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Several months have passed since I began my affair with Daddy.
Whenever I was at home with my mother I missed him like crazy and masturbated often thinking about his cock plunging over and over into my tight cunt. I was also fending off advances of some of the men mom dated. In one weakened moment I sucked one guy’s cock while my mother was upstairs getting ready for their date. His name was Gary and had been dating mom fot a couple weeks. When he first met me I could see his eyes scanning every inch of my body. I could hear them later that evening up in mom’s bedroom. Mom can be very load when she being fucked. When I finally saw Gary’s cock I could tell why. As we were sitting on the sofa chatting and waiting for my mother the questions became more and more intimate. He asked if I was still a virgin. I was momentarily taken aback by such an personal question but I lied and told that I was virginal in the physical sense. This intigued him and asked several follow up questions before I told him that I have had a few byfriends and in lieu of sex I would perform oral sex on them. Gary shifted in his seat. He was very aroused by this time.
“Are you good cocksucker?” he asked.
“I’ve had no complaints,” I responded.
I moved my hand slowly up Gary’s leg and pressed lightly down on the bulge in his pants.
“Is my mom a good cocksucker?” I asked as I opend Gary’s pants and extracted his cock.
“She’s not bad. She doesn’t suck me as long long as I lick her.”
“She sounds a little selfish. I hear you two upstairs while you’re fucking.”
“Your mom has a real sweet pussy,” Gary said, dividing his attention to my hand stroking his engorged cock and the stairs .
I took his cock into my mouth. It was Daddy I was sucking. I fondled and gently squeezed Gary’s balls. The excitement of being caught was heightened the experience. It was not long before he flooded my mouth with his come. Just in nick of time because we heard my mother start to come downstairs. Gary stuffed his still erect cock back into his pants as he tried to compose himself. They went off on their date without my mother any the wiser. About a week later Gary and mom broke up. Gary tried to get me to go out with him on a few occasions but I politely declined. He eventually gave up. Mom moved on to any man.
I hated the time apart from daddy. I wanted to live with him permanently. I had frequent dreams in which I became pregnant with his baby. We lived together and we were happy. The baby was born and it was beautiful. I hated when I woke up realized that I had been merely dreaming. Everything was as vivid as real life. I told Daddy these dreams. He put his arms around me and held me tightly.
The “Gary Incident” was an isolated occurrance. I was in love with Daddy almost to the point of obssession. I stood in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom and rubbed my belly, imaging what it would like swollen with Daddy’s baby. All the dreams were not so pleasent. Sometimes when the baby was born it was deformed. Other dreams involved us being discovered and seperated. I woke from these nightmares with a cry.
When we did get together we always tried a new sexual position. Some I liked and some were uncomfortable and the pleasure was somewhat diminished. I enjoyed the experimenting as much as he did. Anal sex took a little while getting used to. The first time Daddy put his cock up my ass I was sore for days afterwards. My feelings on the matter was: I have a perfectly good pussy, so why use an orfice that is not really designed for sex. Daddy never pushed when I declined his request for anal sex. I loved nothing more than to straddle him and feel that lovely cock deep inside me.
The baby dreams persisted through the months of our relationship. The happy ones I mourned when they ended and the bad I could not wait to end. I still fantasize about the idea. I want nothing more than to be with him all the time. For a while my schoolwork suffered. I went into the rest room and masturbated in one of the stalls. During class I excused myself because I needed to use the toilet. I tugged down my gymn shorts and plunged my fingers into my aggitated pussy. I imaged me and Daddy in the most absurd sexual positions and came with a stifled cry. My gymn teacher, Ms. Reeves, was getting a little suspicious about my frequent trips to the toilet. I made up some story and she seemed to buy it.
I made my mother’s life hell until she finally gave in and sent me off to live with Daddy. We fucked almost on a daily basis for those first few months together and then it settled into a comfortable three or four times a week. We thought of answering one of those ads were couples get together. We were both sexually curious how it was to have sex with members of our own sex. The closest I ever came was a very timid make out party with a few girlfriends when I was about thirteen and involved nothing more than kissing and fondling one another’s budding tits. It planted a seed of curiousity in me. Ms. Reeves was a frequent star in my lesbian fantasies. I like her masculine quality.
Maybe some day we will take the chance and explore our sexuality to its fullest. Many dark fantasies reside in my mind.

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