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Her step son was standing naked with his huge thick cock hard and pointing straight at her. Eve was fucking him daily as she could not get enough of his huge dick. She untied her robe and let it slip to the floor showing her naked body. She had a hot figure. Nice big full tits and a great thick round ass. She reached out and grabbed his dick and began stroking him. She pulled his face to one of her nipples and loved how he sucked hard and needed more. She took his hand and put it between her legs and he shoved two fingers in her cunt and began finger fucking her as he sucked harder on the nipple. She reached behind him and grabbed his ass and massaged it. He had a great ass and also nice big balls to match his long thick cock. He was eighteen years old and had the stamina of a young man. His big dick could stay hard for hours and he could pump a lot of cum into any of her wanton holes.

She sat on the edge of the table and pulled him to her by his long hard dick. She spread her legs and pushed his cock to her fuck hole and he pushed into her deep. He began fucking her hard as he grabbed a handful of a big tit. One thing he loved was her huge jugs and hard nipples. He was pulling and twisting her nipples as he pushed his cock in deep and pulled it almost out then back in deep again and again. She reached behind him and grabbed his ass cheeks and massaged then then her fingers went to his asshole and as he fucked her cunt she shoved two fingers in his ass and finger fucked him. In a few minutes he screamed and filled her hole with his cum. Then he kissed from her big tit to that cum filled cunt and began to suck his cum out of her. He then kissed her and transferred the cum to her mouth for her to swallow.

Eve grabbed his still hard dick and stroked it and then she turned and bent over the table and he got behind her and shoved his cock all the way into her asshole and began fucking her hard. As he fucked her ass he spanked her ass cheeks leaving his hand print on the white flesh. Eve loved to be spanked a lot. It was also his pleasure to spank her. Spanking her really turned her into a wild cat. He liked using his belt on her ass as much as his hand. Last month his dad was away on business for two weeks and he whipped her ass daily with his belt till she had cum running down her legs then he fucked her hard till she almost passed out. He also loved tit slapping. He would cuff her hands behind her back and slap her tits and nipples till they were bright red and she would be so turned on she would suck his huge dick and swallow his cum till her came twice for her.

He ass fucked her till he filled her with more cum then he pulled her to knees to lick the ass taste off his cock. She cleaned his cock and then sucked on his big round balls and then he turned and bent over and spread his ass cheeks and she licked his ass hole and tongue and finger fucked it. She grabbed his balls and shoved two fingers in his ass then the third. Next she licked all around his round pucker and then shoved her tongue in him. She was good at tongue fucking his ass and he loved the feel of that tongue going in and out of his hole. He then reached around and pushed on the back if her head and held her tight to his ass as she tongue fucked him harder. As he was bent over she already had his balls in a tight squeeze and she then took her other hand and grabbed that long thick dick and squeezed and jerked it.

She tongue fucked his ass for ninety minutes till he came hard in her hand and she took the cum and rubbed it over his dick and balls and his ass cheeks. She than began to lick the cum off of him as he watched her tongue cover his cock and balls. Then she licked his ass cheeks clean. She pulled him by his cock to the guest bedroom where she had her stash of sex toys. She cuffed his hands behind his back spread his legs wide and then bound his cock and balls tight. She grabbed the cock and began rubbing the head. She ran her finger over his slit and pushing her finger just in it. She licked the cum off it as he leaked for her. She then bent him over the fucking bench and strapped his legs to each side spreading him wide. She uncuffed his hands and attached them to the legs in front. She got out the sex gel and rubbed it all over his cock and balls. This made them warm and tingly and sensitive. As the gel made him so sensitive she began rubbing his cock and balls and he began moaning.

Next she strapped on her large strap on and went to his face and shoved it in his mouth to suck. As he sucked the fake cock she added more gel to his cock and balls. Now he was moaning loud as his cock heated up and she stroked the big hard dick. She filled a small syringe with the gel and grabbed his cock and inserted it in his slit and filled his cock with the gel and this made him scream as it heated his cock and he just wanted to ram her cunt or ass and fuck her hard. She then covered her fake cock with the gel and then went behind him and shoved it in his ass and as he screamed loud she fucked him harder and harder till he was begging for a piece of her cunt.

After making him wait as she ass fucked him she then came to the front of him and released him and laid him on the bench and she rubbed his cock with the gel and shot another load in his slit then injected her cunt with the gel and grabbed his dick and pushed it deep in her fuck hole and now they were both almost crazy and they fucked hard for close to an hour and a half till they were covered in cum. They rested for a while and then took a shower together. They fucked two more times till she had to get cleaned up before her husband came home. But she knew tomorrow would be a new day with lots of sex with the step son and she could not wait.

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