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Ebony Euro Trip

10 Black Women travel to Europe to get impregnated

A short story by Latisha

The year is 2024, and for the past year their has been a global hive mind craze amongst millions of women across the world. And that is “impregnation tourism” in Europe. Tourism in which millions of women from all over the world travel each year to a European country to hunt for a man or men that could get them pregnant; so that they could return to their home countries with a mixed baby.

My name is Sharice, and I’m a black woman from the southern state of Tennessee. For this global trend, there are hundreds of blogs and websites for women to share and divulge in their desire and to plan trips. Almost as if it’s a global book club. I am an active participant on a few of those sites myself. For the past month a group of 9 other black women from around the world were planning our trip to participate in the “impregnation tourism” craze. We might visit some sites, explore, and obviously hunt some men.

Five of us were from the United States, one from Canada, one from Haiti, one from Jamaica, one from Nigeria, and one from Kenya. So we were a large group of girls from all over the place. Our summer destination was going to be Helsinki, Finland in North Europe. Our plan was to do what resembled an almost a scavenger hunt, where we will start at our hotel at 6 in the evening, and return to the hotel at one in the morning, where we would have an orgy. We would go to bars, parks, nightclubs, anywhere!

We had picked up a few willing men at the bar, but we all needed one each. So we all traveled together, and picked up one guy at the park. The rest we had picked up at a nightclub in downtown Helsinki. No trouble at all!

We now each had a white guy who was going to fuck us in our orgy. We also made it clear that they HAD to cum inside our pussies; we desperately wanted to get pregnant. Anyways, these guys were all so handsome. Not a single person was below an 8 on the sexiness scale. It was no wonder women were flocking to this continent. They all spoke English decently as well; so there wasn’t much difficulty in communication. Although we had let our bodies in our tight dresses do most of the talking. They didn’t realize it, but we knew that a white guy can’t resist a sexy black chick in a tight-figure dress.

We all returned to the hotel with our men and headed upstairs where we had some light music on and all flirted with the men. The mood of the room turned from casual to sexual really quickly as we went from chatting and sharing drinks to touching and kissing. My man was actually a man visiting from Sweden named Sven. He was quick to grabbing my breasts during our kissing as he helped me get undressed. The other ladies followed suit. He then started to lick my pussy as the rest of the women let out huge moans as everyone performed oral with their new friends.

“Gimme that big dick sugar!” I said as Sven whipped out his hypnotic big Swedish cock, quickly shoving it in my mouth.

Afterwards, we all started to fuck missionary style on the same bed. So it was quite a sight to have ten black women in the same room getting fucked by ten white men. The noise from our moans and screams definitely woke the neighbors. That mixed with the wall banging and bed squeaking and constant pussy squirting from their big dicks made it all so wonderful.

After 30 minutes of furious fucking and having the big white cocks in our pussies we all layed at the edge of one bed lifting our legs in the air as we lined the bed for them to put their seed into us.
The contrast of seeing their white cocks in our black pussies was just so fantastic making this trip worth it big time.

One by one the men stopped thrusting in order to shoot their cum into their woman’s pussy. Sven shot into me last, filling me up so well that I clawed his arm to hold onto him as his warm sperm filled my pussy.

All of us women layed on the bed as we all relaxed with the mens cum fermenting inside of our bodies. The men layed on top of us, kissing and cuddling passionately, some with their dicks still in our black pussies. Afterwards all of the ladies licked the cum from each-others pussies getting a wonderful taste of the other mens cum that was in each of us. This was definitely a vacation that I would recommend to any woman!

Soon afterwards, as expected, I became pregnant with Sven’s baby when I got back home to Tennessee. I loved showing off my white baby to the other black chicks I knew. Inspiring some of them to go out and get bred to have one of their own as well!. It also turns out every single woman on our vacation group became pregnant as well!


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