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Dirty Teacher’s Big Day

I sat it my Bio class one morning waiting for our teacher Mr. Hamrick to come in, but on this day we had a substitute. She came in and automatically my cock stood up. She had this nice round ass and big luscious tits that bounced up and down. She wrote her name on the board “Mrs. Roach”. She told us that Mr. Hamrick would not be returning because he had a seizure the night before. She said she would be there till they hired a new teacher. So for the next couple week I sat there with the rest of my football friends. I was the only linemen in the class so I had to deal with the big heads and constant sex stories. I was a husky guy so not to many girls were going after me. One day the we got a bit rowdy in the back of the class. I was the loudest of all. We were yelling and tossing the football around the we herd a shrill voice say, “Enough!”. The shrill voice was that of Mrs. Roach. “Tucker can I see you during lunch?” “OK”, I said back.
I went to the next class worried that if I got in trouble I wouldn’t be able to play in the game that friday. When the lunch bell rang I walked to Mrs. Roach’s class when i entered a freshman was sitting in a chair finishing some work. Mrs. Roach noticed that I had entered she asked the boy to leave and he scurried out of the room. Mrs. Roach went behind him and shut the door and locked the latch. I was standing in front of the desk and she walked up in front of me and said “Turn around”. I obeyed skeptically then she grabbed my ass and said “oh yeah that what I like”. I spun around and she pulled me closer and started kissing me. She paused ” I’ve seen your fat ass walking in and out of this class for the past two weeks and I had to have a piece of it before i left. She pulled me back and began running her tongue in my mouth so how could i resist so I grabbed her and started kissing her back. She was running her hands all over my body so I did the same. She progressed down my body and unbuckled my pants which let looses my 7 in cock. She looked at it and said ” Wow I’ve haven’t seen a big boy with one this big before” She put it in her mouth and started going up and down. My cock was pulsing in her mouth and i was thrusting my hip as she came down on it again and again. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and started licking the head of it. I started to moan and she put my now rock hard cock back in her mouth just as i shot my load. To my surprise she swallowed it all. As i buttoned up my pants she got recomposed and cam over and laid one little kiss on my mouth then grabbed my crotch and said come back after school and we can have some more fun.

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