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Daughter Comes Home Chapter 2

Home Chapter 4

The next day Sally was very subdued. She had recently got a part time job as a cashier. She had to leave a noon for the job and as she did a few chores she had little to say. She had her boobs plainly visible as she worked and I could see her nipples looked very erect. She seemed embarrassed with me looking and that only made me look more. She also had on a tight fitting pair of shorts that displayed quite a bit of her butt cheeks. A few times we made small talk she would smile but say little but did not say much. She did not mentioned what had transpired the night before.

When was near noon she changed into her uniform. As she walked into the room I said let me inspect how she looked. I reached up and squeezed her titties through her bra. She now only wears open bra and I could feel her nipples through the rather rough fabric of the uniform blouse. It was thick enough so the nipples were not visible and I could how her nipples would rub against the rather rough material all day while she worked. I then rubbed between her legs and Sally gave an involuntary hunch against my hand. I looked up at her face which was blushing with embarrassment over how she was reacting to my inspection.

“Okay, have a good day at work and I handed her the keys to my car. I will see you when you get home,” I said.

I had recently ordered a few toys for Sally. They had arrived and were just what I wanted. An assortment of butts plug and dildos that allowed a vibrator to be inserted in them had arrived. Also, I purchased several small vibrators that had wireless controls for them. I also ordered a special pair of panties that was made of a material that was guaranteed to keep these devices where I wanted them to be. I tested them and they seemed to work okay and would be just what I wanted for a surprised for Sally.

Sally got home in the evening and we planned to go to Walmart for some groceries. As Sally was dressing I walked into her room. She had just put on her panties.

“I have a little surprised for you,” I said.

“Oh, what is it?”

“I am just continuing your punishment or training and this will help,” I explained.

“Now come here and bend over.”

Sally walked toward me and I bent over a so her ass was sticking up in the air. I pulled her panties down and took some lubricant and applied it to her asshole.

“Oh, what are you doing?” she asked as she felt the cold cream invade her butt.

I inserted one of the smaller butt plugs and then slipped the vibrator inside it which making sure it was all the way into her ass.

“Oh, daddy,” she said.

I took one of the small dildos and stuck that in her pussy inserting the vibrator. Then I pulled her panties off and had her slip on the special panties. They were somewhat difficult to get on since they fit tight and had a special line that fit tight down her ass crack up to her pussy. There was an adjustment on it and I made sure it fit tight. Her new friends were in her until I was read for them to come out.

“Okay, put on your clothes and we are ready to go,” I said.

Sally just looked at me but put on her shorts then her bra and blouse. As she walked you could tell her plugs were having an effect on how she moved. I was getting hard just watching her.

As she got into the car she sat down very carefully and had to adjust herself a bit.

We walked into the Walmart and no one would have thought anything about the way she was walking but I could tell my devices were having an effect. She had no idea of what I had in mind with the remote control in my pocket.

She got a buggy and we picked up a few supplies. We were walking down one aisle and there was no one else around. I pressed the button for he vibrator in her butt plug and watched.

Sally immediately reacted suddenly standing up very straight.

“Oh,” she said and turned and looked at me with a shocked expressed.

With that I pressed the button on the other vibrator sending impulses into her pussy.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed and was holding on to the buggy for support. For a moment I thought she was going to collapse on the floor so I quickly turned the vibrator off in her pussy but left the one in her butt vibrating on the lowest setting.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked as she composed herself but still moved her ass a bit because of the sensations of the vibrations inside her.

“I am just enjoying myself,” I replied with a smile. Sally knew I was in control.

We did the remainder of the shopping and I could tell that Sally was very aware of the vibrating butt plug in her ass. We made our way to car and as we sat down I again turned on the vibrator in her pussy.

“Ohhhh!” Sally moaned. I believe the excitement of being around others know she was full of toys had really stimulated Sally. Then with the vibrations it was too much. I think if I had left on the pussy vibrator she would have cum right there in store. Now that we sat in the car and the vibrator running Sally was going over the top.

“Ohhh Daddy,” she cried. I quickly started the car because one guy who had walked by was now looking at Sally who looked to be going through a seizure. As I pulled out into the street Sally continued to moan.

I finally turned off the vibrators and Sally just slumped on the seat. She was totally exhausted from all the orgasms she had just experience. I smiled.

When we got home I made Sally as tired as she was unloaded the groceries.

“Come here Sally,” I said as the last groceries were put up.

“Pull off your pants.”

She complied and now just had the special panties on. I inspected the panties and noticed there was quite a bit of liquid collected in the water tight panties. There was a special little valve that allowed me to collect the juice which I did. It was at least two tablespoons of juice.

“Take off your panties,” I said.

“Sally, this is for you,” I said handing her the glass that held her pussy juice.

She just looked at me.

“It is for you to drink,” I commanded. Sally looked at me with surprised.

“Drink it right now,” I said.

Sally drank all of her pussy juice.

“You are a very good girl,” I said and patted her on the head.

It is now time for you to milk me. With that Sally went down to suck my cock.

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