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Dirty Angie!!

Let me relate to you what happened to myself and my lovely wife Angela a few years ago. I will start by describing us; we are both in our mid-thirties and enjoy an active sex life. Angela is 5’3″, 110 lb. 34c-23-35, has shoulder length curly blond hair striking blue eyes and a face reminiscent of Anna Kournakova. Having never had c***dren her body is smooth and tight, like a 20 year old and is frequently mistaken for being much younger, her I.D. is frequently checked when we go to a out drinking.

Our adventure started when she related an incident that happen to her just before I met her when she was 18 years old. She was traveling with some friends when they stopped off in New York City for a visit. While there she met this black man named Lee. He was quite taken by Angela and asked her to go back to his place. She had never made love to a black man before so she was turned on by his attention and told her friends that she would catch up with them later. They went back to his apartment and made love all night. She enjoyed herself so much that she contacted her friend and told them that she was going to stay with him for a while and to go on without her.

Now the idea of my lovely woman making love to this black stud was enough to really turn me on, but nothing compared to what she told me next. It turned out that he was a pimp and after a few days of showering her with attention he somehow convinced her to participate in a gang-bang involving three men. The idea of beautiful Angela being ravished by three strangers got me very excited and I blurted out, “Boy, I would really like to see an instant replay of that night!” Angela was surprised by my reaction but judging from our hot love making that evening she asked me if I was serious. I told her I was and before long we were planning on how to make this happen. We decided to try and contact Lee and miraculously we were able to do just that through directory assistance. It turned out he was still in the sex business and might help us. After viewing a nude picture of Angela we sent him, he told us he could arrange to have this happen for us. We picked a weekend and booked our flight to New York.

Lee met us at the airport and drove us into his apartment in the city. As we unpacked he fixed us some drinks and we sat around and chatted. Lee was now a large middle aged man with a shaved head, not bad looking and very sure of himself. After fixing us a second drink, his mood turned serious, he looked at Angela and said:

“If we are going to do this I must insist on your total submission and that you be my whore for this weekend. You will fuck anyone and do anything I tell you to do, is that understood?”

Angela lowered her eyes and said, “For this weekend my body is not mine, it’s yours to use as you please. I will screw anyone and do anything you say.”

Lee said to me, “There will be interference from you, no matter what happens. These men have agreed to let you watch and we want no trouble, O.K.?

All I could do was croak “No problem.”

With that he said told Angela to disrobe and when she was completely nude he instructed her to slowly turn around. She turned red as she did this, looking me in the eye to see my response. He then stood up and unbuckled his pants dropping them and his boxers to his ankles. “Now let’s see how talented your mouth is!” Angela walked over to him and kissed him deeply, then slowly falling to her knees. She started by licking his black balls and running her tongue up and down the shaft of his ample penis, slowly it grew to around 8 or 9 inches and she engulfed it with her mouth. After a few minutes of this Lee pulled his cock out, pulled up his pants and led her to his bedroom. “Angela and I will be spending the night together the guest room is down the hall on the left, see you in the morning.”

That was the longest night I ever spent, laying awake most of the night listening to the sounds of passion coming from down the hall. The next morning, Angela fixed both of us breakfast while she was completely nude. She kept looking at me to see how I was doing with all this. While I was very nervous, she seemed totally ready to go through with all this. She certainly seemed radiant after her night of fucking this black man.

We spent that day sight seeing while Lee shopped for something sexy for her to wear to start the upcoming evening. As the sun went down it was the moment of truth and Angela showered and put on her makeup. She then donned the outfit she would wear when the men arrived. It consisted of an extremely short black pleated mini shirt that barely covered her pussy lips and ass cheeks, over this she wore an even smaller white lacey apron did little to conceal her lovely breasts. On her feet she had a pair of red 4-inch pumps that really accentuated her shapely legs. That was it, no stockings, nothing except a gold bracelet around her neck, one around her right ankle, and her wedding and engagement ring. She looked positively slutty, I loved it!

Lee then told us he was going to get her “friends” and he would be back in about 20 minutes. After he left, Angela sipped a glass of wind and I guzzled a beer. She came over and sat on my lap and said, “You know we can back out of this right now and get the hell out here. Lee told me last night that there are to be more than just 3 men and that there are to be no condoms worn. I’m willing to do this what do you think?

My head spun, I had only been expecting 3 men and I had just assumed that rubbers would be used. Even though I was starting to feel the sting of jealousy I was also very turned on by the idea of pretty Angela taking on all those bare cocks and the bulge in my slacks communicated my feelings. I looked her in the eyes and said, “Are you willing to do anything and anybody this evening?” She softly nodded her head and kissed me deeply.

A short while later, Lee returned and with him were 5 men; 4 black men ranging in age from mid 20s to 40s, also with them was an older fat businessman looking white guy. “Angela, serve these men a drink” commanded Lee.

“Yes, what would you like” she purred. As she served them they felt her over, pinching sucking and biting her breasts and clutching at her ass and lovely cunt. She was really going to be gang-banged by these assholes! Finally the fat white man could stand it no longer can asked if her could fuck her first.

“Go for it! Fuck the shit out of the slut!” growled Lee.

Angela led him by the hand into the bedroom and undressed him as I followed and sat down in a chair near the bed. Once he was naked she slid out of her skimpy costume and laid him on his back. She kissed his lips and licked her way down his sweaty chest and fat belly (this amazed me because she has always been turned off by fat men) once down at his cock she licked and sucked on him until he was hard. She then straddled his cock and impaled herself onto him. She rode him hard as he pinched and sucked her nipples. It wasn’t long before he came inside her and when he was limp she knelt before him and licked his cock clean.

As he dressed she cleaned up and got ready for the next man. Once the first one was gone a large black man in his late thirties came in, he kind of reminded of Mike Tyson. He looked her up and down as she sat on the edge of the bed totally nude. He disrobed and went and sat down in a chair across the room. “Walk over here slowly you lovely bitch.” He commanded. She slowly tiptoed over to him and leaned in so he could get at her breasts. He sucked on them and handled them roughly as she breathed heavily. She then started kissing him and working her way down his muscular chest pausing at his nipples and sucking on them like a baby. As she kissed down his belly I then notice how large he was. His cock had grown to at least 12 inches and was as big around as a beer can. He was a monster! She got down between his legs and took one of his balls into her mouth, she licked and sucked and ran her tongue up and down his massive member. She worked the head of his cock into her mouth and tried to take as much into her mouth as she could. No matter how hard she tried she could only get about 4 inches in. After a few minutes of this he drew her head away from his groin and led her over to the bed, as he walked his prong stood straight out, defying gravity. This time she was really going to get the shit fucked out of her!

Angela lay on the bed and spread her legs wide, welcoming his invasion. He positioned himself above her and yelled, “You want this beauty you slut?”

“Yes! Yes! Please ram it into me hard!” she said wildly.

With that he started working his mammoth member into her eager cunt, with each stroke her went deeper and she wrapped her legs around him and her hands clutched at his ass, trying to pull him deep into her. Even with her efforts only about nine inches managed to pound into her before bottoming out. They picked up the pace and soon they were fucking faster and harder than I thought possible. Each time he lunged into her beautiful pussy her ass lifted off the bed and with each stroke she grunted loudly. This went on for what seemed forever her cunt stretching to the maximum and him keeping up a steady barrage of dirty talk, calling her a dirty slut and a whore. She had at least 2 orgasms and before long his ass tightened and the shaft of his huge black cock became streaked milky white as he shot his juices deep into my lovely wife’s cunt. They ended up a quivering mass of black and white sweaty flesh on the bed, kissing deeply with her softly caressing his muscular back.

When he was soft she licked his cock clean and he dressed and left. The next two black studs came in and took her in quick succession, not even allowing her to clean up. After the fourth man filled her cunt, mingling his jism with the other three, the fifth guy gave her weary pussy a rest and only wanted her to suck his cock. He was very rough with her, grabbing her by her blond locks and fucking her mouth furiously with his ebony meat. She seemed turned on by this treatment as she was fingering herself the entire time she was sucking his cock. When he had shot his load in her mouth, he held her face to his crotch until she had swallowed everything and licked his cock and balls clean. When finished he zipped up and left leaving Angela sprawled on the bed, sweaty and her cunt dripping cum.

She looked at me wordlessly and I was about to go over an give her a hug when Lee enter the bedroom, closely follow by the four black men as well as an additional 4 men, 3 black and a old white guy who looked pretty seedy. He was missing all his teeth but one when he smiled and he was dressed shabbily.

“Okay Angela, get on all fours and show everyone you ass and pussy.” Lee said.

Angela did as she was told and turned her ass to the roomful of men. As she did cum dripped out of her pussy and down the inside of her left leg. The whistled and mad rude comments about her and she stared at me with a little bit of concern on her face. I started to protest and Lee reminded us of our agreement, telling me that for this weekend she was his woman, not mine. I was starting to regret handing Angela over to him in this way.

Lee took off his clothing and the rest of the men did the same. He got a tube of K-Y jelly out of a drawer and placed some on his index finger, he then moved close to Angela’s rear end and started fingering her anus. She buried her face in the pillow and squirmed around as he slid his finger in and out of her ass. When she was well lubed he positioned himself behind her and slid his bare cock into her ass. As he did this he looked over at me and sneered, “Angela tells me she has never let you butt fuck her. She told you it’s too painful, well this is my favorite way to fuck a woman and Angela has never turned me down. She’ll let me do anything to her!”

This was all true and I could not believe what I was seeing as he started stroking his meat in and out of her pretty ass. After he had reamed her rectum for a short time he withdrew just long enough for one of the new black men to position himself under her and impale her on his cock. Lee resumed fucking her ass and a third black man positioned himself at her face and started fucking her mouth. There she was being sandwiched by three black men, all screwing her like there was no tomorrow. Angela would indeed do anything Lee commanded, her submission to this black pimp was complete.

After several minutes of this Lee filled her anus with his love juices and his place was taken by the last black man to sample her favors. It wasn’t long before she was being filled and covered by all three men’s cum. The old white guy grinned his toothless grin and insisted he go one on one with her and she responded enthusiastically, kissing him deeply before going down on his ugly old cock and scrotum. When he was hard she mounted him and rode him for what seemed like forever until he too filled her pussy with his juices. This guy was eternally grateful, when was the last time he had such a beautiful and young woman?

It was now that things got real bizarre and Lee produced some straps, turned Angela over on her belly, placed a large cushion under her mid section and tied her spread eagle on the bed with her ass in the air. He opened the door to the hall way and What I saw filled me with dread as well as made my pulse quicken and cock harden. There must have been ten men all waiting to take their turn on my now helpless wife. For the next few hours she was fucked in every conceivable way by all kinds of different guys. There were fat men, skinny men, old men, mostly black, some white and even two Asian men. They fucked every hole she had and only untied her once so she could do another triple penetration. Some had her two times, a few even had her three times. By the time they were done with her she had jism dripping from every hole and splatter all over her body and matted in her hair. Her body was covered with hickies as well as a few bit marks. She was one fucked out lady.

She later told me that while she was frightened she was very turned on by all this, especially being taken by f***e when she was tied up. She lost track of how many men or orgasms she had. The sex we had was so hot immediately following this evening that we had no regrets. Even though that night Angela was another man’s whore and a slut for many men, she is still my beautiful wife.

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