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Daddys little helper 2

I was in shock. I had just watched a video of on my father’s computer of my dad and my best friend Sam on the very bed I was sitting on. My friend was dressed in sexy pink lingerie and had sucked my father’s dick until he had exploded all over Sammi’s (as daddy called her) face. The pair of them had very obviously enjoyed the experience.

That wasn’t what had really shocked me though, the shock came from a couple of things. The first was that as my father had unloaded his come all over my best friends face, I had been thinking that it should be my face that was receiving his tribute. The other was that my hand was inside my underwear stroking my hard willy.

I should point out that my “equipment” is not very big. It reaches about 5.5 inches when erect and was a source of some embarrassment when I had to shower at school and the gym. My daddy’s was about 3 inches bigger and a lot thicker.

The video I had watched had finished while I was trying to get my head round what was happening, so I put the laptop on the bed next to me, then pushed my trousers down and off my legs and pulled my undies down to mid thigh. I left the computer where it was and clicked on the next video.

I held my breath as it started. I opened and it was clearly a follow on from the first because Daddy and Sammi were in the same positions they had been in. Sammi was nuzzling at my father’s balls, her bottom high in the air. She was fairly wiggling with excitement.

“Right, Sammi, ready for round two?” Daddy asked

“Oh, yes. Mr Mason. I’m always ready for you.” Sammi giggled

“Turn round, then darlin’ and let’s get to it.”

Sammi moved off Daddy’s legs and turned round, showing me her front for the first time. She had boobs! Where did they came from. They were pert and about a B-cup. (the Internet is a wonderful thing!) My gaze moved down as she knelt in front of my father, swaying from side to side, and rested on the front of her thong. I had never seen Sam’s penis before and the head was peeking out from the top of her underwear. I thought we were about the same size in the willy department, but I couldn’t be sure.

Daddy moved from his resting position and knelt behind her. He reached out and started to stroke my best friend’s bottom cheek, making her stop moving and push back onto his hand.

“Damn Sammi, you’ve got the sweetest ass in the world!” Daddy said, continuing to stroke her.

“MMMMMmmm” my friend moaned “I know, and it’s all yours” she giggled.

Daddy chuckled and then he moved his hand to her shoulders and pushed forward until Sammi was on her hands and knees, although I noticed that it didn’t take a lot of pressure to move her into position.

“Decisions, decisions” Daddy said. “Panties down around your stocking tops or should I just pull ’em to one side?” he asked the clearly randy little sexpot.

“It’s a thong, Mr Mason, and whatever you want!” Sammi groaned.

“Well then” Daddy replied and pulled the pink scrap of elastic and lace to one side. “There she is!” he laughed “What a pretty little pussy you have, Sweetie, but she looks a little dry, shall I moisten her up?”

“Yes please!” What a tart my best friend was!

Daddy then did something that rocked me to my core. He bent his head and proceeded to lick and kiss my best friends bottom. Oh my god! Oh my god. I wanted to close my eyes, but I couldn’t tear them away from the scene in front of me.

Sammi squirmed as Daddy licked her crack, but froze in place and groaned as his tongue passed over her opening.

“Oh yes, there, keep licking me there, Mr Mason, please!” she gasped.

My Daddy is a very old fashioned man and he was clearly not going to disappoint a lady because his face remained between the globes of her bottom.

Sammi shivered and gyrated her hips as my father licked at her hole, then she squealed.

“Mr Mason, you’re a very naughty man, putting your tongue right up inside me, you nearly made me mess my thong!”

There was a very masculine chuckle from Daddy which made me shiver.

“I think you’re wet enough now, Sammi? What do you think?” he asked.

By this time I think Sammi would have agreed with Dad if he’d told her that the sky was green and grass was blue. She just groaned and nodded, her blonde pigtails bouncing.

Daddy moved behind her and grasped her hips, holding her in place, his erection rearing in front of him, ready to mount this eager little filly.

He placed the head of his cock at Sammi’s hole and pushed, making her groan and try to pull forward, but his hands on her hips held her and she could only stay there, shivering as my dad penetrated her. My own hand had dropped to my lap and grasped my erection, slowly moving up and down as I took in the sight of my best friend being sodomized by my own father. He pressed forward slowly but surely and then his pubic hair touched her hole and he stopped. Her head came up and I noticed in passing that Daddy’s cum was still on her face from their earlier “round” as Daddy had put it.

Daddy leaned forward over her back and nuzzled her ear as her hips moved from side to side, undoubtedly trying to accommodate the length that had speared her.

“Like that Sammi? Do you like my cock up your tight, wet pussy?” Daddy said, winning the award for stupidest question ever asked, because Sammi’s bottom had begun to move backwards and forwards slightly. His hand moved and smacked down lightly on her right cheek, drawing a sigh from my friend.

Now that Sammi had grown used to the invader in her arse Daddy reached forward under her body and cupped her boobs (I would have to ask her about them at one point) and started to move his hips in and out. He pulled back until his big, thick cock nearly came out of Sammi’s pussy then pushed slowly back in, eliciting a deep moan from his lover.

“Yessss, Mr Mason, yessss. Fuck me, fuck me. Push that big dick deep into me, make me cum on your cock like the horny tart I am! Fuck meee!”

My father proceeded to give the lady what she asked for and his speed increased until he settled into a rhythm that had them both gasping and moaning. . Sammi’s right hand moved, brushing Daddy’s hand as it cupped her breast before continuing down to her groin, where she took hold of the front of her thong and pulled it away from her willy. I couldn’t really see what was going on under her from where the camera that was filming this scene was, but it was clear from the movement of her arm she was stroking herself in time with the fucking she was getting from my father. Her left hand held the quilt in a death grip.

The man himself reared back and his hands went back to their original position on Sammi’s hips as he pounded into her. I timed my own strokes on my willy with theirs, so that eventually we were all synchronized in sex. After about ten or fifteen minutes of stroking I began to feel the slight tingling in my nuts that usually heralded my orgasm and I kept my eyes on the screen in front of me, hoping that I could hold on till the end.

Daddy beat me to it though, groaning and shaking.

“I’m gonna cum, Sammi. Oh god, I can’t hold it, I’m gonna cum inside you!” he yelled

“Do it, Mr Mason, come in my arse, fill me up with your spunk. Cream my tight pussy!” Sammi screamed.

The sound of his lover begging for him to come inside her sent Daddy over the edge and his hands gripped Sammi’s hips tighter as he froze in place and groaned loudly. She leant back as my dad spunked off inside her and pressed her back to his chest, her own hand a blur on her willy, until she shrieked and came herself, her jism arcing into the air in front of her to splatter onto the quilt.

At the sight of this my own orgasm slammed into me and I came harder than I have ever come before. My sperm shot from the end of my willy and hit my chest, some of it even reaching just under my chin, such was the f***e of my orgasm.

My eyes had closed with the intensity of what I was feeling and when I regained my breath and reopened them Daddy and Sammi were lay full length on the bed in front of me, her head resting on his chest, his hand idly stroking her arm as they came down from their own highs. Her smooth, stocking-clad leg was hooked round my father’s hairy one with a slight proprietary air, I growled softly to myself.

“That was wonderful, Mr Mason!” Sammi said, her voice slightly muffled “You always make me cum so hard!”

“I know, you naughty girl, you love it though, don’t you?” Dad replied.


Her hand reached down and slipped between the cheeks of her bum, wiggled for a moment and then she brought her hand back up her mouth, tasting the hot, sticky cream that my father had deposited there.

I touched my own hand to the sperm I had sprayed over my chest and neck and scooped it onto my fingers, then brought my hand up to my mouth to lick my own fingers clean, tasting for the first time my ejaculate and idly wondering how Daddy’s would taste, or Sammi’s or maybe both together!

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