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Double Act – Chapter 3

Double Act – Chapter 3

I stepped close and went to kiss her but she turned her face and I stepped into a hug instead. She gripped her arms around me as we stood close against each other.

“Not yet,” she whispered in my ear. There was a pause, as though Bethany was going to say something else, but then she pushed me away.

“I want to see you eat me,” she said.

I smiled nervously, trying to match my s!ster’s bravado.

“Then you’d better sit down,” I said, as suggestively as I could. On impulse, Beth reached out between my legs and dug her fingernails into my pubic hair.

“Hope you’re hungry,” she said. “My pussy’s on fire.”

She stepped past me and sat lazily on the sofa; one leg outstretched with the other tucked up high on the cushions, exposing the soft dark triangle of hair covering her pussy.

“Don’t keep me waiting,” she said, winking.

I knelt down in front of her and trailed my fingertips up the inside of her long, slim thighs. “I’ll keep you waiting a bit,” I said.

I carried on caressing my s!ster’s thighs, massaging her gorgeous legs while I closed my eyes and let the smell of her sex fill my senses. Concentrating on her outstretched leg, I held it with both hands and leant forward, kissing the soft skin as I let my lips travel up the inside of her thigh. I knew what I was doing, but there was still a part of me that was yelling, ‘I’m having sex with my own s!ster!’ And was confused by it. But it was too late to stop now.

I had to get some kind of control back, realising that rather than being worried Beth was too shy or nervous to engage with me, she was quite the opposite. It was a side that very many people never see of their siblings or close fam!ly; of that person being turned on and acting in a very aggressive and sexual way. Beneath the many layers of my emotions, I secretly gorged on that sensation; that realisation of being in such a sexual situation with my twin.

I carried on kissing her until I reached the sensitive skin between her thigh and her pubis. Kissing Beth there made her squirm, and I felt her hand on the back of my head urging me closer toward her pussy.

“Stop teasing me!” she said angrily. “Tim never teased me like that. Eat me out, goddamit!”

I felt a sharp pain as Beth’s fingernails insisted the point against my skull. Using my thumbs, I gently parted the soft hair covering my s!ster’s wet pussy, and stared at it for a moment.

‘This was it,’ I thought to myself.

Even after everything that had happened in the last twenty minutes, I had been the passive partner; allowing my s!ster to take the lead in our lovemaking. But now it was my turn, and my twin s!ster’s pussy was right in front of me. I closed my eyes once more and lowered my head, opening my mouth. My tongue made contact with her soft, swollen clit and for the first time I tasted my own s!ster’s sex. I rolled my tongue around her clit, devouring every sensation I’d grown to enjoy about other women.

Beth squirmed a little, hissing a protracted, “Yeeess!” as I began to eat her out. Her hand stayed on the back of my head, making sure I kept my mouth close to her.

“Look at me,” Beth whispered urgently.

I opened my eyes and looked up. Beth cleared a few strands of hair away from the front of my face and stared into my eyes.

“God, I love you!” she said, her lips trembling. She closed her eyes and tipped her head back, using her hand to push me closer between her legs. I let one of my fingers slip underneath her clit and into her pussy. “Do it! Do it!” she said, writhing on the sofa.

I slipped another finger inside her and began to fuck her slowly with my hand as I carried on licking her clit. Beth was approaching the first stages of orgasm very quickly, and my hand was soon slick with her juice. I slipped a third finer into my s!ster’s tight, but well-lubricated pussy and began working at her inside. Beth was writhing on the sofa as I frigged her, pushing my head against her clit, then throwing her arms back as another wave of orgasm rippled through her.

Eventually, after longer than I’d ever spent going down on a girl, I sat back then clambered up the sofa between my s!ster’s legs. Beth was hot, flushed and very hungry looking.

“Come here,” she demanded, as I clambered over her body to reach her.

Our lips clashed together and Beth’s tongue f0rced its way into my mouth. She pulled back a little and greedily licked and lapped at her own juice from around my lips. Then she lay back. Her body was warm and soft and gorgeous beneath me.

After a moment, she opened her eyes and said, “Did you bring any toys?”

I nodded, pointing to a small rucksack by the side of the coffee table.

“Bring it here,” Beth said, curling a finger around a lock of my hair.

I rolled off her and the sofa, crawled over to the bag and brought it back. I sat next to Beth and we opened it together. Inside it I’d placed a couple of lesbian magazines, Beth’s adult movie of the twin s!sters, some lubricant (not that that was needed!), two dildos and a small vibrator. Beth reached in for the first dildo. It was a long, thick piece of rubber, shaped like a cock at each end. Beth ran her hand over one end of it.

“Nice,” she said.

She then reached in and picked out the other dildo; this one was something I’d bought a while ago to use on a prospective girlfriend at college. It was a standard black 7-inch model, but was engaged in a strap on harness that tied around your waist.

“Ahh,” breathed Beth. “That’s better!”

She put the bag on the floor and turned to me.

“Would you mind putting this on for me?” she asked, as sweetly as she could. I rolled my eyes, imitating her voice.

“If I must,” I said.

Beth rolled over until she was kneeling in the middle of the sofa; arms over the back facing away from me. I scrambled off the sofa and slipped into the harness, adjusting the buckles so that the fit was nice and snug.

“Hey, I’m getting cold,” Bethany murmured. I used some of my saliva to wet the dildo and ran my right hand up and down its length.

“Enough already!” I said. “You’ve got to wait a bit for this, I want to make sure it goes in smooth.”

In truth, I knew this was crossing another road in my new journey with my s!ster. Not so much the action of fucking her with a dildo, but the emotion and the experience of fucking my own s!ster.

I knelt down behind Beth once more and watched her relax as I began to let my tongue lap once more at her hot, sweet pussy. I pressed my nose up against her ass as I pushed her face against her and began to feel that huge rush or horny emotion run through me. If I wasn’t fully turned on before, then I was reaching new heights of illicit pleasure. I slipped two fingers inside Beth, pulled them out, then slip them back in again. I did this several times, at first just enjoying the sensation of fingering the inside of my s!ster’s pussy, but then I started using her juice to lubricate the dildo swinging stiffly between my legs.

“Oooh, that feels so good, Cass,” Beth moaned. I pulled away from my s!ster and stood up.

“Give it to me,” she said, in a low voice.

“You want me to fuck you?” I asked quietly. I moved a little closer toward her and pressed the tip of the dildo against Beth’s pussy. “You want me inside you?” I repeated, as huskily as possible.

“Yes, fuck me! Fuck me you dirty bitch!” Beth moaned

I used one hand to part the lips of my s!ster’s wet pussy, and the other to guide the tip of the dildo between them. I felt the thick head of the dildo slip between Beth’s labia. Gently moving forward, I pushed the dildo further inside her.

“Oh my god,” I heard her mutter. “Oh my god that feels good. You feel so good inside me.”

I grabbed onto my s!ster’s hips with both hands and begin to rock backward and forward. Pretty soon I was fucking the entire length of the dildo in and out of her wet pussy. I started running my hands all over my s!ster’s ass, marvelling at how beautiful she looked in front of me. Changing speed, I grabbed her hips again and pull back on them, fucking her harder and faster. I closed my eyes and let the waves of orgasm wash over me. My own pussy was aching every time I fucked in toward my s!ster and felt the flat of the harness press against my clit. This was better than any girl-fuck I’d ever imagined.

“Oh Jesus. Sweet Jesus, yes!” shouted Beth, completely lost to her orgasm. “Oh God, fuck me! Fuck me just like Tim! Oh God yes!”

I felt Beth begin to shake uncontrollably and fucked as hard and fast as I could to maximize her multiple orgasm. Eventually I slowed the strokes of the dildo, withdrew and lay back on the floor next to the coffee table, the thick, wet dildo pointing high into the air. Both of us were hot and sweating from the energy of the fucking I’d just given her.

Beth stayed still on the sofa for a moment, then edged back slowly and knelt down beside me. She brushed her hair that had plastered to her face, then lowered her mouth to the dildo and began to suck her own cum from it. I felt my heartbeat surge as I watched my s!ster’s head bob up and down on the dildo I was strapped to.

After a few moments, Beth knelt back and closed her eyes. Her face was still flushed and she looked incredibly attractive. She moved again, slowly, gently this time until she was straddling me. She lowered herself onto the dildo and I watched it slip inside her pussy once more. She rocked forward and backward a little, so that I could see it between her legs, then she lowered her body until she lay on top of me. We laced our fingers between each other’s, and I felt her nipples brush over my breasts as we lay together. I unlocked my fingers and put my arms around my s!ster, running them up and down her slim back. Beth used her fingers to clear away some strands of hair from my face, and gazed at me.

“Kiss me,” she said, her voice as serious as anything I’d heard her say.

I lifted my head from the floor, and tilted it the opposite way to my s!ster. We both closed our eyes at the last moment, and I felt that huge heart-rush once more as our lips connected and we shared a very deep and loving kiss. I pressed my hands against my s!ster’s back, pressing her onto me and feeling the squash of her breasts against mine.

We were perfectly matched for each other; in our physical beauty, in our shared experiences, and in what made each other tick. I knew then that I could never again just be Beth’s s!ster. I could never again just be her lover. I was both; something strange and unusual and difficult to comprehend, but something new all the same. I loved my s!ster so much, but now, having shared each other’s passions and intimacy, I loved her in a new and special way.

“I love you,” Beth said suddenly, as if reading my mind.

I smiled up at her and closed my eyes lazily. “I love you too,” I replied, “very much. More than just as my s!ster. You are- you are so beautiful” I added, starting to lose my way with words.

Beth smiled at me again, then lowered her mouth to me and kissed me again. This time there wasn’t the frenzy of tongue lashing we shared previously. This time we used the time to explore each other’s mouths; perfectly comfortable to do so, with no inhibitions barring us from our passion.

Eventually, after a very long time kissing and caressing each other, we both felt sleeep begin to steal a march on us. Almost unaware that I still had the dildo impaling my s!ster, we got up together and went to the bedroom hand-in-hand. Beth knelt down beside me and unbuckled the harness, letting it fall to the floor. I breathed a sigh of relief, and sighed again with pleasure as Beth smoothed the spot between my legs where the harness had chafed.

We clambered into bed together and lay in each other’s arms, drawing lazy circles on each other’s bodies and we drifted off to sleeep.

* * *

We woke up once in the night, full of passion once more, and made love again. But this time there wasn’t any urgency, and we were able to pleasure each other without creating too much havoc with the bed sheets. The last thing I remembered, before falling into a deep and formless sleeep, was feeling my s!ster’s warm and soft body lying next to my own; her leg drayped across mine and her hand resting on my stomach.

The thought that accompanied it was of deep and awesome love for my s!ster, and the promise of many more nights like this one in the future.


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