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Daughter moves back home..

Our daughter has recently moved back home with me and the wife, after splitting from her boyfriend, and brought our beautiful grand-daughter with her. I am 45, my wife is 39. our daughter is 22-our g.daughter is still just 4mnths old.
All is going wonderfully, our daughter is in her old room, and we are all getting along very nicely. Our daughter (Cassy) is a little upset occasionally, but is coping much better since coming home.
I was always very close to her, and we would often have tickling games as she wriggled on my lap, and I admit I found it arousing too, but never acted on any of the feelings….until a few nights ago. I was having trouble sl**ping, so, while my wife slept soundly, I went to fix myself a drink. As I came quietly back upstairs, I noticed Cassys door was ajar slightly and I could see the red glow from her bedside lamp was on. I admit, I should have walked by, but it was a faint gasp that attracted my attention. I very carefully moved closer-it was dark in the hallway, so I felt sure she wouldn’t notice-and I peeped in through the ajar door. Cassy was sitting half-upright in bed, topless and was nursing the baby lovingly, cradled in her left arm. she was looking down and cooing softly as she suckled, it was such a beautiful thing to witness. As I watched, the proud grandfather, I noticed her gasp a little and her breathing was growing slightly deeper. It was then that I also noticed her free hand was under the duvet, and I saw a slow, but rythmic motion from between her thigh region-I must have frozen for a second before I realised what exactly she was doing! I stared wide eyed as I saw my own daughter feeding her baby, while she was obviously masturbating herself! I knew my wife would get aroused during feeding, so it seems our girl was no different! I was a little ashamed as I realised I was very aroused, and my cock was swelling into a very intense erection under my boxers, as her gasps and soft moans grew more frequent. her free breast, so full and swollen was wobbling a little as her hand moved a bit faster, and she began to tremble, her thighs stiffening straight under the duvet. I heard her gasp sharply, and she tensed, stifling a moan as I saw her reach a climax! I was fully erect now, and as she relaxed, my glass tapped the door accidentally! She jumped a little and looked over to see me! I assumed she thought i had just got there, because in a hushed voice, she said,’its ok dad, come in’. I walked in slowly, desperatley trying to hide the fact I had a throbbing erection by holding my hands at my front, and sat down at her bedside as she smiled up at me. Little Shannon (my grandaughter) was still suckling on Cassys nipple, eyes closed, and Cassy smiled at me again, gazing as she did when she was a little girl. I couldnt help staring at her topless body, and the free, bare breast, then at her feeding. Her breathing was still a little heavy from her climax and she looked glowing and flushed from it too! I told her how beautiful she looked and how lucky I was to have her like this, and she was smiling lovingly…I felt a little guilty, sat there as I was with a full erection, and did notice Cassy glancing down at the area a few times, the outline of it not hidden totally. As we sat quietly, Cassy reclined a little further, holding little Shannon to her breast, and then gazed at me in a different way…she noticed I was looking at her free breast and by now had seen my state of arousal….in a slight, whispered sigh, she breathed,’ it’s ok dad, come here,’ and she lifted her bare breast in a cupped hand. In a daze, I slid gently across, and nervously took the engorged nipple into my mouth gently, it felt so erect, warm and beautiful! She sighed deeply as I began to suck, the sweet milk tasted so incredible, Cassy placed her free hand on my head as I slowly teased the nipple with my tongue between suckling. I felt her knee raise up and she began to caress it over my boxers, pressing against my aching erection! I cupped the breast, feeling how warm and heavy it was, and massaged it gently, making her whimper in such an erotic way my heart pounded.
I looked up into her face, and her eyes were half closed, her breathing heavy and her tongue was occasionally licking her lips as her mouth fell open a little. I was so stunned, excited, and guilty all at once, being like this with my own daughter….she very carefully placed little Shannon into the crib at the bedside, (she was sl**ping soundly)and then moved back, her hand sliding across my chest and down over my belly….she gazed into my eyes as I lay close and our lips met-a feeling of electricity shot through me as i felt her tongue probing into my mouth, my own responding likewise, and our lust growing. She was moaning as my hand began to massage her large, heavy breasts more firmly now, our french kissing more passionate as i squeezed and teased both her breasts in turn, milk leaking and squirting occasionally, making her gasp each time. She slid her hand into the waistband of my boxers, gripping my throbbing shaft firmly, and she gasped again, her eyes widened a little as she felt how large I had become. She slid them down and I kicked them off, her thighs parting as I moved over and between them, all the while we kissed hungrily. I moved into position and could feel the heat from her (I also realised by now she had been naked all along) and how smooth she felt…I pushed slowly, her thighs gripping me and her hips lifting to meet my push, and my head swam as I gradually slid inside my own daughters hot, wetness. She held tight and stifled a groan on my shoulder as I sank deeper, gasping and moving to accomodate me-I assumed I was bigger than she was used to (I am a full 8.5″) until I was inside her completley. I felt her gripping it as I pushed slowly, her walls tightening and spasming on me as i slowly began to slide back and forth, my head still swimming and my heart pounding in my chest. I was massaging a breast in one hand while leaning on the other, sucking and teasing her long, erect nipples and breast, as she began grunting, lifting her hips to meet each thrust her hands on my back digging in as she held on. She felt so tight still, each thrust was heaven and I knew I would not last long….she was panting and whimpering , even gasping,’oh yes daddy, yes, oh god’which sounds corny, but it was incredible to hear! She was kissing me and sucking at my neck as I thrust harder, my cock ready to explode, when she suddenly gasped and i felt her grip tighten, then she spasmed, her thighs were rigid…she pushed her head aside and let out a moan into the pillow, her back arching as she had an obvious and intense orgasm! she held onto me and breathed, ‘yes, yes daddy, harder, i want you inside..’ and I was ready! I gave her several more firm thrusts, I literally saw stars and held my breath as long as I could as i felt my explosion building….then, it happened…..I exploded deep inside her, what felt like fire spurting in huge jets deep within her, each spurt was met with a grunt from her, she actually felt me spurting. I relaxed, panting like a dog as my heart rate calmed a little and we kissed, long and deep, before I relaxed on her, holding her. She was breathing heavily too, and we smiled to each other…No more shame, just pure loving naturalness washed over us both. She confessed to me that as a girl, she knew the effect she had on me sometimes but had, like me, been too shy and scared to do anything! she even admitted to masturbating while hearing me and her mum have sex, and said she often imagined I was doing it with her….if only I had known then! It was a long time coming, but we had now become closer than ever before. I slid from her with a wet slurp, her walls clinging to my shaft with every inch, and she sighed in a happy, satisfied sigh! We kissed and I left her to get some sl**p, sliding into bed beside my lovely, unaware wife!
My daughter and I are very much active now, and i do have more to tell should anyone want to read about it!

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 9:39 pm

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