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You finish parking your car in the driveway on a cool fall evening coming home from a long shift at the clinic. Your feet are killing you and you cannot wait to get out of your scrubs. As you walk up towards the door you feel a presence behind you and before your mind processes what is happening a large hand covers your mouth and an arm wraps around your waist and lifts you from the ground. You get swung around towards the street and you see a black van pull up to the driveway. The side door to the van opens and you vaguely make out 3 shapes in the back amidst your squirming and fighting. As you get pushed into the van everything turns to darkness. You feel a headband get pulled over your eyes and you can see nothing through the black cloth. You hear the door to the van close and you feel the van pull away and drive. you get pulled back some and tossed onto what feels like a futon mattress in the back of the van.

“Nice catch tonight!” you hear the gruff voice of a man exclaim.

“Alright let’s get those scrubs off of her” you hear come from a woman near the front of the van is your best guess.

You feel your shoes get pulled off and then your scrub bottoms get quickly pulled down while your arms are held firmly down by a large pair of hands. You then feel a tug on your scrub top and you hear the sound of scissors cutting. After a few moments of cutting you feel the shreds of your scrub top removed and you now lay pinned down in nothing but your bra and panties. You hear a jangle of metal and moments later you feel handcuffs placed around each of your wrists and your arms are pulled to each side of the van and secured with the cuffs. You then feel a tug on your bra and hear the scissors again begin to cut. A few seconds later the pieces of your bra fall off. You then feel a tug on your panties as they are f***efully ripped down your legs and off. You feel 2 hands holding each leg as they pull your legs wide open.

“Damn, look at those titties and that cunt. Gonna be a good night!” you hear come from the gruff voiced man.

You feel the van come to the stop and engine shut off.

“Ok i’m recording, you ready for this sweety?” you hear the woman say.

“Yes ma’am” you hear come from a voice that sounds like a young boy.

You hear the sound of a zipper coming down and clothing being removed. You try to squirm and fight but the two men holding your legs are too strong. You feel a body move up between your legs and you feel a hard shaft press up against your groin. You hear the boy spit into his hand and feel his hand move around his shaft some. A moment later you feel his head push slowly inside of you for about 2 seconds before one hard thrust has his cock fully inside of you. You hear the boy groan loudly and begin to pump his hips in and out against you as his cock fucks your hole.

“Fuck yeah sweety, bang this slut like she wants it! Give her that dick!” you hear the woman say.

“Give it to her son, you’re a man now!” you hear the gruff voice yell out.

The boys pace quickens and you feel his cock harden even more inside of you. His breathing is heavy and you can feel his legs start to quiver.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” the boy groans out as you feel him pushing inside of you as hard as he can.

“Yes sweety, give her that seed! Fill up that cunt!” the woman pants out in obvious enjoyment.

“AAAAAHHHHhhhhhhh!!!” the boy groans out as you feel his cock begin to twitch inside of you. You feel the sudden wetness of his cream fill up your pie. His hips stay pressed against yours as his cock continues to convulse inside you,
spitting streams of his hot semen into your womb. As the twitches of his prick subside you feel him slowly pull out of you.

“Great job son, now take her leg and let daddy have a go” the gruff voice says.

“Yes sir” the boy says as you feel the exchange of hands holding your legs open.

The man switches spots with the boy and you feel the head of his cock being stroked up and down your wet cummy pussy. Then with one quick push he shoves himself inside of you and lets out a deep groan. You feel his hand slowly move up to your breast as he fucks you, giving a firm squeeze before pinching hard on your nipple. You feel his other hand move up and he begins to jiggle your breasts around like toys as he continues to pump his hips against yours.

“Mmm, these titties are great. That’s where my load is going!” he calls out as his cock hardens inside of you, the tell-tale sign of an upcoming orgasm. You feel him pull out of you and move up your body. His knees on both sides of you just under your armpits and his scrotum resting on your belly. You hear a loud groan come from the man and seconds later you feel a large splash of hot sticky cum fall across your chest and up to your right cheek across your lips. He continues to shake and send streams of semen all over your chest and neck for around 15 more seconds.

“Oh fuck there ya go, enjoy that you little fuckslut.” he says down to you.

“Alright your turn b*o” he says as you feel hands exchange holding your legs again.

You hear the sound of a zipper coming down again and clothing being removed. You feel another body move up between your legs. You feel a hot lump of flesh lay against your belly.

“Holy shit, your cock is huge!” you hear the female voice exclaim.

“umm, wow uncle.” you hear the boy say.

You feel the man begin to slide his semi erect cock up and down against your sloppy pussy, making his cock wet from your juices.

“Damn, she’s gonna feel that one in the morning.” the gruff voiced man states rather matter-of-factly.

You feel his cock begin to harden as he rubs himself on you. The head feels like the size of a large plum as it moves up and down your slit. He pushes the head down and slowly begins to push it into your love tunnel. Your pussy fights back against the large head, not wanting to budge. Finally, you feel the stretch as his huge head pushes inside of you, you cannot help but let out a deep groan of pain.

“Oh fuck yeah, fill that bitch up!” the female says.

You feel the man’s large cock continue to push inside of you. At least seven inches have to be in and he is still pushing. He begins to slowly pull his cock out and back in, getting himself harder as he fucks you. Your breathing quickens as his huge rod plunges in and out of your tight pussy. He begins to rub his thumb on your clit as he fucks you. You try hard to fight the feeling you are getting but it is no use. You begin to moan with every deep thrust of his cock. Your clit is rock hard as he rolls his thumb over it to add to the pleasure. You hear his breathing get heavier as he speeds up his pace. His rock hard dick feels so good against your stretched out pussy walls. You groan in protest but know that you cannot hold back much longer. His cock hardens even more and his breathing is labored as he nears his climax. He continues to pump his huge rod in and out and lets out a low guttural growl as his cock begins to pulse inside of you. You can feel the strong jets of cum squirting out into your womb and it puts you over the edge. You scream out in pleasure and pain as the feeling of ecstasy floods you over. Both of you continue to shake and moan as your orgasms coincide. It seems to last a lifetime, but finally he begins to pull his long shaft out of you. He moves away and you can feel the cum begin to drain from your cunt.

“Good god he filled her up good!” the gruff man says.

“Stretched her little pussy out nicely too!” the woman responds. “Alright, let’s go”.

You feel the van start up and drive off. The man let go of your legs and leave you laying but still cuffed. The drive feels like an eternity, but you finally feel the van stop and the door slide open. The men un-cuff you and as you are tossed out of the van the blindfold is removed. The van drives off into the darkness, leaving you lying naked in your driveway with cum still oozing from your freshly fucked pussy.

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