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Daughter Internet Pics Discovered!

I’m looking for some advice from my fellow xHamster members out there.

A few days ago I was up to my usual perverted hobby of searching the internet stroking my cock to random porn jumping from site to site in hopes of finding something to help my blow my load. While looking through Tumblr I find a blog devoted to teens which had some extremely hot little dirty sluts, when I pass a pic of one of the dirty girls that catches my attention. I quickly scroll back to the photo & realize something. The girl in the pic with her dress hiked up over her perfectly round bubble ass, white thong pulled tightly between her voluptuous ass cheeks, is my daughter! We don’t live together, in fact we only see each other once or twice a year when she’s got time to visit from school. except for a couple of summers ago when she had to come live with me because her mom couldn’t control her promiscuity. As I sat there with a rock hard cock in my hand I carefully look over the pic to make sure I’m not mistaken when I notice that I’m once again stroking myself, even faster than before & after a couple of seconds I begin to spray my load everywhere. I don’t know why it happened because lord knows I’ve always appreciated my little princess’s beauty & it’s hard to miss the perfectly round ass she has. Once I’ve cleaned myself up I begin to search further to see just how many photos I can find of her which I only found one other photo. She’s always been a little on the risqué side with how she is dressed around me & the things we talk about because she doesn’t really look at me as her father, more like a close f****y friend I suppose.

She’s coming to visit again soon so now I don’t know what I should say or how I should act with her. Last time she came to visit it was a hot summer & she was always wearing shorts that let her ass cheeks hang out of the bottom & went braless a LOT. Many times she came downstairs from bed wearing only a tiny pair of panties & tank top, her sweet ass & tits bouncing around freely. Not to mention she had a few beers then decided that she wanted to show me how good she was at twerking (which she is VERY good at). It was a difficult thing to try & keep from getting a full erection while sitting there watching her shake her ass everywhere. And there was one incident which I couldn’t believe; One night after coming back from walking the strip with her I went out in the back yard to smoke my medicinal herbs. Right in the middle of smoking she walked out to the back to see what I was doing. “Can I have a hit daddy?” I was already half way done with it so I thought why not? We began having a great conversation so I went ahead & lit up another one. I’m guessing it made her very relaxed because we began talking about why she got in trouble & had to come stay with me. Apparently she enjoys sucking the cocks of the older men in her moms apartment complex & eating her best friends pussy when she sl**ps over. I was both turned on & happy she was confiding in me this way because I felt like we were becoming closer than ever. After trading wild stories with her I decide it’s time for us to go to sl**p. while I’m laying in my bed I decide to watch a movie to put me to sl**p when I hear her knock on the door. “What’s the plan for tomorrow daddy?” she asks standing there in her usual bedtime panties & tank top with no bra. After a bit of discussion she asks if she can lay with me & finish watching the movie with me. What’s the harm in that right? In under the covers she jumps in the bed with me, not making any contact she stays on her side of the bed. I’m not really sure when I fell asl**p but I slowly begin to awaken, to the feeling of my little princess’s hand in my boxer briefs stroking my cock. I finally become coherent of what’s happening & I’m in shock of it all so I just laid there frozen in place. At one point she pulls my now fully erect dick out of the fly & she is slowly stroking it up & down. How long has she been doing this? What if I start to cum? A lot is going through my mind & finally I decide I need to stop this, so I fake a sigh & begin to shift my body around. Quickly she lets go of my cock & lays silent. I roll over on my stomach with my back to her & after a few minutes I feel her roll over & do the same.

The next morning when I awaken she is in her own bed again. After she finally wakes up she comes downstairs for breakfast and we talk normally about random things, with her acting as if nothing happened at all as she explains that she went to her bed as soon as the movie was over. As summer went on we were a bit more touchy-feely with each other with me slapping & rubbing her on the ass & now instead of her giving me her usual kiss on the cheek she was now pressing her lips firmly to mine with a kiss & I had noticed she especially liked giving me a kiss when we were in public.

I kept myself from doing anything further with her but now with this whole photo situation & her coming to visit I can’t help but wonder if I should fully give in to lust & let things go further if the situation comes up or do I keep things how they are? Any advice or suggestions from any of you who read this would be very helpful!

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