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Diary Of A High School Cum Queen

Dear Doctor Lewis, I am sending you my diary like you asked me in our session
the other day. It goes back about three months. That’s when I got it for my
fifteenth birthday from my Mom, who lives in Arizona. I thought it would be neat
for me to write some of the things that happened to me each day in it. Somedays,
I forgot to write though. My Daddy says that it is a waste of time for me to
keep a diary. He says I can always talk to him if I ever have a problem. My Dad
is a really good father. I love him and I don’t understand how an innocent
comment could get my Dad into such trouble. Maybe, once things cool down, I can
see him again. Anyway, here is my diary:
Tuesday, Sept. 10 Dear Diary, Hi! My name is Amy Cooper and I just got you as a
gift for my birthday from my Mother. She lives in Arizona now. I was very happy
when she called to wish me a happy birthday. I don’t get to talk to her much
anymore. She says she is trying to build a new life for herself. Let me tell you
about myself. I am about 5’2″ tall and about 95 pounds. I have shoulder length
blond hair and blue eyes. My Daddy thinks I am cute, but I think he is just
saying that because he’s my Dad. I am a good student in school and I like sports
and cheerleading. I also like to do lots of stuff with my friends. Anyway, I am
fifteen years old now! Only one more year until I am sixteen and I get a car! I
wish :). This year I got some skirts and outfits I asked for and some really
radical posters for my room. Oh yeah, I got some CDs too. My best friend, Lisa,
also took me to the mall for a birthday bash. It was a pretty awesome birthday.
Sunday, Sept. 15 Tomorrow is a big day for me. First day of school at Washington
High. I am kind of excited about being a freshman in High School. All my old
friends will still be in my class but I will be in the same building with Jeff
Marks, the fab looking senior. When I think about him, I want to cream my jeans!
Diary, I know what your thinking; why would the captain of the Varsity Boy’s
Basketball team be interested in Amy Cooper, one of two hundred freshman girls
new to the school? Your right, of course. But I can still dream, can’t I?
Monday, Sept. 16 I had a great day today! I love all my new classes and I’m
making new friends! My Dad says that I have a lot of personality. He says that’s
why people like me. I really love my Dad. Tonight, when he came home from work,
he gave me a big hug and kiss and told me how proud he was of me, now that I was
growing up into a young woman. He also made us a really nice dinner, his
specialty, veal parmigana. I even helped with the dishes without him having to
ask me. I don’t know what’s come over me!
Saturday, Sept. 28 I am going to a party at my friend Stephanie’s house tonight.
I hear Jeff Marks, my future husband :), might actually be there. That’s too
much! I would give my right arm just to have him notice me. I heard that Steph’s
parents are out of town and there’s going to be alcohol at the party. I just
hope my Dad doesn’t find out about it.
Sunday, Sept. 29 Your not going to believe what happened! Jeff actually asked me
to dance! I was so shocked that I couldn’t even answer him! Thankfully, Lisa
said yes for me and pushed me up. Jeff was so gorgeous. When I put my head up
against his chest I thought I was going to faint. Our dance seemed to last
forever. I could fell his strong hands on my hips. It really turned me on. I
kept hoping that he would just lean over and kiss me. But, of course, he didn’t.
When I got home, I was so excited that I had to masturbate! I hope Jeff
remembers me tomorrow at school. I’d do just about anything to make him my
boyfriend. By the way, the rest of the party was pretty fun. Stephanie got
really d***k and got pushed into her swimming pool! I only had a couple of beers
but I’m glad Dad didn’t find out. He’d be pretty pissed at me.
Thursday, Oct. 9 I’m really excited about cheerleader tryouts tomorrow. I was a
pretty good cheerleader in Junior High. But now, I have to compete against all
of the older girls at this school. I really hope I make it. If I do, I will be
able to travel to the away games with the Varsity Basketball team and ride on
the same bus as Jeff. Maybe making the cheerleading squad will get him to notice
Monday, Oct. 13 I made it! I make it! I couldn’t believe it when they told me I
made the squad. My friend Lisa made it too. I will get my uniform and pompoms
tomorrow at our first practice. Our first game is just two weeks away. My Dad
was so proud of me when I told him. He said he would like nothing better than to
go see me do cheers in a cute, little cheerleading outfit.
Tuesday, Oct. 28 Our first game was last night at the gym. I thought I did
really well. Of course, two weeks of practicing the routines helped a lot. I
can’t get over what a good player Jeff is. And he is so handsome. He’s like
6’4” and really muscular. And he’s got the most gorgeous sandy hair and the
cutest green eyes. We have an away game on Friday. Hopefully, I will have a
chance to talk to Jeff on the bus.
Saturday, Nov. 3 The impossible happened! Jeff said he wanted me to be his
girlfriend! Whoa! Let me explain everything. After the game, which we won, Jeff
got on the bus and sat in the back row, like he always does. After about five
minutes he called my name and asked if I would come sit with him for a minute. I
nodded, of course I would! He let me slide by him so that I was sitting in the
corner, between him and the side of the bus in the back row. We talked for about
ten minutes. He asked me a lot of questions: How old I was, If I liked being in
high school, If I liked being on the cheerleader squad. I told him that I did.
Then he told me he thought I was cute and asked if he could kiss me. I told him
that he could. Jeff leaned over and kissed me. He was a great kisser. Then, he
stuck his tongue into my mouth. We french kissed for a while and he started
kissing my neck and feeling my breasts through my sweater. I was a little
hesitant, but who was I to argue. Anyway, his hands felt really good rubbing my
breasts and nipples. I felt myself starting to get wet between the legs. I hoped
that he couldn’t smell my arousal. Then, he put his hand under my skirt and
started rubbing my clit. It felt so good! He would alternate rubbing my clit and
finger fucking my cunt with two of his fingers. I prayed no one on the bus could
hear my moans. Then, I came with a shudder, soaking his fingers with my girl
cum. This was a lot better than doing it by myself! After I recovered, Jeff held
his fingers in front of my face and told me that his fingers needed cleaning. I
looked at his hand dumbly. He told me to suck them clean. I had never done
anything like that before. I didn’t want to make him think that I was
inexperienced so I took his fingers into my mouth and sucked my tangy, salty
juices off. I wished I had a glass of water to get the taste out of my mouth but
Jeff had other ideas. Jeff pulled his shorts down and pushed me to my knees in
front of him. His penis was enormous. I had never seen one that big before. Jeff
told me to take his cock into my mouth and give him a blow job. I had never
given oral sex to a boy before so I decided to make up for my inexperience with
a lot of enthusiasm. There was no way I could get that monster all the way into
my mouth so I put the head in my mouth and jerked the shaft with my hand. I
moved my hand up and down while I sucked the tip. Jeff moaned as I sucked him
and he kept calling me his ‘cocksucker’. Jeff told me he was cuming and that he
wanted me to swallow all his cum. He said that he was looking for a girlfriend
who could do all the things he asked. To have him for a boyfriend, I would have
jumped off a bridge. So, I let him grab the sides of my head and pump his semen
into my mouth. There was no way I could possibly swallow all the cum he shot
into my mouth. Some of his sperm splattered on my face and dripped down my chin
onto my sweater. Most of it went down my sucking throat. I had expected it to
taste really nasty, but I think I kinda liked the taste. It gave me a feeling of
power to be able to get my idol to cum with my mouth. Even after I swallowed,
the taste of jism was really strong in my mouth. Jeff ordered me not to wipe the
excess cum off my face or to clean it off my sweater. He said he wanted everyone
to see that I was now his girlfriend. I nodded my head and agreed. When the bus
stopped, I got up and walked down the aisle. I could feel everybody’s eyes on me
and I could hear them snickering. I turned a deep red and got off the bus. I
hurried away and walked toward my Dad’s car. I forgot that my face was covered
with dry semen, and that my sweater was covered by wet globs of sperm, until it
was too late. When I got into the car and saw my Dad staring at me with his face
beet red, I knew that I had a major punishment coming. But, he was quiet the
whole trip home, and I decided not to press the issue. As we arrived home, the
only thing he told me was that he would teach me a lesson tomorrow and that he
needed time to think before he acted. I murmured good night and went up to my
room. No matter what my punishment was tomorrow, I was Jeff Marks’ girlfriend
Sunday, Nov. 4 I didn’t get punished! Diary, here’s what happened: I slept late
this morning and woke up about noon. I took a shower and then dressed. I went
downstairs, fearing the worst. Instead, Dad seemed to be in a good mood and had
made me lunch. He told me to enjoy my sandwich and that we would talk when I
finished eating. When I finished, Dad and I went into the living room and sat
down on the couch to talk. My Dad said that there was no point in yelling at me,
that I was a big girl now. I felt really relieved. He told me that he wasn’t
going to punish me, but that he still needed to teach me a lesson. I looked at
him, puzzled, and asked him what lesson he was going to teach me. Dad said that
he had thought about it a long time and he decided that if I was going to be a
cocksucker, then he would show me how to suck a man’s cock, and learn how to
swallow every last drop of cum. And besides, he hadn’t had another woman since
Mom left. He said that meant his balls were full of sperm waiting to be dumped
into a little whore’s mouth like mine. I love my Dad, and listened when he told
me to go upstairs and put my soiled cheerleading uniform back on. I wasn’t sure
how I felt about fooling around with my father, but anything was better than
getting grounded for a year. When I came back downstairs, Dad had sat down in
his chair and had lowered his pants. He called me his ‘little whore’ and told me
to take off my panties and kneel in front of him. As I removed my panties, I
realized how much bigger my Dad’s cock was then Jeff’s. I kneeled in front of
him and told him how much I loved him. He said that he loved me too, and that
from now on, I would be his little slut daughter. He told me to do what I did
last night and that we would keep practicing until I got it right. I took my
Dad’s huge cock into my mouth and sucked the tip. I try to use my tongue on the
underside of the head to increase his pleasure. I really got aroused when he
called me dirty names, ‘My little fucktoy’, ‘Hot little bitch’, and ‘Filthy
cocksucker’. Dad said to play with myself, so I reached down and rubbed my clit
while I was sucking him. Dad’s prick was really a treat to suck and I took as
much of his penis down my throat as I could. I could fell him tangle his hands
in my blond hair as I sucked him, and I sensed he was about to shoot his wad. I
told him I wouldn’t spill a drop and I would eat it all. My Dad tensed up and
grabbed the sides of my head. I kept sucking him as wave after wave of jism shot
into my mouth and down my throat. It was delicious. My Dad’s cum tasted even
better than Jeff’s the night before. Just thinking about how nasty a slut I was
for swallowing my Dad’s cum brought me to the brink of an orgasm. Unfortunately,
there was so much come I couldn’t swallow it all. Several spurts of semen landed
on my cheeks and chin. I used my finger to sc**** the cum from my face into my
mouth. As I sucked the last juice from my father’s prick, I rubbed my clit and
came hard, moaning loudly. I looked up to see my Dad smiling down at me. He said
that we will just have to keep practicing until I get it right. I’m not sure I
ever do!
Saturday, Nov. 10 Another away game last night. Like last week, on the bus ride
home, Jeff made me kneel in front of him and suck his cock. I am beginning to
realize that I am not Jeff’s girlfriend, but his whore. That didn’t stop me from
sucking his prick and taking his spurting cum down my throat. Of course, several
spurts ended up on my face and clothes. I didn’t want to miss out on more
‘practice’ sessions with Dad! Dad couldn’t wait till we got home this time. When
I got into the car and he saw the cum on my face, he groaned and pushed my head
into his lap. I blew him as he drove home, eventually swallowing his huge load
of sperm. When he looked down and saw my lips covered with his cum, he asked me
if I liked the taste of my father’s semen. I told him that I loved it and that I
wanted another load pumped into my stomach tomorrow.
Sunday, Nov. 11 I got the load from my Dad that I asked for!
Wednesday, Nov. 22 I now have a reputation around the school. Apparently, the
k**s are referring to me as ‘Amy Cooper, Washington High’s Cum Queen’. I’ve been
getting lots of looks in class and in the halls from the other students,
particularly the boys. Even my math teacher, Mr. Conlon, was looking me up and
down. I guess I really don’t care what anyone thinks.
Friday, Dec. 1 After the game tonight, I sucked Jeff’s cock as usual, swallowing
his load into my stomach. Jeff patted me on the head and told me to stay on my
knees, that I wasn’t finished yet. I knew what he meant even before the next guy
sat down in front of me. Tony was the team’s point guard. I swallowed his creamy
load down next. Then another player sat down. By the time the bus pulled up to
our school, I had swallowed seven of the guys’ sperm loads. I had swallowed so
much cum, I kept burping it up back into my mouth. I would probably be tasting
it the rest of the night. My face and uniform were covered with the filth. After
watching me suck the team off, even Lisa, my best friend, wouldn’t talk to me
anymore. I was so exausted, I went straight to bed once I got home.
Sunday, Dec. 3 My Dad was so excited when I told him what happened on Friday, he
made me suck him off three times today. I was a little unhappy I had such a bad
reputation at school, and that my best friend wouldn’t talk to me, but
swallowing three of my Daddy’s cum shots was enough to make me feel much better.

Monday, Dec. 4 I talked to the guidance counselor, Mrs. Valantin, at school
today. She was concerned that my grades had dropped, and that she had heard a
lot of rumors about me. I told her that the rumors were all true. She kind of
turned white and asked me if everything was all right at home. I told her that
everything was great, especially when my father had time to pump a load down my
throat. Looking back, it was probably a mistake to tell her that. She dismissed
me and immediately picked up the phone.
Wednesday, Dec. 6 Dear Diary, This will be my last entry for awhile. The people
from the courts are coming to take me away tomorrow. I think I have to live with
another f****y for a while. I don’t know what’s going to happen to my Dad, I
hope that he will be OK without me. Anyway, goodbye.
Dr. Lewis, I guess I will you see next week. I want you to know that I am only
going to these sessions so I can see my Daddy again. Also, if you talk to any of
my friends at school, tell them that the ‘Washington High Cum Queen’ says “Hi”.
Sincerly, Amy Cooper

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