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Dogging Chauffeur – sometime in the future

This is a story which you could turn into a true story by being involved. Its a desire, an interest, a thought for you to play with.

I love the idea of dogging, and I see there are many women out there who want what a dogging environment offers. I wonder whether theres someone out there who needs a chauffeur, a safe pair of hands, a sober connection point. If that’s you – then maybe I can help.

I would love, as a gentle voyeur of male and female forms, to be charged with taking you to a suitable spot, and keeping a watchful eye on you as you get surrounded by the appropriate number (not too many) attentive men or women. I would enjoy being the one person that doesn’t get carried away, that keeps an eye on your safety, and in the end, takes your home – maybe to ensure that you are tucked up after a drink and a bath/shower.

Its funny – I look at Dogging sites and see a heavy determined desire from the menfolk to dominate, get off, splatter in every direction – but that’s not satisfying enough I sense. I see from women the desire to be excited, challenged, taken (a bit), but also satisfied and safe. Maybe what’s needed is someone to be the chauffeur.

Just a thought. Just the start of a true story. I would love comments from Friends with whom I have chatted, and those new to me.



Updated: October 21, 2016 — 12:09 pm

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