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dominant female wanted mechanical knowledge is a m

It’s a typical late summer morning, hot muggy I decide to take my morning coffee out on the porch and look through ads on craigslist on the trusty Ipad, I begin sifting through ad after ad, as of late I’ve had insatiable urges building up within me, for the past few weeks no amount of personal pleasure could satisfy me, in the shower in the morning, throughout the day at work, in the car on my way home to my unsatisfying and dying relationship, I figured maybe a chance encounter with someone who had the same desires as i did could boost me out of my rut and get me some vital relief… as I scrolled I came to an ad that caught my eye it read

dominant female wanted mechanical knowledge is a must xXx

seeking an outgoing female (straight) interested in trying something new, must love the feel of power between her legs and be willing to experience pleasure for hours..

I at this point am feeling as though this man is speaking directly to me, I have always enjoyed making my own toys and modifying machines of all types for sexual release and reliable pleasure, I responded to the ad and after several days ventured out to meet this mystery man, I had my doubts as i drove out into a secluded section of the countryside, the scene was too perfect, a warm late night summer breeze lifted my spirits and as my shirt blew in the breeze coming through my window grazing my nipples and making me even wetter than before, i felt that there was no hope for the perfect climax in my ever growing fantasies of what was to come, I pulled down the long driveway to a quaint but unassuming cabin set back in the trees, as i checked over myself in the mirror making sure i was looking as sexy as i was feeling the man came outside to greet me…

I being a taller woman of 5′ 9″ noticed that he was shorter only slightly taller than me but extremely attractive in a rugged masculine way, he had a fantastic athletic body, not the body of someone who spends their life in a gym but rather the body of someone who enjoys life, lean and strong with a broad chest and strong legs, as we walked inside i noticed he also had a perfect ass, his demeanor gave me a sense that he was in control but not cruel, it would be my pleasure to let this fine specimen of man take me to a whole new exciting level of sexual satisfaction, as we made our way to the bedroom the topic of sex did not arise and I was beginning to become concerned, however as we entered the bedroom any doubts I had felt faded from my mind and a pure sense of euphoria took over as I gazed around my fantasy land…

the cat o nine tails lay on the seat of a plush recliner with a massive yet intriguing vibrator leaning up against it, the bed itself was huge a full california king that held a variety of tools i was familiar with being a mechanic but not used to seeing in the bedroom, as my new friend and I discussed the layout on the bed I came to find out he was in search of a woman that would be able to assist him with fulfilling his fantasy of completing his new fucking machine and be in the film of its maiden voyage…

we spent a few hours perfecting this incredible sucking machine, converting a standard vacuum into a non stop pleasuring device, once it was in operational order I began to help set the mood for him, I changed into a black bra and collar and a g string equipped for a dildo of his choice, for fun I put on my ankle restraints this time in case he wanted to feel as though he could regain some control as he seemed like the type that wants to be dominated but also be able to regain his power and prowess as he desired

I figured I should warm him up for a while peak his arousal for this exciting moment, I took my time teasing his body, gently moving my way down his body with my full lips, gently biting and licking him all the way down to his rock hard 9 inch cock, I caressed his head with my mouth moving it slowly in circles around and around, then letting my tongue tease and flick the underside of his head, I licked and sucked on his balls to get his cock even harder and let my mouth fall down below his balls to see his reaction as he moaned and pushed his hips towards me I knew he was ready and willing and I began to lick around his asshole while stroking his hard pulsing cock, when I got him to the point he could barely take any more pleasure without cumming I turned on the camera and the double headed vibrator we had made, I lubed the vibrator and slowly slid it into his tight ass and once it was in I laid back and let him stick the other side into my dripping wet pussy , as we fucked each other I found my self in almost an aroused trance, I had never been able to reach this level of pleasure before with anybody else.. I knew at this point we were going to have to meet again and this would not be the last of our encounters, my pussy was begining to ache from the intense orgasms that were rolling through my body when we moved to the thing we had been waiting to do

we started the vacuum and he let his massive cock get sucked back and forth into the hose as he worked his cock back and forth with our creation I bent him over and selected an 8 inch dildo to fuck him with, we spent hours getting to the point of cumming and then easing up just enough to be able to go a little longer, the battery on our camera died but we didn’t care, my skin glistened and tingled in the moonlit room out in the country, my body vibrated with pleasure from head to toe as I watched him get closer and closer to release,

I pulled out of him and gave in to the urge to rub my clit as he writhed in pleasure, he pulled out of the vacuum and stood over me a stroked his pumped cock over my body as I fingered myself, he made me cum when he finally exploded on my tits and down my stomach, I licked what was left off the tip of his swollen cock and knew this was the beginning of my new life…

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