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I am a depraved individual; there was nothing I wanted more than to fuck my stepson. I had been married to his father since he was f******n (almost four years); he was just starting to fill out; I had caught glimpses of him getting out of the shower, towel wrapped around his waist. I’d try to catch a look at his rod, but was never too successful. I was just barely old enough to be his actual mom, a thought that thrilled me in light of the naughty thoughts I had about him. I often wondered if he felt the same way. Just this week I had seen him look at me, turn bright red and look away; so maybe he did feel the same way. There was only one way to find out.
I’d just gotten home from work one night when the phone rang.
“Hello,” I answered breathlessly.
“Gianna, I’m not going to be home until very late tonight, they need me to work late,” my husband said in a rushed clipped tone.
“Sure, no problem; I’ll see you in the morning. Love you.”
“I love you too sweetheart.”
So, I have the entire house to myself, for several hours, I thought to myself; now how do I find out if he’s ready, willing and able?
I looked at the clock on my phone and noticed it was just after three; Aiden would be home in about a half hour from school, his senior year at a local all boys private school. I raced upstairs and quickly hopped in the shower piling my long brown hair on top of my head and securing it under a shower cap, I needed to shave. I carefully, but quickly ran the razor over my legs, underarms and very carefully shaved the region between my legs making sure I was silky smooth.
I got out of the shower just as I heard a car door slam; I wrapped the towel around me and removed the shower cap.
“Hello,” his deep voice called, “anyone home?”
“Upstairs Aiden, be down shortly.”
I walked into the master bedroom leaving the door open a crack, I could have easily showered in the master bathroom, but I wanted to leave my remnants in the bathroom I knew that Aiden used.
I smoothed a vanilla scented lotion all over my legs and arms, and between my legs and quickly slid on a pair of short black pajama shorts, forgoing the panties and added a pale pink tank top, neglecting to put on a bra. I unclipped my hair and allowed it to tumble down my shoulders in soft waves.
I walked past the bathroom and heard the shower going; I couldn’t help but wonder what my stepson would think if he knew I used his razor for my legs, under arms and the region between my legs. I could hear him singing in the shower and stopped for a second to listen.
I continued down to the kitchen and pulled out several take out menus. I was standing at the counter in the kitchen, my back to the doorway when I heard footsteps on the stairs.
A moment later, there was a voice in the doorway.
“What you’re wearing should be criminal Gianna.”
I turned and my mouth went dry. There stood my stepson, water still clinging to his jet black hair, naked to the waist. A pair of shorts clung to his hips, his skin tanned and toned from his part time job as a roofer.
“Aiden, you shouldn’t say stuff like that.” I chided gently.
He just grinned at me, “So what’s for dinner.”
“Well your father is working late, so it’s just us. What sounds good; pizza, Chinese, Mexican?”
“Doesn’t matter to me, pizza would be good.”
He walked out of the kitchen and went into the living room flipping on the TV.
I called and ordered a pizza, and was told it would be an hour before it would be delivered. Perfect, enough time to see if he’s interested or not, I thought to myself.
I walked out into the living room and found Aiden resting, laying down on the sofa, his eyes closed. His hands were behind his head and he was breathing rhythmic.
I moved next to him, sat on the ground next to his head and ran my fingers through his medium length black hair.
“Mmmmmm,” he moaned softly in his sl**p, shifting just slightly, turning his head towards me.
I couldn’t resist, I bent my head and pressed a soft kiss to his lips, my tongue stroking his lower lip. He moaned again and his lips parted, his tongue darting out to caress mine. I couldn’t help but growl softly as I deepened the kiss.
Suddenly his eyes flew open. “Gianna, what the hell are you doing?”
“It should be quite obvious Aiden, don’t pretend that you don’t want me as much as I want you.”
“Gianna be reasonable, you’re my mother.”
“Stepmother,” I slid a manicured nail down his chest to his left nipple and stroked it until it pearled.
He groaned but didn’t move my hand away; I decided to up the ante and slid out of my tank top.
“Jesus, Mary and Joseph Gianna, what the fuck are you doing.”
“Seducing you,” I took one of his hands and brought it to my left tit, “come on, we have an hour to kill before the pizza gets here. Touching me isn’t bad.”
“So wrong,” he murmured as his hand caressed my tit, rolling the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.
“Mmmmm, so right Aiden, feels so good.” I bent my head and kissed him again, drawing his lower lip between my teeth; I was rewarded with a soft growl from his throat.
When I broke the kiss a moment later I glanced down and noticed a considerable bulge in his shorts.
“Gianna, please think about this, we can’t.” he started to protest just moments before I stood and slid out of my shorts, “oh hell, why did you do that?”
“I want you Aiden. I have for a while now. Don’t pretend that you haven’t thought of it. Tasting me, filling me, stroking my core,” I took his hand and slid it down to the juncture of my thighs, “touch me Aiden.”
“Oh fuck,” he cursed as he slid his fingers between my legs finding me wet and pliant.
“Do you see what you do to me?” I murmured as he slides two fingers between my pussy’s lips finding my clit stroking it deftly.
“You really want to do this? What about dad?”
“He’s gone tonight, and works a lot. I have needs and I know that you want me as much, if not more than I want you.”
“Prove it.”
“Prove that you want me. Show me.” He sat up and hooked up his fingers finding my g-spot stroking it deftly, his other hand moving to part the folds of my pussy exposing my clit. He moved forward and pressed a soft kiss to it pulling it between his lips and teeth.
“Aiden!” I gasped, my hand going to the back of his head as he sucked on my clit until it became hard and aching.
He slid his free hand down to his shorts, tugging them over his hips freeing his shaft.
“Oh Aiden,” I murmured as he freed himself, I shifted to sit on his face and took his massive cock into my mouth sucking it gently at first, and then with more vigor as his hips started to move, fucking my face with his shaft.
I heard him moan as my teeth grazed him, and then curse as he hit the back of my throat. He groaned again and I felt him pulse in my mouth. I backed off before he could cum and slide off his face, the second I do, he’s on his feet, pulling me to him.
“Well, aren’t we a naughty little minx, I’m changing the game now bitch,” he growls, digging his fingers back into my snatch making me whimper softly, “I’m going to fuck you raw, it’s what you want isn’t it?”
I moan in response as he picks me up and moves me against the wall that faces the huge picture window, I notice the curtains are only partially closed and I start to protest.
“Too late for that,” he growls as he impales me with his rock hard shaft and rides me hard against the wall, “pizza boy should he here soon, I wonder who’ll be delivering, maybe it’ll be Scott, you like Scott, I’ve seen you watching him when he’s been over to the house. If it is, we won’t have to tip him with money; you can give him some head or let him fuck you.”
“Aiden, what’s come over you?”
“You were right; I’ve wanted you for years. Ever since dad brought you home. You prancing around the house in those short pajama shorts, and nearly see-through t-shirts. So glad dad isn’t going to be home tonight until late; I intend on fucking every one of your holes. I’ve already had two. Has daddy dearest ever fucked your ass?”
I moan as his thumb slides into my tight nearly virgin ass, but I don’t respond.
“Has he?” he slaps my ass hard.
“Not often,” I moan.
“Good, then it’ll be all mine for the taking, I think I’ll wait though, until we see who’s delivering the pizza.”
As if on cue the doorbell rings; he lowers me, slides on a pair of shorts and goes to the door, leaving me breathing hard on the ground where he left me.
“Aiden, how are you man?”
I groan, it is Scott, my stepson’s best friend, I can’t hear the exchange between the two and I’m growing nervous.
A moment or so later the two walk into the living room.
“Gianna, what luck it is Scott, we haven’t seen him in a while.”
I’d had just enough time to slid my shorts back on and pull on my tank top before the two walked in.
“Hello Scott, how’ve you been?”
“Very good Mrs. T, and yourself,” his eyes take in my frame and I know that Aiden has already told him what has happened between the two of us.
“I’m doing quite well.”
“I’ll bet you are,” Scott said moving towards me, “Aiden has told me that you don’t have enough money for a tip; that’s fine, we can work out another arrangement.”
Scott is far more aggressive than I thought he’d be, and the second he grabs my hips and draws me to him I know I’m done for.
“What do you say Mrs. T? Will you pay up?” his fingers lace through my hair and drag my face up to his kissing me hard on the mouth, I sense movement behind me and feel Aiden press up against me.
“Now boys,” I finally am able to break the kiss, “we can’t do this; don’t you have to get back to work Scott?”
“No, you’re my last delivery,” his mouth hovering dangerously close to mine. “Are you going to pay up or do I have to take what I want?”
“We could take her upstairs,” Aiden says sliding my shorts from my hips.
“Sounds good to me,” Scott says picking me up like a sack of potatoes and walking up the stairs oblivious to my protests, “your room or hers.”
“Hers,” Aiden replies as he kicks the door open.
“Aiden, no, we can’t.”
“We’ve done a lot already today that we can’t do, haven’t we mom?” Aiden says as Scott tosses me on the bed falling between my legs immediately.
I can’t help but moan as he spreads my legs wide and dives nose deep into my snatch. He bites down on my clit and I my mouth falls open in a silent scream, just long enough for Aiden to slip in filling me to the hilt.
“She’s insatiable Scott, and she likes her ass fucked.” Aiden is mercilessly fucking my face and the harder and faster he goes the more turned on and the wetter I’m getting.
Scott is moaning into the folds of my snatch, nipping and licking, he slips a finger into my saturated snatch and then rams it home into my tight ass.
I whimper as he adds a second and then a third finger to my tight ass, my hips involuntarily rock against his hand and I hear Scott chuckle against me.
“You like that do you?” Aiden hisses still fucking my mouth, “You ready for the real thing?” he backs off then and stands back watching as Scott continues to feast on my pussy.
Scott backs off then, his face glistening with my juices.
“Kiss me,” I moan; “please, I want to taste myself.”
Scott shrugs and presses his lips firmly against mine, I moan as his tongue plows into my mouth.
“Who do you want to fuck your ass mom,” Aiden is standing watching the two of us, stroking his massive length, “me or Scott?”
“I don’t know,” I stammer, “I mean you’re massive, and I haven’t seen Scott yet, but I imagine he’s just as big.”
“Bigger,” Scott stays dropping his shorts to the ground, he’s commando, and my eyes bulge, “why not see how much you can fit in that pretty mouth of yours.”
I lick my lips and move to the edge of the bed, turning my back on Aiden, the second my mouth closes around Scott’s massive shaft I know that turning my back on my super horny, super aggressive stepson was a mistake; he presses a firm kiss to my snatch and licks upwards towards my puckered hole. I can only moan around Scott’s length as Aiden feasts on my snatch, my teeth graze Scott when Aiden tongues my ass and I whimper softly as his tongue presses forward.
“Fuck Aiden, you didn’t tell me she was such a good cocksucker.”
Aiden mumbles something incoherent and moans himself as he nibbles on my clit. A moment later my clit explodes and Aiden hisses as streams of my cum hit his tongue and dribbles down his chin.
“So who do you want to fuck your ass Mrs. T?” Scott asks as he pops out of my mouth.
“I still don’t know,” I gasp.
“We’ll make it easy for you Mom,” Aiden says spinning me to face him, “I had your pussy earlier, I want your ass now.”
He picks me up and tosses me on the bed, before I can move away Scott has fallen between my legs and slid his massive cock in between my legs and into my dripping wet cunt.
“Jesus Christ you’re tight,” Scott hisses biting my neck as he pounds my snatch.
“Goddamn Scott give it to her,” Aiden stroking his cock watching Scott pound away at me, “You ready Mom?”
I can only moan as Aiden positions himself behind me, a bottle of lube in hand, he greases up his cock and presses against my tight ass slowly. Scott pulls out and Aiden presses forward a bit, cursing at my tightness.
“Dad never fucks you here does he?” Aiden hisses as he presses further into my tight ass.
“Not often.” I gasp.
“Try never; you’ve never had a cock here have you?”
I can only moan in response.
“Answer me damn it.” His hand cracks hard against my ass.
“No,” I moan; “he hasn’t, but I have used my toys.” I manage to gasp.
“You dirty little slut,” he growls into my ear, tunneling his fingers into my hair and grabbing a handful pulls my head back causing me to yelp, “you’ve thought about me doing this haven’t you?”
“Yes,” I sob, rocking my hips against his length.
“I think she’s ready for DP Aiden.”
My eyes widen as Aiden moves me into position sandwiching me between their bodies. As Aiden pulls out, Scott presses forward, until they find a rhythm. All too soon I’m having a hard time deciding on which way to move, I’m relishing the sensations. Suddenly they both push forward and I’m filled by both of their cocks and I can feel them pulsing inside me, I know they’re close.
“Where do you want me to cum Mrs. T? Are you on birth control?”
“I’m not on birth control Scott, please don’t finish inside me.”
“Fuck that shit,” Aiden growls, “Scott you’re going to finish inside her. And Mom if you get pregnant you’ll just have to pass it off as Dad’s.”
I groan as Aiden starts pounding hard, cursing loudly, he fills my ass with hot cum. A moment later Scott finishes and pounds me until he’s soft, he withdraws and I collapse on the bed fully satiated and suddenly exhausted.
“Gianna, you ok?” Aiden’s voice interrupts my thoughts, “you look like you have something on your mind.”
“I’m fine, Aiden,” I manage to stammer.
“You sure, you look a little flushed,”
I turn bright red and mumble something about it being warm in here.
“You sure, looked like you were day dreaming about something.”
“I’m sure.”
“I’d make any of your dreams come true you know.” He comes up behind me pressing his hips against mine and kisses my neck gently before grabbing a beer from the fridge and leaving the kitchen leaving me there dumbfounded, and very horny.

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