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Days prior to your wedding

PART ONE : “The groans of my friend”

A month ago a former school classmate made ​​a meeting that went. I greeted the gathering in several of my former colleagues who had not seen for a long time. Some are already married and even already have c***dren. I, for my fortune, yet I do not mess this commitment and I say this because I noticed that most of those who have done (both men and women) are the ones who have old – looking.

Therefore, it was pleasing my surprise when I saw the arrival of Jasmine.

Jasmine was a beautiful woman. It seemed that her figure had not changed in the least. A waisted short dress and covered her body, as he usually did in those years of high school. In those days, as he crossed the forecourt of the school, he drew the attention of many eyes. It was no wonder , because Jasmine was one of the few girls who had, and still has, a good reason to wear such garments. Perfect brown skin, legs and thighs maintain good shape and firmness, rounded hips naturally call away, and buttocks stand out for their good size, consistency and profile. And those breasts … phew, those breasts. Not for nothing was known as “the busty González”.

In these thoughts I was, watching her from the bottom up, when he recognized me and came over to say hello. We hugged each other and so I was able to feel her full breasts flattened against my chest. I also enjoyed the delicious aroma emanating from her long hair; It was exactly as I remembered.

Jasmine and I talked and was so I could find out that was about to marry. They had five years of knowing. He had been her boss, she said, enjoyed an excellent economic position.

Back home I could not take off from my mind the image of Jasmine. I was sixteen when both were in the same study group. Without being the girl finest salon features itself was the best physical and I wanted her. Swarthy, her shapely legs had gained popularity often wore very short skirts, tailored so perfectly accentuating the natural curves of her buttocks layers.

At that time he was too shy and I never approached her as much as I would have liked. I settled (and indeed was for me and a great delight) get occasional touch apparently accidental.

It was how furtively got to touch some parts of your body like your buttocks or their shapely breasts. However, my greatest achievement in those years of school, it was during a visit to a museum than a small group of school mates made ​​by request.

Five of us, among whom also was Jasmine, we went to the National Museum of Anthropology, traveling there by subway. Since we went on day and working hours, we had to face the masses of people, in such a way that, while my other three companions reached place in one of the wagons, Jasmine and I were behind and had to wait for the next convoy. This came about as packed as above but, as there were more people behind us, once the doors opened, such people pushed us headlong into the car leaving Jasmine right in front of me and so tight that we could not even move .

My sex was practically wedged between her voluminous buttocks and only the fabric of our clothes separated my penis from her shapely buttocks. In such conditions it was inevitable I have an erection that I’m sure she also felt, but never said anything. That moment was so engraved in my memory that I still enjoy remembering.

While I delight in the memory for years; remembering details such as: the rich smell of her neck, her hair; my deliciously caught between her perfect buttocks member, and that cozy warmth between our bodies, my penis takes so firmly under his pants bothering me while I drive.

I rub my erection on my pants, using the top of a red light. Belatedly I realize that, from the window of a minibus, a small group of college school girls can see me and laugh at me having watched my member scrubbing. Embarrassed, I walk away as fast as I can, once the light turns green.

When I got home I can not wait and look to Jasmine in the facebook. By giving her, I immediately get in touch. By such means I see pictures of her boyfriend and future husband, a guy named Alvaro. Even without knowing, I can not help feeling jealous of him. One who will have the fortune to share your life with this wonderful woman.

With that feeling in my heart I decide to quote me with Jasmine.

We agreed to meet at a cafe. I look forward and once we start to talk comes.

After confessing my old feelings I rejected it. I try not to expose my chagrin after his response and guided the conversation in another direction . For the sack conversation clear that, rather than love, marries Jasmine pressure from his parents who, old – fashioned fear that stay unmarried, without someone to support it when they are missing.

For my part I express a woman, like a man, does not need social conventions such as marriage to take place in life, but of course that if you really love her future husband because …

She flashes a smile after hearing my words.

As I see not convinced to stop thinking about marriage I can think of something.

Hey, do you think if we are to have fun. For the old times. I would like to take you somewhere now that she is still single.

Jasmine fortunately accepted.

Later we went to a nightclub stripper. She was surprised by the nature of the place, but I convinced her that had brought with the intention that you will enjoy one of their last nights of bachelorhood.

Jasmine was very funny to see the show of some strippers. With pretext of health I slipped away to talk with a friend who worked there. He was Roberto, a muscular stripper whom he had met in a gym. One, long time, I was told that in private (where had to clients requesting service some kind) had way to spy.

Private small cubicles were located behind a warehouse, and were separated from it only by a wall that did not reach the ceiling, in such a way that, in some cases climbing, one could look out. The few clients sometimes looked over there, so did not notice they were spied upon, and even recorded by employees of the place, while enjoying that service. Roberto had shown me some of those videos on your phone. It was very exciting to see women who paid for being caught. Many of them were good – looking. I was shocked that women and paid for it. I think more than one would have taken the free.

After making a deal with him, I took my friend Roberto to present with Jasmine. She was impressed. The truth is that your muscles are well crafted, but what caught the attention of my friend, I could tell by the short but constant glances that told him, was the tremendous package kept inside her thong. Roberto wore only the tiny garments to their office.

As much as she wanted to conceal, she could not help reveal the interest that bundle between the legs of my friend caused him.

We drank a few drinks, what Jasmine encouraged to maintain a pleasant conversation with Roberto. Meanwhile, in my fevered mind away from that dialogue, ruminating and the idea that Roberto had proposed.

I had asked my friend to take Jasmine to private. Already there, I asked him to make an erotic dance. For my part, thanks to a friend of Roberto, would enter the cellar from which I asomaría to private. All this to record with my phone to Jasmine in a compromising situation. He planned to send that video to Alvaro, her future husband, so that he doubted his decision of marriage.

Now it was time to take the next step. I interrupted the conversation between these two to ask my friend one of his private services for my “friend.” She, of course, gaped as it was not expected and a little embarrassed, gave a couple of negatives which ended the Roberto overcome by saying that their service would be quite soft. In addition you would in a quiet place, away from prying eyes, it would be only two of them. He emphasized that I would have to wait for no man, except for strippers, could enter. Jasmine looked at me as if he needed my approval and of course I nodded.

Once done this, Jasmine went with my friend. As he drove, without her noticing, Roberto made ​​me a sign that I knew to interpret so soon after I approached a waiter.

Roberto had agreed with his friend, the waiter, to take me to the cellar. Once it took me gave a tip and left leaving me there alone. Carefully, I placed wooden boxes on each other and clambered up to peek into cubicles with my cell phone, and prepared, to record what was going on behind that wall.

What was my surprise to see that Jasmine and my friend were already in full sexual fatigues. That one was not the deal! Clearly she had told him to create a compromising situation, but not to fuck her.

Roberto sat on a folding chair and jasmine which already rode real rider.

Doing aside my first hit, I was amazed at the development of my former colleague, I would have never imagined that agility and impetus could move in such a situation.

Jasmine groans filled the place, which, by their nature, created an acoustic reverberation that made ​​them even more horny and sensual. Hear moaning so and see it wiggle so, it made ​​me think that this woman really needed a fuck well. And what asshole had been not to seize it and, instead, giving it on a silver platter my friend Roberto.

Shortly after, I saw Roberto, grabbing his waist with both hands, lifted up his fat cock escaped from what looked like a tight vaginal tightness. Jasmine she stood in front of him, staring dumbfounded that phallus, as if she could not assimilate how such a piece of meat (as long and thick as the arm of a chubby toddler) could have entered everything in its narrow cavity.

As an agile and resolute, Roberto accomodated Jasmine on all fours in the little chair (so he could fuck her in a pup), I managed to hear her saying it was the first time I picked up with someone I had just met. Roberto, saying nothing, just simply lift the skirt (that Jasmine had not even bothered to remove) and began to penetrate.

I must admit that the bastard My friend knows his job because, from the first onslaught, and was moaning with pleasure. The attacks were increasingly brutal while his hands clung to the narrow waist of my former partner with such f***e that did not allow him to escape so frequent and ferocious penetrations.

Jasmine’s buttocks were all beautiful than I imagined. Made of brown meat, they showed firmness despite its large volume and they were getting jostled.

Despite such that lasted several minutes intercourse, he did not seem exhausted, the pumping hard and steady, while Jasmine expelled increasingly agonized moans of pleasure. It seemed that Roberto could go on for hours, however, my friend, after only twenty minutes, and broke down and cried, “Ya … and please stop, stop!”.

After a final and decisive thrust, my friend pulled his long, fleshy body member Jasmine, whom he helped her up.

I assumed that having been in that position, during that time, he had left engarrotada therefore the stand, Jasmine gave one desentumecedor growth spurt, while expelled a kind of pretty sexy moan.

Unfortunately, such a move, I almost caught, as he looked up, but I guarecí time.

Even without going to appear I heard them talking behind the wall.

– “Jijo” nor my boyfriend gives me so much battle ‘she would say.

Well when you want heart. You know, I’m at your orders Roberto for an answer ‘I said.

I do not think so, within a few days to me. I’ll be a happily married woman with gloating ‘ said Jasmine.

-So what? I do not care. Married or single. Anyway, I’ll keep it .

She laughed in response.

When I dared to peek again, Roberto was holding with both hands the panties of my friend, who chivalrously helped colocárselas. She introduced first one and then the other foot in the garment and he carefully climbed up acomodársela. In gratitude, Jasmine gave him a tender kiss while one of his hands came upon hard and erect member of my friend. Noting that was as strong as at first, she rubbed the piece of meat.

Hey, but if you follow enterito. You do not tell me you’ll look like? Jasmine asked.

Roberto, stroked her face and replied:

If you want me come here in your beautiful face.

Jasmine blushed at the compliment and lowered a little chiveada look.

No, what if when we leave he realizes.


Oh, that would be smelling Jasmine ‘I said as pointing out the obvious.

‘What you ‘d stay smelling? Roberto asked mischievously.

– Well, what will be your cum ‘she said redder than a tomato cheeks.

Roberto laughed.

-Do not worry. What do you think if I come in your pretty little mouth and so you take one of my memory?

Jasmine no longer made ​​the request. She kissed nod and started to kneel to keep up the huge member of my friend. But first, Roberto placed a small mat so she would not hurt her knees.

Roberto took off the condom, until then, had closely covered his penis which sausage.

He brought his lips member to Jasmine and it sucked and masturbated until the climax. He ejaculated while some of the liquid was slipping from the corners of his lips to my former partner. With all malice, Roberto squeezed Jasmine’s nostrils leaving no breathing so she had to swallow the sperm of my friend. He claimed that such action but Roberto just laughed. Despite such mockery Jasmine did not seem angry, quite the contrary, left embraced one of his massive arms as if they were a pair of loving couple.

When I saw them go also I left. But despite my efforts I won them. When I left, I looked Jasmine and looking around, so I went explaining that had gone to the toilet. Perversely I asked them about their experience what it without help blushing, replied that he had only been good. I no longer wanted to pursue the matter and was silent as he watched Jasmine entwined fingers of one of his hands with Robert.

At that moment I thought of that insurance would not be the only sexual encounter between them. Married or unmarried, that bastard’s insurance would take.

It was inevitable jealous. However, he could not ignore that I had caused. I had introduced and was I who handed on a silver platter Jasmine despite what I felt for her. That was mortified me.

During the trip in the car, I saw a full smile on my former partner. Jasmine looked happy and successful.

When he got home he said goodbye thanking me. Before leaving the car gave me a kiss on the cheek and I caught a smell coming from his mouth, a certain whiff that undoubtedly came from the sperm of my friend. Perceiving that smell gave me mixed feelings; on the one hand it repulsed me, for I felt as if I had muddied such viscosity on my face, but also took me to remember lust exposed by Jasmine just minutes before.

Seeing Jasmine walking toward the door of his house, wiggling suggestive that figure, while recalling his cachondería of doing just a few minutes, an erection grew under my pants.

I started the car and went home with intent to masturbate in honor of my friend.


PART TWO : “Exercise”

Everything disappeared around me to have it fixed in my mind … Jasmine. That female who met as a teenager but was now a grown woman … and what woman.

Possessing the ass of stroke, well rounded and very firm. Owner of those udders, of which any man would like to be suckled. As outlined by thin waist, made ​​to hold it while being penetrated … phew. The walls of my room were fading away to elope in my fantasy.

Only I needed to close my eyes so that the images I had seen, only hours before, come back to me. Jasmine was stuck fast on a small folding chair, ofrendando that beautiful brown ass to that muscular male entered her from behind.

And what an ass …! Bulky and solid meat. Covered by a smooth skin be inviting lick. Just shaking, just enough to show that it was soft but nothing guango. It seems by design. Made for a single purpose: to catch the male secretions. What in my land is known simply as a Catch snot.

With that image could not but explode. But once I had ejaculated, after climax, I felt a huge void. She was not there. Jasmine was not and I wanted her. As the coveted obsessed.

“But of course, the video!” I remembered immediately.

I had the incriminating recording and could explode. He had not finished that day and through social networks, I found the email address boyfriend Jasmine: Alvaro.

Leaving me more for my desire that my thinking, I sent this video to unknown and waited. Although no one really knew what to expect: That he sent me a reply to my mail? What Jasmine to communicate with me in search of explanation? I dont know.

Anyway, the days passed, and given the lack of new, I decided that this was the best. The truth was worrying me about the impact of my hasty action. I calmed down and got distracted with other matters. A week after that night the antrum and not worried about the issue. So I did not expect that call.

Jasmine’s sexy voice came over the headset when I answered.

-Hello how are you? -she told me.

-Fine and you?

-Very good. With final preparations for my wedding. Hey, I wonder if we could see, how do you see?

A couple of hours later, we met at a restaurant where we talked about old times and then enter a more personal conversation.

Hey, I wanted to thank him the other night. It was great. Your friend Roberto behaved beautifully , ‘he said with a coy smile.

‘ You really you you had fun? I said mischievously.

She framed her face with a smile and his cheeks flushed a little.

-¿Te Can trust anything? She told me after almost a whisper.


Well, I think I can trust you. Look, the truth is that your friend Roberto me … -Jazmín said but was interrupted when a person passing nearby.

She leaned toward me and I reciprocated in order to become more intimate.

Roberto gave me one of the best hand in my life She said in a whisper and turned to blush.

Then he told me in detail what I myself had seen without her noticing.

-… Well the fact is that it made ​​me doubt my marriage. The simple truth is , your friend, let me bite ( “go left you finely chopped,” I thought). So I went back to look -Jazmín he confessed.

I was speechless after hearing it . So the bastard Roberto already had fucked a second time. “Dammit!” I thought «And I, pa’ when ?!”.

Full of indignation, I heard what Jasmine shared with me:

“That night I left home, I had to explain to my boyfriend why he had come so late because he had already spoken trying to reach me as I had not answered before the mobile. The truth is that I turned it off when we were in that den and as I remembered and on again.

I lied saying he had entertained me with an old friend from high school. I also lied to my parents and then went to my room.

He walked with difficulty, to tell the truth … no one had left me so sore from so much … well then … you know, both metérmela

(She laughed and I thought it strange his sincerity. Never before had heard a woman speak with such confidence of those duties).

Nomás to remember, oops … it burns my crotch. Although I also moistens the vagina. I had never taken well. That one was male. Was introduced in me as a whole stud and, really, it’s fine handsome

(I was dying of jealousy nothing more than to hear you say that. Although I also was exciting, he had never heard a woman speak with such sincerity).

I could not sl**p that night, thinking of him. I was not off his head: his muscular and well – built body; his tanned complexion and that huge, huge … phew … that piece of meat that was to penis. That was a totally special experience, and I owe you. Thank you

(I nodded awkwardly, aware of my stupidity in having taken so that the cogieran rather than let them myself).

But I also felt guilty because he had been unfaithful to Alvaro. I would marry him in just a few days. To clear my mind, the next day, I decided to return to my old workout in a gym that long did not come.

That would keep my mind and body busy but … I do not know what happened to me, it seemed that what happened the night before I had opened my eyes , or rather, sexual appetite, because every corner you turned saw a boy who I craved. He saw men with different eyes.

I do not know what was happening to me. Perhaps I was becoming a pervert?

(She sipped her wine and then continued).

While he is watching one or another of the boys exercising; exercising her shapely biceps, his muscular legs, marked abdomen, breasts or impressive; He fantasized about asking them to do me the favor of culearme.

Of course it was just a fantasy, but it was based on something real, I need to have him back inside. What made ​​me so happy and it did not compare at all to what Alvaro could give me in the following years would live as husband and wife.

Noticing my crotch already dampened considerably; something that had never happened to me in public; I decided to devote myself to something, to intense physical activity. Therefore I joined an aerobics class.

Given that there would be more women than men assumed that this would not think more about sex; however, the instructor was a handsome man, at least so it seemed at the time. His body felt his muscles toned and well marked, but not too bulky.

I followed his instructions to the letter. But every time the instructor approached me to help me water became the pit.

While doing leg exercises, being on all fours, it occurred to me to ask for help so they approached me again.

– Aaayyy! I just give a cramp ‘I said when he was close to me.

The instructor knelt beside me and took my leg to massage. With its deft hands rubbed my calf muscles from stretching to cover my whole leg. Feel his strong and nimble fingers, stroking my whole leg was a delicious experience.

– It is above … ay, in the inner thigh. I said while my leg down slowly making my knee rest on the floor.

The instructor went over his hand up the inside of my thigh.

– How do you feel? Best? He told me, while I was trying to massage my pain.

It was just then when I closed both legs together to grab the hand of my instructor between my thighs, almost up to my crotch when he understood my message. I leaned back and forward in several movements that tried were of the horniest, to express my true desire. Seeing his face noticed that he had understood.

Unfortunately, the instructor took his hand between my legs as I assumed, feared discovery. That would jeopardize his work, I thought.

However, after class I approached him and once they came out the other girls, I dared to kiss him. I not take it anymore, at that moment I wanted someone to penetrate.

He tried to avoid me arguing that if they saw me they could dismiss flirtation work, because that was strictly forbidden. I did not want to get me so hot, I asked, begged, to get hold of me.

He finally relent. He accepted and took me to the dressing room for employees. In that place we hid in a small room where they kept the cleaning equipment. There, as I said, I would not enter anyone at that time.

Being alone, I immediately began to undress, which did not cost me much because only wearing a shirt and shorts. I went down immediately to her sex that was already erect and so I put it to his mouth.

As he suckled I became aware that he was being unfaithful to Alvaro for the second time and, frankly, I liked it .

I enjoyed the elastic member was becoming bigger in my mouth again. I was already eager to get me that piece of meat deep and intimate of my body, so I got up and turned my back turning around in that small space with some difficulty.

Needless to say that I struggled to give the best of me by putting me on tiptoes, thus stopping my ass making your manhood nailed in the middle of it. My instructor and now lover before, tried to get rid of my sportswear but we were so uncomfortable with the limited space, filled with anxiety, in a fit of desperation tore. He thus created a hole where he intended to introduce and to nail his hard manliness.

I, as hot as it was, or blame put the hurt on my clothes and stood further back, like inviting him to penetrate me , while I leaned on the wall in front of me.

And he looked forward to the invader true when noises were put on alert. Apparently someone had entered the locker room and approached the room where we were. Quick we fix our clothes as best we could, just in time, as indeed it was the cleaning lady surprised that we caught it in that place.

I do not even say anything. I quickly left the place without even saying goodbye let alone give him my number.

Since the hole in my clothes I went straight to the locker room ladies, willing to change.

Once dressed left the gym full of shame. Even just meters from the gym felt my face flushed betrayed me, I vowed never to do something crazy like that , and the rest of the day I spent with friends.

However could not more, he needed Roberto, so I ended up talking to him. ”

He gave you his number interjected.

Yes, he gave me before leaving the nightclub that night deprived of Jasmine ‘I said.

“Anyway, we met again, this time we met in a hotel room. You must understand that I was very nervous, I had never done anything like this . ”

You mean cuckolding your boyfriend I asked.

“No, I mean everything. Of course that he never had been unfaithful to Alvaro! Just who you think I am ?! I loved him … I mean, I love him. It’s just … Well, what I mean is that I had never said a man in a hotel

(I doubted that this was true, but let her continue).

In the room, we undressed. While I had seen, I could not help but admire the strong body of Roberto.

As on the previous occasion he had numbed me, Roberto recommended me to a series of previous warm – ups. No doubt, he is a professional and a gentleman, no man had been so attentive to me. Very considerate, it was recommended and I followed his advice. After all, what we would do was a physical activity like any other, so I said it.

I did a series of stretching and Roberto helped me to stretch my legs to the fullest. I never thought I could become so flexible and reach such limits to open my legs like a compass.

As he helped me, I could feel its pleasant smell, it smelled delicious. His hands were big and strong, his strength was remarkable when I took the waist and my legs. I already thought the idea that, with those muscular arms, lifted me on tenterhooks elevating to heaven itself just to let me fall into hard and solid manhood.

Later we got to all fours and began bending and stretching other.

Physical warming gradually became a sexual warming. Soon, even on the carpet in the room, I was over his head, closing my legs to pinch between my thighs her beautiful face while he absorbed me that I cast out the juices.

His hands went from my buttocks to my breasts, which squeezed as sensitive fruits.

Just as we were, I started to ride like a mechanical bull is involved. I assembled over his head, rode side saddle. I moved frantically, rubbing my clitoris with his nose. I tried to make her happy that my appendix.

I leaned forward and backward movements expressing my true desire. Be penetrated by his rough flesh.

Not take it anymore, he wanted, really wanted to . Before you even dare to take a break, I went with my instincts as a woman. My vagina and was water to know that package he was carrying between his legs. I could no more … do not know how but I decided to ask, no …, to demand, to get hold of me.

I asked, begged, almost begged me to.

Finally he took me to the coveted bed. His strong arms and carried me, for me, was like a divine dream is involved.

Roberto threw me to the bed and bouncing off it, I realized that this was the first time I called for a man only to fuck me and, frankly, I felt full. I was pleased to seek and get my own pleasure without waiting for a man offered me.

Before penetration, I enjoyed its spongy member that was getting bigger in my mouth again. I was already eager to get me that piece of meat deep and intimate me, so I got up and, after a brief joke during which one burly and masculine being I squeezed his strong arms, I gave it my best .

Needless to say that I struggled to give the best sex I could offer him; such a man deserved

( “… A man like him, I see the next pay me go I will pay them. Piece of bastard ‘, I thought).

Both gave everything in those sheets that ended our sweat-soaked.

While I was on top of him, riding him with all my energy, unexpectedly melodic tone was heard. It was the ringing of my cell phone sounded from nearby table, where he had left. Both looked at each other as questions of whether we should stop or not. But I was not willing to pause to burst our well-earned pace, much less our intercourse. I was hot. So, without dismounting from him, I reached the apparatus and saw that it was Alvaro.

-saves Silence I said to Roberto and answered. Hello Love. How are you? I said tenderly Alvaro, through mobile.

While he was lying about where he was, telling her that was shopping with my friends, I continued riding Roberto. Alvaro nor imagined that just then rode that beautiful male who did not disappoint me.

I talked with my future husband while Roberto and I hasten our going from a light jog to accelerated cavalcade moves. I laughed as I tried to convince my future husband that my agitation was because he was running behind my friends at the mall.

Uncut call change posture. I lay on my stomach on the bed and touched Roberto’s turn to ride me. then he was the rider and the horse.

The very puny arremeterme started with such a frenzy that made me cry several times, so I decided better to cut. I gave any pretext Alvaro and hung up. I turned off the machine to and not disturb us again. And then I would see him. That at that time was what I cared less.

You spend, you see I’m talking and you gave me good recio I said. But now you’ll see.

I turned and I ate her lips with kisses and then his tranca to sit-ins.

Which cowgirl rode him wanting expert tame untamed b**st. Violent and abruptly. For the first time I realized energy overflowing me. ”

Such testimony left me astonished. Excited and amazed, the simple truth. Perhaps, rather than it narrated, by the very fact that Jasmine trusted me without compunction. I did not know what had prompted her to tell me.

Suddenly I heard a bell and saw that bag came Jasmine who pulled out his phone and answered.

-Good…? Oh yeah. Then you’re ready … Perfect. Yes’re done, okay? Now, as we start … Well then there we are. Bye. -Jazmín Said and hung up.

Jasmine, after cutting the call, saw me and smiled.

Well, can we go? -he told me.

I, who after hearing his story I had been stunned, did not understand. Is that had an appointment?

Minutes later we were in the car. She had paid the bill because it had insisted. He said, he was very grateful to me for having presented to Roberto so besides inviting me in the restaurant, I had a surprise.


PART THREE: “Surprise”

After following his instructions, Jasmine told me the entrance to a motel, motioning tuck me right there.

After paying, I put the car in the parking lot of one of the villas.

I’m show you how grateful for was that I did so. I’ll provide the most memorable sexual experience of your life -Jazmín promised me.

That seemed like a dream; performing the desired fantasy. The woman I most desired offering what I’ve longed for.

After we got out of the car to the room.

The scent of cleaning the place filled me. That smell would be forever linked in my memory with such particular time, no doubt. The lighting was dim, warm. Under that amber light, Jasmine ran closing her tight red dress and away from him.

The skin was so smooth and uniform. Morena and very firm; there was no flab on any member. His whole body was well toned curves ranging from the suggestive to the downright instigator. ” And by God, those buttocks, Lord, those buttocks .” The hips were just the voluptuous invitation, but when you looked back you could see two slices of perfectly curvaceous and leafy meat. Stability and smoothness of the roundness those could feel when I dared to approach.

‘I feel something very special for you since high school. Look, ‘I say check it, while taking one of his hands to perch on the fly of my pants.

Under the fabric of my clothes, my erect penis looks. Jasmine looks at me with impassive face and I press my hand over hers so that it, in turn, squeeze my penis. The hardness of this is undeniable and it finds Jasmine.

Oh, your friend is … everything that gives me She tells me and impish smile.

For the first time I dare to kiss her. The subject of her delicious buttocks with both hands and I realize the reality of what I’m living. I’m really grasping at grips francs, extreme roundness my love. I take her back with such f***e that achievement raise a few centimeters from the ground.

Jasmine at its best looks beautiful. No need for expensive lingerie she’s perfect. The hug and kiss, this time deeply then, when he opens his mouth, I plunge my tongue enredándola with hers.

Go around your body with both hands; voluptuousness of her silhouette takes me over hill and dale that traffic with sensuality. Caress from his back to his buttocks; I rejoice with these mountains of meat, without forgetting the other: her breasts. For the first time I weigh; the knead; the squeeze. I think I can not cover them completely because they are very large but still, take each of the two loving but passionate apretujones.

His body is as beautiful as I imagined; his dark, soft touch nipples. I put one in my mouth and tinkering with it until it becomes erect. Still other and then kiss.

Jasmine me naked, hungry, fast. She goes faster than me.

To keep me totally naked in front of her, is Jasmine who takes the initiative. Although I want to continue with the joke, my old school friend goes to his bag where he gets a video camera and a small tripod.

Places it on the dresser so that approach to bed. I never would have imagined, Jasmine wants to keep good memories of our passionate encounter.

Then he asks me (or rather, orders me) that I lie in bed. Bewitched by her nakedness, I do. However, she tells me I turn around to be face down. My mind goes the idea that thinks me a sensual massage, but no.

Jasmine takes a rope from her purse.

-For I can reward you as you deserve, you must let me make a fantasy -she says.

I accept, perhaps without due saty, but still seduced by so divine woman who certainly did not know at all. I never imagined that such domination games appear in that little head.

Jasmine tied my arms and legs so firmly that can not move. I remain completely at his mercy, but I do not care. A Jasmine I adore so much that she would give everything. Even inveterate break with my singleness, so I joined her. With just I imagine I have a powerful erection that being as I am uncomfortable.

However, after a few seconds, I become aware that Jasmine has come out of my field of vision. I do not perceive or the corner of his eye.

-Jasmine! I shout restless.

Tweaking my ear I hear talking on his mobile phone. ” Who speaks?” I asked. I hear her heels hitting the wood floor. She approaches while continuing talking.

-… Villa 531. Well, I hope She says and then hangs up.

Being within my view I can see that it has become a dress. I do not get it.

Heart Well, you are about to receive what you deserve he says.

His speech has changed. If before the felt warm and horny, now I think it’s cold, hard … threatening.

But what … What? -argument without understanding the situation.

While she checks my bonds answer me as if everything were obvious:

Nothing … just the consequences of your actions.

The more I try to rid myself I can not. They knock on the door.

Jasmine opened.

Someone comes. I hear gnashing soled tennis on the floor board in the room. Whoever approaches.

Hello Fer.

I recognize the voice. It is Roberto.

-What are you doing here?! I say, while I’m tied up and seeing that everything is very bad, very bad, because I notice that Roberto smiles at Jasmine manifesting a confabulation.

Roberto silent.

‘I asked him to come. He’s part of the surprise I told you. A very important part certainly Jasmine says and smiles at the end.

From the bottom of my instinct, born a fear that invades my whole body.

-Let go! Roberto … what’s this ?! I shout, desperate in this situation.

Look b*****r, do not think this is my thing, uh … he says approaching, while black leather jacket carrying removed.

Well, I have no objection to assume full responsibility. Just as you should take the consequences of your impudence says Jasmine.

‘But what … what are you talking about? she replied.

-What you intended to send that video to Alvaro, huh? Damn my marriage? My life?! !? Fuck me ?! Oh? Is that what you wanted?

” The video! ” That suddenly explodes in my head.

No … no, I just … I say trying to put my thoughts in order-. I just wanted to be with you. I did not want you to be with him … I did not want you to be with anyone else I say with frank honesty.

Well let me tell you, with whoever will be my business. Did you hear?!

Well, okay, I get it. Forgive me. I ask you … ‘I interrupt when I noticed that Roberto continues undressing leaving only calzoncillos-. … But what do you want ?! What the fuck want ?!

-Güey, I told you. This is not my thing. To me only he paid me to do this and … well, for me it is just that. This is nothing personal. For me it is only to say the latter-at Chamba, Roberto lowered the pants showing their thick and stiff vergudo member.

My stupor can not be greater.

– Help! Someone help me! I scream as loud as I can.

Nor you try. I asked Roberto who will rent the two houses on either side, so no one else is close enough to hear he says and then takes her purse. Well then I leave you alone says and gives her a kiss on the mouth to Roberto. There I charge the camera.

-Okey, Do not worry -answers.

Jasmine comes to me and tells me last words:

And so you know, I did love Alvaro. What their economic situation is not what mattered most to me. And what I did with Roberto was just sex, was just that. But you men, but you are … just being men have the right to have fun. Always remains a whore; whether they get paid or only do it for taste, is always your bitch. Well, now I am inviting you. Enjoy it.

Jasmine leaves and, after closing the door of the room, hear their heels away and disappear. You perceive as the mattress sinks and shakes indicating that Roberto has gone up on it.

I feel his knees brushing my legs which open with each other.

-No no no! Roberto Wait, do not have to do what she told you. If money thing I pay. Tell me, how much do you want? I swear I’ll pay you and I miss this.

I’m sorry friend, but a deal is a deal and I am very professional. But do not panic, you just why I’m bringing a lubricant and will guide you and prepare beforehand he says the unhappy, and I begin to feel your fingers to apply a gel where no one has touched me before. Look I’ll give you a tip, you just think you are in a medical consultation and you are by listening.

As I look into the camera that is grabándonos feel how one of his fingers began to break through.

Son of a bitch! I shout as I shake as could be.

Calm down, this is nothing. Now comes the good.

His knees are moving more and feel up to my hips.

Now Pretend you’ll manage a small suppository and need to receive it for the sake of your health.

For more than shake me, I feel the tip of his wand bighead standing right at the entrance of my anus and …

-¡¡¡¡Aaaahhhhh … !!!

Well, now you think you’re shitting, but that shit is so big you have to return it.

Son your fucking mother …!

That’s … you see. And it is all in. Now treat her to expel little … ahhh … … oh, what rich bastard! That, did you see ?! How rich are you squeezing me. If it’s up to let the body follow your instinct, nothing more. Nature is very wise and that hole also needs to give and receive love says’ I … bastard son of a thousand whores the. The unfortunate Robert, when he has brought me to tears.


… That, you know, and even put you hard.

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