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dinner party….

My friend Sue wanted to throw a dinner party with a difference. All the guests were sexually liberated or had expressed an interest in broadening their horizons and some knew each other through friends, clubs and from a few selected swinging websites.
Invitations were sent; cream cards with black embossed ink and they simply stated, ‘Dress for dinner, no underwear allowed, hands must stay above the table, …you must not react or alert the other dinner guests to anything that you experience over the course of dinner.’
8 guests duly arrived, ladies in cocktail dresses, gentlemen in tuxedos, all very proper!
Canapés were served and one by one the guests were discreetly given the same instructions plus, ‘Do not show any reactions, do not discuss anything about your experience here tonight with the other guests and be ready for anything!’
The table, circular with a 2 metre diameter was laid with a white linen cloth that touched the floor. The place settings were arranged and each guest was shown where to sit.
Introductions made, the guests sat down and waited. There was a palpable frisson of excitement in the room and the sexual excitement was building noticeably.
The odd lick of lips, a touch of cleavage perspiration and a couple of guys clearly getting a little uncomfortable with growing erections.
The door to the dining room opened and the starters were wheeled in by a naked waiter and waitress.
The waiter was Arabian, handsome with piercing blue eyes, smooth milk chocolate skin, defined pecs, strong muscular legs, a bubble butt and several impressive inches of uncut prime cock hanging over a smooth and rather impressive set of balls.
The waitress was a flame haired Irish girl, a curvy size 12 with pale skin, pert 34c tits with upwardly pointing, beautifully pink nipples, shoulder length hair the colour of copper and a smooth, shaved pussy with slightly prominent lips and an inviting gap between them that glistened in the light.
Their was a collective gasp from the guests and as each person was served, the waiting staff did their best to get just that little bit closer than necessary.
Starters were served and the guests began to chatter and enjoy their food.
Angela, a curvy lady in her early 50’s stopped suddenly mid sentence and flushed brightly. She quickly regained her composure but there was obviously something affecting her.
Under the table, a pair of strong hands had grasped Angela’s knees and f***ed them apart. Her dress was pushed upwards and she felt warm breath blowing on her pussy.
She did her best to hold her composure as she felt a wet, talented tongue lick her quim, slowly and rhythmically from bottom to top. Each lick ending with a tantalising flick of her clitoris.
She could feel her juices start to flow, the unseen mouth silently drinking her honey.
The fact that she had no idea who this tongue belonged to made her even wetter, she could feel her orgasm building, she gripped the edge of the table, the other guests pausing their conversation to watch…
Her pussy started to pulse, her legs turned to jelly and her clit was engorged! Suddenly, as she was about to go over the edge, the tongue withdrew abruptly, her legs were firmly closed and she was left hanging at the peak of sexual tension… unfulfilled!
Angela rejoined the conversation, her breathing a little shallow after her encounter. The topic was restaurants and Daniel, a strapping sporty 28 year old was mid-flow talking about a great Italian place he knew when he felt his flies being pulled down.
Ever the cool guy, he carried on talking without a hiccup and he didn’t miss a beat as a hand reached in and deftly pulled out his sizeable flaccid cock and balls in one swift movement.
Daniel was being expertly wanked to erection under the table. He could feel his cock hardening and he was conscious that he was still the main focus of the conversation.
He cleverly threw a question out to the guy opposite and the focus shifted away from him.
This allowed him to slightly shift down in his chair to give more access to the unknown hand under the table.
He was rock hard. Suddenly his helmet was sucked into a hot mouth. His cock was being sucked into this strangers throat like a Hoover! He’d never been sucked like this before!
A couple of the other guests looked over and Daniel gave them a weak smile. He was trying hard to keep his hands above the table, desperate to know who was expertly tonguing his shaft, cupping his balls and stirring his cum to boiling point.
The mouth on his cock pulled off and he thought, “No!” Then suddenly his engorged cock was plunged into an ice cold mouth.
Daniel gasped and bit his lip, the unseen mouth was now filled with ice cubes! The chill of the ice and the heat of the tongue was too much to bear, Daniel clenched his thighs and spurted his cum into the hungry mouth.
5, 6, 7 heavy squirts. Each one making his balls tense strongly and his asshole clench tight.
Beads of sweat on his brow and his hands gripping the table, were the only signs visible to the other diners that all was not quite what it seemed.
Underneath the cloth, Daniel was aware that he had just experienced the strongest orgasm of his life and desperately wanted to know who had taken him to such heights of pleasure.
He felt his cock and balls being gently tucked away and his flies silently closed. He smiled and rejoined the conversation.
Starters were finished and Sue, the hostess, rang a small table bell to summon the waiting staff.
Once again the Arabian guy and the flame haired Irish girl entered the room naked and cleared away the dishes, replenished wine glasses and moved gracefully, flirtatiously around the room.
Angela suddenly felt her legs pulled apart again. She jumped as she felt a couple of fingers expertly part her lips. She was waiting for the heat of breath, the hot tongue on her clit to finish what was started earlier and was suddenly shocked to feel a mouth clamp over her wet pussy and something cold touching her moist hole.
She felt a tongue push something hard and cold into her and realised she was having an ice cube pushed inside her cunt!
What she didn’t know was that the ice cube was coated in Daniels creamy spunk!
The mouth pulled away and a long finger pushed the ice cube deep into her overheating pussy! The finger withdrew and her legs were firmly closed.
The feeling was indescribable, she could feel her boiling cunt gripping the cube, melting it and the cold water begin to run out of her slit.
The sensation was too much, she felt her pussy spasm and she enjoyed a delicious, silent orgasm. Her hot juices mixing with the cold melted ice ran out of her and she could feel her ass and thighs getting wet.
The other guests were oblivious, all except Sue who had planned the whole evening and knew exactly what was planned for each of her guests.
Next to Angela was Gary. A plumber by trade. Shaved head, a couple of tattoos and a chunky build meant he got his fair share of sex.
He was reaching for his wine when he caught an unmistakable aroma. He could smell a rampant, musky pussy! He followed his nose and his eyes met Angela’s. He licked his lips and whispered, “I can smell your cunt and it’s making me hungry!”
Angela flushed and licked her lips…. She would quite happily climb on the table right now and let this hunky plumber clear out her pipes!
She was desperate to be fucked!
Dinner was being served and the Arabian waiter walked in carrying a silver serving dish with a lid. He stopped in front of Lucy.
At 26 she was the youngest guest and had met Sue when she sold her the house. Lucy was an estate agent and they had struck up a friendship with benefits.
Lucy was bisexual and had the most delicious and talented pussy Sue had ever tasted.
Lucy was quite convinced that her pussy had a life f***e of its own.
When it was horny and needed feeding, it would quite literally chew her panties!
She could be in the middle of something far removed from sex and she would feel a heat build in her belly. The fire would spread downwards and her pussy would almost boil in its own juices.
She often had to resort to whatever was at hand in order to satisfy its craving and had shoved all manner of things up her from telephone handsets to plastic bottles!
The men she had fucked had often said how they felt their cocks were being chewed by her tight, hairless box.
The Arabian waiter pulled the lid off the serving dish to reveal his thick, dark, 10 inch cock in all its erect glory.
Lucy’s pussy quite literally squirted red hot juice about 2ft across the carpet. She felt immediate heat and her pussy walls began to grind together, attempting to pull in whatever it could find!
The waiter took her hand and led her swiftly out of the room.
He stopped right outside the door, closed it behind them and f***ed Lucy’s back against the wall. He lifted her legs up over his arms and her dress fell up around her hips.
Her cunt was snapping like a Venus fly trap and with one swift movement, he pushed his thick 10 inches right up her hungry hole.
She was pinned against the wall with the most beautiful cock. Impaled on this handsome guys meat and her pussy immediately went to work!
Her vaginal walls were milking his cock hard, her juices were pouring over his cock and running down her arse. Her clit throbbed and she knew her pussy wouldn’t let him withdraw.
He slammed hard into her and her cunt convulsed as she came. She let out a guttural scream as her pussy clamped his cock hard. She felt him tense and he emptied his balls deep into her. She could feel his cum pour into her and her pussy sucked it all in, her lips tightening in case it should lose a drop.
Silently he withdrew, lowered her legs, opened the door and pushed her back into the dining room.
The other diners could quite clearly see she had been fucked mercilessly and had heard her scream when she came.
She took her chair and sat down. Her satisfied cunt full of Arabia’s finest cream!
Gary was solid, not only could he smell Angela’s musk but Lucy’s dishevelled state and the thought of what that big dicked waiter had done to her had made him hornier than ever! He also needed to piss badly so excused himself from the table and went down the hallway to the toilet.
His obvious erection tenting the front of his dress trousers did not go unnoticed….
…..Lucy’s pussy snapped open and she dripped a little bit of the waiters cum onto her chair.
Mandy, a tall elegant lady in her late fifties was the ultimate milf…. or gilf as she often referred to herself.
Smartly dressed, elegant poise and the youthful figure of a woman half her age meant she had her pick of young guys on Fab!
She liked tall, well hung, athletic guys under 30 with the stamina to fuck all night!
She had her eye on Luke.
At 30 he was just within her cougar zone. Tall, slim, chiselled jaw with designer stubble and a keen footballer he was definitely a catch and she had heard from Sue that he was hung like a racehorse which made her quim twitch with anticipation.
She had to get his number tonight, she wanted to feel him mount her f***efully and have her pussy stretched wide.
Gary was finishing up his piss when the light went out in the bathroom.
He heard the door open and his hands were lifted above his head and he felt a rope tighten around his wrists.
He was blindfolded and tied to a steel hook in the bathroom ceiling.
His cock sprang to life! He felt his trousers being pulled swiftly down and off over his shoes.
He was naked from the waist down apart from his socks and shoes and suddenly felt very vulnerable.
His ass cheeks were parted and he felt a tongue probing his asshole.
As a straight guy he enjoyed a bit of rimming and really hoped the tongue belonged to a female.
He felt some cool liquid being squeezed onto his cock and he was slowly wanked as the tongue probed deeper into his virgin hole.
He pushed his ass into the face of the rimmer, he was getting into it more than he expected to.
Suddenly the tongue withdrew and he felt cold gel rubbing his ring. A finger was inserted and curled downwards to massage his prostate.. He almost shot his load from the intense feeling it produced.
The finger was replaced by what he imagined was a small dildo and his ass opened up to take it.
He couldn’t believe he was actually enjoying being fucked! He let out a low moan and said, “Fuck me!”
The dildo was slowly removed and he he felt something larger at his entrance.
He took a deep breath as a thicker, harder rod slid up his arse.
His cock was dripping precum and he had no idea whether the thing in his arse was a dildo, a strap on or a real cock. Momentary pain was replaced with exquisite pleasure.
Suddenly his cock was engulfed in a warm mouth and he focused on the warm velvet lips sliding down his shaft.
His arse was being slowly fucked and just as he convinced himself it was nothing more than a dildo he felt a pair of stallion balls slap at his hole and the unmistakable prickle of pubes against his cheeks.
His sphincter muscle responded by opening wide and he took every inch of the cock up his tight chute.
The mouth around his dick began to suck and fell into a rhythm with his unseen fucker.
Gary could feel his orgasm building. The feeling of a stiff cock pounding his hole and the warm mouth sucking his spunk out of him was like nothing he had ever experienced.
His sphincter tightened, his prostate swelled and his balls pulled tight into his stomach. He began to spill his spunk, he was shooting rope after rope of hot liquid down the suckers throat and his arse was milking the cock up his virgin hole.
His orgasm was intense and his legs gave way. His cock popped out of the unseen mouth and the cock was pulled from his arse.
He suddenly felt empty, spent, used and knew that his sex life would have an added twist from now on.
His hands were released and he heard the door open and close.
The light came on and he caught sight of himself in the mirror. He looked well and truly fucked!
He wiped the excess lube from his arse and cock, got dressed and went back to the dining room. As he took his seat he looked at Sue and she flashed him a knowing smile.
The main course was served and cleared and Luke was flirting heavily with Mandy.
This cougar was making him hot and he imagined fucking her over the bonnet of her sports car on the way home.
Mandy was enjoying this young mans attention and was quite literally taken by surprise as she felt her legs pulled apart and a cool wet lubricant rubbed between her pussy lips.
She gasped as a large love egg was pushed inside her and her hungry pussy closed and pulled it deep into her love tunnel.
Luke was unaware that anything had happened as he was mid flow trying to impress Mandy with his footballing skills.
Sue interrupted and passed Luke a small remote control with 3 buttons.
No explanation and Luke knew better than to ask.
Luke looked at the remote control and placed it on the table by his wine glass.
He had no idea what it was for so carried on flirting with Mandy.
Desserts were wheeled in on a trolley and the flame haired Irish waitress offered everyone a choice of Eton Mess or Chocolate pudding.
Lucy asked for chocolate pudding and the waitress took one from the trolley. Rather than hand it to Lucy, she passed it to the Arabian waiter who squeezed a perfect drop of precum from his exotic cock onto the top of the pudding.
Lucy licked her lips and her cunt twitched violently!
Gary was next and opted for Eton Mess.
This was handed to the Irish waitress by the waiter and she took a chocolate flake and dipped it into her inviting pussy before thrusting it into the Eton Mess.
That sorted the desserts out. The boys had Eton Mess with pussy dipped flake and the girls had Chocolate pudding with a precum glaze!
Luke was eating his dessert with one hand and his other hand absent mindedly picked up the remote control. Without realising it, he pressed the ‘Pulse’ button and the love egg in Mandy’s pussy started to throb violently…
Luke pressed the other buttons and Mandy’s cunt was treated to sensations ranging from a gentle vibration to a deep throbbing hum.
Mandy’s eyes glazed over, her cunt was being assaulted at the hands of this young hunk, although he had still not realised. Her juices were flowing and she could feel her lips getting wet as the vibrations f***ed out her wetness.
She gripped the table, her clit was throbbing but she needed to pee and shaking, excused herself and headed to the bathroom.
As she got to the bathroom door Luke pressed another button on the remote, this time it was high intensity and Mandy’s pussy exploded. Her cum was so strong her legs gave way and she crawled into the bathroom desperate to get the egg out of her before she fainted!
She managed to extract it and as she did she had a second orgasm and her bladder emptied at the same time. Thankfully she had made it onto the loo first.
The egg was buzzing on the floor and moving around the the room like some comical hamster ball.
Sue took the remote control back from Luke and switched it off. He was totally oblivious to the fact that he had made his cougars cunt explode into a violent, spurting orgasm.
It had been quite a dinner party so far but there were still 3 guests who hadn’t had an orgasm.
Luke with his stallion cock was desperate to fuck and his cock was so hard it ached! He had watched people leave the room and come back in and desperately wanted his turn to come.
Sammi – a beautiful Indian girl with a stunning figure, pert 34c boobs and long dark hair was a marketing executive and already at 32, a high flyer in her field, she hired, fired and was accountable for making a lot of big decisions.
Her escape was submissive sex. To hand over power and let others control her was something she wouldn’t dream of in her career. But in sex, she liked to be used. Submit to whatever her sexual partner wanted, providing no lasting marks were visible of course!
Her colleagues would never believe this secret side of her life!
The other guest was also from foreign shores. Kristian was from Helsinki.
A 6ft 4 blonde specimen of fine Finnish beef! With sculpted muscles and a well toned physique he tended to turn heads wherever he went, which is how he ended up in modelling.
He really wanted to do porn but was making quite a name for himself in the fashion world.
Sex was his hobby, his escape from being the perfect man and he really enjoyed screwing women who weren’t beautiful, perfectly shaped specimens. He could have his pick of those. No, what Kristian liked were normal women, ones with husbands, curves and ample breasts.
He liked women who he could fuck hard without them worrying he was messing up their hair and make up! He liked his partners to be totally shagged and look like they had been! He was a keen Dogger and a regular at a well known swingers club. He loved being watched!
Coffee and mints were being served and Sammi needed to pee.
She excused herself and Sue said, “Use the upstairs bathroom please love.” so casually, that Sammi didn’t realise there was a reason for this.
Sammi made her way upstairs, her black cocktail dress barely covering her dark, delicious pussy.
As she entered the bathroom she was followed in by the Arabian waiter and the Irish waitress.
She looked up and started to say “Sorry I just need to….”
But didn’t finish her sentence as the Arabian guy pulled her dress off over her head.
The Irish girl stepped into the bath tub and the Arabian hunk lifted Sammi from behind and opened her legs wide.
“Piss on Caitlin”, he said.
Sammi felt the familiar heat in her pussy whenever she was being controlled. She put her arms up and around the waiters neck and he held her tight, facing away from him, legs wide open and pussy starting to glisten.
“Piss you dirty bitch!” he demanded.
Sammi squeezed her muscles and a stream of hot piss hit Caitlin in the face!
As the piss dripped down her tits, she said “Let it go!”
Sammi opened like the flood gates. She was pissing in short, hard bursts. Caitlin was being jet-washed and she reached out for Sammi’s pussy.
Sammi was spread wide and Caitlin’s small, lubricated hand slipped right into her now soaking fanny.
Caitlin began to gently fist her, Sammi began to moan, she was spurting and dripping a mixture of piss and juices and felt her orgasm building.
Caitlin began to fist her hard. Deep punching her beautiful, dark cunt. The lips pushed in and pulled out with each thrust.
Sammi’s clit was on fire, as the fist went in, the pressure on her clit was intense and as the fist came out it pulled her engorged clit the opposite way.
Sammi felt like it was being sucked hard.
The orgasm started in her belly, she felt the rush of searing heat, her pussy lips almost doubled in size and her clit was like a ripe cherry. Sammi screamed as her cunt exploded and she convulsed with a rippling, full body orgasm as her pussy spurted her thick, golden honey all over Caitlin.
After she stopped shaking she was lowered gently to the floor and they left her to get dressed.
She wiped herself gently, her pussy was almost too sensitive to touch and slipped her dress back on.
Sammi walked back into the dining room and it was clear to the other guests that Sammi had been thoroughly seen to!
Kristian felt an unseen hand under the table open his trousers. Two hands gripped his hips and his smart, dress trousers were pulled down. His socks, shoes and trousers were pulled completely off and he was instantly hard!
Kristian had a very thick cock! Not the longest at 7.5 inches but it was its shape that made him popular.
His uncut meat started with an average sized helmet but then thickened out to almost three times the width into a beautiful torpedo shape! It was also very heavy, one girl said it felt like a bag of sugar in her, she could feel both the width and the weight of his cock up her hole.
He could stretch the most accommodating pussy and could make most women come just by sliding it into them!
He felt a hot mouth around his cock… It was very rare that anyone could get their mouth wide enough to give him a deep BJ but whoever was sucking him was like a Dyson!
His meaty dick was swallowed with ease. Sucking hard on his heavy cock and pulling on his bollocks….. Kristian needed to fuck and Sue knew it!
Sue stood and said, “Right guys, stay where you are, same rules apply, hands above the table… It’s time for a little after dinner entertainment!”
Sue walked over to Kristian and said “Help yourself!” as she pulled him to his feet.
Still naked from the waist down, his heavy cock landed on the table with a thump.
Lucy’s pussy spasmed and started to twitch violently. Pussy needed feeding again!
Sue unzipped her dress, let it fall to the floor and lay on the dining table in front of Kristian.
Her womanly curves, ample breasts and gaping pussy were too much for him to resist. He placed his helmet on her pussy lips and she said “Shove it in me!”
Kristian pushed his hips forward and his torpedo dick f***ed Sue’s cunt wide open. He shoved it up her with one big thrust. Sue screamed, “Fuck, im going to come!” her hips bucking as her tight pussy clamped on the massive weapon, her juices being f***ed out and her musky scent filled the room!
Kristian didn’t stop, he drove his cock into her, deep, long strokes that were stretching Sue’s hungry pussy wider with each thrust.
The other guests were struggling to keep their hands above the table. Pussy’s were dripping, nipples were straining at the material that held them and erections were achingly hard, bollocks taut, every sexual trigger being primed for fire.
Under the table, Gary, Daniel & Luke felt their trousers being undone. Shoes and socks were removed and their trousers were pulled completely off.
The three guys, were now naked from the waist down.
Luke was indeed hung like a pony, he was 9 inches flaccid and 11 and a half inches hard. He was thick too and his huge balls were able to produce a good half cup full of hot spunk.
He felt a mouth around his cock and moaned as his dick was expertly sucked in.
Daniel and Gary were also being sucked and all three of them had a very expert mouth licking, sucking and teasing their meat.
Angela, Sammi & Lucy were each stretched open under the table and a love egg inserted in each of them.
Three hungry pussies were throbbing for attention as they eagerly swallowed the eggs.
The guys also felt a cool gel against their arses and a cool steel prostate massager with a ring that slipped over the cock was gently pushed into each of them.
All 3 gasped!
Mandy was asked to stand and remove her dress.
Sue was now on all fours on the table with Kristian bollocks deep in her pussy. He was enjoying being watched and was treating Sue to every trick he knew.
Deep slow strokes, quick hard bangs and complete withdrawal followed by merciless insertion of his torpedo cock, forcing her cunt apart.
Sue was cumming almost continuously and the room was full of the smell of sex.
Mandy was asked to kneel on the table opposite Sue, her cunt exposed!
Sue announced it was time to change the rules.
“Guests are now allowed to touch whoever is on the table in front of them, but not each other.”
Kristian took his seat and was quickly fitted with a cold steel cock ring and prostate massager by unseen hands.
The table top was released from below and the table turned by 30 degrees.
Mandy was on all fours on the table in front of Luke…. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled.
Luke couldn’t believe his luck. Cougar time!!
He pushed his chair back and stood up. For the first time, the other guests saw his donkey dick. Rock hard and ready for action with a cold steel ring around the base.
Mandy looked at his cock and her pussy lips opened up like a flower. She could feel her hot juices flowing out over her clit and her legs parted as wide as she could get them.
Lucy looked at Luke’s cock and her pussy spasmed violently. Her cunt was chomping at the love egg deep inside her and she was on fire with lust.
She wanted that big prick right up HER fanny!
Luke stepped forward and grabbed Mandy’s hips. His juicy cock resting between her outer lips and ready to slide in.
Angela picked up her remote control and pressed a button. Luke’s prostate was suddenly hit by a strong vibration and his ass clamped tight on the massager up his hole.
He groaned and pushed forward and in one quick thrust shoved 11 and a half inches of horse cock right up Mandy’s hungry cunt!
Mandy screamed as her pussy was f***ed apart by his big dick. Her inner lips stretched wide and her juices f***ed from her as he pounded her hard.
Luke was like an a****l, the buzzing of the dildo up his arse and the eagerness of this Milf’s greedy cunt was too much. He groaned and f***ed what felt like a pint of spunk up Mandy’s fanny.
It was pouring out of her hole onto the table cloth as he shot spurt after spurt up her, his prostate forcing the cum harder than he had ever felt.
Mandy felt the f***e of his spunk hit her cervix, it felt like she was being filled by hot milk. Her nipples popped out and she felt her clit swell. She began to cum, her pussy clamping tight on the huge meat in her hole. She screamed out.
“Fuck me you bastard, fill me up with cream!”
She rode wave after wave of orgasm as
Luke emptied his balls inside her.
Slowly, he withdrew, leaving a wide open cunt dripping with hot cum in full view of the other guests.
Luke sat down, the buzzing in his arse fading as he slowly returned to normal.
The table turned and Mandy’s spunky pussy was now in front of Daniel.
Daniel leaned forward in his chair and stuck his tongue right up Mandy’s hot cunt.
Daniel would’ve quite liked Luke’s cock up his own hole but this was a close second.
He began to lap up the spunk and started to suck at Mandy’s hole.
Mandy f***ed the cum from her pussy and Daniel eagerly sucked all she could give. He reached around and began to flick Mandy’s clit as he sucked.
Mandy felt her orgasm build again and Daniel pinched her clit hard sending her over the edge.
The f***e of her orgasm made her pussy spasm hard and she shot Luke’s remaining spunk all over Daniels face.
Daniel stood up and shoved his cock up Mandy’s fanny. He f***ed it to the hilt and just as his bollocks tightened Sue activated his prostate massager and he cried out as he emptied his hot cream into Mandy’s used hole.
Daniel sat down and Mandy said “I think I need to sit down, I’m not sure I can take another one.”
Sue helped Mandy off the table as she herself returned to her seat.
Lucy was asked to get on the table and lie on her back. As she did, the table turned and stopped in front of Kristian.
He was presented by a beautiful, shaved, flawless cunt that was opening and closing as though inviting him in.
Lucy had seen this torpedo cock and her pussy responded by snapping hard and firing hot juice over Kristian’s shirt.
He needed no further invitation. He stood up and pulled Lucy to the edge of the table, he grabbed her ankles and f***ed her legs apart, exposing her greedy pussy in all its velvety glory!
Sammi reached over and guided his cock to Lucy’s entrance.
Kristian was suddenly pulled forward by Lucy’s cunt. It swallowed his meaty thickness and seemed to suck him
in like a hot whirlpool.
As his thickness f***ed her fanny apart, Lucy came violently, bucking and moaning as her pussy pulled every last inch of cock inside.
Kristian couldn’t hold back, he was usually the one doing the fucking but he swore this red hot cunt was fucking him. Pumping his dick expertly and forcing him to release his seed.
His balls pulled up high as the pussy sucked the spunk out of him. His orgasm wasn’t his doing, the hot cunt he was meant to fuck was pulling him in and milking him like some prized bull.
Lucy felt her pussy take over, it was like having a hungry a****l between her legs. She had no control over it, she was ruled by her cunt. She came again violently, as her pussy ate all the cream.
Sue reached for the remote control unit and switched on the love egg that was still deep in Lucy’s fanny.
As Lucy’s cunt clamped and chewed Kristian’s cock, she felt a strong throb deep inside her hole. It was too much, Lucy began to cum again and again, her fanny was like a Venus fly trap, consuming the thick cock and lapping up the cream.
Her own juices hit boiling point and she screamed as she shot 5 powerful bursts of juice all over Kristian’s balls. Soaking the table cloth and filling the room with her raw musky scent.
Kristian withdrew and Lucy was still shaking as the table moved and displayed her fiery red cunt to Gary.
Kristian fell into his chair, spent, empty and used by the most talented hole he had ever had the pleasure of.
Without a word Gary jumped up and plunged his dick in her hungry hole.
Lucy’s pussy pulled him in. Gary groaned and said “Fucking hell, it’s eating me!”
He was sucked up inside and milked hard, his hot spunk sucked out of his bollocks like a Dyson.
Lucy hit another peak and Gary’s bollocks were covered in hot juice.
Sue pressed some buttons on her remote control, Sammi and Angela felt their cunts ignite. The eggs rotating and pulsing deep inside them.
Gary’s arse was also buzzing with the prostate massager and Daniel, Kristian and Luke also felt the now familiar buzz up their arses.
Lucy was in constant orgasm, Gary was pounding his meat into her hole as Daniel, Kristian and Luke stood up and started to wank.
Gary began to cum, he could feel his spunk beginning to build and picked up his pace.
As he began to shoot rope after rope of thick cum right up Lucy’s hole, the guys wanking also started to cum. Lucy was sprayed and covered in jets of warm spunk, her tits and face used as target practice.
The heat of the spunk both on her and in her, sent her cunt crazy and she began to buck and writhe as she came.
Sammi and Angela both hit their orgasms at the same time and as their cunts twitched and squeezed the buzzing eggs inside of them, each came hard soaking the chairs they were sitting on.
Slowly everyone began to return to normal and they retook their seats.
Lucy had to be helped into her chair as her legs were like jelly and her pussy was still twitching violently.
The Arabian waiter and flame haired Irish waitress reappeared with hot towels and coffee and each guest was gently wiped down before being helped back into their clothes.
Sue was happy. The dinner party had been a success, rules had been followed and the guests thanked her as they left, each one astounded by what they had experienced.
As Sue closed the door, she heard voices in the dining room. The unseen hands and mouths that had fingered, sucked and wanked the guests under the table had reappeared.
Sue’s husband and the twin strapping rugby lads he played with were all discussing how much they had enjoyed the cock and pussy play.
Sue lay on the table, hitched up her dress and said, “One for the road boys?”
Eagerly they took turns in filling her pussy with delicious cream before her husband Mike cleaned her up, eating three loads of cum hungrily from her wet cunt.
Sue and Mike saw the boys and staff out and then sat down to plan the next party….
“Who shall we invite next time then?”

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