock which again is hard as a rock. I lean in and begin to kiss and nibble her neck with soft moans escaping from her mouth. My arms around and under her i begin to rub and play with her huge breasts. pinching and pulling her nipples and making her moan louder as i do.

“Oh daddy that feellllsssssss ssssooooooo gggooooooooooooddd”. she moans.

My hands then runs south down her stomach and I feel her almost hold her breath as I continue down. My hand begins to rub her pussy on top of her panties. Her moaning becomes more intense and louder.

“Oh my god daddy yes I love it. You really know how to make me feel so good.” she says as her hand reaches behind her and grabs my swollen cock. I feel it throb in her hand as she squeezes and jerks it almost to hard but enough to make my breathing change. We both lay there breathing hard n fast like we just run five miles. The only difference is I dont know anyone that moans as much as we did after running. My finger moves her panties to the side and she is dripping wet already. My finger has no problem finding a nice hot spot to stay inside of. I begin to finger her matching the motion of her hand on my cock. She is so close and tells me “yes daddy oh yes…. please harder make me cum like you did the first night. Oh my god daddy yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss.” I feel her pussy tightening on my finger and oh wow how it squeezed my finger so hard. My cock is not at the point of almost no return when i say “Michelle have you ever sucked a cock”.
“Not a real one daddy but Beth has a play one she stole from her mom that we played with and tried.” she moans.
“Well put your mouth on my cock and show daddy what you learned”. Her body practically flies off the couch at the same time her head whips around she garbs my cock and dives her mouth on it talking seven inches of it. Damn i think she almost just took it all. Her head begins to bob up and down no instructions needed i guess Beth showed her the right way. Her mouth moving up and down my cock as she sucks for all she is worth. I cant hold on any longer and tell her i am gonna cum.
Ummmmmm hhmmmmmmmm is all i hear as she continues to suck going up and down. I am gonna explode. Oh yes and right in my daughter sweet mouth. OOHHHH YYYYYeeeeeeSSSSSSSSSSSSSS UUURRRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH is all that comes from my mouth as 4 long ropes of my hot cum begin to shoot one after the other in her mouth. Oh my god she is swallowing it. All of it. Oh yes she is defineately daddys baby girl. As I lay there trying to breathe and she uses her finger to catch the very small amount that she didnt swallow that ran down her chin and pushes it in her mouth. She crawls up and leans into me kissing me. I cant help but taste that my cum is still lingering in her mouth.
“Wow so you learned that from Beth. What else have you learned from her. You have to tell daddy now.” i say.
“Daddy i will tell you everything but you have to promise not to get mad like mom did when i tried to talk to her about this.” she says. “Mom doesn’t know about the first part but the second part is what i talked to her about.” she says with worried look on her face.
“Its ok baby tell daddy” I wont get mad. I promise.” I say.
“Ok but you promised” she said.

Well one night when you were gone out of town for two weeks. I was f******n and i got up in the middle of the night to pee. Moms light was still on but that wasn’t a suprise she always stayed up late so her schedule didn’t get screwed up. I heard things coming from your guys room. I thought there were a bunch of people in there so i snuck down and opened the door some n mom was watching porn on TV. I saw mommy masturbate as she watched porn. i watched her daddy like i was in a trance i couldnt move and soon i was feeling and fingering my body like mommy was only she was using a rubber cock n i was using my fingers. She would fuck herself n i would finger me. She would suck that rubber dildo and i would suck my fingers. Daddy i came so hard like i was touching mommy and she was touching me. So one night at a sl**pover with Beth i asked her if she had done things and she said yes. Then it became, I tell you something and you tell me about you. So I told her about watching mom and she was silent but she began to rub and that turned me on. So we decided that we would play with each other. (Daddy very intently looking and listening to his daughter his cock growing again damn how does she do this to me). I asked her what she did first. Dad she not only told me she showed me. She let her dog lick her. I was kinda grossed out but kinda interested to. It just kept licking her and she had a huge orgasm.
“So you and Beth played with each other” I asked.
“Yes daddy we started kissing n rubbing each others tits and pussies and then she let dog lick her, then she brought out her rubber cock. Thats how she showed me what to do.” she says.
“Oh baby she didnt do a bad job because you were pretty good but there is alot more and daddy will let you see on porn but that is for another time. Come here and kiss daddy again I love you”. I said as i pulled her to me.
“I love you to daddy” she replied.
After what seemed like hours of kissing she rolled over and i was holding her. Well then it happened again my cock started to get rock hard pressed against her nice fine tight ass. I reach up and slowly start to pull the back of her panties down as she begins to moan and grind her ass on my cock. “Oh please daddy can i have it again.” she asks.
“Daddy will always give this to you if you want it.” he says.
“Oh daddy I want it all the time anytime please. I will do anything for it.” she says
“Anything” I whisper in her ear.
“Yes daddy just tell me and I will do it Please put it inside me.” She begs.
Daddy slowly repositions his self and feels that she is soaking wet. He slides his head in and begins to work it. He says “So you watched your mom fuck herself and you liked it and it made you want to try with Beth.”
“Yes daddy omg mommy had me so hot in hallway i couldn’t take it. Mommy doesn’t know about that though only what me and Beth did. But not about the dog.”
So as daddy pushes in deeper he says “so you would let daddy watch you and Beth.”
“Yes daddy she thinks your so hot she might even fuck you to”. Michelle says.
My mind starts to wander for a second then comes back to the beautiful girl on my cock as i push in deep. Slowly starting to rock back and forth as she moans and cries out “Yes daddy fuck me with that big cock. OMG it feels so fucking good. Take me I am all yours foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr “as she starts to come with daddys cock deep in side her. Daddy stroking in her as wave after wave of orgasm blows through her body and pussy. Daddy feels his cock building and she cries ” Yes daddy give me that cum squirt it deep in my pussy. Yes i want it i need it FUCK ME NOW……..”
That all it takes and daddy is blowing squirt after squirt of hot juicy cum deep in her fuck hole.

They lay there holding and kissing each other professing their love and soon after that daddy pulls her panties up her nightshirt down and puts his cock away as the drift off to sl**p. They continue to sl**p like that til morning when Rebecca (Michelle’s mother) comes in and starts to wake them. “Did you guys watch movies and stay up all night?” She asks.
“Michelle sits up and says yeah daddy and I were watching we must have fallen asl**p.” she says to mom wiping her eyes.
“Is your father still wanting to go to work?” Rebecca asks Michelle.
“Yes mommy he said he had some business to do but he was going in late to spend some time with you. I am gonna go shower and eat something.”
“Okay sweetie you go shower and i will wake your dad and we will all have breakfast.” mom says.
Michelle leaves to go clean up wondering hoping mom doesnt pull dads cock out and blow him to wake him. Rebecca looks down at her handsome sl**ping husband and notices that he is hard. So she begins to rub him and in a half sl**p he moans “Oh yes baby yes just like that and all of a sudden she is stroking him as he wakes and says “Becca baby your home”
“Yes I am and look whats waiting for me. I just hope it wasnt like that when our daughter was laying in front of you sl**ping with you.”
“Oh baby I dont know you know how i get hard in morning” he tries to cover.
“Yes I do Michelle went to shower so let me suck this for you” she says.
He quickly remembers his cock was inside his daughters pussy last and grabs his wife pulling her down and says “Well if she is in the shower i am gonna get more than a blowjob” and undoes her scrub pants and jerks them down. Then he hooks his fingers in her panties n pulls them off saying “This is what i want” and begins to finger her hard. She begins to moan and squirm saying “Oh your so f***eful this morning i like it. Yes finger me harder” He begins to give his wife exactly what she asks for then pulls his cock out and shoves it deep inside her pussy. Partly to cover the juice from his daughter and partly because he really loves his wife. He is also thinking of her masturbating and his daughter watching her and being so excited she wanted her mom. The thought gets to him so much he can’t hold back and him and his wife cum together trying not to be loud and have Michelle hear them.when he cums he goes to stand up and his wife says let me clean that. Knowing now that it is covered in her juices he gladly accepts and say yes honey clean away. He watches as she takes his semi hard cock now in her mouth sucking and licking it from base to tip. He pulls his shorts up and says he has to get a shower and change. His wife says make it a fast one so we can all eat breakfast together.

Chapter 3

Mom is scrambled eggs,bacon,sausage,fried potatoes and toast. It is almost ready when Michelle walks in and says “do you need some help with the toast mommy”
“Yes i do sweetheart and thank you for being so thoughtful. So what movie were you and dad watching when you fell asl**p?”she asked.
“Oh mom you know dad it was Remember the Titans that stupid movie about that high school football team.” Michelle says. ” “So you didnt wake up at all last night and neither did your dad?” she asked.
“No mom I guess I just felt secure and loved with daddy holding me” she says
Mom begins to laugh “yea he does make you feel like that when he holds you your right pumpkin”

Dad strolls in sniffing in the air “my this smells wonderful and kisses Michelle on the cheeck and as he walks over to his wife she says”wow she gets the first kiss and I did all the work. How does that happen?”
He says baby I know you did and i was saving the best kiss for last.” as he wraps her in his arms and gives her the wettest juciest kiss and says “thank you “.
She says “oh your a smooth one there Mr Blake Greene. I will take that compliment though and thank you as well”. Both knowing they are talking about the sex they had while Michelle was in the shower.
Michelle interrupts with “hey you two this food aint gonna get on the table by its self.” They all help get the food on the table. Blake talks about having to work on a saturday and says i felt really bad for asking suzie to come in but i needed her. Michelle quickly pops in with why can’t I be your secretary on the weekend if you have to work. He scratches his head and says”well I guess you could from now on, but suzie is already there handling business lol.” Just then mom says “Michelle I thought we might go shopping for a little while this morning.”
Michelle looks at her dad and says “okay daddy your off the hook this time cuz shopping is always more important than work.”
They all laugh at her response. They all eat and clean the kitchen. Dad excuses himself as he has to get things ready to leave. Mom walks by and kisses him again saying she has to go shower. Michelle eyes her dad and waves for him to come over.
“Omg daddy I am so glad I listened to you. Mommy wanted to know why I didnt wake up and go to my room so I told her I never woke up I felt so safe and secure in your arms.”
“Dad says yeah well i had to think quick cuz your mom wanted to give me a blowjob this morning and i had to act fast saying I wanted sex not just a blowjob or she would have tasted our sex since i didnt clean up after. I have to make it a point or we could get caught. This is all new to both of us so we have to make sure we take every precaution baby understand.” he asks.
“Yes daddy I really do now.” Michelle says.
He kisses her lips and pushes tongue in her mouth and says “see you later I have to get to the office”.

Dad leaves for the office and Michelle sits on the couch waiting for mom to get out of shower. Mom meanwhile is in shower happy and giddy as she is washing the sex off her from her handsome husband. As she does she begins to rub and then thinks no tonight I will have that man more tonight. Michelle sitting on couch where her and daddy laid last night and made love is rubbing the cushion replaying it in her mind. How he pulled her panties down shifted himself and slowly slid inside her. Oh that just sent shivers up her spine. thinking how it made her feel with every stroke of his raging hard cock deep in her pussy from behind.She smiles as she remembers and suddenly mom comes in and says ” why are you just rubbing the couch”
Michelle says with a smile i think dad spilled some beer on it. I better get a rag and wipe it real quick so it doesn’t stain. Her knowing exactly what might have spilled out and where it came from. It certainly wasn’t beer.

Mr Greene ends up at the office where he is greeted by suzie they exchange pleasantries and he again thanks her for coming in on a saturday. Meanwhile his wife and daughter are at the mall and no store is safe from these to bandits. As time passes and credit cards used mom and michelle leave the mall and michelle says “what are we gonna do now”.
Mom laughs and says well I dont know about you but I am gonna get these bags in the house then i am gonna take a nap”.
“Oh mom then can I go to dads office we are really close and he can let suzie go and I can answer phones for him.” Michelle begs “Please mommy”.
“okay but don’t you be any trouble so your father can meet with his clients.” Mom says sternly.
“Oh I wont mommy I promise.”
“okay let me see if I take the second left and 2 rights we should be there.”

Rebecca and Michelle walk into Mr Greenes office and is greeted by suzie “hello Mrs Greene and she….”
Right then Mrs Greene breaks in and says sorry to interrupt you suzie but Michelle thinks that other name is c***dish and wants to be called Michelle now.”
Michelle says “Yes i am growing up and somethings just have to be left behind.”
Suzie says ” I totally understand since my name is suzanne but have been called suzie all my life.”Right then Mr Greene walks out and says “who is keeping my secretary from getting me the file i asked for.” Laughingly
Suzie holds up the file and says “here it is sir and I cant be rude to the bosses wife and daughter it might cause me to get fired LOL”.
He walks up and takes the file. Kisses his wife and says ” Have you spent all our money yet”
She laughs and says “No just yours LOL”.
Everyone is laughing when Michelle says that mom wants to go home and take a nap and if suzie doesnt mind she would like to help out by being the receptionist. Mr Greene looks at Suzie so do you want to go seems like i have a volunteer here.”
“Oh Mr Greene I would love that my boyfriend wants to take me out so now i can go get ready n call him.” She jumps up and brings Michelle to her desk and shows her how to work the phone. Thats all you should need your dad has all the files for the clients coming in. She thanks them again and runs out the door. With that his wife kisses him and says she is headed home to sl**p.

After 30 mins dad calls for Michelle to come in his office. I have already talked to the clients did it on the way in. I was hoping you would come by. Go lock the door and close the blinds and come here -now. She hears the stern voice and knows its now a command and submissively bows head and says “Yes Sir”. She walks out front closes the blinds and lock the door thinking back to her feelings on the couch and remembering his tone now is like when he used her full name. Am I in trouble? Have I done something wrong? I better hurry. “yes sir daddy door is locked and blinds are closed”.

“Now get over here undo my pants and pull my cock out” he orders.
“Yes sir daddy am … am I in trouble sir” she asks inquisitively.
“You will be if you dont have my pants undone and my cock out really quickly” he demands.
She practically runs over gets on her knees as he is seated and begins to undo his belt and pants fumbling in his boxer briefs to get his cock out. “Its out sir” she states.
He stands and says “better yet just take my pants off so no stains get on them”.
“yes sir” she quickly pulls his trousers down and off as he steps out of them.
“Get your lil cock sucking mouth over here and on my cock now” being very dominate something she hasn’t seen from daddy. Very unsure how to feel about it but something inside burns and makes her do as she is told.
“Mommy will be home for the next two days so your gonna get your cock sucking and fucking fill here today as i will be satisfying mommy while she is home.
Michelle quickly grabs his cock and puts her mouth over it sucking like she did last night taking almost all of it when he says” the lil bitch showed you how to take a cock in your mouth but has no idea how to please a man so i am gonna tell you as he grabs some hair and she cowers on her knees “yes sir daddy I will do anything you want” she says.
“Lick the head, ahhh yes just like that” as she follows his commands doing exactly what her daddy master tells her. “now swirl your tongue around it. Again he moans “Run your tongue up and down the shaft and as you get to the top take it all in your mouth and bob up and down a couple of times. Then begin the process all over again. Also when you get to the base of my shaft lick my balls and gently and I mean gently suck each one in your mouth.”

She begins to comply with his new demanding tone still unsure of how to take it but then she realizes something. In her mind she says omg i am soaking wet. Is it from daddy ordering me to do this. We did not do all this with the rubber cock just saw how much we could take n kept going up and down on it. She is doing exactly as daddy said even down to so gently sucking his balls.
“AAAAhhhhhhhh oohhhhh yessssss he says. That feels so good. You definately are going to be a good lil cock sucker.”
She hears the praise and the moans from daddy and feels she is doing the right thing. She knows she is because her pussy is dripping wet and twitching with desire now. She raises her skirt and moves her panties to the side and begins to rub her pussy. Daddy sees her and grabs her by the hair pulls her up and bends her over the desk. “Did I say to play with your pussy when you were to be sucking my cock?” he demanded to know.
“No sir but i was so wet and I…..I needed” she started to explain.
“You need you need this is about what your daddy master needs not your needs” as she is bent over the desk he lifts her skirt and pulls her panties down to her knees from there they just fall to the floor.
Whack She feels the stinging and hears the hard slap and now her ass stings hard as she lets out a yelp. Daddy then rubs her ass and she feels the soothing of his hand. then daddy pushes a finger right inside her juicy wet overflowing cunt. Pushes his finger in and takes it right back out. An empty feeling falls over her as her pussy is empty now.
Whack he smacks her ass again. Once again stining her ass with his slap she yelps. Then she feels the cool smooth hand rub her ass. Then once again his finger darts in and out of her pussy as she moans. She has figured out she is being punished for rubbing her pussy and dares not ask for the finger to stay in her pussy. She takes 8 more with yelps as big as the first. Realizing that after each smack a hand will sooth her ass and a finger will dart in her pussy giving her only a second of pleasure. At this moment that is all she needs as she slumps on his desk. He then kicks her legs out wide she almost falls off the desk til he rams his hard thick cock in her sopping juicy wet pussy. He thrusts inside her for all he is worth ramming and fucking her. He spreads her ass cheecks and spits down on to her tight lil rosebud and she wonders is he going to. Her thought is immediately answered as he pushes his finger deep in her ass as he fucks her for everything she is worth. Her moans her screams all seem unreal as she is being used and fucked. Daddy then announces that he is going to cum deep in her pussy. She begins to beg him “Please daddy oh yes cum in my pussy finger my ass do it harder I was a bad slut for touching my self punish me cum in me make me take all your cum. oooohhhhhh ggggoooodddddddddddd yyyeeeessssssss dddddaaaadddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. As she cums and squeezes his cock he cant hold it any longer and shoots rope after rope of hot gooey cum deep in her pussy. After he cums he slumps down on her and she looks back into his eyes and says “thank you daddy i deserved that”

He makes her go clean up as he cleans they dress and begin to ride home.

Chapter 4

As they rode home dad began to tell Michelle what was going to happen over the next two days and she was to obey and follow his instructions to the letter.
“When we get home if your mother is awake you will tell her you asked me if you could spend the night and day with Beth. I will tell her i agreed to take and drop you off. If she is not awake you will just pack a bag and i will drop you off. So you need to call and set it up now.” Michelle does as daddy says and calls Beth who readily agrees to have her over.
“Okay daddy she said yes.” Michelle tells him.
“While you are there you and her will continue you little games of playing with each other. You will also tell me everything that happens once we are alone. Next you will have Beth let her dog lick her as you are really curious and want to try but you need to see it again. Then tuesday you will have Beth come over to the house and as soon as your mom leaves you and her will begin to play again. Your mom will say I have to work late and you girls are not to answer the door no matter what. I will come home right after she leaves sneak in and catch you two playing and threaten to call her parents. You will ask to go to the bathroom and when you leave i will make a deal with that little bitch. Are you following me?”
“Yes daddy I understand” not sure why he wants Beth when he has her, but also not sure why he wants her to have dog lick her pussy. She knows after today she is not allowed to question him though because she still feels the heat on her ass from the smacking she took earlier.
“Michelle” her dad says.
“Yes daddy or should I say sir” she replies.
“Either is fine, but I want you to know I really love you” his voice more relaxed and sweet.
“OMG daddy I love you so much” she says almost crying. His hand slides to her thigh and he begins to rub her thigh. That sends shivers down her spine and also cause a reaction between her legs as her pussy starts to get really wet. The tenderness and compassion along with the domineering has her emotions running wild. She loves every part of it and can’t imagine making daddy angry again.

They pull in and Michelle is the first one in the door scanning to see mom and when she doesn’t see her she runs to her room to pack. Her father comes in a few minutes later and looks in to see his wife sl**ping in their bed. He walks to kitchen and writes a note in case she wakes while he is gone. He puts at the bottom he will bring home dinner from her favorite restaurant D’Antonio’s and if she is a good girl dessert will be more of what they had before breakfast. He smiles as he puts your husband and lover for all times.

Blake and Michelle drive to Beths house where when they pull up Beth comes running out the door, and Michelle jumps from car and the girls hug n jump around in yard. Beths mom Alexis is at the door and Blake steps out of car and says ” Are you sure this is okay this is kinda sudden”
“Oh their fine Blake we love having Michelle here just like when your out of town and Rebecca has to work. It really is okay” Alexis reassures him.
“Ok tell John I will call him to see if his golf game got any better LOL.” Blake yells to her and she asnswers ” sure thing will do”.
He begins his drive home his mind is on Michelle. Does she really know he meant business. I’m sure she does after the punishment she recieved today. He calls the restaurant and orders it will take him a little while to get there. He picks up dinner and drives home.
Meanwhile Beth and Michelle are carrying on like the school girls they are. Having fun and tormenting Beth’s younger b*****r.
Blake arrives home and walks in with dinner as Rebecca who had just woke up 5 minutes ago runs over jumps in his arms practically knocking dinner out of his hands. Kissing him and forcing his tongue deep in his mouth. She finally breaks kiss as he tries to talk while she is kissing him.
“Hey how about letting me put dinner down first.” He said
Her arms still wrapped around his neck she says “are we really gonna continue from this morning.”
“Have you behaved your self” He questioned her?
“Yes Daddy i haven’t touched my self at all. I only do that when you tell me to” she says submissively looking at the floor. He lifts her head by her chin and says we have all night to play my sweet little slave.”
He almost rips her short little nightie as he pulls it off her. Standing there in a thong he says that will do for now. Lets have some dinner. Rebecca grabs the plates as Blake begins to pull the food out. They sit and enjoy dinner. Blake staring at his wife whose nipples are rock hard on her 34C chest alot smaller than Michelle who is a 38DD. He loves them both. “Sir” Rebecca asks?
“Yes my slave what is it” he says almost sharply.
“May I ask what is in store for me tonight” she asks?
“Well I haven’t really planned anything out but there will be bondage involved” he shares.
“Oh thank you sir” she says very obediently.
They finish dinner and he tells her to clean kitchen and he will be back. She does as she is told and he leaves to go change. She feels herself getting wet in the gusset of her panties. Wanting to reach down and rub but she knows all to well she is not permitted to. So she keeps rubbing herself on the knob of the lower cupboard door on her mound. She knows that does not break the rule of touching herself. She sits at the table waiting for her master. As he walks in she stands and greets him”how would you like me daddy”.
He walks in with wrist restraints, rope, a whip, and a feather. “Hold out your hands” he commands and she gladly does as she is told. He puts them on her and pushes her bent over oak table. He begins tieing her hands to each of the opposite table legs then he walks behind her and runs feather up and down her back. She quivers under the touch of the feather and then smack on her back with the whip. She yelps and says “oh thank you sir i moved i deserved it”.
“Yes you did” he scolds her he begins to run feather up and down her ass she fights with all her might not to move or even flinch. She does good til he runs it up and down the crack of her ass. Then she flinches again and once again the whip cracks across her back. “thank you daddy please again” she asks for more knowing it will please him. again she feel the whip this time on her ass. He asks her “do you want something in your ass?’
“Oh yes sir if it pleases my daddy.” she whimpers.
He reaches up and grabs her thong and jerks it to her knees letting it fall to the floor from there. He runs his finger up and down he labia. she is soaked. “Is this wet for me” he asks.
“oh yes sir daddy you and only you.” he shoves 2 fingers deep in her pussy and begins thrusting them in and out almost violently. She moans as he fingers her pussy. “Please may i have 3 sir” and he quickly accomadates her request and pushes 3rd finger inside her. Shoving them in and out of her pussy. He pulls them out and pushes them in her face clean them my slut he demands. With her hands bound to the table she lifts her head and begins to lick and suck his fingers enjoying the taste of her pussy as she hungrily cleans them. He then walks behind her and spreads her ass runs feather on her tight asshole and then his tongue replaces feather. he looks up and tells her she may move and moan.
“Oh yes sir thank you daddddyyyyyyyyyyy” her moans escape now that she has been told she may. He continues to lick her ass even to the point of pushing tip of his tongue inside her ass.Then he begins to use the wetness from her pussy to lube her ass and shortly pushes a finger in her ass. Her moans turn to almost screams as he continues to push finger deep in her ass. he slowly pulls finger back some and then pushes it deep in her ass til its buried. Finger begins to work her ass. His cock is so hard he pushes it to her lips and leans in some and its almost as if her pussy could pull him in by itself. He sinks his hard 9″ inches deep in side her and her moans become louder and louder. His body begins the fucking motion as his finger in her ass does the same thing. Both moving in and out of her pussy and her ass with a fast rhythm. His own moans become loud as his cock is boiling in her pussy. Knowing he loves the feel of her pussy but cant stop thinking of Michelles pussy and what it must be doing.

Meanwhile Michelle and Beth are in the room when Beth says so I am glad you wanted to come over but why so quick? Michelle tells Beth that she really has missed the two of them playing together. ‘There is something else though’ Michelle say. “What” beth asks. I want us to play like we always have then I want to to let me see you with rex again. Maybe I might get interested enough to try it. It did kinda look hot when he licked you, and you really did seem to enjoy it” she said.
“Oh Shelley its so exciting it like nothing you ever felt before”. Beths words were eciting her but her mind was on the instructions her daddy gave her to try it. This seemed the easiest way to convince Beth she wanted it. With that being said her and beth began to embrace each other and looked into each others eyes. They both were filled with wanton lust. They immediately became locked by their lips. Their tongues doing a dueling dance as they softly moaned in each others mouths their hands began to roam each others bodies. Now Beth is smaller than Michelle she stands 5’2 32B and weighs 105. Where as beth stands 5’5 38DD and weighs 130. Both girls began feeling each others tits and rubbing and pinching their nipples as they still embraced. Slowly the pair began to undress. All they had on were night shirts and panties. Beth commented on how nice Shelleys breasts were and how she always loved to suck them. Michelle said that hers she thought were to big but loved Beths for their smaller size. They began taking turns first Beth rubbing and pinching Michelles nipples till soft constant moans became clear.Then Michelle took her turn licking and sucking Beths tits in her mouth. Trying to engulf all of her smaller tits in her wanting mouth. Then licking and sucking her nipples as her dad had done with her. Teasing licking in circle around the nipple watching them harden right before her eyes. Both girls began to feel the gusset of their panties begin to soak as they sucked and played with each others tits. Then their hands began to go lower and they are sliding each others panties down as they stand by Beths bed. Michelle takes beths panties down first kissing and licking her shaved mound holding and rubbing her ass. As Beth pulls Michelles down and begins to do the same Michelle winces from her slightly bruised ass.
“Whats wrong” Beth asked.
“Oh nothing just was kinda turned on I guess” she says to her friend.
“No something” … before she finishes she looks at Michelles ass which is not red anymore but does have some slight bruising on it. “omg what happened? Did your parents give you a whipping”? Should I go get my mom?” as Beth turns Michelle grabs her arm and says “no wait please don’t I .. I kinda am seeing this guy”
“Guy” Beth bursts in “who? how old is he? Did he do this to you?”
“Okay slow down and I will tell you. You don’t know him I met him a few days ago and while we were having sex it got a little rough, but I assure you I liked it very much” she said.
“Really did it hurt? Wow” Beth says.
“Well the smacking on my ass hurt but then he turned it so sensual by rubbing my ass and then pushing a finger in my pussy by the 10th one i was creaming.” she explained.
“So who was it”? Beth asked again.
“I cant tell you right now. He will get in trouble and my parents will kill him” she decided to throw in so Beth wouldnt be able to know. Michelle thought you will know soon enough because he wants you … as his little bitch. Then the two went back to rubbing on each other. Rubbing their tits together and their pussies as the kissed. the girls are squirming and rubbing as their fingers slip inside each others cunts. One and then two fingers in each others cunts. the moaning between the two starts to get loud when they hear mom say hey girls keep the noise down some. Still with fingers in each others pussies the giggle and begin to laugh. Then Michelle says “so when can you bring rex up here.
“Are you really wanting to try letting him lick you.” Beth asks.
“Well I want to see him with you again first” Michelle says. Beth immediately gets up and says i will go get us a drink as she slips her night shirt back on. “How are you gonna get him to come up here”. Michelle says.
Beth turns around slides a finger between her legs in her pussy and says “he will follow this lol”.
Beth leaves and Michelle sits in bed wondering if she can go through with this she knows daddys instructions and she doesnt want to disobey him. Still a part of her wonders if she can. A few mins later Beth comes through the door with rex following behind her as her hand with the wet finger is behind her back and his head is right behind it. They lay on the bed and she calls for rex to get up on the bed. Both girls discard their panties and Beth says its easy and feels real good so watch. She gets her finger deep in her pussy getting it real wet. Then after her pussy and her finger are sufficently wet she takes her finger and lets rex lick it. Then she gets it wet again and as he goes to lick she moves it closer to her pussy. When it is right at her pussy she lets him lick it and slightly pushes his head so his nose goes to her pussy. Rex pulls back and like most dogs licks the juice off his nose then sniffs where to find more. Beth has her legs spread wide and he begins to lick her pussy lips. As he is licking beth is slightly moaning and opens her pussy wide and rex begins to lick harder. The harder the a****l lick the more intense it is to Beth who is moaning alot louder. Michelle puts her mouth on Beths as a kiss but to muffle the sound the girl is making so no one comes to investigate. Michelle smothering Beths moans as they both are very turned on she suddenly feels her own pussy getting wetter. As beth almost screams in Michelles mouth as a volcanic orgasm hits the young girls cuntsending her into almost convulsions. She suddenly clamps her legs and rolls off the bed throughly exhausted. Beth tells her friend “lay down where i was and spread your legs”. Michelle does as she is instructed with her cunt almost dripping but rex isnt doing anything. “whats wrong” she asked her friend. Beth laughs he just needs some encouragement. She reaches between her thighs to her dripping wet cunt and gets her finger wet and lures rex towards Michelles cunt.As the dog begins to lick bolts of electricity shoot from her pussy to her brain and back to her pussy where Michelle starts to squirm. “Lay still bitch and open your cunt” Beth says to Michelle. She tries to follow instructions and can hardly believe the feeling she is having. Her orgasm is coming she can feel it as her moans get louder and louder til Beth smothers her with her mouth. Michelle can’t believe how wild this is and after her first hard orgasm her friend holds her down lifting her mouth as Michelle is almost hyperventilating. “stay there the best is yet to come.” She does and rex just keeps licking and michelle begins to moan again oh no she feels another one coming on right nowwwwwwwwwwww. As soon as that one subsides as rex continues to lick another one hits and her body begins to shake. “Omg” Beth says “your squirting …. damn you bitch your squirting”. Michelle cant take anymore and rolls off the bed. While beth was downstairs she made a peanut butter sandwich. She scoops some off with her finger and rubs the dogs nose causing him to lick it and continue to lick and lick as she pushes him out the door. Michelle can hardly catch her breath but says “why did you do that”. Beth says do you want him downstairs with his nose smelling like our cunts lol”. The two girls climb in bed and begin kissing and rubbing each other again. their hand end up on each others pussies as the tongues do a duel their fingers the same duel just lower. After two more incredible orgasms the girls lay silent and spent holding each other as lovers do.

As he cums in his wifes pussy he immediately pulls his cock and his fingers out. He shoves his cock in her ass that is already loosened some from the fingers that were there. As his cock goes in his wife begins to scream”Yes daddy fuck my ass. Give this slut the best ass fucking you can. Oh god yessssssss. Please harder faster I need to feel your cum so far in my ass. As he fucks her he begins to slap her ass causing the pain and pleasure feelings at the same time. His wife screams in pain and then is begging for more. Slap after slap across her ass. Moaning and screaming as she is tied to the table. He can’t hold off any longer the boiling in his balls has moved up through his cock and his cum begins to squirt from his piss slit and deep in her ass. She screams in exstacy. He pulls himself from her ass and grabs her by the hair and says clean it and NOW. She immediately leans her head forward and just using her mouth and tongue begins licking and sucking following the command given to her. After she is done cleaning hi cock he tells her he is going to untie her but she is to flip over and remain on the table. “Yes sir Daddy whatever you say sir”. He continues to untie her and when he is done she begins to try to flip over and realizes its a little harder to do because her arms and legs are almost asl**p from the position she was in. She gets on her back and Blake walks in front of her spreading her legs as wide as they will go and pulling her til her pussy is at the edge of the table. He sits in the chair directly in front of her and can smell the musky odor of both of their sexes. This is like a d**g to him. He begins to almost act like a man possesed. He plunges his head to her pussy sucking both her swollen lips in his mouth. sucking up and juice that has escaped her cunt. Licking up and down her lips he spreads her cunt lips and begins to lick the inner lips. Licking straight up and down on inside of lips his finger begins to rub her mound just above her pussy. She feels the pressure on her gspot and quickly says ” Permission to uh…. mmmoooaaannn sssssssssiiiiiiirrrrrr” she cant’t help squealing as she asks. He pulls his mouth away and says “Granted”. Then its like the flood gates were opened. Her moans were loud then they became louder almost screaming as was licking her cunt, rubbing her mound on her gspot, and now had his thumb placed on her clit and he was not wanting to prolong this as his thumb was practically mashing her clit hard. She began to shake as he pushed his tongue in deep into her cunt. His fingers still working their majic spots shaking and squirming she yelled “I….I mmmmmm gggooonnnnaaaaaa CCCCCCUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM OOMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG. she began thrashing as her cunt started to squirt her juices into her masters face. Opening his mouth he caught as much as he could at that point he shoved to fingers deep in her cunt and began moving them hard as she came over and over. As her third orgasm was approaching he leaned down pulling her face to his kissing her she readily opened her mouth and he deposited her cum in her mouth. Her third orgasm came as she was swallowing all her cum he had just given her. Her breath very ragged and deep she looked at him and said “Thank you sir”. He asked if she was ready to come off the table as he knew she couldn’t move yet. Her response was simply ” May i lay here for a few mins SIR” . He responded “yes you may and when you can walk come to the living room with drinks and sit on my lap. She layed there a good 5 minutes before sliding into a chair. Cum from her and him was tracked across the table. As she got feeling back in her legs she cleaned the table and grabbed drinks and headed to the living room. As she sat on his lap he hugged and kissed her and said she was a very good slut and deserves some quality time now. They sat and hugged and kissed for almost an hour and then she layed her head on his shoulder as he held her tight and she fell asl**p. A few hours later she was awakened to him picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom. As he layed her down she realized his cock was once again hard. Wondering what was expected she asked “is there anything specific my daddy would like.” He shhhhh’d her lips with his finger climbed on top and kissed her passionately as he said “yes i want to make love to my wife now”. He leaned up her pussy still wet and slid inside her and began to make love to her. As the both came he fell to the side the held and kissed each other until both passed out.

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