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Dylan and Brett

There was nobody in the world I wanted more than my stepfather; no one. My roommate at college was a good distraction, and so was my on again off again boyfriend, but I wanted my stepfather more than anything. He had married my mom just after I had turned ten, and had basically raised me. The only problem was I was pretty sure he was straight as a board, and I doubted that he swung that way unless he was extremely d***k or something. I had known I was gay from a very young age and I was determined to at least give it a go. I wasn’t sure that my roommate swung that way, at least not until the night he had come back to the frat house so d***k he could barely walk. He had instigated the hook up, which was not normal for me; I was used to being the aggressor.
I stopped for a moment to remember that night. His breath warm on my neck, the soft kiss he had placed just below my ear. I was getting hard just thinking about it; I hadn’t known that my roommate didn’t know I was gay until that night; and I hadn’t known that he thought I was straight.
His hands had run slowly over my well muscled arms and back as he continued kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear. He had whispered reassurances to me that nobody would find out, that it was ok and that he wanted me so badly that he didn’t want to wait anymore. The second I rolled over to face him I was well aware of how badly he wanted me. His eyes were dark with desire and I fully intended on giving him what he wanted as many times as he wanted it.
I kissed him on his full pouty lips gently and the second I did the growl that came out of his mouth told me that the evening was just getting started.
My roommate had slid his hands down to my waist and I heard him chuckle when he realized I slept naked.
“If I had known that you slept naked I wouldn’t have waited so long,” he had said as he griped my cock in his hand, stroking me until I was thick, hard and aching.
I remember the feeling of his length against the crease of my ass and I had moaned I wanted him badly and I was glad that I was finally going to have the opportunity.
Our love making was slow, deliberate, sensual, that night. I chuckled recalling how other nights were wild, fierce, and exhausting.
My roommate was the one who taught me how to suck a guys cock until he was so close to coming that a mere flick of my tongue or brush of my finger tips would send him over the edge. My roommate was also the one who had showed me spots on any man that could and would bring them to their knees.
I was home from college for the summer and had tried catching my stepfather in various states of undress, but was never successful. This next week though would be far easier, my mother was taking my half-s****r on a girls scouts camping trip, so it would just be me and Brett home alone for the entire week.
I was in the kitchen, naked to the waist in a pair of black shorts and nothing else starting dinner when he came home from work.
“Evening Dylan,” he said walking into the kitchen loosening his tie as he closed the door to the garage behind him, “how was your day?”
“Not bad Brett, how about yours? Dinner will be ready in about an hour or so.”
I saw his eyes rake over my frame and I thought this might be easier than I originally had figured.
He walked over to the stove and lifted the lid on the sauce I had bubbling away since earlier that afternoon.
“Smells good,” he said “I’m going to go shower and I’ll join you in a bit, your mom is on that retreat with Sarah right?”
“Yeah she’s gone all week.”
“So it’s just us boys huh?” he said as he walked out of the kitchen.

Jesus, all I wanted to do was fuck my stepson. He had filled out rather nicely over the last ten years. I just wasn’t sure if he would accept my advances. I hadn’t had an experience with another man in years, but that didn’t change the stirrings I had felt since Dylan was sixteen.
I had walked in on him jerking off as a friend of his railed him, his legs were spread wide and every time his friend slid in and out of his tight ass I felt my cock twitch. He hadn’t been embarrassed in fact far from it, he seemed to enjoy the fact that someone was watching.
I had fucked his mother that night, taking her tight ass in the same manner that her son had been fucked that afternoon. I wanted him badly, bad enough to risk ruining my marriage over.
My wife knew I had a tendency to like another cock as much as I enjoyed pussy, but she never would have guessed whose cock I wanted more than anything.
I walked into the master bedroom stripping slowly as I remembered the first time with another man.
I had been twenty and he was my tennis coach. It had all started innocent enough, him helping me get just the right stance for a perfect backswing, before I knew what was happening his hand was down the front of my shorts cupping my cock in his work worn hands. We were outside and while the courts were completely empty the thought that we could be caught at any moment was both thrilling and terrifying. He had pressed me against the chain link fence and gotten on his knees on the clay court and sucked my cock until I thought I was going to explode. I remember being thankful for the fence because if that hadn’t been there I surely would have collapsed. It was he that taught me the right way to take a cock so far back into my mouth that it would hit the back of my throat. He who opened my world to a threesome, my girlfriend at the time had been thrilled, enjoying the fact that she could suck me off while I was getting railed from behind.
I turned the water on in the massive shower and stepped in, I would need to jerk off before going downstairs for dinner, showing up ready willing and able was not how I wanted this to play out.
I soaped up and slid my hand along the length of my shaft; I closed my eyes and continued stroking until my moans echoed off the walls of the marble tile.
I had the feeling that I was being watched, but I brushed them aside and continued stroking.
It wasn’t until my eyes snapped open and I saw Dylan standing there, watching me, stroking himself through his shorts that I realized how hot being watched was.
I watched as my stepfather ran his hands over his tight body. I had waited all of five minutes after he had left the kitchen; I turned the sauce off and followed him upstairs. I had watched from the hall as he stripped naked and walked into the master bathroom. I was going to fuck my stepfather, there was no question about it, whether he wanted me to or not, I was going to fuck him, I wanted to feel his mouth on my cock, I wanted to slide my cock into his ass slowly until he begged for more.
“Dylan, what on earth?” he tried to look embarrassed, but I slowly stripped and followed his gaze to my rock hard shaft, “Jesus H.” he groaned
I stepped into the shower and pressed him against the cold tile of the shower, my hand replacing his on his shaft.
“Do you have any idea how much I want you?” I growled as my mouth stopped just a breath away from his.
“Dylan, please,” he moaned.
“Please what?” I said sinking to my knees and darting my tongue over the taut ruby head.
“Fuck.” He groaned and dug his fingers into my hair as I took him deep into my mouth.
My tongue and teeth worked his length until I could feel him pulse, close to orgasm. He fucked my face and as my eyes locked on his I knew he wanted this as much, if not more than I did.
The second I had seen Dylan standing there I knew what was going to happen. I knew that we were going to fuck and our relationship would be forever changed.
What I didn’t know was how good of a cocksucker he was.
“Dylan,” I groaned as his mouth brought me so close to orgasm I knew that one mere flick of his tongue or a brush of his fingertips would send me shooting my load.
He had backed off then and stood, pressing me against the cold tile he kissed me hard on the mouth, his tongue taking what he wanted, and I kissed him back. My hand closed over his shaft and he; in spite of being so in charge of my body had actually whimpered softly as my hand slid up and down his shaft. It was time to turn the tables a bit, I had caught him by surprise when I broke the kiss a moment later and sunk to my knees.
“You did well Dylan,” I growled as I licked the length, “but I think I can do better.”
He hissed as my teeth nibbled along the length of his shaft, pulling his balls into my mouth, both at one as I gently tugged on them.
“Brett,” he groaned as my mouth closed over the head of his shaft and I worked my way down, taking all nine inches into my mouth, “fuck,” his hands went to the back of my head and pressed me deeper as he railed my mouth, “stop,” he begged, “I don’t want to cum yet.” I didn’t stop; I kept going until he cursed again and warm jets of cum hit the back of my throat. I quickly swallowed his spunk and continued sucking until he was hard again, and only then did I stand.
I kissed him again and turned the water, now cold, off.
“How long have you wanted me?” I asked him.
“Long enough to tell you that this week is not going to be enough to satiate me.”
I growled and dragged him out of the shower.
I had never had anyone suck my cock like Brett had. I couldn’t wait to see just how far he was willing to go.
We exited the shower and toweled off, exchanging kisses as we did so.
“Where do you want me?” I asked him spreading my ass so he could see my bud.
He took one step forward and slid two fingers deep into my ass, biting my neck as he did so.
“My bed.” He walked me forward and withdrew his fingers only long enough to push me down.
He pressed hot kisses down my chest, and along the length of my cock. He then f***ed my legs apart and spread my cheeks. As is tongue tentatively stroked my hole my hips jackknifed, he growled appreciatively in response and pressed his tongue forward.
“God help me Dylan I want you.” he groaned as his hand went to the back of my head.
“Brett,” I groaned.
“Yes,” he muttered.
“Fuck me.”
“Not yet.”
“Fuck me goddamn it.”
“No, I want you to beg.”
I groaned as he shifted rubbing his cock against my hole, teasing me, I tried forcing him into my ass, and he had chuckled and backed off.
“Brett, please.”
“No. You aren’t hot enough; you don’t want me bad enough.”
“Bullshit.” I growled.
“Language,” Brett said and slapped my ass hard, “such a foul mouth you have Dylan.”
“Brett,” I closed my eyes as he continued his delicious torture, pressing his cock against my hole just enough so I could feel the pressure of it, but not enough to get any inside.
“Be a good boy,” he said a moment later as he presented his cock to my mouth.
I eagerly took him in, gagging only slightly as he hit the back of my throat.
He growled as my hands moved to his ass and I slid my fingers deep into his hole.
It was everything I had dreamed of, I wanted to fuck his ass badly, but I wanted him to beg for it. He was good at teasing and taunting, I knew that I was better.
I fucked his mouth until I felt his tongue flick across the head and I couldn’t help but shoot my load down his throat, I continued to fuck his mouth until I was hard again, withdrawing from his mouth with a pop.
I dragged him to his feet and took his shaft into one hand and pressed two fingers into his ass with my other hand.
“Brett,” he moaned as beads of precum started forming on his ruby head, “FUCK,” he hissed as my tongue darted out and captured the bead.
“Shit Dylan, you’re delicious.” I eagerly lapped up additional beads of precum as they formed. “How badly do you want me?”
“Please Brett.”
“How badly do you want me?” my mouth closed over the head of his cock and he screamed my name.
“Jesus Brett, please fuck me,” he sobbed as he fucked my mouth.
“You want me to fuck you right now?” I teased; I pressed three fingers into his hole.
“Yes, please Daddy.” He moaned.
I stopped for a second.
“What did you just call me?” my cock twitching.
“Daddy,” he said his eyes locked on mine, twinkling slightly.
I growled and reached for the lube that I knew was in my wives beside table. As I went to remove my fingers from his ass he stopped me.
“No, let me,” he took the lube and slicked up my cock with it.
“You sure you want this?” I said as I slid my fingers in and out of his ass.
“Yes damn it.” His hips rocking against my hand, I hooked my fingers up probing his prostate and he came, hard all over his chest.
I quickly slid my fingers out and pressed my cock forward.
I had never cum so hard before as I had just then. Jesus twice in the span of I’m not sure how many minutes, and somehow I knew it wouldn’t be the last. Brett spread my ass as he slowly pressed forward, my legs spread wide; his cock was thick, far thicker than my roommates. He pressed forward his face contorted with pleasure.
“Dylan,” he groaned as he continued to slide in and out of my ass.
He wrapped his hand around my cock and it wasn’t long before I was hard again. I groaned as his manicured fingers stroked my length. He started rocking his hips against me harder and I started to close my eyes.
“Look at me,” he growled.
My eyes lock on his and I’m transfixed.
“Brett,” I moan.
“What did you call me?” his free hand cracks against my ass.
I moan again.
“Daddy,” I correct.
“Mmmm, that’s my boy.” He continues to pump against me, “I don’t think I could ever get enough of you Dylan.”
I moan as he leans forward to kiss me hard on the mouth; my hands go his balls and I squeeze, with a curse he shoots his load into my ass. He withdraws slowly and brings me to my feet.
“Daddy’s turn,” he says as he licks my length and lays back.
Something about his position triggers a memory his legs were spread wide, his arms wrapped around his thighs as he presents his hole to me his hand goes to his cock and he starts to stroke.
“Dylan, I’ve wanted you from the first time I saw you like this with your friend Scott. Do you remember?”
I groan as I slide lube along my length, but don’t respond.
“I remember clearly. You were sixteen, I had come upstairs because I thought I heard something break, I knocked on your door, but didn’t hear anything, I opened the door and there you were, spread like this, Scott’s cock sliding in an out as you jerked off. Your eyes locked with mine and you smiled, did you know then that I wanted you? Did you know then that I was bi?” his hand continued stroking his cock, “Fuck me Dylan. Don’t go easy, mark me, I want your cum all over my chest.”
I moved forward and press the head of my cock against his hole. As he started to move his hips to drive me deeper I backed off.
“On my terms Daddy,” I ease in slowly watching his face as my thick cock presses forward, stretching him.
“Fuck Dylan,” I watch as his eyes close relishing in the sensations, his hands fall away from his cock and I take over, stroking him as I slid in and out of his ass.
I continue stroking as my dick slides in and out of his ass.
“How many men have you fucked Daddy?”
“Five,” he moans as I continue sliding in and out slowly.
“You’re so tight; it’s been a while hasn’t it?”
“Years,” he groans, “at least five years.”
“You’ll want this more won’t you? You’ll come to me when mom is asl**p, you’ll come see me at college and fuck me and my roommate? You won’t be able to get enough will you?”
“Yes,” he moans my grip on his cock getting tighter.
I start pumping faster, harder; just before I know I’m going to cum I pull out and bring his hand to my shaft.
“If you want my cum on you, you need to work for it.”
My hand closes over my stepson’s cock for the umpteenth time that night, dinner forgotten, it’s as I start stroking he groans, his hand still stroking mine.
“Dylan,” I moan as I can feel my cock pulse in his hand. A moment later jets of hot cum spray from my cock all over my chest. “I need to taste you again Dylan, come here.”
He moves closer to my mouth and slides his cock home, down my throat, I hiss as he moves down and licks the sticky substance from my chest and works his way down to my own shaft. I’m hard again in an instant and know that it won’t be long before I cum down his throat. My fingers find his hole and I slide two in hooking them up to his prostate, knowing how well it worked before. A second later he follows suit, sliding his fingers in hooking them up probing mine.
We come in unison, collapsing next to each other, my arms wrapped tightly around him.
“I love you Brett,” he says softly, “I have for years.”
I kiss the back of his neck and murmur softly, “I know baby, I love you too.” Knowing that what I just said was true and I didn’t want this new journey to stop.

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