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Daddys little helper 3

My heart was still racing as I stood up, pulled my underwear back into place and walked into the bathroom. I used a facecloth to wipe away the cum that had spattered my chest and neck when I had lost control watching my father and my best friend have sex.

I hurried to my room and picked up a memory stick and returned to my father’s room. I plugged the stick in and copied the folder onto it. I put the laptop back in its place, gathered up my clothes and walked back into my bedroom. I lay on top of the duvet and put my hands behind my head and tried to process what I had just seen and heard.

I couldn’t stay still though, I had to do something. I got off the bed and moved to my PC. I turned it on, waited for the desktop to appear and the plugged the memory stick into one of the USB ports. I opened the folder and noticed that the files were numbered. I had already seen 1 and 2. I clicked number 3 and the file opened. The view was the same, my Dad’s bed, but this time it was empty. I heard something, though, it sounded like my father and he sounded angry. Then he appeared, his hand locked around the wrist of my best friend Sammi, this time dressed in a skimpy maids uniform, all black silk and white lace, with lots of petticoats under it. She looked absolutely delicious. I listened to what Father was saying. Apparently Sammi had been negligent in her duties as a maid and needed to be punished.

My father sat on the bed and pulled Sammi over his lap. Her short skirt rose up, baring the sight of her pantied bottom to the hidden camera and my appreciative father. He savoured the view for a minute, and then with absolutely no warning brought his hand firmly down onto her left bottom-cheek. Sammi squealed in pain and struggled but Daddy held her down and proceeded to spank her until her poor bottom fairly glowed under the sheer black panties.

With a quick movement Daddy had her down on her knees in front of him.

“I’m sorry about that, Sammi, but you need to do better.” He said, gently stroking her tear-stained face.

My best friend knelt there in front of my father, and reached out her hand to stroke the growing bulge in the front of my father’s trousers.

“Why don’t you show me how good you can be, Sammi?” Daddy said.

Sammi opened my father’s pants and pulled them and his underwear down and off, then dropped her head and engulfed Daddy’s cock with her warm, wet lips.

I watched, breathless as Sammi gave my father what must have been a world class blow-job, her eyes locked on his as she slurped and bobbed and lashed his full hairy balls with her tongue. Daddy is only human and he couldn’t last long under those conditions.

“Oooohhhh God, Sammi. I’m gonna cum. Swallow my spunk, Sammi. Take it all!!”

The camera was in the perfect position, Sammi had her lips clamped around the head of Daddy’s cock and she didn’t move it as my Daddy spunked in her mouth. After the aftershocks of Daddy’s orgasm had faded, and his cock began to soften in her mouth, she gently licked it clean, then stood, gave him a sweet little curtsey and moved away, obviously returning to her duties.

Daddy sat on the edge of the bed for a minute, smiling to himself, and then he stood up and walked towards the camera, his dick swinging, and reached out.

The screen went black, and I was left with that image burned into my brain, of my daddy’s big cock, which even flaccid was impressive. I wanted it, I wanted to feel it grow in my hand as I stroked it, and I wanted to taste it as I licked it like an ice-cream. I wanted to clamp my lips around the head and feel my father’s sperm jet out and coat the inside of my mouth so that I would be able to taste him for days afterward. I wanted to be my father’s fuck-toy!!

The best way to go about this was to get Sammi on-side a quickly as possible. I grabbed my mobile from next to my bed and dialled the number.

When Sam answered I told him what I had seen and heard and told him that I wanted his help in becoming what he had.

“Thank God, Georgia” he laughed “I was wondering when you’d find the vids. I thought I’d have to email them to you. I’ve got to tell you that between your Daddy and mine, I’m exhausted. Trying to keep two horny, virile men sexually satisfied is knackering!”

“Well, now I can take some of the pressure off, darling” I giggled.

Cut to Rocky-style montage of Sammi and Georgia, training. God she was hard on me, pardon the pun. I had a crash-course in girls’ clothes, from underwear to skirts, then make-up, then high heels. I learned how to use depilatory creams to keep myself hair free. We did a little bit of training with dildos but Sammi thought it would be better if I was as much a virgin to being penetrated as possible, because Daddy would find it even more exciting to ‘break me in’ as she put it. I learned to suck cock though, because Sammi said that was something every cum-hungry cock-slut should know. I also learned to keep myself clean ‘back there’ at all times. It took a lot of work, but finally Sammi said I was ready.

She told me to tell my father that I was going out with some friends from work the next Saturday, which I did. I noticed his eyes light up, probably at the thought of Sammi and all the depraved things he could get up to.

That Saturday, I left the house around 6 p.m. ostensibly dressed for a night out. I went straight round to Sammi’s and we transformed me into Georgia, Daddy’s newest sex-toy.

Sammi drove us back over to my house and I hid in her car as she walked up to the door and rang the bell. Daddy, opened the door to her, bare chested and looking fairly scrumptious. The plan was for me to wait for fifteen minutes, which was a bit nerve-wracking considering I was only wearing underwear under my long coat. I waited, then walked up to my own front door and quietly let myself in. I moved through the house and up the stairs to Daddy’s bedroom. I gently pushed open Daddy’s bedroom door and there he was, according to plan, blindfolded and with his arms and legs tied to the bed with several silk scarves.

God he looked good. Sammi was sat on the edge of the bed, stroking his cock. She stopped, stood up and told my father she would be back soon. He groaned in disappointment and his hips moved up and down. Sammi whispered in my ear that he was primed and ready, and I was to have fun. She was going to spend the evening with her own daddy.

She kissed me the cheek as she passed and left me there, dressed in sexy white lingerie under my coat, in a bedroom with my bound, naked father. I slipped my coat off and d****d it over a chair in the corner, never once taking my eyes off the sight of my father’s erection, which was practically vertical.

I moved towards the bed and hesitated, not sure if I could go through with it. My eyes roamed over Daddy’s body, taking in the hairiness of him, but most of all the length and thickness of his cock. I slowly reached out my hand and gently took hold of that magnificent dick and stroked my hand up and down its length.

Daddy groaned with need and his hips moved. I giggled to myself and continued stroking. It was nice but it wasn’t what I was here for. I took my hand away, leaving Daddy’s dick waving in the air, then bent at the waist and softly brushed the tip with my lips. Daddy gasped and tried to push himself up, to thrust his cock into the mouth that was poised above his cock. I teased him unmercifully though, licking the head then backing off, only to take the head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around. I quickly grew tired of this though and began to bob my head up and down on the cock that had produced the sperm that had given me life, taking more and more into my mouth and throat as I did. My hand moved up to cup his balls and I squeezed them gently as I feasted on my father’s cock.

I was now a bona-fide cock-sucker! I lost myself in the taste and feel of him as I sucked and licked and basically worshipped that wonderful meat.

Daddy grunted and his cock pulsed and then my mouth was suddenly full of hot, creamy spunk. I almost came in my thong as for the first time in my life another man came in my mouth. I swallowed Daddy’s spunk as quickly as I could, savouring the taste of it as it slipped down my throat, seeming to leave a trail of fire as it hit my stomach.

I had done it! I had finally tasted my father’s come, and I licked at his cock like a puppy trying to get every last drop of that addictive cream.

I left daddy gasping and straining at his bonds and walked into the bathroom to check the damage. I looked like what I was, a cock-sucker. My lipstick was smudged and I noticed a drop of Daddy’s cum just below my lip. I reached up and wiped it off then licked it off my finger, a little tremor going through me. I picked up a washcloth and went back into the bedroom to wipe my father’s cock clean ready for the next stage.

As I cleaned his groin Daddy rose to the occasion and he produced another glorious erection. I threw the washcloth over towards the bathroom, and resting my hand on Father’s hairy chest reached down and removed my thong, which I then wrapped around his dick and used to tease him to new heights.

I had used an enema bag to make sure that I was extremely clean and had pushed some KY jelly inside my ass while in the car, so I was ready to take the final step. I dropped my thong to floor at the side of the bed and climbed on top of my naked Father. I straddled his hips and reached down to grasp his cock, holding it straight up. I brought my bottom down and rested the head against my rosebud. I slowly pushed my bottom down and with a squeal from me and a groan from my Daddy the head of his cock slipped into me. I held myself there, gasping in pain as I adjusted to the feel of being penetrated at last. The lubricant I had used helped and pretty soon the pain faded and I began to move up and down on my Daddy’s pole, taking a little more into me on each down-stroke until I finally felt his pubic hair tickling my bottom and there I stopped. I stayed there, impaled on that superb cock for several minutes, luxuriating in the sensations of being filled to brim with hard Daddy cock.

My hips began to move, grinding my bottom down, then I raised them up, until Daddy nearly slipped out of me. I wasn’t going to let that happen though and I pushed my bottom back down, taking his length back inside me.

I rode Daddy for several minutes, a warmth spreading through me as his cock clipped my prostate at each stroke, until finally I couldn’t stand it and came, spattering my come over Daddy’s chest. As he felt my cream hit his chest Daddy began to thrust his hips upward, pounding his cock into me, as I pushed my bottom down onto his cock.

“Oooohhh, shit Sammi, I’m cumming, babe.”

I leant forward and whispered in his ear.

“It’s not Sammi, Daddy. It’s Georgia and I want you to fill me with your baby-making cream! Breed me, Daddy, breed your little girl.”

That pushed my Father over the edge and I swear I felt every pulse as his big cock spurted his come inside me. As I felt his come coat my insides I came again and fainted, collapsing onto my father’s chest.


End of Part Three.

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