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Dream Job.

–please bear in mind this story is purely fictitious and any resemblances are merely coincidental, all rights reserved–

As a man who secretly likes to play with dolls and panties, it can be ‘hard’ finding the kind of stuff you are after. Money doesn’t necessarily help. Who wants to pay retail for something fresh out of the factory, anyway? I found my answer in a way that actually gets me paid.

Not much, but…

The fact that I am able to be on the clock while having fun with a steady supply of ‘girls’ is definitely something to write home about.

The idea dawned on me one day when I was at a thrift store shopping for some used panties and dolls. I saw the workers in the back sorting the donations. I saw a table covered with dolls in various stages of undress and my already hard cock surged against the inside of my synthetic fabric shorts.

I picked up a job application right away.

Businesses like these have cameras up, but there are more of them in the employee areas than where the second hand goods wait to be browsed. Loss prevention tends to focus on the people who come in day after day, looking for instances of them getting sticky fingers…

Mine were going to be sticky alright. I applied to work in their loss prevention department.

Apparently nobody wants these jobs. The supervisors tend to be perverts who got into the job so they could have an excuse to beat off looking at milf cleavage while they are shopping. There are virtually no females in the field, and they tend to be on the butch wannabe cop side also. Either way, sexual harassment is usually a big part of the job and the lower level employees, usually males working under males, easily cave when their supervisors demand to have their cum swallowed because they are perverts too. And you can imagine how many mutual jerk sessions have taken place while cameras were being played back in slow motion.

‘Let’s angle the camera towards those lower shelves. Just look at these bitches bending over…’

Many security ‘professionals’ love that the hard drive recorders they use at work have thumb drive file transfer capability. Most of their offices smell like years worth of dried jizz.

Once in awhile, one of them is super into panties, but very very few of these average bi voyeur men do not also have a huge craving for plastic or rubbery doll legs and faces…

I say very, very few because I did meet one like minded fellow my first day on the job. Good old Hank, loves to yank.

He was just a level one loss prevention associate like myself. It was primarily his duty to train me, so I was scheduled with him for several of my first days at work. He wasted no time in seeing where I was at in the spectrum.

The video he pulled up to demonstrate had a tiny framed mom, basically no tits at all wearing a short summer dress. Couple ruggratters following her around, she could not have been any older than 24 but my guess was an early starter who was only about 19 now. Brown hair, a couple of moles, plain unassuming looks. The kind of woman that rarely appreciates her own beauty, the kind that never needs a bit of make up to be absolutely gorgeous. Some of you know what I mean, the rest who prefer the circus clowns — it is okay I love to fuck those dirty painted whores also.

She padded around on the film wearing a pair of green flip flops that matched her dress.

‘Watch what she does with her purse,’ he said. His name was Hank. He reached one hand in his pocket and I heard a small buzzing sound begin.

She was fiddling in her purse and pulled out some chap stick to put on one of her lot.

‘Looks normal enough,’ I said.

‘Yep, 99.9% of the time it is, and when I watch people shopping in the store it’s really never to try to catch them stealing…’ he said, slowing the pace of his words as he neared the end of the sentence to imply more information than was verbalized. The corner of his lip turned up as he looked over at me, the buzzing sound in his pants continuing.

He had tattoos and a goatee, was a fat dude with red hair and only stood about 5’3″. Total Napoleon complex.

I returned his lurid smile, and we were friends for lyfe.

“Okay, well.. I guess that’s out of the way. So since I know we both probably think somewhat alike, I will assume you’d probably like to do some bisexual stuff right now while I put on a few of the better clips I have saved. We’ll have that wait, though.”

He clicked the ‘x’ on the video window with one hand and reached down to grasp his growing bulge with the other, ending the buzzing with a squeeze of his fingers.

“Reason being is we actually do need to train you to catch these asshole employees. We have a lot of teenage girls come and work here, and they have the stickiest fingers ever. Usually it’s just cheap earrings that somehow end up in, for instance, their bras…”

He clicked on a different file folder marked ‘Naughties’.

In the file that opened, it showed a female worker age 18. The camera looks down from above. She has tattoos and piercings and is downright hot, with small but super plump titties carefully cradled by her striped shirt. She is going through a white plastic bag of donations.

She pulls out a pair of earrings and makes a smirk. Nothing special about them, other than she wanted them. A glance in each direction and she tucks them underneath her bra nonchalantly.

He fast forwards the tape about 5 minutes, and the scene is quite different.

She is bend over the table, her hands curled around the opposite side for traction, as this bloated red headed monsterous pervert is shoving his 4 1/2 inch tufted poker into her asshole.

“She was a little more mouthy than most about it, so I went straight to her asshole, dry, before the blowjob. She comes over on Thursday nights now and we have tacos. Her boyfriend is being told we are just f****y friends and that I am like a father to her. I send her back to him every week after making sure I plug all three holes with my cum. Her toes curl when I stick my dick in her, she loves for me to reinact different approaches of r****g her under threat of job loss… and once a month she even brings a similarly minded friend of hers for a threesome.”

At this point my jaw was on the floor.

“I’m a panty pervert like you, and these chicks are nuts about it. They looooove to dress me up like a sissy girl, have me play with dolls, and tease me for hours while they remain fully dressed. They giggle endlessly, film and photo constantly, and the passion in their kissing when my little pantied dick squirts another really high pressure, thick, heavy, salty load onto their faces is unparalled, my b*****r…”

“Ummmm…” I said, my already half erect cock growing

“Yep, there are job incentives for doing a good job. I had to plant the earrings into the bra of an older bitch that works here so that I would have a good patsy to throw under the bus in order to keep another one of our sweet little harlots around.”

“This one’s name is Jenny. She was a real find. She’s a little like us, but she didn’t like the voyeur aspect at first. After I f***ed her to wear a hidden body cam and attend the dressing rooms, and after I fucked her asshole raw while we watched clips of trusting women cracking the door to pass clothes back and forth to her, she was completely sold on the idea. She actually runs the bathroom cams portion of our xxx site right now as well. That’s part of the shadow operation…” he said with a chuckle.

“People’s worst fears, man. Guys like us run the security, and thanks to technology do you know how easy it is to plant a tiny little camera in the bathroom? Look at this dude’s dick, for instance.”

He pulled up a file of a black dude standing in front of the sink jacking off. Dude had a pair of panties mashed up against his nose with one hand, and he was pumping his 9 inch railroad nail with the other. The sexiest part was that he was a lil short dude, so it made his enormous cock look even more lewdly oversized.

Then I noticed the real life eating doll sitting on the sink. Its pasty rubber lips wiggled under battery power as the short black males body fully tensed…

Massive, lewd, chunky, perverted, so many words could describe the semen that initially began to dribble out of his uncircumsized fat cock. After the first few warning drips came the first full powered shot. The main blast sailed over the dolls shoulder to land on the mirror, leaving its long stream of rope cum laid across her shoulder and down her frilly lil dress.

The second blast hit her squarely between the eyes, splashing upwards into the air and landing back on her forehead, instantly glazing most of her face. He brought himself closer for the next few blasts, aiming them directly at her lil lips.

At about this point, Hank opened a lower desk drawer and pulled out a plastic bag. As the 40 ish black male finished wiping the last drops of his cum off on that lil dress and tucked his cock away to leave the bathroom and doll just as they were, Hank pulled that very doll out of the plastic bag.

“We get quite a few of these. Usually they pay for the doll. This guy has done this a bunch of times, always pays, is very friendly to the workers. His cock is usually poking a tent in his synthetic shorts. He took one of the older ladies in the back and peeled down her pants and white satin granny panties just far enough to bury a load in her. It only took him about 45 seconds. You should have seen the smile on her face the rest of the day.”

“Anyway, I like to save the dolls for the new recruits in case they are doll lovers like me. Most guys aren’t so I’ve got quite a few of these stashed away.”

There was a dry, sticky glaze covering the dolls face, and its hair was glued down in several places. Hank held it up to his nose and took a deep whiff. “MMMM… crusty BBC cummy doll…” put it back in the bag, along with a usb drive with the file, and walked over to my new locker and stuffed the bag in.

“This is a little present from me. A taste of what’s to cum. I think we will have a lot of fun here. My little whores will like you, you’re a little younger than me and you are actually tall and barely overweight. How big’s your cock?”

“About 7 inches long, 1 3/4 inches wide.”

“Let me see it really quick, we will play later though okay?”

I instantly complied, my cock was already hard and uncomfortable from being strapped down by my nuthuggers. This would be the last day I wore nuthuggers, or any underwear, to this job though.

I went ahead and dropped full trouser to bare skin right in front of his face. My thoroughly shaved cock on full display. He grinned and pointed to a camera up in the corner of the security office, then turned on a monitor in the corner. It showed a fat woman with a really fat clit, and a nice big flappy hood to go with it, with her legs spread in front of the camera. Her pussy oozed as she moved her vibrator around on her pubic area.

“Looks like she approves. She’s at our remote location at our home office in Germany. She’s like the vice president I think, but nobody gets to find out. All we know is she watches, likes us to see how much she enjoys, and we do what she says. Like make sure all new recruits show off their cocks where she can see. Get your pants back up though, if we don’t want to get caught we have to take all this pretty seriously and focus on actual training for part of the day, and as I said I will incentivize your desire to learn by telling you if you are a good boy we will all get to play later.”

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