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Dirty Harry

Once the school day was over, I had attended a football practice and my then girlfriend Dawn had been doing an after school gym class. It was a cold and dark autuminal late evening by the time we were finished up and on our way back to my parents house for a meal. We were both tired and cold so decided to take a short cut to the house which entailed cutting off the corner of a housing block by crossing through a private residences yard.
Now the house to cut through was owned by an elderly guy called Harry, who had lost his wife a few years earlier and liked to get out for a drink to take away the boredom of being in the house alone. He didn’t mind people cutting through his property as long as they didn’t disturb him or make any kind of mess or cause damage, so much so he always left his yard gate open for people to pass through the garden without a fuss.
As we passed through the gate there was a narrow dark passage to walk through then just a fence to hurdle at the end of the garden. At the end of the dark passage we were quite taken aback to be met by a very d***k Harry who had lost his keys and was trying to gain access to his house by forcing his back door. In his inebriated state he didn’t miss a beat over seeing us passing through, just saw it as someone sober come to the rescue to help him gain access to his house. I duly obliged by having to break a small glass panel on the door and opening it from the inside.
I fully appreciated that Harry would be unable to fix the door for the night and I would have to take responsibility for the old guy’s house safety. My girlfriend and I helped Harry into the house and sat him down. I asked my girlfriend to look after Harry who was already sl**ping on the chair while I went the short distance home to pick up and take back a few tools to make a temporary door repair.
I was away around 15 minutes and retuned to Harry’s house to hear Harry laughing loudly and my girlfriend laughing and saying “No Harry, put it away.” I placed the tools I had brought quietly at the door and went around to the window at the rear of the house to see if I could spot what was happening. The gap in the curtains was enough fo me to see Harry sitting with his zipper open and his semi erect cock in his hand asking, no, pleading with my girlfriend to touch it. Dawn was up against the back of the room laughing at him and telling him to put it away.
Now with the laughter between them I saw no threat to Dawn so I continued to watch as Dawn giggled her way through Harry wanking himself in her presence. Now even in those early days I was an avid voyeur and a bit of a peeping tom and this was a dream to a lad of my age. My cock was hard as iron as I watched Harry jerking away at the sight of a very pretty teen. Soon enough he was lying back in the seat with his cum running down his soon flacid cock.
I saw this as my time to enter and made a noisy entrance as I made my way to the lounge where they both were. Dawn met me with huge sigh of relief thanking God I was back while Harry was again passed out with his flacid cum soaked cock still visible.
Dawn shakily explained that Harry had woken immediately I had left and need the bathroom, On his return he had his cock in his hand and asked her to “rub it” or “touch it” even to the point of offering her money to do so.
I cursed Harry for his bad behaviour even though he was passed out (if he really was). I told Dawn to forget it as the old man would be in so much trouble if we reported him.
I skipped the door repair blaming his bad behaviour and the need to get Dawn away. I still wank over the thought of Dawn watching old Harry rubbing himself off.

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