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Don’t they KNOW !!!

A few days ago, it happened again. I’m sitting in my car when two girls, 12 to 15 years old and from the apartment complex, walk past me whispering to each other, glancing at me over the others sholder taking turns making eye contact and smiling. They walk into the breeze way and sat on the steps facing my car. As they pull out their phones texting and showing each other various funny things, the huge titty girl doubled over laughing, wearing a loose fitting white tee shirt cut down the middle to expose her huge cleavage. Everything she thought funny , her response was to bend forward laughing and bouncing those D-cup titties, barely supported by a torn, faded, thin, white laced bra that was too big even for her tits, my direction while the other, wearing some very tight white bikini bottoms showing off her perfectly toned muscular legs responded by opening her legs while leaning backwards shifting her hips so her cooochi pointed directly at me with a huge camel toe smile. ….

As I watch these girls, they are looking at me and still they continue with even bolder jesters like hugging or touching legs, breast or even pulling the others head into her lap while rapidly thrusting upwards as if she’s fucking her face violently. My dick is about to rip thru my jeans and if I touched it would have exploded. So I pulled out and drove around the corner, allowing the bl**d to flow back into the rest of my body which took about five minutes. When I returned, to my relief they where gone. I did’nt want them running to their mommies and daddies saying, “the man has a snake in his pants and it’s spitting” because I knew when I got out of my car my dick was down the left side of my jeans with the head clearly visable and the girth of a sausage behind it, 7 inches getting smaller with each step however when I reached the landing on the second floor the bl**d flow reversed back to the swelling vessel eagar to accept as much as it could possible hold and would no doubt happily rupture itself because……More next time..thnx for readin yal’l…

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:23 pm

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