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DP Mom At The Drive-In

Eva jumped as the front door slammed shut. She heard her son, Jeff, kick of his sneakers into the hall closet and then run upstairs. A second later she heard his bedroom door slam shut.

“I wonder what’s wrong with Jeff,” she thought to herself. Eva laid the book she was reading onto the sofa and then headed upstairs to check on her son.

Eva gently knocked on Jeff’s bedroom door and asked, “Are you okay, Jeff?”

“I’m fine,” answered Jeff. Eva could tell by his voice that he was angry about something. She tried the door; it was unlocked. Eva opened the door and entered his bedroom. Jeff was on his bed, pretending to read a magazine.

Eva sat down beside her son on his bed and said, “I know something’s wrong, Jeff. Please tell me. Maybe I can help.”

Jeff threw the magazine down, looked at his mom and said, “Billy’s and my dates cancelled tonight.”

Eva could see how disappointed Jeff was and said, “I’m sorry, Jeff. Did they give you a reason for canceling?”

Jeff shook his head. “They decided that the drive-in wasn’t what they wanted to do and blew us off.”

Eva knew that Jeff and his best friend Billy were going to go to the newly opened drive-in on the outskirts of town. The drive-in had been closed for years, but recently was bought and refurbished. Eva used to go the same drive-in when she was in her teens. Eva smiled at the thoughts of all the good times she had at that drive-in.

“Why are you smiling?” asked Jeff, angry. “It’s not funny.”

“Oh, honey. I’m not laughing. I was just remembering all the times I used to go to the drive-in when I was your age. It was lots of fun.”

“Well… I’ll never know,” said Jeff. Just then Jeff’s cell phone rang and he answered. “Hey, Billy… Yeah, it fucking sucks… Nothing, just talking to mom…” Jeff noticed his mother waving at him. “Wait a sec, mom wants something…” Jeff looked at his mother.

“Ask Billy if his mom would go to the drive-in tonight with him and I’ll go with you — kind of a double-date. I know it’s not what you planned but it could still be fun,” said Eva.

Jeff grinned and said into the phone, “Hey, Billy. Mom wants to know if your mom will go with us to the drive-in. I think she wants to reminisce about old times.”

Eva could hear Billy yell for his mom on the phone. A minute later Jeff was nodding his head and said, “Cool. We’ll pick you guys up at eight.” Jeff disconnected the call and said to Eva, “She’s up for it. Thanks mom.”

“No problem, anything for my boy. We can take the Jeep.” Eva checked the time and said, “I better get supper on the stove.” Eva gave Jeff a quick kiss on the cheek and then went downstairs. Jeff watched his mother walk out of his room, his eyes on her ass as it swayed under her summer dress.

Jeff laid back on the bed and smiled. “Maybe tonight will be fun after all.”


Later that night, Eva went upstairs to get changed for the drive-in. She stood in her closet, trying to find the perfect outfit. It was a hot July evening and with four people in the Jeep, it was going to be warm. Eva decided on a white tank top and a skirt. She changed and then checked herself out in the mirror. “Damn, I look good,” she thought. Eva was forty years old and she kept fit by running everyday. She had long hair which she tied back into a ponytail. Her breasts were big and they nicely filled out the tank top. She was carrying a little extra on her ass but she thought it still looked fine.

“MOM! WE HAVE TO GO!” yelled Jeff from downstairs. Jeff was already in the Jeep when Eva came outside. He gave a little whistle and said, “Wow, mom. You look amazing.”

Eva did a little spin, which caused her skirt to flare up. Jeff caught a brief glimpse of her panties before the skirt dropped.

“Thank you. You look good yourself,” she said. Jeff was nineteen and in great shape. He was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Jeff looked a lot like his late father; his hair a light shade of brown and striking blue eyes. Eva did not know how any girl could turn down this handsome man for a drive-in date. Eva jumped into the front seat and they were off.

A few minutes later they arrived at Billy’s house. Jeff blew the horn and Billy came out alone.

“Where’s your mom?” asked Jeff.

“She’s not feeling well. She has a migraine. I guess you two can go and we’ll try to go next time.”

Eva said, “You can come with us, Billy. We can still have fun, the three of us.”

“Well… okay. Let me tell mom and I’ll be right out.”

They arrived at the drive-in at dusk and Jeff found a spot to park over by the fence. Jeff tuned in the radio to the correct station for the movie and rolled down the windows. It was a muggy night and everyone was starting to sweat.

“Is this okay?” he asked.

Eva nodded and Billy said, “Great spot, Jeff. We should have a great view of the movie from here.” Billy was in the backseat and Jeff watched his friend peek over his mother’s shoulder to try to look down her top. He winked at Jeff and Jeff shook his head, smiling. Jeff knew that Billy had a crush on his mom.

The lights dimmed and the movie started. They all got comfortable and started watching the film. After fifteen minutes, Jeff noticed his mother was not watching the movie. She was looking around the drive-in and smiling.

“Still reminiscing about the old times, mom?” asked Jeff.


“What was it like, back when you used to go here?” asked Billy. “Are all those old stories about the drive-in true?”

“What old stories?” asked Eva, innocently.

“You know, coming to the drive-in for sex,” said Billy.

Eva laughed. “Well, I shouldn’t say anything…”

“Come on,” urged Jeff. “It’s just us three here, you can tell us.”

Eva gave in and said, “Okay. Yes, those stories are true. We used the drive-in to get away from our parents and fuck all night long.”

“Cool,” said Billy.

“Wow, my mom used to be a slut,” said Jeff.

Eva slapped her son’s arm and said, “What do you mean, used to be? I can still be a slut if I want.”

“Prove it,” said Billy.

“Excuse me?” asked Eva.

“Take off your top,” said Billy.

Eva shook her head. “No, I don’t think so.”

“Come on. I know Jeff wants to see those nice titties, don’t you Jeff?” teased Billy.

Eva looked at her son. Jeff only nodded, answering Billy’s question. Eva was already getting horny thinking about the old days. She looked closely at Jeff, seeing the lust for her for the first time in their lives. The lustful looks Jeff was sending to Eva did something to her; she wanted to play along. Eva carefully pulled off her tank top and sat there in front of the boys with only her bra on. Her chest was heaving in the dim lights of the drive-in and the boys were staring at her, wanting more.

“Take off the bra too,” said Billy, his voice showed his excitement at finally seeing his longtime crush topless.

“Roll up the windows, Jeff,” said Eva. Jeff did what he was told and soon the Jeep was encased in the dark windows. Now no one could see in unless they were on top the Jeep.

Eva’s eyes did not leave Jeff’s face as she unclasped her bra from behind. She slowly slid the straps off her shoulders and then pulled her bra away from her body. Jeff caught his breath as his mother’s breasts were exposed. Eva’s nipples were hard and full, her aureole’s a dark brown. Eva started pulling on her nipples with her fingers, moaning as she felt her breasts in front of the two teenagers. Jeff could see the tips of her nipples poking through her fingers as Eva pulled and rubbed her hard buds.

“Wow, mom,” said Jeff. “Your breasts are beautiful.”

“Thank you, honey,” said Eva, smiling at her son’s compliment.

Eva continued rubbing her breasts when Billy asked from the back seat, “Did you used to suck cock at the drive-in?”

Eva only nodded. She could not take her eyes off her son’s face. He was captivated with her breasts and it was turning her on. The Jeep moved a little and then Eva felt something soft and spongy rubbing against her lips. She turned her head towards the back seat and then Billy pushed his cock between Eva’s lips. Eva tried to stop him but he was already in her mouth and she could taste a trickle of cum from the tip. His hot, throbbing cock hit the back of her throat and Eva gagged. Her mouth felt so full and then Billy pulled his cock meat out of her mouth. Billy wanted to see what Eva would do and he smiled when he saw that Eva kept her mouth open, waiting for Billy’s cock to fill it again. Billy pushed back in and started to fuck Eva’s face.

“Oh, fuck, Jeff. Your mom’s a great cock sucker,” groaned Billy as he filled Eva’s hot mouth with his cock.

Eva felt a wet tongue slide across her nipples and then she realized that her son was sucking her breasts. Eva moaned over Billy’s cock and arched her back, pushing her nipple deep into her son’s mouth. Eva worked Billy’s cock with her tongue and throat, sucking and pulling on it as he pulled out and pushed it back into her mouth, slowly fucking her face. The softness, the warmth of her mouth felt incredible as Eva worked on Billy’s cock.

“That’s it, Eva…. Aaahhh… suck my cock!” moaned Billy, rotating his hips and working his cock in her mouth. Eva’s pussy was starting to juice, from the combination of Billy’s cock in her mouth and her son’s tongue and mouth as he moved from one breast to the other, sucking and biting at her hard nipples.

Billy’s cock started throbbing in Eva’s hot mouth and she knew it would not be long before he unloaded into her mouth. Gripping his prick firmly between her lips, she fastened them just behind the knob. Eva’s tongue wrapped around the mushroom-shaped head, poking at his piss-hole as she sucked.

Billy grabbed the sides of Eva’s head and pushed in deep one more time as he came. Spurt after spurt of Billy’s cum shot into her mouth as Eva gobbled it up and sucked even harder on his exploding cock.

“Fuck, Jeff. Your mom is taking my load,” moaned Billy. He shot stream after stream into Eva’s mouth and down her throat. Eva took it all and swallowed everything Billy’s cock could pump into her mouth. Billy pulled out and fell back onto the back seat, breathing hard and trying to catch his breath. His cock was covered with cum and spit and glistened in the low light from the movie screen.

Eva pulled Jeff away from her tits and kissed him hard on the mouth. Jeff could taste Billy’s spunk on his mother’s tongue and it did not gross him out as he thought it would. They kissed like lovers, or soon-to-be lovers, not like mother and son.

Eva broke the kiss and whispered to her son, “I want to taste your cock, Jeff. Fuck my face, honey.”

Jeff did not need to be told twice. He said to Billy, “Help me swing mom around in the seat, Billy.” Billy reached over and together the two teenagers maneuvered Eva around until she was in the position that Jeff wanted her to be in; Eva’s head hung back over the edge of the seat, giving Jeff full access to her mouth and throat.

Jeff quickly removed his shorts. His cock was already hard and pre-cum dribbled from the tip. Eva gasped at the sight of her son’s huge cock. It was not too long, maybe six inches or so, but it was thick; incredibly thick. It looked almost like a bottle of soda, and the head of his cock mushroomed over the thick stalk. Eva did not know if she could take that monster in her mouth but she was willing to try.

“Oh my God, Jeff. You’re huge…” she started to say but Jeff straddled Eva’s face and pushed his cock into her open mouth. Eva tried to relax her jaw and Jeff pushed the huge head past her lips, groaning as he felt his mother’s teeth sc**** along the sensitive skin of his cock as he pushed slowly into her wet mouth.

Jeff could not believe how this night was turning out. His beautiful mother was lying back, taking his huge bone into her hot, wet mouth. Jeff noticed that Billy was busy in the back seat as he lifted Eva’s ass off the seat and pulled her panties off. He threw them to the side and was inspecting her exposed pussy.

“Fuck, Jeff. Your mom shaves her cunt. It’s smooth and fucking dripping wet.”

Jeff did not say anything as he was concentrating on fucking his mom’s mouth. Jeff watched as his mom tried to take his cock and he gently pushed it in deeper. He knew that she would have problems taking it all; the other girls that tried gave up after an inch or so. Sometimes Jeff felt like a freak with his huge cock but he was shocked as his mom took more and more of the monster into her mouth. Her mouth looked like it was painfully stretched wide and Jeff could see tears running from Eva’s blue eyes. Jeff stopped and carefully pulled his cock free from his mom’s mouth. She gasped for air and looked up at her son.

“Mom, I’m so sorry. I’ll stop…” he started to say but Eva ignored him and pulled his cock back into her mouth. Jeff could not believe his mother wanted more and when he looked into her eyes she winked and grabbed onto his bare ass, pulling him deeper into the warm, wet cavern. That was when it happened; his balls were resting against his mother’s chin. She had somehow taken his huge cock into her mouth and throat and it felt amazing.

Billy spread Eva’s pussy lips apart with his fingers and then stuck his tongue into the wet, pink flesh. Eva jumped as Billy started eating her out. Billy slid his hands under her ass and squeezed her ass cheeks as he tongue-fucked her. Her hips gyrated as she started rubbing her streaming pussy into Billy’s mouth.

Billy was sucking and licking Eva’s clit when she suddenly climaxed. Waves of pleasure rolled through her spasming body. She came hard against Billy’s face and he sucked up her pussy juice. Eva screamed around Jeff’s cock as the pleasure flowed through her body. Billy’s tongue swirled around the sensitive pussy lips and he nibbled on her erect clit. He then spread her ass cheeks apart and licked his way down to Eva’s asshole. Eva groaned over Jeff’s cock as Billy gently licked at her asshole. Eva tapped Jeff’s leg and he pulled out of her mouth. Eva tried to catch her breath.

“Billy…” Eva panted. “Don’t be shy. Stick your tongue in my ass.” Jeff gently held Eva’s head with both hands and held her steady as he started fucking her mouth again. Eva sucked him harder as he fucked her mouth more fiercely, pushing his thick cock down her throat.

“Unngghhh!” she grunted, her mouth full of his plunging prick. Jeff could feel he was about to come and after one more thrust he emptied his balls into Eva’s mouth.

“OH, GOD!!!” he moaned and his mother tried to prepare for the oncoming load.

Eva gagged as she tried to swallow Jeff’s load as he pulled his still-erupting cock from her mouth. Jeff painted Eva’s lips and tongue with his warm jizz until his cock finally stopped shooting.

Eva smiled up at her son and then gave a little yelp as Billy pushed his tongue past the rim of her asshole. Eva grabbed onto Jeff’s legs and surrendered her ass to Billy’s mouth and tongue. Jeff’s father loved to lick Eva’s ass and Eva just realized how much she missed that feeling of a tongue digging into her asshole, spreading it open to the pushing and prodding of that organ. Billy pushed his tongue deep into Eva’s ass, fucking her with his tongue. Eva’s next orgasm hit her and she clamped her knees around Billy’s head as he tongue-fucked her ass.

“Oh, fuck… Oh, fuck… Oh, fuck…” groaned Eva as she came over Billy’s probing tongue. She grabbed onto Jeff’s legs as again the intense pleasure rolled through her body.

Once her orgasm passed, she released Billy’s head and he removed his tongue. Jeff pulled his mother up onto his lap and gently played with her nipples.

“Wow, this is just like old times,” said Eva, grinning. They all laughed and relaxed, catching their breath.

The first movie finished and the lights went up in the parking lot. A few people tried to look into the Jeep as they walked past but the windows were tinted and protected the three of them. Eva stayed on Jeff’s lap until the lights went back down and the second movie started.

Eva looked into her son’s eyes and said, “I want to fuck Billy. Is that okay?”

Jeff looked disappointed but nodded his head. “Sure, mom. Whatever you want.”

Eva kissed Jeff hard, shoving her tongue into his mouth. They kissed for a minute, tongues rubbing against each other. Eva then whispered into Jeff’s ear, “But you have to be fucking my ass at the same time.”

Jeff had the biggest smile on his face and it made Eva so happy. She kissed him again before crawling into the back with Billy.

“Now, Billy. Are you ready to fuck my pussy?”

“Shit, yeah,” he said, smiling. Billy’s cock was already hard as Eva straddled it and slowly slid down, taking his full length deep inside her cunt.

“Ughmph!” Eva grunted, her eyes rolling back in their sockets. Billy groaned as his cock drove deep into Eva’s pussy. It was so warm and tight as Eva started milking him as she rode his cock. Eva’s breasts were swaying in front of his face and Billy opened his mouth to capture a nipple. He sucked hard and Eva pushed her tit into his mouth. The Jeep moved a little and then she felt Jeff behind her. She looked over her shoulder and Jeff’s tongue again found her mouth. She moaned as he pushed his tongue down her throat. Jeff broke the kiss and whispered in her ear.

“Are you sure about this, mom?”

Eva nodded and then she felt Jeff’s hands spread her ass cheeks. The back seat was dark and the little light from the movie screen cast shadows over the three of them. Jeff could not see his target so he had to go by touch. Jeff ran the head of his cock between Eva’s ass cheeks, sliding down until he felt the puckered opening of her asshole.

“Go ahead, Jeff. Take my ass,” she moaned.

Jeff could not wait any longer and he tried to push his huge cock head into her ass. “Ungh! Ungh!” she gasped. Jeff was having a hard time getting in and Eva could tell her son was getting frustrated. “Just take your time, honey. Go slow and it will go in, trust me.”

Eva’s asshole slowly opened and then the head was in. “OH FUCK!” screamed Eva. Jeff’s cock head felt huge in her ass as she grabbed onto Billy’s shoulders and held on tight as Jeff continued to push deeper into her asshole. Then he was all the way in, buried deep into her bowels.

“Just wait a minute, honey,” begged Eva. She had never felt so full as Billy’s rock hard cock was filling her cunt and her son’s beautiful, thick cock spread open her asshole. Here she was, a forty year old woman with two teenage boys filling her ass and cunt with their hard, young cocks. She was in heaven.

“Now, go slow at first, Jeff,” she whispered.

Jeff gently pulled his cock out of Eva’s ass and the pushed it back in deep. Eva grunted as Billy started matching Jeff’s thrusts. They pulled out together and slammed back into Eva. That took Eva by surprise and she screamed a little; taking both cocks like a pro.

“Fuck, mom. Keep quiet or we’ll get kicked out,” said Jeff.

Eva could not say anything so she nodded and bit her lower lip. Billy rammed into her again and another small scream escaped her lips. Then she felt something being jammed into her mouth and realized that Jeff had just shoved panties in to stop her from screaming. Billy rammed her again and this time her scream was muffled in the panties. Satisfied that she would be a little quieter now, Jeff was ready to go at her ass. Jeff pulled out until the tip of his cock was just inside her asshole and then drove it in deep. At that point Eva thought it may have been a mistake to ask for the double penetration but she could not stop them if she wanted too.

Jeff continued to ram his cock hard into his mom’s ass. He could feel Billy’s cock buried in her pussy and it was strange feeling another guy’s cock while fucking her at the same time. Jeff was enjoying every second of this, not knowing if he would have another chance at fucking his mother. He drove into her harder and harder, each time she screamed a little into her panties.

Billy then moaned and said, “Fuck, I’m going to cum.” Hot jets of cum began spurting out of his plunging cock. Shot after shot of Billy’s cum unloaded into Eva’s pussy. Eva came as she felt Billy’s hot juice shoot into her; this orgasm the most intense of the evening.

“Aaanngghhhiieeeee!” moaned Eva as she came, wave after wave of pleasure shooting from the tips of her toes to the hair on the back of her neck. Jeff continued to pound into Eva even as she came from Billy’s load.

Eva pulled the panties from her mouth and gasped, “Please stop, Jeff. I can’t take it anymore. Please.”

Jeff almost ignored his mother’s pleas but there was something in her voice that persuaded him to stop. Jeff gently pulled his still hard cock from his mother’s ass. He needed to come so badly and he pulled Eva off of Billy and pushed her down onto the floor of the Jeep. He beat his cock in his fist over his mother’s face. She was breathing hard and she looked like she might pass out.

“Open her mouth, Billy,” ordered Jeff. Billy leaned forward and used his fingers to open Eva’s mouth wide. Jeff beat his cock faster until he felt his load shoot up his cock and out the tip. Jeff aimed at Eva’s mouth and unloaded, shooting thick streams of cum onto her tongue and into her waiting mouth. His cum built up onto her tongue and Jeff helped Eva swallow it by pushing his cock back into her mouth and jamming his cum into her throat. Eva gagged and swallowed her third load of cum for the night. All three of them jumped when they heard knocking on the glass. Jeff leaned over the front seat and cracked the window, his cock still buried in his mother’s mouth. He could see the manager standing there.

“Are you finished? Now get the fuck out of here,” he said angrily.

“Yes, sir,” said Jeff. He rolled the window up reluctantly pulled his softening cock from Eva’s mouth and crawled over the seat. Nobody said anything as they pulled out of the drive-in. The ride back to Billy’s house was silent until Jeff heard sucking sounds from the back seat. He moved the rear view mirror so he could see back. He saw his mother’s head bobbing up and down on Billy’s cock and then Billy groaned and shot another load into Eva’s mouth. Jeff pulled into Billy’s driveway and turned off the Jeep.

“We’re here, Billy.”

“Okay.” He slid his shorts up over his cock and then smiled at Eva. “Thanks for the good time at the drive-in.”

Eva smiled and said, “You’re welcome. Maybe next time we can talk your mother into coming with us.”

Billy’s face lit up and said, “That would be awesome.” He jumped out of the Jeep and said to Jeff, “Night buddy.”

“Night, Billy,” said Jeff. Jeff pulled out of the driveway and headed home. He watched his mother in the back seat and she closed her eyes and fell asl**p. Jeff pulled into the garage and shut off the motor.

He turned in his seat and looked back at his mother. She was still sl**ping, naked and covered in cum. Her hair was sticky from his earlier load in her mouth and he could see cum oozing out of her pussy, courtesy of Billy. He could also see dried cum around her mouth and on her cheeks, courtesy of either Jeff’s last load on her face or Billy’s final blow-job.

Jeff thought about the events of the drive-in and felt a little guilty about the way it all turned out. Billy and he used his mother and she took it like a champ. Was it wrong? Definitely. Did it feel good? Absolutely. Would he do it again?

Jeff thought about that as his eyes roamed over her naked body. His cock started to harden and he knew the answer. He quietly opened the door and then went in the back. His mother did not move as he touched her breasts and gently pulled at her nipples.

Eva’s mouth was slightly open as she slept and Jeff had the urge to fill it again with his cock. He carefully moved around in the back seat and placed his cock at the entrance of her mouth, waiting to see if she would take it herself or if he would have to push it in. A minute later Eva’s mouth opened wider and Jeff smiled. He pushed his cock into the warm, waiting mouth of his mother.

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